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  1. Have you tried Windows 10 HDR? It's buggy, but it looks pretty good imho.
  2. Could be different this time round: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-11-29-forza-horizon-5-might-be-coming-sooner-than-we-think
  3. Yep. DF still uses it for certain benchmarks, I think. It was the last truly dense AC, before they went all Witcher-style open-world. Too bad the backlash at launch led to them stripping some of Anvil's features out for future games.
  4. I would think the Sony panels are imported, even if the TV itself is assembled locally. This might be just be a bad batch or something... My 65CX didn't list have any import details on the label, so I'm going to assume it was put together at their local plant. The tabletop stand was a direct import, though. It didn't even have English instructions. Just Korean.
  5. They most likely did a stock check across all their stores, which probably means it's OOS. That's news.
  6. Did you try Girias? They had stock just a week ago!
  7. ARC (and eARC) in general is a mess, as is HDR. Pretty much any new technology or standard in fact, because it quickly fragments. Way too many variables for everyone to get a standardised experience. Really annoying stuff ;/
  8. This flew under most peoples' radars. It's brilliant.
  9. I think local LG OLEDs come with a 3 year warranty now, including for burn-in!
  10. Get both if you can. They're both excellent games, especially at current prices.
  11. Keyofx

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Doesn't the PS4 version come with a free upgrade?
  12. Yea, they're probably rolling it out by region. Worth noting that ALLM works differently on both panel types. I think it kicks in at a lower frame rate on OLEDs than LCD-LEDs. And when they do patch LFC and VRR in, will it have the same issues with HDR as seen on Samsung's QLEDs? Apparently FALD/HDR/VRR have serious issues working together. It also depends on usage. Do you need more than a single HDMI 2.1 port? This is key. How about Dolby Vision IQ? All that said, I think an LED just makes sense for this particular use case. It's a family TV mostly used for DTH, and switched on for multiple hours in a bright room.
  13. Keyofx

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Please stop playing this game
  14. Keep in mind the Sony doesn't have VRR and ALLM/LFC either (yet). I think the CX comes the closest feature wise, and also has the most recent version of Dolby Vision.
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