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  1. Frasier is a classic. At par with Seinfield, and even exceeding it a times. Shame not many people have watched it, though. Also: @Big Boss, that Invincible Ep1 ending really came through. Damn!
  2. And T8 is the newer model, I think. Might as well get the latest that's available here :/
  3. Yea, the T8 is newer but I haven't used a mop + robot vacuum combo personally. My guess is that the mop (obviously) won't be as effective as manual but I honestly have no idea. Also look at iRobot. They have some decent models here as well. I also love the Vacuum Wars channel on Youtube for some really well made reviews. I recommend subscribing
  4. I own a Deebot 500, but it's a model without room mapping and object detection. That said, the Deebot app is well designed and the build quality is solid. The suction on the 500 is solid, which bodes well for the T8 which is higher rated. I'm impressed enough that I'd buy a Deebot again.
  5. This is amazing, thanks for the intro! I love me some alternative hip-hop. Lo-fi is just a bonus. Paying it forward:
  6. Or an Apple TV if you're entrenched in that ecosystem app-wise.
  7. Agreed. It's definitely pulling from multiple places, so you'd technically need to watch all those shows/movies to get the full experience. That said, I feel a lot of these links/chronologies work both ways. You could, at least in theory, be introduced to Saw Gerrera on this show and then learn more about him/his story arc in Rogue One?
  8. Was just about to say this. Not being HDMI 2.1 ready could be a concern if you're looking to future-proof. Edit: I just realized your on-TV streaming apps may not work with this as well. Hmm.
  9. But it's also fairly self explanatory, I thought. An understanding of the prequel trilogy is probably more important? Hmmm.
  10. Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Excellent 70 minute first episode. The usual Dave Filoni quality.
  11. It's weird because Stefano Sollima is a MASTER. Sicario 2 and ZeroZeroZero are amazing, and Without Remorse is written by Taylor Sheridan who also wrote Sicario 2 (and has done plenty of other good work). I have no idea.
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