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  1. ^yeah, always felt the title was weird for the movie till I got what the book was about.
  2. Kill the bickering. A better super-hero movie does not exist in this universe:
  3. achilles

    Ghost of Tsushima

    If it's AC2 like I just might get it sometime later. AC2 was fun.
  4. Dude, Uncut Gems is a very well crafted, chaotic, intense, absurd, extremely well-cut Opal of a thing. The insane build-up that lasts an almost entire runtime of 2+ hours pays off near perfectly at the end. Adam Sandler with that Jewish underscore murders this role. He's running this racket of gems, watches, and other maybe-real shiny collector sh*t or "ice", in Gaffar or Lokhandwala of NY with malfunctioning bullet-proof doors, is a basketball nerd and a gambling addict. And he's mixed up in some sh*t. There's epic direction and some genuinely excellent scoring. What a f**king trip.
  5. I like the Switch pro controller. It's comfortable, weighs just right, the buttons are a joy to press, rumbles neat, and there's no goddamn light bar. The d-pad and screenshot buttons could be better. And I'd also swap the b and a. Looks kinda small. Available here?
  6. Can they get their head finally out of their a*s and inter-change the placement of joystick and d-pad? The Switch pro controller is ergonomic perfection.
  7. achilles

    Tennis World Tour 2

    Yeah. Compared to PS2 gen, it’s quite bleak in variety right now. I still play VT3 on my iPhone sometimes. The last great tennis game. Tennis Clash is quite decent, and can be quite intense but the constant need to spend a lot of money got me out of it. It’s the best emulation of chance-accuracy yet.
  8. Always gave them the dignity of a bullet or an arrow. Edit: they didn’t use GSDs?
  9. Bruhhhh Now I want to play this again. The Baba Yaga of Seattle, I will bring death. Oh yeaaah. CC YUNO post this pehle
  10. Add a scope and shoot that head boi edit: also loved, loved silencer-shooting their face when they’re wall decor. Jump me? Oh hell no.
  11. Stalkers are just f’n annoying. Loved hitting them with an up-crafted melee weapon. Takes their head right off their body with a very satisfying sound.
  12. LOL. When someone spares your, your lovers’, and her child’s life there is no revenge left. Just gratitude.
  13. Just finished. Finally. There’s a lot of fat in this game. A lot of bloat. It’s a fantastic experience, but there’s so much that the game could’ve done without. Fav sequences: Enjoy the full credits. The music is sublime. Especially this; sung by Joel and Ellie.
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