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  1. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Give a little more detail. What's the budget range? How big/small do you want these to be? What will be the primary usage? How big is the room? How far will you be sitting from the speakers? How elaborate a set-up do you want? Full surround, a sound bar etc.
  2. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Calibrations happened on Friday. There is a marked, and noticeable improvement in audio and video fidelity over every usable range. Even the calibrations guy commented on how sweetly everything had come together, and just wouldn't listen to me about even slightly tweaking any aspect to my liking for some time. He almost pleaded with me to not fiddle with anything for atleast two weeks, and listen to this as-is. There is exceptional clarity that is apparent that wasn't earlier. I'm hearing instruments and sounds that I never did in many of my favourite songs. For eg: there is a small, a very slight "thun-thun-thun" in the background of "Jo bhi main" from Rockstar. I'd never noticed this earlier. It makes the experience super enjoyable. There is almost a high associated when I listen to anything now, and see how this system handles audio. If you guys ever are thinking on getting such a system installed, I urge you to find an installer that has these speakers on demo. Or come to my place. They're f**king phenomenal.
  3. achilles

    Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Stupid holes. How did Thanos and all his goddamn army arrive at the present timeline from 2014? They had no motherfkn "Pym particles", which btw doesn't sound molest-y at all. Nor did they know how to time travel. There are many more, but I genuinely didn't care about logic while watching this movie. I was all.. "alright, sure". When Thanos says he turned the Infinity stones into atoms or something, I thought they'd use Ant-Man's tech to shrink down and molecularly "assemble" back the infinity stones. Avengers assemble Then they went with the time travel bit. Disliked two things: Thor Lebowski-son and Nerd Hulk. They used up entire IW to build up Thor, and then they totally wash him up. Expected Hulk's payoff too. He was babied by Thanos in IW. Captain steals the movie. Like totally. Captain Marvel was cool. And Thanos was Boss. Brolin was just perfect casting. "I'll birth an entirely new universe". Goddamn. Though his behaviour was much more villainous in this movie compared to IW. I half expected Tony to give Thanos the finger before snapping. The end was a little off too. Credits were very well done with signatures of each main character. Best scene: Captain America kicking a*s with the hammer.
  4. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Finally found the time to be in a metro city and watch End Game in IMAX. What a goddamn spectacle. As a theatrical experience, how could you do better? Monday night, 1130 PM show, and house full. With a proper, involved, and enthusiastic crowd. It might be a ridiculous and nonsensical movie, but as a theatrical experience, it scores above any other Marvel, or superhero movie for that matter. Fun. Hello spoiler thread. I've been meaning to join you.
  5. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    The kind of, and the way in which Nolan uses bass tracks and true sound effects, no one else does. The fingerprint recreation scene in TDK, where the canon fires four shots in the lab? It felt like the bullets were being fired in my room, through my goddamn walls. And this was playing on Prime! I've also found a subwoofer showcase audio track. Switch on your system and play Clout by Offset & Cardi B. Just fkn play it. This song makes my room feel like it is going to crumble. SVS has truly impressed me, beyond what I thought was possible in my size of room with these subs. They're sharp, articulate, accurate, without bloat. Just great fkn subs. While gaming also, if the rumble inducing moments are accompanied by a bass track, the subs make my couch vibrate a bit, and so it feels like the entire couch is rumbling. It's incredible fun. Also, the Switch is a pretty sweet machine. There's proper surround support, including test tones etc. It played pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty... pretty good
  6. achilles

    Marvel's Spider-man [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Okay, this game is shaping up to be pretty good. The web slinging in NY is fantastic. It looks great, plays well, and is fluid. I'm just a few hours in, but I wouldn't call it better than AA just yet. And it really needs to be. Also, this is how MJ and Peter's relationship should be, and should have been portrayed in the movies. Instead they created an emo-wilted "poor me" love triangle. I've never read the comics, but what they've shown in the game just fits.
  7. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Okay, so we (re)watched Gully Boy last night, one of my favourite movies in a long while, and man. What an experience. These subs, even though middle of the line, were creating magic last night. And even though this was streaming on Prime, some of the things that came out from the speakers were kind of astonishing. In the Jingostan song, the subs went so low, it felt like the entire room was moving with. Wow. This is trouble. I will spend way more time with this than is healthy. I also played a bit of Spider-Man yesterday and the screen size feels just right. It's 135" but I'm sitting about 18 feet out. The surrounds are very noticeable in the game. Also, while most sounds and moments in the game are pretty good, a few aren't created as impactful, it feels flat-ish. Eg: the L1+R1 environment-pick-up-and-bash move really gives no bass response when the object hits the goons. Feels incomplete. I'm a little wary about seeing how the Switch will output to this system. Gah, maybe I'll just use it as a handheld or in the living room
  8. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Thanks man! Catch you hopefully soon. Haha, I'd love to feel that way but theatres have their own space, and watching a summer blockbuster in a theatre full of crazy fans is an unmatchable experience. Thanks! And yes I will. Thanks man! Edit: just found out there's a daily 'reaction' limit here.
  9. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Lastly, a big Thank You to everyone who contributed and helped along the way of this thread @AtheK @Pacifier @blitzkreiig @sweetvar26 @kunjanp @VelivolusDas @hope @Ram Dante @ayush12ice @Madmage Thank you guys! And a special double mention for Athek. Dude, From your thread, to here, and elsewhere. Really. Thank you. If you're ever down in Delhi, or if I'm in Bangalore, drinks on me!
  10. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Post script: The first post on this thread was made on March 20, but I've wanted a great sound system at my disposal since as long as I can remember. Sometimes, I didn't have the space to have a good sound system (hello Bombay apartments), but most times I just couldn't afford it, till not very long ago. So, in a way, this system is a culmination of a childhood dream. A few compromises were still made, mainly due to affordability. Given a bigger budget, I would've picked a better amp, better surround speakers, and certainly a better projector. This one is quite last gen. I may still tinker with it and upgrade if I do feel, or I may never touch it and keep it as is, till I want to go next level, in an other room. We will see. For now, I just want to kick back, invite a few friends over, watch a few movies, play a few games, and listen to some music. It's been exhausting. It's been emotional.
  11. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    So.. Everything is in place. It was installed a few days ago. I was a little apprehensive if I'd made the right choice for speakers/amp combo as they came out to be quite expensive, and was worried if they'd sit well in the kind of room I've made. And. Phew. The first time the speakers were switched on, what a goddamn relief. They sound spectacular. The subs work great too. There's been no calibration, audyssey or otherwise, no sound treatments put in place etc. Just raw installation. And I friggin' love it already. Watched IW BD (thanks, @amigoatul) last night as I had today kind of off, and man. What an experience. Seriously, what a bloody amazing feeling to have this playing right in my room. I'm already blown away, and yet, I know that these can sound a lot better with calibration and mild treatment of first reflection points, specially since my room is a complete industrial bare bones shell. Also, a better amp This is almost everything I wanted, and in some cases, a lot more. I'm happy! But enough talking. Pictures: Amp: Emotiva XPA 5 Pre/pro A/V receiver: Marantz 7703 (will be replaced by 7705 next week, they got this one by mistake) Rack 4K 3K Screen installation The space The forum is auto-rotating vertical images. Gah.
  12. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    IMAX Delhi shows no seats till next Friday. Wait, what?
  13. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    On the plus side, free movie!
  14. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    We're in the end game now 😁 Edit: crap. Did not realise my address and number were visible 🤧
  15. achilles

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    8K? Maybe Nintendo will finally move on to full HD then