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  1. Bring it, esé Oh, what have they done to poor starlight's face? She was so cute.
  2. Yes. Two episodes in and the tone, pacing, and humour feel on-point. Did they change makers or something for s2, because that was quite a stinker. Also liking the McKay-esque satire
  3. Hmm k. Will try a couple of episodes. That cvnt needs to enunciate.
  4. Seeing the hype here I went in and watched S2 and found it quite uninteresting. Boring and stupid actually, in most parts, and not good stupid, like TSS or GoTG. Do I take a chance with 3?
  5. Can you please explain this part? How would Infinia fare in this comparison?
  6. Ah. Didn't know that. Now that I think of it, TGM does have an Oblivion-y vibe to it. The movie has its faults though. It's a bit ham-fisted and the dialog is super-cringe in some places, but the overall experience is sublime. It's also very different to the first one. This one is too... Tom Cruise all the time. And the music is forgettable compared to the first one. He has such acute precision now and has absolutely absorbed what works. He might be the biggest star of all time. Deservedly. I mean, imagine sitting on one of your greatest creations, this movie, and not being able to release it due to the pandemic. Man.
  7. When Tom Cruise said that Top Gun: Maverick was a love letter to aviation, he wasn't kidding. Any scenes involving aircrafts, the visuals, the audio, and the scale and intensity are truly exhilarating. This is top class moviemaking. The first half is a super build-up, with interspersed action teasers, building up to this event that needs two miracles, which, true Maverick style, then ends up needing a few more. The movie has style, nostalgia, setting, and those heart-pumping and jaw-dropping moments in harmony, each aspect pushing the other one and highlighting it more. Cruise has aced the sequel summer blockbuster. The amount of care put into getting this to completion is evident. The in-flight and dogfight screen time is truly majestic. There is a love angle, there is past friction, a few characters returning, and a few new admirals getting pissed off. Above all, what I loved about the movie is that it made me believe that those were real naval fighter pilots out there, that the plane acrobatics were real, that it was a dangerous mission, that maverick was a superhero of a pilot who's spent his life flying and hasn't really grown up at all, and that he wields the plane like a goddamn extension of his body, like a samurai does with his sword. There are enough callbacks to the first one that you'd be remiss if you didn't really remember the movie, so if you haven't watched Top Gun: Maverick yet, I'd advise you to watch the first one and have it fresh in your mind when you go watch it in IMAX. Other theatres would be a compromise. There aren't many movies made these days that make you want to spend on the ticket, take time out, drive to the cinema, park, check-in, find a seat, and watch it with others who were driven just the same. Even though strangers, there is a subtext of a connection with everyone there. You know they are fans, and they've come to be entertained. And it's majestic. It's a thoroughly worthy evening out. Go for it. Catch it in IMAX. The few hundred extra rupees are more than worth it and will not make a difference in your life. Experiences like these just might. 9/10
  8. He really was. Crazy good defending. Also showed how much of a cheat code DRS really is. I’m yet to be convinced if DRS improves races and racing. Props to red bull too, on how they switched it up. A good Barcelona race. I thought I’d move right after the first couple of laps but the race kept me hooked. Too bad for Leclerc. He was on point.
  9. Kodai is fun but the closest airport is Madurai and it’s about a 3 hour climb from there in narrow and twisty mountain roads. The little one might not like that. For stay, Tamara Kodai is good. If you like camping or roughing it for a day or so try The Pear County. Great atmosphere, lovely people, and they serve genuine delish live barbecue, but their tents aren’t in top condition. Also the shrooms begin to come out in July
  10. Watched Super Pumped on Voot. The story of Travis and Uber. The first two episodes are intense, funny, inspiring, and got me hooked. The rest are kinda meh. The cast is really good, and some moments and sequences are worth getting into. Not really recommended but do catch the first two episodes if you're so inclined. Gives a nice little glimpse into the way today's kings from Silicon Valley think, and their frame of mind. They're shaping this world as they see fit. And they truly believe they're there to make it better, as they see better. It's a frame of mind, and in some weird way, is inspiring. Side rant: Voot app on Apple TV is the worst sh*t I've experienced. If you think LIV app is bad, Voot takes it to a level unimaginable. Not sure how Apple approved it too. The skip back and forward do not work. The subtitles aren't available to select. The info menu, that you get when you slide down on the touchpad is intermittent, which means it'll show up if it wants to. It will never remember your list or videos you've watched. You can never just open the app and continue. Did I mention that skip back and forward DO NOT WORK? Because they don't. Skip. Holy hell. It did offer multi-channel audio though so there's that
  11. Thanks. Like your recommendations. Where do you pick these from? Is there a feed? MUBI?
  12. Time scrubs everything. They've both been great, but are they now? Cameron is kind of separated from the scene as the dude makes one movie a decade. Still, his last great was Titanic, over 25 years ago. It also had an amazing team, including two of the very best actors in the world. Ridley Scott hasn't really been good for a while. The House of Gucci was an absolute stinker. The only exception in the last 20 years has been The Martian. He's also 85. They've each done great things. How much they have left to offer, remains to be seen.
  13. Check out Mokobara. Some Delsey designs are nice too.
  14. I watched three matches to near completion this week. That does not normally happen. Tennis matches are long, and life has demands. But when compelled for something, you make time. That’s what Carlos Alcaraz compelled me to do this week. Make time to watch him play against the greatests of all time. In one week. Back to back. And then, win a Masters level tournament that those goats have made their own, like it wasn’t crazy. Like he has always done that. Like it was no biggie. We are watching evolution, front and center. Maybe a couple of players will give him trouble, like Medvedev, and I’d love to see them play each other in the US open, but we are seeing the true successor to the big 3. The others, like Zverev, Tsitsipas etc. have no chance. They’re players with a few very good attributes, and mediocre others. Snowflakes in front of this hard battle warrior. I expected Zverev to fold like a pack of cards today. Alcaraz’s ferocity, the belief, and the hunger are hammers of submission. Serious TDKR Bane and KFP Tai Lung vibes. He plays well, is enjoyable to watch on court, audacious, battles like a warrior, and has the most fun trick drop shot of all time. And, most importantly, he makes you want to watch and root for him. He’s already got his own chant. Carlos Alcaraz has snatched the torch. Bravo.
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