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  1. That's how you play a "Final". Any final. Please to note: Indian Cricket Team, Rafael Nadal. There's only a few times it happens that everything except the task at hand fades in the background. The "flow". It's when nothing else makes a difference. That's what Halep was in today. The flow. And it was a joy to watch.
  2. ^Since you already have an IVG account that is used to pay bills, we can credit directly to it. Money coming in, as long as it is spent for running the website and is used as an expense for IVG, there should be no tax implications, as you won't be generating any income. Excess money: use it for longer renewals, or, the "crowd funding" thread can be updated to reflect if you've reached your monthly/yearly requirement, and members can stop contributing till the time the thread is updated again.
  3. The most surprising part of that segment was Lesnar cutting a half decent promo.
  4. Man. Sanju turned out to be such a let down. What started off as an interesting biopic, with story elements which were fun, and previously unknown, turned out to be a preachy, overdrawn mess by the end of it. It's like a tribute film to Sunil Dutt, an apology for Sanjay Dutt's mistakes, and an all out assault on (print) media. Seemingly midway, the story just vanishes, and there's a long drawl about making up for mistakes or lost chances. Ranbir wasn't too good either. He is more imitate-y than bringing a version of Sanjay Dutt, his interpretation of the role to the screen. There's no flair to him here, no essence. Watch him win all the awards next year. Well. Hirani disappoints this time. Properly, because this had so, so much potential. Aamir would've probably made it better.
  5. Strange. I searched from the PS4 and it showed only the game and the DLC, not the demo. Usually even after clicking on the game, next to the price there's an option to download the demo if it is available. It wasn't. I just searched using the app, and the demo is there.
  6. I thought there was a demo on PSN. Not there. Hmm.
  7. Yeah, I'm with the majority here. The Lost Legacy is a more memorable, more fun, and a neater experience compared to UC4. There were no standout moments in UC4 that I can remember now, and maybe I'll forget this too, in time, but I remember I had to force myself a couple of times to get back to UC4 even though that was my first game on the PS4, and I was playing after a gap of a couple of years. With this, I was compelled. Wait, compelled is a strong word, but I did want to get back to the game to play further. I could see how they went with the all girl thing here. Supposedly UC has been popular amongst the ladies, and many guys who've been playing Uncharted games have said, or atleast I've read that they've noticed girls not brushing this one off like other games. But this lovey-dovey, girl power thing is getting annoying now. It was annoying in Infinity War, and it is annoying here. Mildly, yet annoying. It is annoying because it feels forced. There's something to be said about Sony first party games' sound effects. They were superlative in GOW, and they're great here. Some of the gunshots sound like they were shot right in my goddamn room. The ambient sounds, the reverb in different areas with different surfaces around, everything works to make the game more absorbing. Like GOW, if you've got the speakers, and if you haven't yet, retry this game with a good sound set up. It really takes the experience a few notches higher. The last level was amazing here, unlike previous UC games where it's a stupid run/dodge/shoot sequence with the main villain. This entire train sequence was quite well done. I don't think anyone else has managed to bring the popcorn-blockbuster-feel to video games quite like ND. I do think however, that I'm over this formula for now. It was fun while it lasted, but even as I was finishing this game, I couldn't see getting another one like this anytime soon. Thanks Uncharted. You were great while you lasted. Edit: Have a couple of things to add. One, I think this game is better enjoyed on easier difficulty, like no higher than normal. Also, use auto-aim assist with the silenced pistol to feel like James Bond It's better on easier difficulty because if you complete one entire "bad-guy" sequence without dying at all, that sequence is so much more enjoyable. A stupid death here or there just took me out of the game, and the feeling wasn't of failing like in Bayonetta, or Demon's Souls, it was more of irritation. When you're in the flow in this game, hours go by happily. Two, the treasure collecting has to be better implemented. It has to be in places I as an explorer would look into, to find ways to move forward, not in nooks and crannies I'd never look into even if I was exploring out in the wild. Or it needs to be scrapped. It's a stupid hangover system anyway.
  8. achilles

    The CREW 2

    I have tried downloading this on PSN, but nothing happens. I don't understand. I tapped on "download" on PSN and nada. Nothing. I've restarted the 4 twice, there'e enough storage space left etc. What gives..?
  9. achilles

    The CREW 2

    What Joe said. Still, I'd say even in simulation setting, it really isn't a rally simulator. That's the idea. Though it's usually the core driving mechanics that make a decision for me. If the driving itself is fun, everything else I can work with. Most of the time.
  10. achilles

    The CREW 2

    Good thing there's a beta. If I like the driving, I'm def getting this. Have been itching for a fun arcade racer after Dirt 4.
  11. I was hoping this was for the Switch, before I saw it was for the Switch. Goddamn. This looks fun as fukc. Blood. Bullets. Bananas.
  12. achilles

    The Last of Us 2

    The Last of Us theme is probably the best theme a video game has ever had; maybe the video game disclaimer isn't even needed. It's one of the best themes, period. There's musicality and instruments which are a joy to hear. SOTC used to be my fav game theme till TLOU just swept me away. It's one of my audition tracks for a home theatre / music system.
  13. achilles

    The Last of Us 2

    You know that dog scene in I Am Legend is coming. That scene was feels.
  14. If this video doesn't sell you on the game, then this game isn't for you.
  15. Why is everyone talking like out of work Russians?
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