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  1. Two points. Conor has gone soft. A few years ago and he would’ve shrugged off this much punishment. The extent of his ambition is exhausted. Iron Michael Chandler will be the next UFC lightweight champion.
  2. Ugh. Why wouldn’t you just get the Dyson? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Ozark has the best first episode of any series I’ve ever watched. Goddamn Mr. Bateman is talented.
  4. LOL I’ve been a bumbling idiot then, and have been avoiding excel discs too, since I believed them to be inferior. Have never purchased any other Indian Blu ray, and won’t, specifically for the reasons you mentioned. Where do you pick up the BDs from usually?
  5. Oka, will check it out. Thanks. How do you figure they’re imports? Perhaps they did it for some niche titles, or certain publishers accommodated the “Indianisation”? Didn’t know about this. Does the CBFC b/w splash screen show up at the start? Sony DADC had set up a dedicated stamping factory for some games and mostly movies around the end of the PS3 era.
  6. I thought of the same but my usage is quite limited in time to warrant such a set-up. In a good month I'd watch 1 movie a week. Anyway I preferred importing BRs or buying used but only imported. Plus the sense of occasion watching a BR brings is lost with downloads Yeah, about 30-50k depending but its super convenient if your usage justifies it. Edit: honestly though I wouldn't bother with anything but streaming if I didn't have this audio set-up that demands and deserves a high quality source. The convenience is too valuable.
  7. V for Vendetta What a scrappy, fantastic little thing. The setting is catchy, the message is universal, and the vibe is just so right. I was going to watch Chicago 7 but just went browsing for some reason, and chose this, which was kind of lucky because it's the last day the movie is available on Netflix! I didn't know this till after I finished the movie and the small subscript below the title told me so. The movie has some great lines and Hugo Weaving absolutely nails their delivery, like only he could. The music, the few songs that V plays in his jukebox are gems, and together with his reclaimed art and other things set the mood so, so right. The choice for London, as I understand that it was in the comics too, was truly inspired, and the colours used in the logos, the dominoes and the chancellor's briefing room were absolutely apt. The movie feels more relevant today, in this year, and with this state, and is an engaging and enjoyable viewing. Portman as Evey, the character that imbibes fear and kowtows to the state is most of us, and her transformation as Fawkes was pulled off brilliantly. The idea, that an idea, once it catches on, cannot be killed, an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped. Similar to what Bruce mentions in Batman Begins, this is the greatest tool used by people who change the world. ..Mr Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof. Remember, remember the 5th of November. 9/10
  8. Apparently. Thanks. It's not about the atmosphere track, it's about the bitrate and transfer quality. Blu rays offer audio upto 18Mb/s with a DTS HD master audio track, streaming is usually in the low kilobits, and dolby. All services emphasise video quality only (rightfully so for now). Nope. Every single Indian blu ray is localised for content, subtitles, and language options. In rare cases there are weird crops and other inconsequential changes.
  9. ^Yeah I kinda liked it too but they totally ruined the vibe by the end of the show. The last two episodes are boring, and worse, unnecessary. I’ll probably read the book.
  10. Pliss to send here too. Also, how do you watch remuxes on the TV?
  11. Blu-ray India update: the factory producing/stamping the discs in India has been shuttered and existing stock has been recalled. No more Indian blu-rays. So unless imports open up those of us who want some are SOL. Though I'd honestly prefer a Tidal-like AV service with a purchase & download option. iTunes does offer 4K purchases and the video might be satisfactory but the audio is nowhere close to BR quality.
  12. Have spent countless hours with my cousins and this game. We used the multi-tap, and always had triple threat matches. Every single day. Some of them, specially cage matches, went on for hours. I used to pick Brock, one of my cousins used Goldberg, and the other the Undertaker. We still call each other by these names to this day This, Need For Speed, and Virtus Tennis. Can never forget these games. Truly one of the funnest things we’ve done together.
  13. Tenet has a very cool, and quite a simple concept at its core. Everything else, including the writing, editing, cinematography and acting is just mediocre. The story is idiotic and is presented in an amateurish way. Really, the only other thing good about the movie is The Plan by Travis Scott. My theory, and hear me out here, is that Nolan himself got confused trying to write and direct this thing. This is a misstep by someone who’s given us extremely cool cinematic moments such as the van falling and the hallway scenes in inception, that reveal in the prestige, and the batpod and Joker from TDK. The whole thing is a mess, and is all the more disappointing because the core concept carries so much potential. The only “cool” thing about this movie was the implementation of reversing entropy “IRL”. The whole thing is just weirdly low quality. The acting is sub-par, the writing isn’t great, and the final act is just visually and progressively incomprehensible. Do better, Nolan. You certainly can. Ugh/10.
  14. ^You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
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