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  1. A generous friend asked me what I wanted as a gift, and wether I liked James Bond enough for the BR box set. I said, if you must, get me the Kubrick box set. I didn't think much of it then, but that's what I got in a few days, at home. That was about two months ago. I watched the first movie out of that box set on Friday, A Clockwork Orange. It is a weird film, with a dialect of English that I wouldn't have been able to get without subtitles. The words I mean. Tallyhoo, cheerio, piggly-wiggly, paddy waggles and such. Even if you don't catch every word, the meaning and subtext wouldn't be lost. If you're not familiar with Kubrick, a true auteur, this thing will come as quite the shock. The movie moves on through following an aggressive type young man, who's supposed to be in school, the mess he gets on about with his mates, art, the police, the government, some upstanding citizens who get caught in the shaggery of it all, and scientific experiments mixed and presented with dollops of nudity. The performances are excellent and quite bizarre, specially by Malcolm McDowell, who was better (and only) known to me as Sloan's dad. A Clockwork Orange is quirky enough to check out at least once. And if there's nothing else redeeming you find about Kubrick, you have to give in to the fact that the man knows his boobs, and he knows them well. A true connoisseur. 7.5/10
  2. Loved the episode. Bill was a badass. The right kind. Magical performances, specially Offerman. Melancholic, beautiful, touching. Having read the thread, I was expecting some steam, but they barely show the guys kissing. What was the hoopla about then? Loved the look Joel and Bill share when Tess and Frank run in to the house. “Bitches be crazy Jack” So many little moments like this and gorgeous camera work. Sweet, sweet episode. Also Bill kind of reminded me of CC @CarbonCore
  3. How do I check the visa/mc interchange rate? Will check on the global value program. For regalia forex plus, many times the reload rate is less than cash equivalent exchange so on my last couple of trips I carried the bare minimum cash. Plus the reload is in USD and there mark-up is a fixed 2% with no other charges. They also keep on giving reload offers as point multipliers and cashbacks. Although with the recent TCS rule, I guess using CC will be better, if they are exempt. Or its back to cash. It will suck, but 5% is a decent chunk of change over a trip. so the forex card has 2% mark-up but usually we get 1% back as reload offers. Still, as Kunjan mentioned, CC should come out better.
  4. This is how it worked on my recent trips: TCS collected when loading forex card. If I'm reloading for 1000, total deduction form account/CC: 1050. Amount in forex card: 1000. TCS adjusted while filing ITR, or in quarterly advance deposits.
  5. Hey guys, what’s a good AirPods Pro like headset for PS5? I prefer in-ear, though open to a good sounding over the ear too that is in the same ballpark, sound and price wise. FWIW I tried the Sony Inzone H9 and didn’t like the sound at all. It was too… mellow. Though I tried it in store with a PS4 as they didn’t have a PS5 demo unit. I also kept trying to find the RTINGS recommended headsets for demo but nada.
  6. Not sure if there’s a better thread for this but watched Vipul Goyal live yesterday and was easily the funniest live stand up I’ve watched, ever. We were rolling since minute one and he did not let up. A witty, super observant comic with deep intelligence rudan life content. I’ve always liked his comedy, even with his shows on TVF, and always wanted to catch him live. Super recommended. If you like his stuff on YouTube, don’t miss if he’s touring in/near your city. A taste:
  7. How’s it better than HDFC regalia forex card?
  8. I watched that video before I ranted here and I don’t buy it. Try telling Tarantino some words won’t be clear in his movie because of whatever Tech is supposed to make it better for us. I’d agree to the Nolan effect a bit, but then they’ve imbibed his worst. The quality of subtitles has gone down too lately. It’s either CC or nothing, and line jumps are nearly always there.
  9. Man I remember how tense I was when I first encountered the clicker in that dark room in the game. My breathing became shallow, and I would've barely taken 10 steps while crouched for the first 5 or so minutes of that encounter. I was mesmerised by that sound, their movement, and how they looked. none of that happened here. The clickers looked.. robotic, and also the direction felt lacking, specially in clicker sequence. Plus this whole thing about the actors just mumbling away everything, what the hell has happened to legibility of dialog? The sets are gorgeous. Post apocalyptic Boston is a mood. I know I reached for the remote more than once to take a screenshot I also like how pre-credits are just snippets of backstory. Hope they continue that.
  10. Lol I knew it was there after reading here and I still couldn’t see, did hear it though. Solid first episode, though quite long. The fact that they went with someone like HBO and their pedigree for great episodic content, and the makers of Chernobyl for this instead of maybe using it as a way to introduce Sony’s own streaming service makes me think they’re doing this properly. Hearing those riffs just put a smile on my face. The title theme was one of my audition tracks when I was hunting for speakers, and is an aural treat. The expansive, created world is still compelling. Last shot was so, so beautiful. Makes me want to play the game again Ellie looks a lot less, for lack of a better word, girl-ish, compared to the first game. Only one complaint though, like with so many others these days, so much mumbling. About half the dialog is mumbled out. I mean, fkn enunciate.
  11. Absolutely recommend creatine HCL but the purpose is added work capacity and better muscular function. Also don’t count the scoops, but get bioavailable protein in grams atleast equal to 1.5x body weight in kg. If bw is 80kg, get atleast 120gms of bioavailable protein. Whey is 100% bioavailable. So is egg. Increase to 2x if recovery is still an issue. Lastly, ZMA before bed time atleast 2 hours after previous meal or 30 mins before last meal. ZMA is magic. Get from a reputed source and brand. If recovery still needs an edge, add fish oil. Though you should be taking fish oil regardless.
  12. The Pale Blue Eye is one of the prettiest and most engrossing movies you’ll watch all year. Fine investigative unwrapping, with a supporting actor, whose mannerisms and presence onscreen I can best compare to Devanand, who totally outshines Christian Bale. Completely recommended. Watch without subtitles.
  13. 1. add sleep time if possible. 2. Add dietary protein/supplement whey 3. Definitely add a serving of leucine. I recommend beta-leucine from procell. 4. Active recovery: add 10 mins of low intensity movement for doms affected muscle groups. Eg: easy walk for leg soreness. Target is to get them warmed up and get the blood flowing. 5. Try meditation
  14. "it's your gift, wouldn't you rather I enjoy it to the fullest?" On another note, have made her start Uncharted 2, now we're both leaping for the controller Good thing is she's a semi gamer too, we've co-op'd on Streets of Rage on the Switch and she quite enjoys fighting games. Edit: also noticed that sound was much better in the original game, or is it that disc carries higher bandwidth data. Like the axe sound effects are so clearly pronounced in GOW, etc, even though I played that on the PS4. *Grunts* ThoughI'd say more like in the 2018 game. Ragnarök was him hitting menopause.
  15. In brief, and in no particular order, Combat and gameplay is generally better than GOW 2018. It’s not just more of the same, they’ve added genuine tweaks, though I believe there are fewer findables for builds but maybe I’m mistaken here. Storytelling was off. There are many beautiful moments in the game, and many genuinely enjoyable set pieces. But they’re not as impactful. Kratos has had some estrogen injections it seems, because the character just did not add up. I liked how later on Kratos frequently asks Atreus to “lead”. I felt genuine rage when Brok was killed, which, if you think about it, was the only real bad-a*s in the game. Along with Lunda and that other dwarf in Svartalfheim who tells the god of war to f**k off from his office I also liked how Sindri was the one to hammer Odin’s soul marble. Made me laugh, in a good way. It took me ~60 hours to complete, with Vanaheim and Alfheim sucking up most of the time outside of the story. Speaking of, Vanaheim is quite beautiful, and genuinely annoying with the goddamn plants. Freya, do something and communicate with them, will you? Also the wishing well was quite pretty. The boss fights were.. okay. Expected better and more varied boss fights with Thor and Odin, specially with the build-up till the final act. I think the build-up from after Brok’s murder till you actually enter Asgard is my favourite part of the game. Still stupid, but the narrative suddenly changes from “no war” to “Ragnarok must happen” just because Odin tricked them and killed Brok? What? Or am I missing something? Liked playing with Loki initially, and the added agility and swiftness were appreciated, but his sections are just… boring. The game was too long. Some of the traversal is so shitty. Like I can’t get up to that ledge because a tinker-y metal plate is covering the hook point which I need to kick down from the top? Ugh. What did Surtr do exactly? Heimdall was fun, and funny My two gripes with the 2018 game were: field of view and game length. They’re both as bad or worse in this one. The game is too long, and feels disjointed. And battling more than a single enemy, even minnows, was at best tricky, and at worst quite annoying. None of the one on one bosses, or even the few berserkers I faced gave me any trouble. However fill the arena with half a dozen Einherjars, and it gets stupidly annoying fast. Battling scores of enemies and epic bosses was what the original game excelled at, right from the first on the PS2. Which, also, every game that Kratos has his gained abilities reduced was because he dies or something to that effect. Why did he not start with previous game’s gained abilities here? Could’ve used Thor’s first battle this way. Finally, I put on the 2018 GOW on the PS4 on another HDMI port just to get a feel of the difference side by side, and I couldn’t play for more than a few minutes. Which leads me to the biggest takeaway for me from this game: always, always, “favour performance”. edit: a bit late, but how goddamn hot was Sif? Well done Thor 8/10
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