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  1. My recommendation: a JBL sound bar with wireless sub. It’s quite decent. Listen to it out in a store before you order.
  2. Netflix's UX is really quite crappy on Fire TV stick. The skip-back-10-second thing doesn't work for more than 1 skips, and there is no in-app setting to disable auto-play-next-title. That thing drove me nuts till I got to know yesterday that you can disable it in browser. 1. Why? 2. Ugh. Plus I find Prime Video's X-ray super useful almost every time I watch anything on it. I'd like that to be implemented for everything including music streaming. Edit: Enabling and disabling subtitles is shabbily implemented for almost every single service and app. It should be a simple click like it is in browser. I miss one line and there is a dance of 4-5 taps of different buttons to get them on and back off. Uncouth. I'd pay good money for a remote that has a dedicated CC button. Even more for Apple TV's Siri implemented "What did they say" thing but wrapped in a button.
  3. An update after quite a while, even without the loss in posts. One of the reasons I was posting my experience here was because I wanted a personal recollection, a diary I could read later. A catalog for my choices. That would help me understand better whenever I found some change in the way I think about this stuff. A major change happened last night. I was a little baked and it was late and I wanted to watch El Camino. Around 2 AM. Usually, before I settle in to watch what I truly want to watch, I "warm-up" with some YouTube videos, trailers, and the like for about 10 minutes. Just as I was about to put the movie on, my phone buzzed. The text simply said: "Volume". Hmm. I wanted to watch, because I was baked, and you know how that goes. So I reduced the volume to a level that it won't be a bother for the text-sender. I usually play Netflix at about 7 db below reference (about 73 db, because apparently that's how these high-end processors show sound level). I turned it down to -21. Holy hell what a goddamn transformation. Not only was the experience more enjoyable, it was immersive. It was immersive to a level which it hasn't been earlier. Everything sounded better, real-er, crisper. Incredible detail, that usually got mushed due to the loudness earlier, and nuance just oozed out. I sound like a pretentious douche here probably, but it was goddamn epic. Church, yo. The entire experience was much more enjoyable, without being taxing. And that got me thinking. The audio engineers that create these masterpieces, and El Camino is an aural masterpiece, would also be tuning these sounds to be played within a certain optimum range. Too loud is just that, it is too loud. I then went a few steps further. I adjusted levels of LCR and down-levelled L and R three steps, and down-levelled the subs from -14, -17 to -23 and -25. No unnecessary exaggerations of any effects. In doing so I realised that I needed to keep the centre speaker which handles the vocal soundtrack primarily at a higher level because the effects were drowning out the sound. Soon as I moved to this "calmer" set-up, I could bring the centre down a couple of notches which also made it sound much more natural. So, to sum up, thank god for that text Now, the sound is just..
  4. Same. Last night I thought I'd give it 15 minutes just to see what Apple's content was about, and the show turned out to be pretty engrossing. The performances are top notch and the writing is quite intricate. I ended up watching all three episodes. On my phone. While in bed. That usually does not happen. Cinematography is outstanding. The NY pans, specially at night on OLED are fantastic. PS: was "f**k" and other stuff while in context of expressing the act muted for you too? So weird. Adverb or adjective use, which was most of it, wasn't. I knew some sh*t would find its way as soon as I saw "व/A".
  5. So, in other words, they're terrorising the score?
  6. ^Let me see if I can find one out for you. The guy I used does HT installs. I’ll check if he’s available, or if he can recommend someone else.
  7. Just a small word of advice. Use a professional calibrator. They will charge a few for this service, sure, and you will maybe find the calibrated display to be weird for the first few days, but once your mind adjusts to a calibrated display, every other display will seem... off in “reality” reproduction. Rtings’s settings will get you an okay set-up, but every display from the factory has a certain physical variation that can’t be compensated for without true measurements in a dark room. And TVs this good deserve that calibration.
  8. I finished it last night too. And what a damp squib of a show. None of the actors looked convincing, except maybe Kalki; the pacing was way off, the story completely passable, extremely weird episodic progression, and there was no sense of enigma, of discovery, or urgency in the show. Meh. Waste of time. Then again, I didn't like the first season either, so maybe I shouldn't have sucked up to the hype. I think they succumbed to trying to provide an overtly complicated presentation where it needn't have been. They needed guys who were great at managing non linear simultaneous progression. These guys, Kashyap and Ghaywan, are not good enough. Also, to me, Ganesh Gaitonde has not been a very compelling character. Maybe they should create an Isa spinoff. But not with these guys. They'd make a mess of it trying to show their "superior" film making prowess.
  9. So I figured it out, after getting a clue from a fellow sufferer on the internet. Anyway, once this part was over, I wanted to see the end yesterday itself, and it took me quite some time. Finding 15 was a task, and solving 16 took me like two hours. But once I did that, boy. What a feeling. ----------------------------------------------------------- There's not many games that can make me feel attached, or involved. I was immersed in this one. I can now confidently say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the first time I've played this game in its entirety. Which was shocking for me. In my mind, I'd finished this game when I'd played it for the first time on the PS2, which, coincidently, I only bought because the seller told me this would be similar to God Of War. (He possibly looked at the cover art and thought, hmm, small guy fighting big giant -> GOW!). I may have only played till Colossi 4 or 5, if that. Imagine how goddamn lucky I am. So most of game was new to me. What a time, and what a way to have played it in. One, who I am today enabled me to appreciate this game at a much deeper level, a much finer level. I was a child when I played it on the PS2. Two, I played this with an awesome HT set up with a giant screen. The effects, the sound, the feeling that a Colossus's entrance invoked every single goddamn time was incredible. Those goosebump-y instances made me forget the various problems with the game, the biggest of which was the camera. If you want, you can run through the game, hunting one Colossus after the other, but, relax a bit, and take your time in this world. It has so much more to offer, and there are so many little details added that it feels rewarding just to be in that "cursed land". For eg: while in a large body of water, if you keep the direction stick pressed to a single direction, Wander swims faster. I only discovered this while trying to reach 15. (I got lost). If you go back to where you'd fallen the Colossi, you'd see their tattered remains fully absorbed, owned by nature. There'd be plants, algae etc. growing over them, using whatever nutrients it could find in their remains. If you've used your bow and hit any exposed part of the Colossi, those arrows remain stuck to their bodies, even after they've fallen. There's really no (mammalian) life on the island. So, it could aptly be described as desolate. This emptiness, loneliness makes this game so, so precious. It makes you want to savour everything. And it makes it all the more impactful when you fall the Colossi. It's like whatever little life is there, you're taking away, ironically, to get another life back. Highlights: The game looks jaw-dropping gorgeous. I don't think I've have not taken as many screenshots in any other game. Ever. The soundtrack. No more words necessary. Sense of scale. Colossus 15 will remove all doubts, if you had any The island itself Favourite Colossus: Colossus 13 Favourite puzzle: Colossus 16 Most irritating: Colossus 11 Favourite moment: after everything you realise that this was created 15 years ago. Just... wow. Problems: Camera Colossus 14 bug Thank you Japan Studio. Thank you Bluepoint Games. Thank you Sony. (More than f**king worth it) / 10.
  10. Keeps happening. Ugh. Six times now. The only solution I've found online is to restore game save and reinstall the game. I reinstalled but the only thing it changed was to make the crash happen one step earlier in the colossus fight. This is so weird.
  11. Wait. So Sony buys Insomniac and the very next day the Disney deal "falls through"? Disney done f**ked up. Watch as how Sony puts Insomniac in charge of the next movie and rubs Disney's face in all the 0% of money they'll be making.
  12. What a goddamn fight night. All fights were awesome. They were real, true blue, "fight" fights. Good, good Sunday.
  13. The game has crashed thrice at the same spot, in the middle of a colossus (14) battle. Thrice. And the stupid shrine is a ways behind. Anyone else faced this issue? How do I get past this? I really want to see how this ends. It's funny, I don't remember these parts at all. It is possible I did not end the game the last time I played it. Or maybe I just have a ridiculously shitty memory. I do have faint recollection of some end sequences.. but.. hmm. How do I get past this stupid goddamn crash?! Grrrr.
  14. Ugh. Just.. ugh.
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