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  1. That ant-man sword of a swab is like a weapon of nose destruction!
  2. I’m watching hill house now and while the show does a lot of things really well, I’m finding it quite slow overall. Episodes 4, 5 were a bit too slow. Also not scary, except for a couple of jump scares that truly come out of nowhere Watched 8 so far. Will finish it tonight. I did really like episode 6, the two storms. Had been waiting for a time when I won’t need the AC. Watching it on the big screen with noise cancelling headphones and absolute darkness is dope. Also +1 on Scam 92, a few people have told me about it but those who’ve read the book say the show misses out on a few arcs which add a lot more to the story. Inclined to read the book.
  3. I had 3 tests in the last 10 days, and there was no OTP business. They did take my Aadhaar though. Lab: Dr. Lal Path Labs
  4. Hey, so how about that picture? Congrats! How's it going with this? How's the TV? You using the "art mode"?
  5. It's philosophically Apple. Consistent quality, and if some of their recent project green-lights are anything to go by, they're moving consistently higher. Even if the content is not to your liking on ATV+, you can't fault it, any of it, for being low quality. If they've made you think of subscribing to their service with only original content in the first year itself, they're doing it right.
  6. Tiny World; Apple TV+ Watched a few episodes last night. A fun, cute-ish show with Ant-Man narrating and Apple TV’s high production values. A great looking, great sounding, goofy show which carries a subtext of inter-dependence and small creatures doing big things in the ecosystem. Some of the camera work is insane. Many times I was left wondering just how they would’ve captured that footage. Six episodes of about 30 mins. Recommended.
  7. I wish the 12 mini is their best seller so smaller phones get some of the mojo back. The only thing I genuinely dislike about my 11 pro is the size. I’d exchange it for the mini if I can move it for anywhere close to 12m’s price. 12 pro has that beautiful SS finish, a telephoto lens, and the max has LIDAR too. But they’re just too damn big. They are not one handed devices for me, and my hands are bigger than most hands. They’re also heavy. However, that size and weight enables HDR10 Dolby Vision video recording with live preview, editing, and filters, at full 4K 60fps! God fkn damn. Apple’s camera game is intense. As for the event, love how they show the campus and this time they showed jaw-dropping sweeps in night-time, sort of complementing the night-mode improvements in iPhone cameras and general dark themed slides. What a staggeringly beautiful place. Would love to visit some day. I think they were a little too quick to remove the power adapters. We just got USB-C adapters from 11 pro onwards. That was only a year ago. Most new buyers won’t have an adapter to plug in their new 12s. And most would have the slower kind of adapter because apple included the 18w last year only. However, like with AirPods, if you’ve moved on to Qi it doesn’t make a difference. EarPods is also a weird omission. They don’t last. I haven’t touched mine since I started using AirPods but when I did use EarPods, they didn’t last too long outside warranty. So “use your existing ones” doesn’t work. A “pick one for $9.99” with your new purchase option would’ve hit the sweet spot for now. Let’s see how it plays out. Though the packaging and logistical improvements are immense, this is a little like sanding your head as an ostrich. With the 12, they’ve made a much clearer case for the pro (max). The added size probably allows them to add tech and so this time again there’s a difference between the two “pros” in addition to just screen size. This makes the smaller pro seem short-changed in comparison. If I was in the market for a new phone and if the pro was at par with the max, I could’ve maybe thought of the pro. But it’s not, so picking the mini is a much easier decision. It’s also the least costly, and I believe the blue looks better on aluminium.
  8. Being a Rafan, I was legit anxious for this match. The conditions, the balls, the weather, roof, lack of match time, and a Novak on top of his game & who's lately been getting into opponents', including Rafa's heads. A boss battle was looming. A battle that was aced, literally. What he did yesterday is remind us, those guys who've been rooting for him, why we root for him. He played like a winner, a king, a champion. He played like Rafa. He played like we knew he could, and I hope those mental demons are exorcised for good. Was genuinely giddy and was banging on tables on every big point that Rafa turned around, while this played in my head Oh he played so well. This thrashing was a long time coming. It was apparent that Novak was as surprised as the rest of them. I mean, one silly error from Rafa in the first game of the second set let the double bagel slip. Nevermind, and never better. Thank You Rafael Nadal. Thank you for yesterday. Congrats on 20. Here's to a few more.
  9. Wha.. base PS4 can't do 2K60? Damn. Might pick it up for the Switch then. X-platform Autolog will be tits.
  10. Oh this is my absolute favourite "modern" NFS game. Pinging @scuderiaT1fos1 Drift symphonies Nov 6! @hope @Walker Let's get the club back together
  11. Knives Out The only things I knew about this movie before I watched it were that it was an English-y murder mystery, it was well received, and that it had Daniel Craig and Chris Evans. I didn't know it was Agatha Christie inspired. That made me enjoy the movie even more. If you've read a few her books, there's a general flow, and vibe there which can have you catch on to bits of seemingly irrelevant information, unravelling the story a bit in advance of the writing than if you're unfamiliar with her work, or, equally probably, make you run a wild goose chase in your head. The cast is obviously stellar, varied, and yet they fit so well together that I forgot I was watching a created art work. It felt like I was a part of that family, in that house, listening in on these people, with this seemingly impossible murder in the background. The only way I know for so many capable people to work so well together, including the crew and the director, is if they genuinely believe they're creating something great. This is Rian Johnson's best work, previously known to me for Looper, which isn't half bad. This is also Daniel Craig's best work, and shows the kind of range Bond has. He carries flair, menace, intelligence, and sharp eyesight with such maturity and ease you'd think he'd never been anyone else. The sets are exceptional. The artwork, the design, the lighting, the props, all create this old world charming mood which imparts a permanent subtextual flavour and adds immense depth to each scene. It's shot in digital but you wouldn't feel it. Like a play, every inch that you see has been combed over by talented, experienced people who make a living doing this exact thing. And it shows they chose their profession well. They also couldn't have rolled the credits with a better song than Sweet Virginia, a superb bookend to a truly great movie experience. The story itself is simple yet intricate, though a bit extravagant, like almost all Agatha Christie stories. The telling, the unravelling of the various layers, and the way it progresses is the killer app. The twists and turns will catch you. All of this, and yet my absolute favourite thing about the movie are the dialogs. Detailed, articulate, witty, exceptional, which match the setting of the movie and the characters. This movie is a legit masterpiece and is now a part of my "re-watch anytime, many times" list (which includes Inglorious Basterds, My Cousin Vinny, Dedh Ishqiya and more). I'm sure there's many layers there that I've missed. Many nuances that I'd appreciate, and I'll definitely be watching it more than a few times. Watch it with the family. Enjoy. Bonus points if you catch a certain cameo. And, Eat sh|t. Fav character: Nanna Fav scene: Blanc with Nanna Favourite lines: "... a doughnut-hole, in a doughnut's hole, but we must look a little closer, and when we do we see that the doughnut-hole has a hole in its center. It is not a doughnut-hole, but a smaller doughnut with its own hole, and our doughnut, is not a hole at all."; "grief is the providence of truth"; "I'm not eating an iota of sh*t!" Fav prop: My house, my rules, my coffee. 10/10 Watched on: Apple TV; rented. Side note: Apple censors its content so it had what seemed like the CBFC a*s-fvcked version of the movie with muted fvcks (ugh) and alcohol and tobacco warnings (double ugh). Will probably pick up the BD.
  12. Well this last episode of Lasso was kinda sh*t. I except the absolute last frame. That was gold Great show overall. Will definitely try S2. Also Archer’s back baby. This fourth reminiscent of old time sass and wit. Frenemy-bromance with Barry
  13. achilles


    ^Lol accidentally ventured into his turf after I killed the giant pig. Wasn’t ready, so I lost about 5k echoes. Tomorrow I’ll have my shotgun full and get him. BTW, I let my + expire as I wasn’t using it at all. Is it worthwhile for this game?
  14. achilles


    The bridge is secure. I repeat, the bridge is secure.
  15. Yeah but I'd rather the set itself look like The Frame, not just display art. You don't say.
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