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  1. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    On the plus side, free movie!
  2. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    We're in the end game now 😁 Edit: crap. Did not realise my address and number were visible 🤧
  3. achilles

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    8K? Maybe Nintendo will finally move on to full HD then
  4. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    I so wanted Thug Cena to come out next. Anyway, off for another year. See you guys at next mania. Also: why is Dean leaving?
  5. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    Yikes. Another one who’s ruined her face. SMH. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    Great f’n promo.
  7. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    Wait. What the hell did Bliss do to herself? She was so cute.
  8. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    ^This was just great. What we watch WM for. Incredible respect for HHH and Batista, both.
  9. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    These guys are nearing 50. Man.
  10. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    Pretty solid match so far. I’m into it. And I’m suitably impressed. Both these guys are puttin’ on a proper WM show.
  11. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    Ooh. That didn’t work.
  12. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    Batista appears to be in damn good shape. But he’s injured himself while entering the ring.
  13. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    Looking forward to HHH’s entrance only in this match
  14. achilles

    Wrestling fans

    Damn. Cena killed it.
  15. achilles

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    ^Yeah, thanks. I was leaning towards that as well.