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  1. what the *bleep* man ! If the law does not do something now, these incidents will become commonplace.
  2. I'll pick it up now since there's no confirmation on availability of separate physical releases. Mexico is the cheapest so far. 1770 INR.
  3. Apparently porting started in March 2020. They couldn't add SMG2 since there wasn't enough time. NERD had to make the whole compatibility layer. Goddamn Nintendo.
  4. For Oximeter, Choicemmed is fine. BPL is also good. IFTs, no idea really. They aren't very accurate, so haven't researched them much.
  5. Which one are you using ? Just checking online makes the decision difficult unless we try them in a store (which is something I want to avoid). I am looking for something with good thigh and back support.
  6. Same. Can't get into them. Playing this on Switch. Super stuff, a tad difficult though. You can go at blistering speed but the AI opponents ALWAYS catch up with you.
  7. Yup. Not that Aliens is bad. It's fun, action packed. But in terms of atmosphere and setting up a story, Alien is right at the top. Alien 3 and 4, super B grade. Ripley's child and all the sh*t.
  8. And how do you propose they test for it ? The only way to be sure that you won't get an AE after X years is to test it for X years.
  9. Oh yeah. Alien is a masterpiece. Have lost count how many times have I watched it. Alien, Jurassic Park, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Mist are evergreen.
  10. There's nothing like Aliens except Aliens. Same for Alien (the OG one). Heck, Alien 3 and 4 were garbage. Plus these old SciFi used a lot of practical effect, not just CGI. I'm not hopeful.
  11. Yeah. And it's a surprisingly good and poingant effort from India (we sorely lack in SciFi). I love the Rakshas Human concept, and the so close to reality portrayal by the Rakshas bureaucrats ! This world needs building.
  12. Low SciFi was used due to budget issues, and to effectively show the aging bureaucracy. Again, it has absolutely nothing remotely connected to Alien. For Alien, it was the de facto choice - the idea and visuals were high end for its time. And the environment was used to develop a feeling of claustrophobia. Here, it's a forced choice due to aforementioned points. No claustrophobia, just simple stories. It's unlike most SciFi one has even seen. As one of review says - the machinations used in Cargo only set to augment it's human stories. The emphasis is never on technology, it's on humans.
  13. He uses his own affiliate links. Just unwrap any of his URLs via URL expander, and anything you see after TAG= is his affiliate id/link.
  14. Check for Orient, Philips or Borosil. They keep on going oos on Amazon.
  15. Well, the assessment is a tad wrong. It's nothing like Alien or Moon. A bit like Upload, but the premise is wildly original. Add to it the typical analogue look and rakshas admins just doing their job (much like our sarkaari bureaucrats), and you get a heavy dose of reality. The SciFi element is just a way to tell an original human story. An immensely calming one too. There are no villians, there's no urgency, just the multiple human stories set in a SciFi backdrop. The highlight IMO are the different stories of the deceased. So relatable. A wholesome Indian SciFi (on a super tight budget) if you will. Edit: The ending OST is just LOVE.
  16. It's not Kishore. Checked. He said 20-25 people approached him but nothing has been confirmed.
  17. Kishore generally gets it from the chennai guy or from a couple of importers from Mumbai. I doubt he is the guy for group orders tbh.
  18. The UVC machines are a great alternative to keeping the masks in a paper bag. We use the machine to sterilize the masks on a daily basis for house help. Besides, good for sterilizing food items which cannot be cleaned with alcohol.
  19. @blitzkreiig Had a word with Kishore. He is quoting around 4250-4300. Give or take 50-100 bucks depending on final landing price.
  20. That's what I meant. I am sure he needs a certain number by a certain date to place imports. When is the group going to place the order ?
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