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  1. WTF. Never knew Xbox can do Wii emulation. Next weekend will be
  2. If you don’t like Hellboy’s art style, no point getting the OB. Go for HC.
  3. I’m biased towards Hellboy, but Harrow County is also excellent. The Woods, in third place.
  4. Great skit. I hope no one thinks this is happening though.
  5. Also the e2z guy confirmed that the regular XSX is at 55990. The new price likely is for Forza bundle.
  6. Exactly. Even at that price, console's convenience trumps PCMR. Simple plug and play. Easy drop in and out.
  7. So 50% premium over US price. They're doing 1 USD = 120 INR. Sadly, with currency devaluations and inflation, this will become common.
  8. Yup. I immediately thought of Psychonauts 2 when playing this. Both are old school in style and execution, with absolutely amazing level design and combat.
  9. I remember. You should totally quit a boss fight midway and see the dialogues next.
  10. I hate axis. They never gave me the promised voucher for milestone spends on FK axis card. Mailed them thrice, no response. Just f**kall.
  11. Edit: Got it.. Edit 2: Guess will wait to see what are the catches with Infinite account. Can't do salary account with them. If it's just maintaining a MAB, I think that should be doable as long as zero forex.
  12. Almost there.. YOU PLAY AS 808 !!!!!!!!!
  13. After parrying, you've to press X or Y again when the 2 circles meet. Basically parry and strike. Interestingly, opened a bag of chips and started munching on them on the beat of HiFi Rush. Involuntarily. The environment beat just keeps on playing in my head on loop.
  14. We don't matter. The tour operators and financial companies need to create a sh*t storm.
  15. How does this impact use of DC/CC internationally ? Do these neobanks like Fi send TCS certificates like traditional bank ? Certificate on demand etc ? Edit: Lets see if this passes muster. Hoping there will be enough sh*t storm to put a threshold.
  16. But that's money remittance. How do they collect tax for spends abroad with DC ? Like you do a swipe for 1L internationally using Fi. How would TCS be charged ?
  17. Exactly. I was suprised at the cancel culture directed towards her, specially from all HP actors and big companies.
  18. But parrying is needed for some later levels. Have you defeated Korsika ? That boss level is basically all parry. And many mini bosses in later levels can be defeated much easily via parry.
  19. Also is 20% TDS in foreign remittances over and above the prevailing tax slab ?
  20. So SPENDS will attract 20% TDS (on Fi) ? How does that work ? Fi works as a debit card with Federal Bank.
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