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  1. I've used the braided AB iOS C to lightning cable a few years ago, and it was absolutely crap. Never charged my iPad via laptop, while the official Apple cable never had issues. Not a fan of AB cables in general since.
  2. Noice ! The cartoon was pretty funny too.
  3. AB braided cable is like 1500 bucks. I have the iOS one, and it's terrible. Is the C to C good ? I am also looking for a decent C to C cable, and Amazon pricing is generally between 1500-1700 bucks. At this price, might just buy the Apple C cable. 1900 bucks. Lasts LONG.
  4. Did you see anything which matched the scale and VFX back in 2009 ? The story was extremely basic, but what it lacked was made up by the environment. They should really have picked someone else to play Jack Sully. Cinematography, direction, VFX were unmatched during it's heyday.
  5. Most (not all) Marvel movies are strictly watchable once. Comparing them to the likes of Cameron or Ridley Scott is just shitposting. One can watch and be highly entertained by the amazing direction of these two directors. Heck, without Cameron, there's no Terminator, Avatar, Aliens, Titanic, Abyss, RFB etc. Beyond the ones by Gunn, Marvel movies are highly generic, to the point of being boring if you watch then twice. Unfair to compare Cameron's acumen for direction to the money earned by Marvel since both are targeting different audiences. The floating mountains of Pandora - that scene is f**king etched in my eyes. The sheer scale of such grandiosity in 2009 was par excellence.
  6. Yup. Directors like Cameron or Ridley Scott are once a generation legends. Always always always hyped for their movies. f**k the haters.
  7. Dead on arrival. No one is spending 40k on P6a.
  8. Also, for those who don't know, there are many religious groups in US who apparently run abortion clinics, where they try to talk to females to get out of abortion. Poori chootiyon ki jamaat hai. Respect my opinion, pretty please. Edit: Texas Heartbeat Act - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Heartbeat_Act - basically no abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. Most females won't even come to know they are pregnant at 6 weeks.
  9. Nope. US is basically a sh*thole with some states having blanket anti-abortion law. No abortion allowed even if the fetus has developed out of sexual abuse/rape etc. Some states do allow the right of choice (i.e. depends on the mother whether she wants abortion or not). But basically a "first world" country even having such a debate is just f**king insane. This + gun laws make US the most brain dead chutiya country on Earth. Please do respect my opinion even if someone doesn't agree with it.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/13/business/elon-musk-says-his-takeover-of-twitter-is-on-hold.html He's not going to buy it. All this hoolabo over nothing.
  11. I just felt that the ending was anti climactic. Felt...empty.
  12. Sucks, but it’s their business decision at the end of the day. Their focus looks to be on Google Assistant, local language adaptations, services etc over devices in India. Apple has around 4% premium market share. There’s no way Pixel devices can manage that number without massive adverts, discounting, experience zones etc. Samsung, OP etc already have a much larger premium phone base in India. And they anyway use most Google services, so Google has no incentive to put money on selling their premium stuff to us. I’m also thinking about moving away from Pixel lineup next year as they are just too backward looking in India. A pity since the experience with even mediocre hardware is so good.
  13. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31338355
  14. Yo peeps. Weird bug. Was playing Spiderman Remastered, and the PS5 just went to rest mode during gameplay. Anybody else experienced this ?
  15. Use VPN and register/access https://service.hyundai-motor.com/euro5/login.tiles (unavailable for India). Edit: Share the VIN here too.
  16. Happened with my immediate family. Two cousins - their husbands, young chaps, succumbed to Covid. Dad’s sister’s husband succumbed as well. In my society, two families lost. Four kids orphaned. Similar stories at my in laws place. Shamshanghats had waiting of 10 hours + Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t had any immediate loss in the family. Please don’t turn anecdotal evidence as fact. Real number of death are clearly in millions, just in India.
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