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  1. If you’re in Delhi, comic con starts tomorrow. Pretty sure they will have stock.
  2. So I turned it off and kept on charging for over 3 hours. Started working. Weird. It had over 50% battery and I think it suddenly failed ?
  3. Talked to logi. No repair or replacement after 1 year. Babaji ka thullu basically.
  4. Yeah. It’s 2 years old. Warranty is just one year but it’s an expensive mouse. Will prefer getting repaired or replaced.
  5. I have the same issue as https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/767614/Not+working+but+green+light+is+blinking with MX Master 3 - it has completely stopped working. Logi support says there is no repair and nothing they can do. Any options or solutions from anyone ?
  6. Download their app and proceed. As someone said, the zero forex card is for accounts with 50k MAB (+ additional money to spend) but they are quick to process, and forex returns are swift, within 14 days. Japan is the only country not accepting Fi, else it has worked seamlessly elsewhere.
  7. @achilles: Agree with all the observations. I think it is a fantastic character study of all the major characters.
  8. I feel the opposite. While the first half delivers all the action, the second half is where RK/AK shine with their acting chops. Felt it would have been another Rambo without the emotional part, specially the to and fro between AK and RK towards the end. The way RK seamlessly moved between father and son roles during that scene - amazing ! Illogical sequence to poori movie hai.
  9. Also the scene with Rashmika Mandanna when RK comes and tells her about
  10. Oh I agree. But they found the OG Jamal Jamaalo song which plays during Bobby Deol's entry and goddamn he absolutely killed it ! Song is apparently more than 2 decades old. He doesn't get a happy ending. The ending where his sons cries and hugs him is unfinished as we don't know what happens after. Won't go much into spoilers. The misogyny part - I'm sorry, fail to see it. Marriage is consensual, all sex is consensual, he has been shown to have short fuse right from the start. There is some BDSM which some feminists might have taken for abuse ? As I said, relationship are complex, not some reddit fantasy, and the movie does capture the complexity from many angles. Would love to have a discourse on the movie instead of black and white opinions as I think it is feral movie inspite of all the editing and flow issues (and insane plot).
  11. Nothing trigerring. I guess people just need something to get triggered about. Its a f**king movie with lots of violence, some sex and complex relationships. And absolutely legendary acting. Watch it on theatres. Kirkire ne to dil pe le liya. Someone tell him about the epic songs in the movie which elevate the scenes and emotions. I swear to God most 90s movies are 100% more trigerring than Animal. All this BC is on Twitter. Reality main housefull movie hai bhai - just go watch it. I wonder if any of these idiots see Tarantino movies or flicks like Babylon and get similarly triggered. Much ado about nothing. Go without expectations - remember the movie is about a guy who would do anything for his dad - and see it from that perspective.
  12. Fi's forex return is pretty flawless. Never had to escalate. Money comes back like clockwork within 2 weeks.
  13. Yup. I've 2 major gripes with the movie- absolutely f**ked up editing (there's no flow) and things just... happen (like the carnage at hotel, his "security" being master assassins etc). But really did enjoy it despite all the flaws.
  14. Arre by that logic half the Hollywood movies also don't work. This is not a logical movie. Its a fantasy alpha chads descent into madness.
  15. Views on demerger ? My bet is on scientific business, but not sure if I should sell off Borosil Ltd post demerger.
  16. Or walk. I think most HK-ers spend half their life walking (and are fit because of it)
  17. I think Bobby's story will be explored in Animal Park - there's no way such a loved character will not appear on screen again. And I also think this is because Animal's story is pretty focussed on a singular mission of a son needing validation from his dad. Everything else is means to an end.
  18. I blame locking of the babe thread. We want it back @Snake !
  19. Use Uber vs local taxis. Bonus since you will almost always get a Tesla !
  20. Oh yeah. Taxis are super expensive, and local taxi guys are super rude as well (only accept cash). Uber wi accept cards too, but nothing beats subway.
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