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  1. https://cvmkr.com/ Basic 4-5 templates are free.
  2. Which repair shop did you go to ? My laptop's display is gone, most likely the display cable is kaput. Any good repair shop recommendations ?
  3. My experience is similar. Croma, RD pretty much diss you the moment you mention Amazon/Flipkart in the conversation.
  4. I use the Expert Bright Room setting. OLED light is on 80 by default. For movies playing via HDD, Cinema HDR mode is at 100. The way I calibrated is by running a bluray of Gravity, with the black space interspersed with stars scene. Changed the OLED light to the best possible setting my eyes could fathom. Then ran it again with some other movies where there's a contrast between black and white, and found 80 worked best in my room's ambient lighting. The values depend on your room light, there's no fixed value. Edit: I had to lower it for certain shows, like The Haunting of Hill House. Anything above 50-55, and it shows tons of artifacts and black crush.
  5. That's the way to do it. I sanitize everything entering our home. Throw the package, dip some cotton in liquid sanitizer, rub it all over the product. Simple, effective. Same for packed groceries (not vegetables or fruits).
  6. Yeah. Bought them from Bose. It's legit, original stuff. The comfort is just excellent.
  7. https://www.boseindia.com/en_in/products/headphones/headphone_accessories/quietcomfort-25-headphones-ear-cushion-kit.html#v=qc25_earcushion_acc_black Last I checked some months back, they had it in stock. Maybe they have stopped taking orders during the pandemic. Wait for some days and see. You can get aftermarket cushions on Amazon. No idea how comfy they are though.
  8. WTF. No. It's as real and gritty as they come.
  9. Pataal Lok - Goddamn better than GoT.
  10. I love the last line. Capitalisation of profits and Socialisation of losses.
  11. I'm not sure if it's a question of money. World Bank has given economic stimulus, RBI has tried doing what it can. The issue is availability. We don't have enough manufacturers of PPEs, and the quality we are producing is rubbish. Ofc doctors and other frontline staff should be the last people to get salary cuts. Not sure if defense funds can be used for this since we don't know the extent of loss of cut (overall), and i doubt they want to set precedence for funding civilian activites with military budget. Plus there's PR. A lot of PR. Apparently US has been doing these flybys for some time, so the govt won't let to of a prospective PR.
  12. Errr.. nope. Our org gave all bonuses, incentives and increments. I know many other people from other orgs who have recieved their increments and bonuses as usual. I'm sure it's the same with most cash rich orgs. SMEs are hit hard the most.
  13. Many hospitals in the private sector have started taking COVID patients, but the charges are ridiculous. Max Saket is charging 1 lac for just isolation for a COVID case, per day. Higher charges if patient is co morbid and needs extra treatment. It's just unaffordable for a common man. Govt setup is the only way out for this pandemic it seems.
  14. Land of the free, home of the brave...and stupid.
  15. Been the case for 2 weeks now. 4k is maxed at 7.6 MBps.
  16. Yeah, same. I add items, check multiple times a day, and order the moment I get a slot.
  17. Looks like a Mumbai specific thing. Here in Noida (obv less population compared to Delhi/Mumbai), getting slots pretty easily (one after 3-4 days; heck just 3 days back got a slot for next day !). BB has increased their hiring multifold. I think even Delhi is doing fine with Grofers and BB. Here, like Bangalore, Swiggy and Zomato have also started home delivery of essentials.
  18. We haven't gone for any supply since the 1st lockdown day. Essentials via BigBasket (yes, payment is in advance, but their inventory management is pretty good, and most orders hardly have 1-2 items missing now), veggies and fruits get delivered via local shop, milk and bread via Country Delight. Only stepped out once for a hospital visit. For those who can afford it (read middle class and above), there's hardly a reason to step out in Tier 1 and 2 cities.
  19. Free story today: https://the-ken.com/story/no-rapid-results-for-rapid-tests/ As usual, good stuff by The Ken.
  20. The basic situation is there is no check happening at the government hospitals for COVID cases. Even when those setups are sending suspected cases to get tested, the COVID centres are trying to artificially under-diagnose numbers so that a PR can be maintained that we have done a good job. Doctors lives are being put at risk due to such shitty decisions. You can believe those numbers all you want, but with sh*t PPEs and both asymptomatic and symptomatic cases running amok, there will be a time when we will run short of doctors too. They are the ones looking at the face of virus everyday, so just pray things turn out to be good.
  21. Don't believe these numbers anymore. Have some friends who are doctors at some of the bigger government hospitals in Delhi. Discussed with them yesterday, and the ground reality is very grim. Tons of suspected cases, who had testing rejected by the COVID hospitals due to some silly reason or the other, are moving freely. After contact tracing days, the doctors are not checked or quarantined and are told to return to their respective departments the next day onwards. Very poor quality of PPEs being supplied (basically 3 layers of plastic). They found some COVID+ cases in their hospitals - couple of pregnant females - in labor - who are much coercion accepted that they and their husbands were part of Nizammudin Jamat - their samples were sent for testing - but they delivered within a day, ran away and couldn't be traced. Samples came +ve. Hundreds of doctors, ward boys, nurses etc exposed. None placed in quarantine (this incident is from Hindu Rao Hospital). I truly believe the real mess will start 3-4 weeks after the lockdown opens and trains/buses/flights start. Thats when people will move, infections will spread, incubation will happen and we will see a massive spike.
  22. Are you listening to Joe Exotic's music ? 😅
  23. Agree with everything, but please don't use the piece of turd Ranbaxy's name anywhere near Pharma. They were no different from people sham medicine, selling drugs with no APIs or poorly controlled APIs, with almost all forged trial data. Unfortunately the people working there have spread to other companies after Daiichi's takeover (specially after Sun trying to clean it up, though Sun is no saint), and you'll find similar issues with the likes of Lupin, Aurobindo, Glenmark etc if you look closely. Ranbaxy was a different kind of evil though. I hope the Singh brothers rot in jail.
  24. As I said before, testing is a mess right now. Bigger issue will be if positive and negative cases are kept together, and the infection spreads to the non infected guy. Nope. As CDC stated a couple of days back, the asymptomatic rate is 25% ! Means the infected person would show no cough, fever etc, and will go on as a carrier spreading the disease unknowingly. Young people can come back home infected and spread it to kids and elderly easily.
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