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  1. Yeah. The post credits scene is bonkers. Amazing realism.
  2. I just took my daughter to Avatar for her first ever movie experience. The movie holds up so well. Does not look like a 2009 movie. Pretty much a 2022 movie, the VFX are still amazing, the world of Pandora, animals, birds, banshees, Taruk Makto, mo-cap - just so good. This was technically my 5th or 6th watch in theatres. Super excited for the next part. Cameron is a God !
  3. Search BMS. It's not showing under the recent releases for some reason.
  4. Aptronix is back with 10% off on MacBook Pros + 10k HDFC cashback. Good offers. Check their online or offline stores. Edit: Same offer at Croma.
  5. Pre orders are everywhere - Amazon, Croma, RD, Headphonezone etc. I listened to it for 15-20 mins last month. AQ sounds over sharpened unfortunately. Listened to it next to Bose 45 and 700.
  6. Guys, it's inventory commingling. Seller doesn't matter if it's fulfilled by Amazon (unless you've to return). It's a well known issue. https://www.redpoints.com/blog/amazon-commingled-inventory-management/
  7. Business travel, man. Hardly any time to go see Bangkok.
  8. Wow - all the content looks pretty good. Not a fan of the presentation, but Netflix is spending mega cash in India.
  9. Anyone with an SBI CC ? Need to order from Amazon, worth 6k.
  10. Let me know too. I'm travelling to Bangkok soon. Prices are much better.
  11. MBK ? When are you travelling ? Also, did you check physical stores or only online ?
  12. Do you get customs invoice for all items together, or for individual items ?
  13. How is customs handled ? Aramex/FedEx etc are notorious for not just charging customs, but having high handling fee. That's the reason I stopped using Shop & Ship.
  14. Amazing weather. Loving it. AQI down to 30s. First world country experience.
  15. I don't know, man. I have a feeling of looming recession. Not buying any equity right now. Will wait for at least a year. Parking money in safe instruments at least for short time.
  16. I used them for P2XL, last in 2019. No idea how things are now tbf.
  17. INGRAM. Document emails and responses to build court case if necessary.
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