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  1. Looking to get a SBI CC over the 90% of FD criteria. Does the SBI CC work on international websites with or w/o otp? and would it work for xbox gamepass here? Thanks!
  2. sjx

    Gran Turismo 7

    Have the spare PS4 code with 1,000,000 CR, Toyota GR Yaris, 30 PSN Avatars and digital soundtrack from the 25th anniversary edition. Looking to sell it, anyone want it? 🤔 PS: This version of GT7 is not upgradable to the PS5 version
  3. GOTG is exceptionally good and super fun. Worth the money if you buy it anyway for the 60fps.
  4. MX2 has some in stock Gameloot did have some last I checked https://mx2games.com/product/horizon-forbidden-west-special-edition-for-ps5/
  5. MX2 still has some in stock https://mx2games.com/product/horizon-forbidden-west-special-edition-for-ps4/ https://mx2games.com/product/horizon-forbidden-west-special-edition-for-ps5/
  6. PS4 special edition wasn't in stock and I have to rely on gameloot creds
  7. PS5 Special Edition back in stock on GameLoot: https://gameloot.in/shop/horizon-forbidden-west-special-edition-ps5/ Pre ordered!
  8. sjx

    Persona 5

    I also never received any codes Might email sony india again for the third time
  9. Surprisingly no, it was Amazon. Had to call up their customer service and explain to a dude what "controller drift" meant Got a replacement fairly quick so no complaints
  10. Hahahah. My black ds5 started drifting like crazy one hour after delivery also had weird loose L1 R1 buttons. Thank god for the replacement.
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