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  1. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Radahn ko flower mat samajhna bhailog...fire hai bc !!!
  2. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Day -8 ,maybe 😁
  3. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Game already streaming on TWITCH...hard to resist !
  4. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Bought PS4 for souls games..bought PS5 for souls games...bought 75 inch Tv for souls games ...25th can't come soon enough 🙏
  5. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Bus 8 din aur bc....!!!!!!!!
  6. Bhai ye 3 saal ka koi bta rha tha 8000 mein available hai GAMEPASS .....sahi hai ya rumour ??
  7. Future Retail accumulate raha dheere dheere .....RISK hai par saturated market mein RISK to ab lena padega
  8. Messy


    Audio LAG issue is there for me on PS5 .....about 1.5 sec lag....also i am unable to invade other people's game ...i have completed first 4-5 missions .... Anyone else facing same issue ??
  9. Messy


    GameSpot 10/10 IGN 10/10 PRE-ORDERED !!
  10. Messy

    Elden Ring

    16 minute gameplay demo ?????
  11. Messy


    Review's about to go LIVE in 24 mins ..... Will Purchase if metacritic >85
  12. Bhai ye to game ka RAPE hai 😂😂 ng+ try strength build 🙏
  13. Kachra kar diya game ka bhai in log ne.... Game mast hai waise
  14. Nhi bhai... Bus wohi ek boss bacha hai... Thoda game bacha k rkha hun ELDEN RING tak... Tabtak in sab chote mote game se time pass.... This game is good btw... Souls with bullets... Boss fights are very challenging n fun... Try kriye ap bhi 😁🙏
  15. 30 fps on ps5 😂😂 shitttttttttttttttt
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