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  1. Messy

    Lies of P

    Finished the DEMO on both xbox and PS !! Will be venturing deep on 19th!!
  2. Bald protagonist takes the cherry !! ?
  3. Will pre-order after I get the METASCORE !! P.S Sakht launda here ?
  4. I played ratchet and clank PS5 on my Sonos arc+sub gen 3 + 2 one sl ....sound output was 5.1 channel Dolby surround sound .....in PS5 sound settings i had choosen Dolby and soundbar output if i remember correctly.... When I had choosen 3D audio...i was getting linear PCM stereo output.... Right now PS5 can only give Dolby digital 5.1 ...
  5. This just SOUNDS AMAZING....Truly a showcase of what ATMOS can do to add layers to games immersion ...Wow!!
  6. And i QUOTE : A Plague Tale: Requiem will support 40 FPS if the game is played in 120 Hz mode. It was originally reported that the game will target 60 FPS.
  7. On my series S it's 30fps but thing to watch out for is DOLBY ATMOS ....Man it's crazy how the butterflies in the opening scene sound like they are flying in my entire room ...height channels have never sound this amazing ...really crazy stuff ..
  8. For all regions it unlocks at midnight local time .for aus NZ it has already unlocked...frame rate is 30fps locked on PS5 xbox x/s
  9. When it'll unlock for us on xbox series ? Timings ? Got it !! Midnight everywhere!!
  10. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Radahn ko flower mat samajhna bhailog...fire hai bc !!!
  11. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Game already streaming on TWITCH...hard to resist !
  12. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Bought PS4 for souls games..bought PS5 for souls games...bought 75 inch Tv for souls games ...25th can't come soon enough ?
  13. Messy

    Elden Ring

    Bus 8 din aur bc....!!!!!!!!
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