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  1. I think even Regalia offers some token lounge access or is it completely devalued.
  2. Is it worth getting a Scapia card. They're saying LTF. Are there any hidden charges?
  3. I need to get too. Which one did you get and for how much?
  4. Yeah it left a bad taste. Once was fine but don't be that sportsman. This wasn't Bangladesh, anything could have gone wrong in the last 14 balls. Not done at all.
  5. He admitted as much in the press conference too, they're proud of such behavior.
  6. It was definitely below average. Overhyped without any merit.
  7. It really is a shame. I personally won't be buying anything that doesn't have a physical release let it be Zelda or Diablo. The day companies go full digital, I'll stop buying new games altogether. I have decades worth of backlog anyway.
  8. 🤭 Newbie to FF =/= Noob I complete most games at highest difficulty. Will complete TOTK and get on this. Thanks
  9. Is it accessible to newbies, I have never played a FF game. Not into turn based combat but read this is action rpg so wanna try.
  10. I'm creating a family plan and have 3 slots open. Let me know who all are willing, pls dm.
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