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  1. There are risks to the mother beyond certain period of gestation and hence the apprehension from courts. Also a top court ruling sets up precedent for future cases so they're wary.
  2. Ours is still 20 weeks only (most women claim it for contraceptive failure and it stands at 20 wks for that).....24 weeks is only for those under special categories and if a medical board approves even beyond that is allowed.
  3. Guys i'm using Zerodha for equities/MFs....From time to time i keep getting these mails for dividends from companies with info on TDS deductions and forms to be filled 15H (i may be wrong with the number)/ PAN details etc. Do i need to fill these or Zerodha will take care of all these forms. Am i missing out on dividends by not filling these forms?
  4. Anyone who didn't get LIC?
  5. Pro controller is much better. Between getting to experience BOTW for the first time is just sublime. Enjoy.
  6. Mine shut off during playing. I posted here too. Didn't even switch on when i tried....unplugging and plugging back in somehow fixed it.
  7. Guys i need a particular set of Ceat Tyres for Standard 500 but am unable to find either locally or at the Ceat website. Is there any any online site (not Amazon) which delivers tyres at home.
  8. I'm no expert but I think not.
  9. Yeah the nimbu as ghost catcher/detector seems questionable but i guess the modus operandi is that it is hung outside and once it's believed to have caught the evil spirit then it is thrown on the road for some inadvertent passerby to step on it....after stepping on it, the spirit/negativity gets transferred to the next poor guy. Touching ka mention nahin hai
  10. They do offer free shipping at times but it might be a long wait
  11. I’m not on that subReddit hence didn’t know.
  12. Yes it is during REM stage.
  13. I think it's made up, there are other stories on nosleep Reddit with the name Lynn.
  14. That decreases the value so much. Most Nintendo carts are collectibles. Makes no sense to buy from Gameloot/Gamenation.
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