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  1. Guys, as a salaried person who has incurred STCGs, should i be filing ITR 1 or something else?
  2. This is harsh...banning for posting in two threads. Also, why no bans for the member who got personal first.
  3. I'm looking for one too. Can this be used general house dirt on tiles too?
  4. There's a direct link option on imgur, just copy and paste that link here, it'll get auto embedded.
  5. Is his job under threat or something...while he was on the forums he acted arrogant but still sane.
  6. So i can fill it sans 50 gb or so right, that should be fine.
  7. Guys have you downloaded games upto the full capacity of the PS5's drive, or should we keep a bit of empty space. Does it makes a difference on the performance?
  8. Can the PS Plus Collection still be redeemed on PS5.
  9. Oh good that totally works. Just that the wash balcony is quite far from the kitchen. But still better than trying to remodel the drawers.
  10. Guys where do you guys place these dishwashers, my kitchen is already set up and breaking the drawers ain't a feasible option.
  11. Just wait for one person to get credit for all of this.
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