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  1. They're too meek to get rid of him for fear of regional backlash.
  2. Well it's always good to have options. It's not like they're going to discontinue the regular one or not release a Pro model. For someone who wants to play just 2-3 games or for someone who like to play handheld only, it's great having a smaller form factor and it's cheaper too. Now if only the Switch games weren't so expensive. For people who've lived in the US, how does it differ paying 60$ vs 4000 for a game? I've always read the PPP to be around 1:20. So does that mean buying games outside is much easier?
  3. Drop Dhoni before dropping anyone else. It's a moo point deciding selections here. This changes nothing.
  4. ^ That & just their approach after the goal left a bad taste.
  5. It is because of his erstwhile acting only that he didn't get the penalty this time.
  6. Thanks for the explanation....What if my plan is expiring in another 6 days. Can i activate the voucher after the month of June also or for that matter at any later date?
  7. If i recharge Jio with 399 before 30th June will the 3GB/day be active from my next billing cycle ?
  8. This. I've lost interest in gaming...But ever since i got a Switch i'm even playing an hour in the morning before leaving for work. I'm completing side quests in Breath Of Wild, not going for Gannon at all just so that the game doesn't end. That is how a game should be.
  9. Please be cautious as to what you choose, there have been reports of systems getting fried by using third party docks / chargers after 5.0 update. Something about Nintendo not using industry standard USB-C. P. S - How come your display names are somewhat similar 🤔
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