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  1. I have a bunch of used third party controllers 5-6 (Wii U, Gamecube, Wii). The Wii U ones are average at best. If anyone is interested they can pick up for free or pay for shipping at actuals and have them.
  2. If you don't have anything to contribute, why reply just for the sake of it.
  3. Just finished the game. Was completely put off after the first two worlds, but man does Nintendo know how to make a game. Hats off to Nintendo. Incredible game.
  4. Could anyone please suggest a portable monitor for gaming - Switch, PS4.
  5. Hope there's a physical version of the trilogy and I make up for the regret of selling the Wii version.
  6. No time to play so got rid of all the hardcore stuff. Zelda collection. Missing 3 games.
  7. Bro take your time, you can't play everything at one go....whatever you choose invest time in that.
  8. Came almost instantaneously. The code is in their 'Thank you' mail, check again.
  9. Have fun. Forget further games, you'll have Christmas sales for that....For now just enjoy the masterpiece that is Breath Of The Wild.
  10. Nintendo Switch online is 25% off at Target, digital delivery via email....worked for me. Nintendo Switch Online
  11. Seems good enough....Most black Friday bundles include the older models anyway.
  12. Accessories - pro controller, case, screen guard , grip....a good Nintendo licensed grip is must for handheld. That link isn't opening up, maybe it's country specific. Look for Switch version HAC - 001 (001)
  13. 1. Switch v2 2. MK8, BOTW...Most first party Nintendo ones. 4. 256 Gb. 5. Seldom
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