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  1. I don't know man, they say groceries won't be shut, but the police here (Gr. Noida) isn't allowing any movement...How the hell do i reach the shop? On another instance i told them i'm from the medical team ()showed them ID too) and am working on-call to which they respond we will only allow medical personnel to go in the morning, seems every cop has their own interpretation of the law here....I still whole heartedly support the lockdown but implementation needs to be better managed.
  2. It's from a reddit post, people post horror stories on that community.
  3. Such disregard inspite of our hugely inadequate healthcare facilities. Clearly these people know more than PM, CM and others taking precautions.
  4. If someone can be that meticulous to keep track of the wrapping, the plastic case, disk etc then why not. I know i am not. And with a kid at home, i won't be taking chances.
  5. Should be easy for you, i recall reading you already have quite a backlog to deal with.
  6. Till date research shows viability of the virus to be between 24-72 hrs, depending on the surface. It is unlikely an ordered game would be infective, but just to be extra safe you could not open it for the first 48 hrs.
  7. I believe some very valid points made by PM in his address, no false promises & a sense of urgency. It was for the benefit of the nation...not just the educated lot and ffs stop acting like medical experts just because you Googled a few articles. People in rural India will hopefully take it seriously now, it's stupid to think anyone is immune.
  8. I think you mean Rs. 15000 not $
  9. Which Max was this? Also let me tell you, Max/Fortis consultants are incompetent mostly....Only the Unit heads are any good but you wouldn't be able to consult them for Flu symptoms.
  10. I can't remember the last time we won the toss.
  11. I'm thinking of changing from iPhone 7 to the Note 10 Lite, mainly for the S pen. My query is how is the stylus/pen in actual use? Is it comfortable for taking notes, making lists etc? Is the handwriting recognition good? Also will the Exynos 9810 being 2 yrs old slow down the phone.
  12. Now if only there's any info of digital purchases carrying over the PS5.
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