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  1. So you got scammed but finally got the product somehow from that guy?
  2. Both digital & physical are available. You can use the Savecoins app to look for deals across regions. I would advise you to buy physical though. Nintendo games appreciate in value over time.
  3. Yeah I wrote with "all discounts applied...".
  4. Yeah get the newer one, with all discounts applied it comes to around 23k, not bad.
  5. Went there and they don't do joycon repairs, other shops selling consoles were quoting 2500 for the pair and 1300 for one joycon. I thought I'll try it myself.
  6. Battery life improvement, runs cooler....wait till Christmas if you want tv output. Otherwise Switch lite for 15,300 is a very good deal too. Much more comfortable in handheld mode than it's bigger variant.
  7. Thanks for the inputs, Nokia looking good...thinking of stretching another 5k and getting an iPhone 7.
  8. Camera, battery life, smooth os...Not into Xiaomi or Poco or Oppo etc.
  9. It's your money, you can spend it however you want. But it's available for 4k locally.
  10. It's available for 4k openly in the grey market.
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