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  1. 1) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart 2) Forza Horizon 5 3) It Takes Two
  2. Had a similar issue with FH4 with so much content and map being filled with events. I recommend for FH5 finish the adventure first and and try doing some series events in between. No right way to play the game though just head out and do what you like.
  3. Selling above MRP and bundling are two different things. Selling Cricket & Fifa with the PS5 for (50K + 4.5K + 3k ) does not mean it is being sold above MRP.
  4. The truth is if he started selling only the console at 50k , it would anyways be sold at 60-65k premium later. Gets difficult to differentiate between Gamers who intend to use the console or re-sell. A few blocks from my place a generic mobile store has stocks from FK , AZ & croma , and selling at 60-65 k a piece. I hope the stocks situation get better soon though.
  5. lol same here, have clocked in close to 50 hours on forza and it's been more than 20 days i have not switched on my ps5.
  6. Not able to do arcade , always running out of time
  7. Some of the daily challenges are not registering properly. Is this the case with any of you?
  8. Loving this so far. The Forza formula fits so well with Mexico. 20 hours in. Having a few issues while playing Forza Open , terrible wait times between races.
  9. Ok with the Online Connection requirement considering i would be anyways spending alot of time with the game.
  10. Physical copies of the base game is still available at a lower price.
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