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  1. Sharma ji playing a pull shot along the ground by rolling his wrists over Oh boy, I've finally seen everything.
  2. ZooZoo

    Dragon's Dogma II

    Bought it on Steam as I will be travelling around its release so will clock in few hours on Ally and then get back to playing it on PC. Hopefully I get full eye candy on 3080 TI.
  3. Bhai delusion hai, tu akela modi nahi tu akela Rahul Gandhi hai.
  4. This is just getting sad. Akela laga pada hai.
  5. Bots thought their Phil Daddy had unlimited supply of money and wont be held accountable for anything. At higher level, MS leadership has to focus on making money despite what lies Phil has been selling to his bots. They wouldnt just give away 70-80 Billion dollars without a way to make that money back and some more. Only logical way forward is to bring all the MS games on PS and bring in revenue from there. Even Gamepass might end up in PS Subscription just like other EA or Ubisoft subs with some tweaks.
  6. Have not tried london, lisboa is a bit mid compared to Seoul for me. Seoul is perfect neutral perfume that anyone can use.
  7. Try out ZARA SEOUL 532-8 SINSA DONG GANGNAM-GU EDT. Ever since I discovered this one, this has become my go to perfume. I go to Zara shop 24 Kms away from my house every 6 months just to get this perfume.
  8. ZooZoo

    Dragon's Dogma II

    Kinda like this restriction from developer. I have abused the save feature to get through certain story paths in Baldurs Gate 3 which kinda ruins the immersion and gives less importance to making a correct dialogue choice. Besides this, the game looks phenomenal, will be preordering and playing day one.
  9. Saw fighter yesterday, late night show in IMAX but it was house full. TLDR: 9/10 movie, one of the best performances from Hrithik. This movie will go on to become a cult classic defense movie like Border was in 90s. I was worried about the VFX quality due to budget but that was the biggest surprise, Sid Anand managed to deliver a top notch experience of Air Combat at a fraction of budget that Hollywood movies have. Liked the comradery between the team and it was shown nicely in first quarter of the movie. Pacing was pretty quick till interval then it gets a bit slow and emotional but its much needed due to story. Last 30 minutes are just chefs kiss. Keeps you on the edge of your seats and its a pure joy to see the combat in a bollywood movie. Some dialogues were borderline cringy but works due to patriotism and did get the crowd in my theatre shouting and hooting. All the actors have done a fantastic job and chemistry between HR and DP was very evident, it is just fire. From a high level, the story might feel like a mash up of few plot points from both top gun movies with Pakistan agenda thrown in but similarities end right there. Meat of the movie is in the all the smaller subplots that are going and work very well together. People who are worried about some steamy scenes between HR and DP as trailers suggest can rest easy, you can peacefully go with your family, only steamy scene is in a song and it has been edited out of movie so it plays during credits. So you can finish movie with family and walk out
  10. Going for late night show, will post later.
  11. So update on ROG Ally, the SD Card issue still persists, my sd card reader failed within 2 weeks. Raised an RMA, which is where the roller coaster right starts. Within 1 day of request, a technician from Asus came for door step repair, checked and made few videos so that they can order a replacement motherboard (so far so good). 3 days later, a different technician came with new motherboard and started the repair process at home. The way he was manhandling the wires and connectors inside the device was scary and rightly so, he was not able to get the device to boot after replacing the motherboard. He blamed the charger for this. I showed him that charger is working by plugging it in my laptop and phone. He didnt even clean the old thermal paste while applying new one and randomly dropped a blob of thermal paste over existing one. He even managed to drop it at multiple places on montherboard and didnt even bother to clean it properly even after i told him it might be risky. Surprise Surprise, the new motherboard went dead and he had to plug in the old motherboard again. Took him 5 tried to get the device to boot but then while closing the device roughly, he managed to break one of the fans and the right analog stick. Then again, Idiot went on to blame the device, said that screws were loose from factory itself and he just tightened them up which caused analog stick to get stuck. Doing all this bullshit, he wasted my 4 hours. I was pissed and asked him to just leave and then complained to Asus for this whole shebang. Had to complain on twitter as well to get the wheels moving. Someone from Asus QA team called and started telling me how this device is not supposed to be repaired at home. I was like, duh, it was your team which sent the technician, i never insisted on home repair. Then he apologized for whole thing arranged a pickup for the device next day. Took them about 2 weeks at service center to revive my device and fix it but one more bad experience was pending. After repairs were done, one of their technician called and told that everything is fixed but he needs to login to windows to verify thus asked me my password. I was like, WTF, my microsoft account is logged in to the device so all my mails can be accessed, there is no way anyone will share such sensitive details. I asked him why doesnt he wipe the device to factory settings and then check if everything is working since that is the standard procedure in repairs/RMA. His reasoning was that it will take more time for him to reset and then check thus asking password is faster. I told him he is not going to get it and he should go by standard procedure of reseting the device. Finally 2 days later I got my device which is working decent for now. This whole debacle wasted 4 weeks of time, dozens of emails and phone calls. Phew
  12. that sucks, specially in a year where Snapdragon has finally caught up with A17
  13. BC accidentally bought the lightening version of AirPods Pro Gen 2 and then realized Apple has released USB C version as well. Since I bought from Vijay Sales due to cheaper price, I cant return or replace them. FML.
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