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  1. maybe we want "hope" back to bring some sanctity
  2. Some theatres have started opening up in Bangalore from this week so there is hope.
  3. Do the new apple ids need to be login on an apple device first? Tried twice but didnt work. 1) created an apple ID from PC which keeps on giving error after creating it that it needs to be signed in for first time from apple device. 2) created a new apple ID from PS5 which somehow worked as far as sign in is concerned and allowed me to add payment method. But it did not give me 6 months trial. Poor android user here
  4. Same case with Amazon. I ordered on 12th and still waiting for it to ship. I guess only Mumbai orders are getting delivered early.
  5. Sale is already live but the banner will take few hours to be up on PSN. You can manually search these games and see the discount.
  6. Its over. There is just a 500 rupees discount on 3000 or above using HDFC Card.
  7. We should just play Mumbai Indians XI for the T20 WC and then we can have a decent chance. Slot in Pant for QDK, Bhuvi and Sakaria for overseas pacers and get Kohli in place of Pollard.
  8. Saw "Tomorrow War" today. Its a decent big budget action flick. Basically your run of the mill science_jaye_maa_chudaane_mujhe_to_action_karna_hai movie. Leave your reasoning and logic out before you sit down to watch it and you will enjoy it.
  9. It does work and I have tried this out in past but it is damn laggy and textures look bad. I'm on a 250 Mbps connection here
  10. They are probably bruteforcing this as a workaround till sony gets the VRR working. Previously Fidelity mode was at 30 FPS which now will be at 40 FPS and on supported displays it will run those same frames 3 times to give an illusion to make it appear more smoother while retaining the quality of fidelity mode.
  11. Miles Morales me performace RT add kiye the after i platinumed and here they added 40 FPS 120 Hz mode
  12. release ke baad bhi game ko better banana bhi koi matlab hai. Sala second time I platinumed their game and second time they made it better after that.
  13. Agreed. Would love to see more sequels in this universe. Very well crafted. Even a spin off to tell story of other families would be worth watching. He can just mint money on this now.
  14. Usme hi to asli maja hai. Movies that do sound well are amazing on headphones. Specially those 7.1 audio rips. I was never scared of horror before but man, XM4 plus 7.1 audio rip with Conjuring is damn scary.
  15. True but we dont have that option. But you'll be amazed by how accurate the sound direction and bass is in XM4s. There were occasions when I was looking around in my room for noise only to realize it was from movie. It scared me in Conjuring with how it reproduced the sound around me in the room and me watching it at 2 AM in night wasnt the best choice.
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