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  1. ZooZoo

    Fort Solis

    Tools arent ready yet I guess.
  2. Kaha ka logic hai bhai? Why would a Playstation owner care if Xbox owner is saving money or not depending on whether deals goes through. PS players were paying 70$ and they will continue paying 70$ irrespective of the final verdict on the deal.
  3. force of mental gymnastics is strong with this one
  4. movie was such a hot garbage. Who even approves such sh*t. Seriously man.
  5. Nope. Incorrect take. Other phones use AI to enhance existing detail. Samsung is using AI to copy paste the details which is not even there. These are wildly different things. Basically one person is just running a grammar check and replacing few words using thesaurus to make his essay better while other person is just copy pasting articles from internet without writing a single word himself.
  6. Has been happening since S21 Ultra ever since they started marketing that space zoom thing. Fact is, 90% of people are not so tech savvy that they will understand this AI trickery and will still flaunt this while showing off to their friends and if that makes them happy then its completely okay. Sammy knows what they were targeting and they are reaping the benefits. TBH, any company can implement this with the help of AI but they are choosing not to.
  7. anyone selling psn wallet cards at discount? or kuch tata cliq type deal hai to batao.
  8. ZooZoo

    Resident Evil 4

    you linked the wrong website
  9. ZooZoo

    Resident Evil 4

    Who's they? xbox bros always try to make it sound like as if 1000 of people are speaking about something when in fact its them making up stuff. lolz. Now they wont even trust Digital Foundry videos.
  10. Is this Pissnu's alt account or abisucks? Seriously these xbox stans see everything with their green tinted glasses. Can't really accept a clear L when they see one. This has become such a pattern that they will now just tell you that you wait and watch, it will eventually be patched.
  11. Seems like a rationpass quality game. Will fit in there perfectly. Wont even pay 20 bucks for this crap.
  12. Welcome to the dark side. You've made the right choice if battery was your concern. I'm a lifetime Samsung flagship user who converted to iPhone last year and never been happier. 14Pro Max is a beast of a phone and best I have used in a long while.
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