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  1. "Once you go black, you never go back"
  2. I liked it initially but then it grew weary on me. Not liking it really. Are you referring to burch twins?
  3. Where have you reached and which characters do you find boring?
  4. I've started with this game and at chapter 13 now. The game is decent but after coming from God of war it feels a lot worse in the graphics department, especially the horrible texture quality. Maybe I had too high expectations :|
  5. The spigen glass for iphone 12 is A-class
  6. Used one, thanks a ton.
  7. It was stuck in my mind for way too long and now you've made me remember it all again
  8. Bro, TV prices already increased since February. And with the complaints against FK and Amazon, they are also not giving good discounts. It'll increase more, maybe 2-3k but it will Yeah they've increased a lot since Diwali. Anyone who's store shopping will know. BUT LG's next launches are supposed to be about 20% cheaper and there's some rumours of the cx being discounted to bring it in lieu with the new pricing.
  9. Or the scalpers have a hard time getting rid of XSX?
  10. abhi90

    Nier Automata

    If the game is anything like the first, then it's great. Someone tell me it's similar.
  11. abhi90

    Nier Automata

    Ofcourse man, everyone is entitled to their own opinion Mother Teresa
  12. Does that high pitched sound drive you crazy?
  13. Better to consult a doctor. As I've said before understand your body and just don't do things because "kisi ne kaha/ kisi youtuber ne bataya". Also please don't trust everything you read on the internet. Someone who may be allergic to milk will say it's the worst thing ever, right?
  14. https://www.businesskorea.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=61434
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