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  1. John Wick 4 was sublime The action sequences contained in it could be split and used as a final action scene in 3 separate movies! The movie was long but didn't feel like it at all. The cinematography was varied and epic throughout!
  2. If your friend backs out, mereko le chaliyo :Fear:
  3. That is really uber shitty. Hope you have a good resolution, keep us updated! It won't help, but can you also relay your VFS experience to the japanese embassy? At least some feedback is better than none.
  4. What happened? deets do!
  5. Yes, I saw 65, Paneer 65, before I gobbled it all down
  6. I just asked 2 posts above, doesn't seem likt it!
  7. I need to make a transaction, does anyone have a Kotak White or White reserve Kotak credit card?
  8. Also the visa you'll be granted for only the duration of the itinerary you provide to them
  9. Where did you get the elric funko, I've been eyeing it
  10. maybe a little dark chocolate and a couple of dates? btw most pre-workouts rely on caffeine to give you the boost needed! If that fails, get a muse in the gym, that'll get you motivated
  11. First would want to be enrolled in their banking programmes as well!
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