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  1. For me it's KC ~= Starbucks > Flying squirrel > Blue Tokai > sleepy owl =~ dope
  2. But trying out pre-flavoured coffees from roasters that actually know how to balance it out is not a bad idea. Gives you a great reference too.
  3. Are there any sales coming up in the near future on Amazon?
  4. If the PS5 port is pared back because of the PS4 port then it's a disappointment
  5. The Chocolate ice cream from Brooklyn Creamery have an overly Coconut taste plus me and a friend who ordered independently got a stomach ache the day we ate it. It just might be an outlier. Their mango is delicious though. Frankly the best chocolate ice cream for the price I've had (with sugar) is NIC's Madagascar chocolate. That is pure win
  6. What's your opinion on the bitter after-taste? Do you experience it or not?
  7. Not true. Last month was shittier! I feel June's even shittier at least the sale comes between two sh*t months
  8. My experience for cooked brew has been the same. Starbucks Kenya is Love. I've also tried flying squirrel and it's also pretty good. By try I mean I've ordered at least 5 times and my friends wanted to try it out, but sadly they removed the sampler pack on their website, maybe by mistake. KC rosters amrut is also great,Worth a try the next time.
  9. Nope, you'll have a diluted cold coffee experience as these are primarily to be consumed only with water You could try with mixing the cold brew in a very strong ratio of like 1:4 but then it's like cutting vegetables with a power saw, it might do the trick but it's not what it was meant to do. Keep in mind black coffee is not everyone's cup of tea. Even I drink cold brew and have been doing so for like 4-5 years now. I drink it for its taste as I don't get caffeine addiction, etc. Nescafe gold is a much better coffee then the regular one which is utter shite.
  10. Yeah man makes proper sense. I had a vanilla PS4 so bought the ps5 to play old games (had a huge backlog) + the upcoming games. Not worth the stress of ordering a ps5 now if you have a pro
  11. Yeah but very few have fully carpeted floors.
  12. Pffttt Exercise is for weak people Pehle tum link theek se daalo
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