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  1. Is anyone willing to let me use their SBI CC for the FK sale?
  2. abhi90

    Tales of Arise

    This game has a massive improvement with FOrced VRR. It's the next bet thing to a stable framerate. All the jerkiness is gone!
  3. Is it better to buy a dog with this soundbar?
  4. Amazing setup, they sound really good. Now I'm assuming a sub is the next logical buy?
  5. Wahi to @lithuvien please re-upload Amazing man. Many many congraulations!, I can't see the image, can you please re-upload it? Congratulations! The Oberon's are :wub: Did you also audition any other pairs and/ or the Oberon 5 and 9?
  6. but what if I my friend wants to buy a bigger tv ala 55"/65"
  7. Sorry I'm out of touch, no OLED in that budget, right
  8. What's the best buy for 80-90k for mainly movies etc?
  9. with cases rising not sure if next week can happen but I'm fine with anything Batao @KunjanPSD@niks_flashbullet @him2anshu@Felix the cat I'm in for SMAASH etc!
  10. There actually is a different effect in some races where easiest = hardest and hardest = easiest
  11. You forgot the instant FULL recovery via water bucket
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