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  1. Got the panel replaced on the third day of the complaint. New 2023 manufactured panel, looks all good! The guys were not very experienced and the TV didn't start after they connected the MB a couple of times but all good!
  2. In case anyone is confused like me: The warranty depends on date of purchase, download the warranty card from here:https://www.lg.com/in/tvs-warranty-information
  3. Do you know how to check the warranty? I am sure I got it when I got it but didn't get any document etc.
  4. Why are they imposing TCS on spends, income thode hi hai saalon
  5. Doesn't every phone already have that?
  6. I have a pair from FK and another from the new balance store and they are perfectly identical. If they are so perfectly identical that everything from the ride, etc is the same then But yeah most of the my purchases have been expensive shoes from NB or other unpopular brands like Saucony, Mizuno etc
  7. Exactly, until there's a website to authenticate the serial number it's of no use! Having said that, most of the shoes I have bought from FK have been genuine
  8. That's why it isn't even sold out abroad
  9. I don't like MX2 at all, fake products that they won't even have in stock and they pulled a fast one on GoW:R CE. Either normal vendors (if it arrives) or import you?
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