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  1. It wouldn't but then your Santa failed and not you. It's about the season of giving my friend
  2. He even sorta gave up in yesterday's match
  3. Negative consequences FTW! Chop their heads off if they fail to reach the knowckout stages!
  4. It's stuttering as hell on my laptop and the tv's web browser. Working fine only on mobile This is a shitshow
  5. Also you can't cast from a moble phone to a TV apparently My LG TV doesn't have the JioCinema app, any way I can see the match on my TV?
  6. Definitely, however post that in the medium term I think cost-reduction also needs to come into picture as 35k is a lot!
  7. I think as long as we can access the DB here, we should be able to do that! I saw a couple of guides on the same topic! What would be the most straightforward conversion tier for us? I guess that would also be dictated by where most of the cost is going currently. I'll be happy to explore alternatives as well!
  8. Is there a chance to move to another forum software?
  9. ask them to wash the mug as it is dirty and then send
  10. because he plans to sell the mug later
  11. Even I've received a lesser CL for my HDFC CC. I used to hear they give massive CL's earlier!
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