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  1. Need help, an android phone for my wife- budget around 20k. give me 3 options please.
  2. Fever with chills can be anything, for me it was uti- even though I thought it’s covid, after covid consider other tests after consulting a doctor… hope he recovers soon!
  3. Rosh


    no preload ?
  4. @yogi_boythey’re reliable and good.
  5. are there other such games which don’t appear but are actually free to add to the library?
  6. I was able to search the game manually and add the PS plus premium version (uk) to my library,Didn’t appear on its own.
  7. Anyone figure out how to use Hotstar and other OTT apps on a ps5? I’m just able to use Amazon prime and Netflix. any help would be appreciated.
  8. Thank you for being such a lovely Santa 🙏

    1. vipulpradhan


      Prefer to be stealthy, the way it has been past few years. But this time the admins chose to reveal, hehe :P

  9. My Santa still hasn’t revealed his identity
  10. Started s1 of cobra Kai, seen 6 episodes so far , really enjoyed it so far. please tell me it maintains if not better? Other similar shows too, if any?
  11. Even if negatives are having no symptoms whatsoever?
  12. Positive here, from today! Via home kit. cold, cough, throat pain so far… My dad is positive too, he has had mild fever from last 3-4 days, he was isolating - I might have got it from him, wife and mom are negative (so far- a little surprised as to how) When and If should I do a proper lab test? Could this home kit test be a false positive? Could my mom and wife be false negative?
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