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  1. Rosh

    The Football Thread

    BBC link?
  2. Rosh

    The Giveaway Thread

    Check the box?
  3. Rosh

    The Giveaway Thread

    Doesn’t work tried US, UK regions.
  4. Rosh

    What you bought this week

    How much and where?
  5. Rosh

    FIFA 19

    Offloaded most to open rewards, net return of about 25% - 750k on 3M.
  6. Rosh

    FIFA 19

    @Joe Cool, wouldn’t there be an sbc during toty ? To counter the massive packs being opened and keep 83s high to justify packs.Normally it’s multiples of 5 but during toty they have one too iirc.
  7. Rosh

    FIFA 19

    Now what should I do? Hold till the totw sbc which comes during totw ?
  8. Rosh

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    I forgot about pc lol, could work on it too.
  9. Rosh

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    @PushyYou need a recent smart tv / Ps4 / xbone to use the interactive features.
  10. Rosh

    FIFA 19

    The 83s have tanked real bad 1500 a pop. will there be a rise again with next week totw being Cr7 and bpl heavy?
  11. Rosh

    FIFA 19

    I have TIF red 87 Werner , hope he wins! Fan vote will always be reus, isn’t it? same with 90 ST salah red, but I doubt the req. will be special salah...since the first IF and second are so different in price.
  12. Rosh

    FIFA 19

    Will sell after new traders dump , in a day or two.
  13. Rosh

    FIFA 19

    I hope you’re heavily invested in 83s? Put in 3mil myself
  14. Rosh

    FIFA 19

    Gullit was so good last year, liked him way more than prime r9. cr7, gullit , vieira - order of players in terms of value they offer. Raul seems good but somehow not end game... will consider prime Socrates and stoikov this year.