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  1. It’s a timeless classic, funniest character on tv IMO is Kramer! The writing is next level and relatable too!
  2. That sucks I watch Seinfeld re-runs regularly...
  3. I’m sure you’ve seen Seinfeld, IASIP?
  4. From Real Madrid to fenerbache , quite sad...
  5. Count me in for the ds4
  6. I’m Interested too would be great when my nieces come over!
  7. Because lamps values a play style of crossing over using the individual talents of his players, target man ST is a must in his style and Werner is far from that. Werner was used in a 2 man ST setup mainly at RB Leipzig...
  8. Would my Santa please stand up, please stand up 😅
  9. and a very delicious second gift, which won’t see the light of another day With a small Santa cap perfect for my little niece :)
  10. got this from my SS, super happy! 🙌☺️ Somehow I didn’t get around to getting this before, will play it tonight thank you so much wish you and your loved ones a happy new year! please reveal yourself I do recall your name from the time I played KZ3?
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