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  1. Although quite scripted, jack Whitehall and his father’s tales were amazing! I recommend watching “fresh meat” if you want another show which has jack whitehall...
  2. @HundredProofSam filled the final 8 form, do you mean any other ?
  3. Lost 2-0 and 2-1 to Ajay. ggs vwp A big thanks to the organisers and was really nice to interact with the gang after a long time, still missing Dharmin,Arjun, Danny and Bharat Bhai...
  4. GGs zaan, very well played, huge props for Owning me despite barely playing in the last few years.
  5. You too buddy, haland’s hold up play was very good from you!
  6. Free now? Add me on psn elsid723
  7. My internet is down , cable cut I guess? Both landline and internet aren’t working, I’ll let you know once it’s fixed, I’ve already raised a complaint and they say they’ll come by 5:30 PM but being Sunday I don’t have much hope.
  8. I’ll let you know about the time, tomorrow afternoon works?
  9. GGWP, I was France and anurag was of course spurs.
  10. @rockstarnet when will you be available to play?
  11. Got an amazing box of daily milk silk chocolates- it got over before I could get even a piece to me, thanks to my nieces 😅 a lovely Chelsea FC scarf 😍 a bluray of “the joker” 🔥 and one more to come! thank you surya :hugs: pics when I get the 4th...
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