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  1. Started s1 of cobra Kai, seen 6 episodes so far , really enjoyed it so far. please tell me it maintains if not better? Other similar shows too, if any?
  2. Even if negatives are having no symptoms whatsoever?
  3. Positive here, from today! Via home kit. cold, cough, throat pain so far… My dad is positive too, he has had mild fever from last 3-4 days, he was isolating - I might have got it from him, wife and mom are negative (so far- a little surprised as to how) When and If should I do a proper lab test? Could this home kit test be a false positive? Could my mom and wife be false negative?
  4. It’s me I am glad you like them, these brittles have become famous down south over the last few years, I love the almond ones personally. please let me know how you like them. and the game too
  5. Yes, Please reveal the identity 😅
  6. So I received one gift after another after another after another 1. Non- alcoholic Budweiser beer box 2. Then a glass showpiece / beer glass shaped like an athlete’s leg 🦵, footballer to be specific. 3. A book about a band I love ❤️ 4. A box of an interesting mix of Churan goli , jam etc 5. A few Choco fill cookies boxes 6. 2 ice cream boxes which cover both old and young people ( backstory - my wife was surprised to find this in the freezer at 8:30 am, my mom told when she headed outside our house at 6:30 am or so there was an Amazon delivery guy holding these 2 tubs asking “Roshan” Thank you so so much my Santa, I really appreciate the variety of things you’ve got for me, wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  7. I’ve got the gifts from my Santa will post pics tonight.
  8. My Banta has got 1 gift, other should reach anytime today or tomorrow hope he likes the gifts
  9. Now what happens to the patients if the hospital is closed?
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