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  1. https://www.playstation.com/en-in/support/hardware/play-video-music-discs-usb-drives/#ps4disc
  2. Because wife has much higher % of returning. ?
  3. Abhinit wins best gift ever, totally shocked my wife ? she said he’s not even good looking to hang the poster on the wall ? . . . … https://ibb.co/192ZT4z Thanks bro
  4. Hope you like them , my wife picked them out other gifts on the way…
  5. https://ibb.co/NFFmy98 hanna saved the world <3 RNC - And chocolates Thank you so much, Abhineet happy new year and a merry Christmas
  6. Hi, I need help for a 43-46” tv for bedroom, will be used for gaming on ps5 and OTT, please suggest choices, and when would the next sale on tvs be? Can wait a month or so to get it…
  7. Need help, an android phone for my wife- budget around 20k. give me 3 options please.
  8. Fever with chills can be anything, for me it was uti- even though I thought it’s covid, after covid consider other tests after consulting a doctor… hope he recovers soon!
  9. @yogi_boythey’re reliable and good.
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