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  1. Got an amazing box of daily milk silk chocolates- it got over before I could get even a piece to me, thanks to my nieces 😅 a lovely Chelsea FC scarf 😍 a bluray of “the joker” 🔥 and one more to come! thank you surya :hugs: pics when I get the 4th...
  2. That’s me hope you liked it, it’s the best dbz game apparently , offline and online. It was between this and ufc3 but since I read uf3 was a let down compare to ufc2, I chose this.
  3. That’s not good for your health, especially in the long term. My elder brother used to sleep 5-6 hours max for a long time, he’s back to reasonable 7-8 hours now , he feels much better and he’s more productive as well.
  4. Seen “the boys” on prime , Chernobyl, succession on Hotstar? highly recommend all these.
  5. Rosh

    FIFA 20

    So , what’s op? Meta?
  6. Rosh

    FIFA 20

    I saw it on reddit, the code showed 44 cards for top100 etc.
  7. Rosh

    FIFA 20

    He is bound to get many IFs / potms like Reus did last year, I would not get the first one unless he’s priced really well. with no icon sbcs , sh*t reds/ monthlies back? / and UT rivals cards, best use will be potms / futmas player sbcs?
  8. Rosh

    FIFA 20

    Wow. Sell and get the best totw1 IF you can for sure!
  9. Rosh

    FIFA 20

    @Joe Cool congrats on becoming a mod on reddit! Do share impressions once you play it a bit, especially if you find what’s OP/ Meta 😅
  10. He’s like bale , quality player. not sure if he will click in the Prem though.
  11. Time to change the topic to final Cmon you Croats!
  12. Very nice game on now between Russia and Croatia!
  13. Saw manhunt: unabomber recently , very impressed.
  14. If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. my pick from E3 would be Spider-Man , red chadi wala
  15. I sure did! thank you Rahul merry chrismas and new year wishes to you, hope you clear your backlog
  16. https://imgur.com/a/bfYIW Got this awesome ps4 game which will refresh my best gaming memories as a child, thank you so much Santa pls reveal your identity! gonna have a fun weekend
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