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  1. Could not find the official thread but mafia 3 is a horrible, horrible game when it comes to the structure of the missions. Blood is boiling playing this crap.
  2. i found my Mr. Miyagi in tekken 7 when i lost to him in close games. He wrote me a speech
  3. dont forget to charge your phone.
  4. the way BF franchise is going, he knows where the future income lies.
  5. thanks. picked by Dying light 2. Don't think it will get this low on physical
  6. still having nightmares of ironman gameplay from avengers
  7. AK is a proper weirdo man. Comes up with strange movie themes
  8. ok so far so good. But i don't want to spend 5k
  9. trying out as well. Haven't played COD for an eternity. Let see how far have they come.
  10. Everybody just wanted an initial glimpse into any aspect of the game. Fans already know rockstar gives the most polished open world title in the industry.
  11. Rockstar employees would be more than happy that fans can actually see their work not sure about the leaders above
  12. done with Cobra Kai Season 5. A pretty boring season overall and way too predictable. Felt like a filler season. Hopefully the final season will be a banger as it goes international
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