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  1. no time to die was such a hollow experience. The action set pieces were way too safe. And what was that whole ending on that rubbish.
  2. Just received something about squid game.
  3. What is up with dice. A 128 players server with Ji Soo
  4. want to pick up hitman 3. Hopefully it goes down to around 1500 in black friday
  5. Guys any recommendation for external HDD for ps5. Not so expensive with 1 Tb storage.
  6. Completed Kiwami. A very OK story, but the personal milestone is completing all 78 sub stories and the dragon of dojima skill tree. Took almost 40 hours. Will take a break now after completing 0 and this back to back. Then Kiwami 2.
  7. yup. Honestly thought the doctor was racist. Also, we have full-screen cut scenes in some stories, that is impressive.
  8. These actor faces on soldiers needs to go. Saw a group of zip liners class soldiers jump on the roof of a building at once, and i thought it was some bug.
  9. the ali brothers side story in kiwami. african japanese accent
  10. will pick up if they do some real madness with graphics and controls
  11. this beta map is bad for infantry. Just keep running miles looking for opponents. Maybe death marches will be good on this
  12. Vaas was a couple of levels above compared to all villains till 5
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