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  1. I mean will all those 58 games will be available next month to download or will they be given like 3 games/month ?
  2. So the extra members will get 3 additional games in addition to the essential ones every month. Right ?
  3. hazard12345

    Yakuza 0

    So I just got done with Yakuza 6 story line and with that the Dragon of Dogima journey. Having taken a gaming break from 2019 till mid 2021 and with the launch of PS5, I felt it was the right time to come back. And man was I not spoiled with choices with the majority of AAA titles available like LOU 2 and others waiting for me. Don't know why at that time, I felt I needed to try something different, so I just bought yakuza 0 on sale for 399 without seeing any trailers, reviews in june 2021. Fast-forward to May 2022 and just around a year, I am done with the kiryu saga and those 7 titles. WHAT A BLAST IT HAS BEEN Talking about the kiryu saga as a whole, I would rate them in the following order: Y-0 Y-6 Song of Life Y-4 Y-5 Y-3 Y-1 (Kiwami) Y-2 (Kiwami 2) Have to be honest, if I had started with Kiwami as an entry point in the series, I would not have completed it because it was difficult to care for both protagonists as I found little reason to connect with them or this universe. BUT, this is where Yakuza 0 completely changes that view point. So anyone looking to start and complete this saga, Yakuza 0 will give you the initial adrenaline push to be connected with this franchise. Now lets fast-forward Song of life is a fitting ending to the kiryu saga and gives you that mental satisfaction of playing through the entire series through the hints of previous events mentioned not only in the main story but also the freaking SIDE STORIES (Pocket circuit Fighter, SHORO PIPI guy etc.) The main story is second best in the series, just after 0 because they make us care about the supporting characters again which hadn't happened since 0. For e.g. Won't write a lot about side stories and side activities because they are always top-notch and the RGG team is coming with new ideas, which is always good to see. Now will take a proper break (for REAL this time) before I jump into the remaining 3 games, but before that I need to go back to RIZAP Gym to get those sessions done. Favorite soundtracks from the series
  4. Have seen all doctor stranger spoilers thumbnails on my youtube feed.
  5. Stated Yakuza 6. It's like I am back in 21st century. Text Boxes gone, city looks amazing.
  6. Any free vpn that is not detected by prime video
  7. need to stop investing in hollywood films and go more aggressive on korean and japanese markets.
  8. Done with Yakuza 5 main story and the remastered collection. Pretty weak story line for Saijema and that baseball guy, and they were pretty much getting on my nerves. Haruka storyline was the best followed by kiryu only because of that 1 man army scene and driving taxi by following all driving rules.
  9. Completed Yakuza 4. Best story and fun since 0. No wonder because there were multiple characters other than kiryu.
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