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  1. Just finished it, excellent pacing throughout the 9 episodes, son of sam and charles manson look breathtaking, just like the real life characters
  2. Yup that charles manson and his cult story is the most interesting part of the movie. Mindhunter season 2 has the same actor potraying charles manson
  3. 6 first eleven players missing and we still dominated them which i haven't seen a chelsea team do at old trafford, the return leg at the bridge will be a different ball game
  4. saw hobbs & shaw. average at best.
  5. good riddance of this clown, runs the mood of the dressing room and lampard can't have that
  6. chris hemsworth talking about netflix when is everything is on disney +
  7. phase 1-3 announcements were just
  8. finally saw far from home, how does cap do that
  9. Huawei is launching its mate 30 series in october, don’t think they are really worried about this future ban.
  10. no oppo vivo for me, also the night shots on p30 are better than other phones in the same range.
  11. nope thats the mate 20 pro, this has a tear drop
  12. had to choose between k20 pro and p30, going with the latter as i am not a fan of the mechanical camera
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