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  1. hazard12345

    Lost Judgment

    hope they announce a combo of both games in future.
  2. Thought the guy was glitching.
  3. picking up wolfenstein 2 deluxe for 699.
  4. What a shambolic movie fast 9 is. Will not recommend at all. This scene was better than this entire film.
  5. hazard12345

    Yakuza 0

    That Yoga side mission
  6. Completed Bio hackers season 2. Decent watch.
  7. Feige is just vibing now with MCU.
  8. hazard12345

    Yakuza 0

    That music in the 2nd Kuze boss battle when you have just 1 stamina x in your inventory
  9. hazard12345

    FIFA 22

    If you buy fifa for FUT that means you have quite a bit of daily time to invest at least 2-4 hours mining coins and all that junk.
  10. What a final and a tournament overall. In one month all leagues start again.
  11. hazard12345

    FIFA 22

    Hypermotion The marketing terms are getting so bad from EA. They do this recordings with some players every season. Glad my money will only be going to BF 2042
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