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  1. They were literally tracking each affected individual's movement by some tracking system and still can't contain it.
  2. considering how china is slowly opening the country at least for its citizens. I doubt it.
  3. Have been using these for 6 months now. The touch sensor functions on this are just too good.
  4. United States asked Thailand for some protective equipments only to be told that a shipment was en route to Thailand as a sign of help from US.
  5. Coronavirus advantages. Online classes
  6. expecting a lot of undercover investigations on chinese wet markets when this ends because there is no way they are closing it.
  7. https://www.apple.com/covid19 Just ticked on every worst possible symptom and disease one could have and this site recommends me to self isolate instead of calling 911.
  8. Will now get medication from NHS who he was looking to defund. Life comes full circle.
  9. Agree. International flights especially from US will be down as trump is looking to open the borders in 3 weeks.
  10. Glad the police is not taking any bullshit.
  11. Trump looking to open the borders in next few weeks.
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