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  1. saw fighter, overall avg film but the action sequences and the whole Air Force field scenes were very well done to create tension and pace. Too much melodrama though especially with deepika. Surprised she had no scene to showcase the character's flying skills.
  2. https://x.com/titsandclit/status/1756919349057863975?t=OkOig1wL0dF8dA9zZqxn_Q&s=09 This crossover 😭
  3. Vanga dared and has min 25 crore in his pocket through animal and a 5+ film contract with T Series. People can keep barking
  4. Anybody asked to report to office 3 times a week 😂😭
  5. when autonomous driving and vision pro land in indian traffic would be hilarious. movie dekh raha gadi chalate wakt BC
  6. The fact papa meri jaan was given a darker tone in a matter of seconds was so good
  7. hazard12345

    WWE 2k24

    also want to have a WWE game in my collection, the fact 2k puts nba every year for ps plus essential but never wwe is so frustrating. Just waiting for a title where wwe reaches its peak in combat (2k is pretty good with presentation) and will pick up on sale
  8. the environment looks pretty chaotic, everything is moving, flying, crashing.
  9. if anyone would like to game share gaiden on ps5 before playing this one, shoot me a message. Currently going for 2800
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