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  1. hazard12345

    Dying Light 2

    these developers are working so hard on these games, why would they want to associate their product with a 7 year old console.
  2. not everything has to be shot, shown and told to give a backstory https://youtu.be/soAofAWEpGU one of the best scenes in the trilogy
  3. Flying Car ?. We already have one. Happy new year everyone
  4. Finally saw Joker. Not worth the hype at all
  5. Apple tv plus content now available in India. 7 day trial then 99/ month
  6. As the title says, i am currently writing a paper and need one to review my work as majority of useful functions are in premium. Please let me know. I would really appreciate it.
  7. Glad i sold my console
  8. bo using bow and arrow using ps5 controllers
  9. would like to add constant phone ringing, people actually picking up calls and talking, random chit chatting
  10. sold my ps4, don't know how will i avoid spoilers on freaking youtube.
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