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  1. need more ncp on the streets in the next gen version
  2. No comments on battery and RAM ?
  3. hazard12345

    FIFA 21

    Haven't given a single penny to this company for the last 2 years.
  4. maybe at the end of this month. But i am looking for Cyberpunkesque next gen upgrade not backwards compatibility
  5. would have got this day 0 if they were giving lou 2 & got upgrades at launch
  6. hazard12345

    FIFA 21

    People actually still give money to this company
  7. hazard12345

    FIFA 21

    was expected. They want your money before you try the product as they know the marketing of players can only work to a point.
  8. Decided. Will buy the ps5 when they announce the release date for patch containing the next gen upgrades.
  9. That drop at 00:26 of the trailer made my mind go through the entire movie series.
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