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  1. This year's cycle: Fix existing bugs, fix bugs that come with fixes, fix bugs bugs with dlc
  2. This was unbelievable. So many laughs
  3. harry potter fans are increasing by the day. they can't mess this up.
  4. Ambaniji were always going to take care of his puta by buying all indian ps5 on RD for all the rooms in his house
  5. orders were always going to be cancelled. There is no way they could fulfill all.
  6. The show is about nostalgia, ideology (which they did super well with kreese backstory) and of course Karate. Nobody is looking for international karate competition.
  7. Cobra Kai Szn 3. Another excellent addition to netflix's portfolio. That kreese backstory is really well done.
  8. Shazam was the only decent one. joker was the biggest overhype snoozefest. Atleast with mcu they were building towards something with each film
  9. The way he showed the comparisons with witcher showed they were trying to do something very ambitious which for rockstar is standard, gave up and copied things from witcher.
  10. After seeing this, this went bottom of my 14 games backlog list. All the things that i wanted to enjoy are literally not there.
  11. Queen's Gambit. Excellent show. 7 episodes makes the experience so much better. Casting is brilliant especially of the young anya taylor joy and borgov The soundtrack
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