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  1. i never in my life thought that I would watch a 2 hr siddharth malhotra film, but mission majnu was a good watch.
  2. Will just put on john williams HP1 scores in background on spotify and just roam around on the broom
  3. It is not a comedy, it is just lives of few people on an island.
  4. Will watch on prime, it is scheduled to release on April 23. Happy for SRK if it does the business, man has given countless flops in recent past.
  5. i don't know rowling, rowling doesn't know me.
  6. I have stopped with two collections. MCU till end of phase 3. The office Very strict about not collecting anymore. Haven't done for 2 years.
  7. The show is great, but just not feeling that tension which one would have when holding a controller. Crafting and all the other stuff.
  8. This has to be the best collection in terms of variety of side activities, i have seen in the Like a dragon series so far
  9. prime does just before your current membership expires, strategy to increase retention Netflix is a monthly thing, so it makes no sense to offer one. Hotstar is already at a discounted price in all honesty (125/month)
  10. hazard12345

    Lost Judgment

    Done with Judgement. Just went straight with the main story line, ignoring the side missions. STORY: At the beginning, it was a bit a difficult to adjust to the story line with characters that are non yakuza and just normal civilians. But overall, it was an overall 4/5 for the story, which kept me hooked considering we did not have a lot of characters in the main story compared to normal like a dragon games. RGG studio just knows how to create multiple layers to a story and interlink every character to each other for the main plot in someway. This cutscene was proper hype: Gameplay: Yagami knowing martial arts made this more fun as brawler and also in-game mechanics such as fatal wounds and 40,000 for a medical kit made it more interesting as I was not doing any side missions. Music: Nothing to stay as always top-notch and just found yet another banger Now a proper break because kiryu is coming back.
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