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  1. they are selling infinite wealth for 3499, when standard is 3999 plus additional 10% off if paid through upi (for any preorder, limited time)
  2. hope they don't fk around with a preordered ps5 title, deal was too good to ignore
  3. preordered from e2z store, my first ever Yakuza preorder. Not many studios deserve it. You can get 10% additional discount if paid via upi.
  4. I have never seen anything like this.
  5. all i care about is will i have a map on the left side of the disc box, with some hottie on the reverse cover
  6. Genz don't like jobs and will also let not their parents work it seems
  7. any good alternatives to original mag safe 2 chargers
  8. Holiday 2024 very likely. One trailer every 3 months till the final launch one.
  9. Rockstar has deleted/Archived every single IG post before this post
  10. Hope "Trailer 1" is not basic man.
  11. Saw tiger 3, very good screenplay but the story was super weak.
  12. 3 times the size of Ijincho Yokohama did not see his family for years
  13. The teaser has some of the best BGM in a trailer I have ever heard.
  14. If anyone is looking to gameshare this on ps5 in march time let me know, likely there will be discounts during that time.
  15. i am good at dodging that stuff, that wall penetrating bomb is where i run towards the thrower and i take him with me.
  16. Enjoyed Mw2 a lot with so many different styles, my absolute favorite Riot Shield + hand gun. People just start to panic, empty their mags or start running away 😂. But I want to go back to BF, I have missed conquest a lot. Bf4 my absolute favorite. Hoping EA have learned their lessons with historic and futuristic bullshit and they just focus on the present.
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