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  1. Bas ab bhai. Ghutne pe maalish karo todhi aur phir todhi der baad post karo
  2. PCMC going door to door here with temp gun and oximeter. We used our oximetre to give them the readings
  3. Yes but it should be home isolation for such patients unless case worsens.
  4. No whtsapp forward re.It is happening. Something fishy is definately happening. Heard this from far too many sources now. One of the friends friend, her father n mother had no symptoms but report positive. Taken to hospital for 4 days n sent back now.
  5. In Pune, i am hearing they get 1.5 lacs per patient. Many False positives doled out to make money Local doc in Bhopal says the same Yeh bhi dhanda ho gya hai
  6. Thinking about getting Airtel Broadband They have 200mbps unlimited plan for 999 Anyone used airtel?
  7. Running on performance mode yes. Imagine Native 4k mode 1440p/60fps will be the norm now i think
  8. Nice. You got a great deal there with gamepass What is the significance of your username?
  9. Yes fooling the fools with BS like Series S which is still in stock What a great job MS
  10. hope


  11. Forget that, that lol is far away But have we got proof of 12 tflops yet We saw the next gen power of Series S in that Dirt gameplay
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