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  1. hope


    Testing Kit developed by Pune based Mylab. Gives results in 2.5 hours Cost 1200rs. Comparing it to imported kits which are 4500 rs and takes about 5-6 hours for results. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-52064427 America also did great. Results in 5minutes flat https://abcnews.go.com/Health/rapid-coronavirus-diagnostic-test-provide-results-minutes/story?id=69875037
  2. I glanced the fellowship on Netflix. To my surprise, the fellowship leaving Rivendale was complety cut off. I was like what.
  3. Both Asur and Special ops were amazing. Asur didnt have a good ending though KK Menon wow. What a perfornance in Special Ops You cant take your eyes off when Menon and Vinay pathak are on screen. Tremendous performances. Liked Ops more. Proper ending. Handled the 2 worlds better than Family man i feel.
  4. hope

    The Last of Us 2

    It will be delayed. You cant get physical copies in these times. Digital only release they wont do i think. Could very well be ps5 launch. Imagine tloi2 and Tshushima as launch titles
  5. hope


    If this is true then we are f**ked. Only chance then is somehow we get a Vaccine magically early. This lockdown isnt being followed. They need to declare emergency and curfew this country. Bring the army.
  6. hope


    Today, nirmala sitharaman addresed all these issues with special packages. Best thing is, middleman is avoided and direct to accounts transfer is there.
  7. hope


    Good decision today. Hope its not too late. Praying for that. Best thing is they didnt give any hint or date of lockdown otherwise Idiots would have flocked to stores. Hope it works. Fingers crossed.
  8. hope


    PCMC sanitized our whole society today
  9. Guys do watch Asur Its on Voot. Getting stellar reviews. 6 episodes in. Great stuff. Arshar Warsi is fantastic.
  10. hope


    You could have scared him about the impact of the virus and told to be extra careful. I guess without panic, people wont listen but that has its own consequences. Also Refund rules relaxed by Indian Railways. https://www.livemint.com/news/india/railway-train-ticket-cancellation-refund-rules-relaxed-explained-in-10-points-11584854414505.html
  11. hope


    Wtf like really Our society group has completely banned msgs regarding Corona unless they are with proof and are needed to be shared.
  12. hope


    Not sure if true but on fb a lady posted with 12 pics at night captioned "enjoying with family at Corona festival" Saala isse accha hai khud ko goli maarlo
  13. hope


    You had one job to clap but the condition was at home not like this. I dont have words for this.
  14. hope


    Apart from birds chirping i hear nothing outside Looks like people have followed up till now please clap at 5pm
  15. hope


    You know what. Pune railway station was jam packed coz people are leaving pune to go to their home towns because of this. They can take the virus to other places Good that trains are stopped now but many have left. Italy is no. 2 i think in healthcare and look what happened. This cannot be contained unless people realize.
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