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  1. Get Ready for the Megaton Masterpiece. Cant think any game has matched the Hype Levels of TLOU2.
  2. hope

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Ok i will invite you to the group. Add megamind there to your friends. He creates the lobbies.
  3. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Woot Woot https://theplaystationbrahs.com/2019/09/16/ghost-of-tsushima-is-so-beautiful-that-shuhei-yoshida-often-stops-to-admire-the-graphics/
  4. Indeed. Also the forward rewind is total crap.
  5. hope

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I have added @Iceman™ @papun1055 to the group on psn. @Walker You have some settings which restricts to add you. Add Vipin from that group to your friends. He sets up the races. Mik Hizal is also in our group :p Please join this group on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/GTSportClub/ There is voting every week in the group. GR4 it is this week. Track voting in progress. 5 votes each to Nurburg GP and Catalunya as of now. Time is generally 1700 to 1830 IST.
  6. Prime has excellent collection of Old Hindi Movies. I just watched Abhimaan. Amazing to watch it again. Also how sad is the state of Indian Music right now. Cant remember a song in years which is Memorable enough to hum or listen on repeat apart from select 1 or 2. Stuff like this is impossible now.
  7. hope

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I thought you stopped playing GT Sport Will invite to the Group
  8. hope

    Gran Turismo Sport

    We have started an Indian GT Sport Group. We have an event every Sunday for 1.5 hours. 2 races. Lemme know if anyone interested.
  9. This is shocking from Konami. I absolutely loved the demo. Lets see how Fifa demo goes.
  10. Dont know if its just me but i think most of the movies look so much better on my TV rather than in a theater. Apart from select PVR theaters and IMAX, where ever i go after about 15 mins into the movie i am like it looks much better on my TV than here. You guys feel the same? I am on X8500f Sony. Have started to skip many movies now because of this.
  11. I was so excited for IT 2 but seeing the nearly 3 hour run time i decided to skip it. No way it needs that long.
  12. Liv is fine for me too. No hassles. Try Jio to check.
  13. Last year Germany crushed Vettel and this year Canada broke him. Everyone makes mistake but right now vettels mistake are costing him dearly. Charles is on fire right now. Hamilton is such a dayum genuis. He moans like hell on radio like hes getting agitated but then he drives like a mad man getting out extra from the car. Cant believe how late this guy brakes without locking. Monza was the best race of the year for me. Nail biting stuff.
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