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  1. End of an Era This feels heavy. Once in a lifetime player. Genuis. There will be never another Ozil. Thank you for the Memories. So glad i would see him play but not for Arsenal
  2. hope

    Hitman 3

    So good players havent started yet
  3. What is this penalty btw? Never got one till date
  4. No man. I am not from.mumbai. Mumbai guys please help him.
  5. Could have released a week earlier with 26 jan holiday
  6. Cant wait for Souls with DualSense 9 days baby
  7. Hehe ya the old ds4 grips were roughed up so bad I have a main 4k display. This was just for GTS. Though looking to buy a cheap 4k tv now to replace monitor.
  8. hope

    Hitman 3

    One more Bantu Pappu Buying Series X to play old games for a fps bump Buy Next gen console and play nothing next gen Buy GP and justify console
  9. How to completely format PS4? Any tips before selling the console?
  10. I dont want to but I will never be able sell my GOT copy
  11. hope

    Mumbai Gullies

    Suck a F*ck lol waah kya baat boli hai Accept you were wrong adityachatu
  12. hope

    Hitman 3

    Wow. People played Miles longer than this. Money Saved then. Will look for a Sale if its this short.
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