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  1. hope

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Crossed 800 Crores worldwide in flat 3 days 150 crore in 3 days in India itself
  2. hope

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Arya freaking stark Jorah Cersie is having it so easy now. Its like the show is favouring her :furious: Also Brann is definitely killing either one of them.
  3. hope

    The Cricket Thread

    DK be like mera bhai kohli haar rha hai. Bechaara akela hai. Lemme give him company.
  4. hope

    Days Gone

    I would say wait for 6 months. Game has lot of bugs right now and some things need patching. In 6 months this will become a very good game. By then DLC would have launched as well.
  5. Asgardians of the Galaxy will be epic. Cant wait for that.
  6. Endgame is a fitting end i feel. Tony started it all and he saved all in the end.Fitting tribute to Iron Man. Proper screen Time given to both Tony and Cap. Avengers coming one by one is probably the greatest thing ever in a movie ever.Goosebumps all over Dayum the cap moment when wielding Hammer and striking Thanos Wanda vs Thanos was Epic. Spidey's kill all mode Only thing I didn't like was there was very little action. I expected more fights. Not all characters were utilised properly. But anyways. Gonna watch again in Imax now. 3d was too dark in the one i saw. Damm there were so many great scenes in first half. Iron Man line stole the show Tony's death is hard to come to terms for me
  7. God of War in Hindi....hmmmm
  8. *beep* you Marvel He didn't had to die Life Functions Critical and my heart sank
  9. hope

    Movie Discussion Thread

    1. Go to Google 2. Search Thanos 3. Click the Infinity Gauntlet (right side yellow hand) 4. Enjoy
  10. hope

    This Damn Heat

    Pune is damm hot too
  11. hope

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    About this i think yes. Although if you watch S7 then that is on another level I think. S7's quality is far better.
  12. hope

    Music Discussion Thread

    After such a long time a song has come which will be there for ages to come. Will be hummed by generations. Absolutelly magical singing. Shreya Ghosal