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  1. Coz just like Jungle Book i never saw the english version of it
  2. PS5 is here https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1154622/PS4-games-news-Sony-announces-first-PlayStation-conference-2019/amp
  3. 3.5 hmmm ok i am watching now. SRK also graces the voice here
  4. Saw Natsamrat yesterday. The heaviest movie ever i have seen. Its absolutely impossible to watch in a cinema hall. Cant imagine how much people must have cried watching it. Its an emotional bulldozer. Hats off to Nana Patekar for putting one of the greatest performances ever. This would be in the top 3 i believe since movies inception. Whatta movie. Must watch at all cost. Its a marathi movie.Watch with subtitles. Its on Netflix right now. Little slow the first 15mins but after that it is fascinating. Special mention to Vikram Ghokale. You will be choked by watching that scene. Damm. Whatta movie.
  5. Still no signings for us Mustafi still there. Miki still there. Kola still there and they are focusing on Ozil who is the last of our problems They wanna free up money by selling ozil but selling the deadwood trio will free up even more and we will getting rid of bottlers. Cant tell you how many attacks have been screwed by Kolasinac single handedly WTF is Emery doing.
  6. Trophy shouldnt be shared. Its NZ's all the way. sh*t rules. But its not Englands fault. Poor NZ
  7. Well Djokovic .Truly deserved it.
  8. NZ also need 15 runs to win Holy sh*t
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