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  1. hope

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I am not even playing but watch a YT video of RDR2 just for them looks. Jaw dropping literally.
  2. 2019 Playstation wrap up 385 Hours to Gt Sport followed by 15 hours to Sekiro Check yours here https://www.playstation.com/en-in/
  3. Finally a win. Good start to 2020. Great Job Arteta
  4. What a cruel game Whatta first half performance. Total crap 2nd half. Jorginhio not getting a Red is absolutely shameful referring Subs were 15 mins late i feel. Still a positive game coz that first half felt like our old arsenal was back. Ozil with those touches my my. Auba n Torrerira were superb. Test for Arteta to lift the players now. COYG.
  5. Ya i took a different route. Lady Butterfly,drunkard i already did. Oniwa looks easy tbh. Shouldnt take time.
  6. Ya i have skipped him. Got past the Snake. Aankh phod diya mein saale ka Onto the Horse Boss now. No idea how to beat him.
  7. Wtf i the rung the Demon Bell It increases game difficulty right?
  8. Amazing gift bro. Loved it Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you n your family
  9. Edit. I am playing this now Cant defeat f**ckin headless. I saw a YT video of it, guy is standing there but headless does nothing just swings his blade and for me he releases those knifes and kills me quick WTF how? Look at this how?
  10. Should have been 1-4 to us easily Laca had his worst arsenal game. Auba missed too. Youngsters showed no quality. Ozil,Lucas n Xhaka were very good. My my some of ozils passes were sublime. That flick dayum. Very Impressed with Arteta though. Subs were wrong though. Fully behind Arteta. Feels so bad this result We should have scored 3-4 easily
  11. Absolutely loved this gift So Unique. Never knew about this. Thank you so much for this gift Please reveal yourself my Santa Sorry for the pics. Size is getting cropped for some reason. How u guys upload.
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