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  1. hope

    Need For Speed Heat

    Kon bolega yeh naya game hai Totally deserted lol
  2. It was never hatred but its Pity now. Bechaara Xbox ka pura kachra ho gya. 4FPS badhane ke liye kon lega ab tera favourite console. Khud bhi lega kya Xbox lovers are nowhere to be seen now Zodak has left the cult but the scar will always be there and it burns from time to time
  3. Lost. Everybody knew it. If he isnt sacked tonight then sack the board. Back 3 and you f**king dont switch the balls
  4. hope

    Death Stranding

    To those playing this Is this in the same lines to ICO/SOTC? The world there is empty and absolute nothingness but still that game man. Getting the same feeling here seing the videos.
  5. hope

    Need For Speed Heat

    Told ya looks sh*t @Walker
  6. And after all that emery says Vitoria are organised and its difficult to create against them This f**ker i tell you this f**ker boils my blood Wtf are the board doing ffs I absolutely hate that c*nt Mourinhio but now i am ready for him as well but please get this f**ker emery out asap
  7. hope

    Need For Speed Heat

    Dont worry. Heat looks crap too. Wait for reviews.
  8. Yup gaylo infinite chutiyapa again
  9. f**k Rumours of Jose as the next Arsenal manager
  10. So Emery played diamond with Torrerira at the tip of it with Ozil and Cebalos on the sides at home that too This f**ker i tell you this f**king idiot needs to be sacked asap. f**king Coward and foolish manager. Emery outttttttttttttttttt idiot said this in the press conference
  11. hope

    Death Stranding

    Seeing the reviews the name should be Death Delivering
  12. Hey Guys Part 2 of the vlog is up Do like, share and Subscribe
  13. hope

    Death Stranding

    Those invisible things i thought would be some challenging moments but you just need to press a button to hold your breadth and you are through with them.
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