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  1. People dont realize that taking vaccine isnt gonna protect you fully
  2. @CarbonCore Reporting the abuse from the kid. Please be happy atleast once. Why are you here anyways Hain what? Sidha question pe ulta jawab nahi dete bacche. Whts your post count m asking?
  3. So your Username holds no meaning then Bas kisi ka dekha aur chipka diya Member since 2007 What is your post count btw?
  4. Given warning for saying Bantu Truly amazing world @WhatsInTheName M sure you are one of the guys who thought threads were insufferable Ek toh pata laga
  5. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Wow awesome bro. You are too good.
  6. People hardly post in games section. Sab X n Ps5 thread mein post karte hain I want to know who are the Bantus who think threads are insufferable
  7. More restrictions in Pune https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/pune/pune-night-curfew-6-am-to-6-pm-malls-restaurants-closed-coronavirus-lockdown-7255730/
  8. Well said. Lets ban everyone for childish things. Who are these kids who think threads are insufferable. This isnt a Q&A forum. Remember same thing happening few years back when @piper started this not needed strictness on IVG. It completely killed the Forum Vibe and many left not to return. Worst modding ever from piper. A little bit banter should be allowed i think but anyways.
  9. hope


    Wow then
  10. hope


    I have a strong feeling, the combat will be amazing here
  11. hope


    What is this 4th game?
  12. Wish you and your mom dad a speedy recovery.
  13. Dont bring Yakuza type games here Chalo koi toh phasa
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