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  1. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Pune in lockdown from today. Not sure if i should order physical. Although amazon delivered today.
  2. Dont play Indie Bhindi games. It would be good if you can play Tshushima launch day. Would be cool also if you can play some classics.
  3. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

  4. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Leaked. Looks really good. Bear is nasty https://www.resetera.com/threads/ghost-of-tsushima-leaked-gameplay-footage-off-screen.246730/
  5. For the first time, i left watching an Arsenal match mid way. Tee was put on,the thrill of derby was there,so excited and all of it was just gone by 40 mins. Side way f**king bullshit, over reliance on individual brilliance. Thats it to Artetas arsenal. Hes dropped ozil for what? This sh*t. Atleast with ozil we will be creative and could see some old arsenal magic but now there is hardly any buildup play. No link ups. No angles. No chemistry. Fcker pepe plays as if hes already messi. Eddie n willock are sh*t. Ceba is not what we need. sh*t defensive tactics. Highest goal scorer showed off on the wings. Fcking nkitah is played in the middle. Too much changing. Pressing not seen. Saka,tierney,Auba n Martinez only good. Arteta can f**k himself off.
  6. You gotta let it breathe a bit I finished it last night. Excellently done. Abhishek bacchan is absolutely brilliant here. Great end as well. After first 2 epi it gets interesting. Dont know how you found it slow after that Continue bro its very good. Started watching dark. Now this is a slow show 3 epi in, the premise is mighty intriguiging but it is just not picking up. Apart from ulrich n that boy, characters are meh so far. Hope it gets better soon.
  7. Breathe Season 2 is so good. Upto Episode 7 now. Abhishek bacchan has nailed it.
  8. 12 day lockdown starting from Monday in Pune
  9. hope

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Wow damm goty. Cant wait for reviews.
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