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  1. Why does Tommy Lee Jone's name doesnt come up in ageless actors. Dude's been looking the same age since the 90's WTF.
  2. Seems like Sony's loss more than MCU TBH. Pretty much the only fun parts of the last 2 Spiderman movies were the all the Avengers/Stark bits. Take that out and its pretty boring. Then again, maybe thats not a bad thing. Now that they wont have the MCU crutch to lean on, who knows maybe they will actually make a great solo Spiderman movie. I know they f**ked up a few times but they have made good Spiderman films too. And I dont think Venom was as bad as most people made it out to be. I am also guessing this means Deadpool/Spiderman is not happening. Now that is a shame indeed.
  3. Aftrunner

    Death Stranding

    Based Kojima trying to find answers to questions that we have all had forever. Like "How far up your own a*s can you crawl before you cease to exist?" or "Could the phenomenon of Emperors new clothes happen in gaming?" What a f**king mess that looks like. Maybe Konami werent totally the bad guys lol.
  4. Is the 3 month thing only for certain users? I only get the option for 1 month for $1.
  5. "You want fans to be a part of making this game right?" Ewww early access.
  6. Yeah I didnt like Hobbes and Shaw much either. With the exception of one set piece (the chase in the middle of the movie) the action was really bland and boring. And most of the dialogue was genuinely cringy awful. Maybe I am just getting burned out on the series.
  7. Get any good office chair and make it ugly as hell by by sticking red colored tape all over it. You will save a bunch of money and have a better sitting experience.
  8. Thanks man! PM me the number if you will. Wouldnt mind picking up a vostok either if something looks good. Cant find anything on OLX. Picked up another HMT on OLX though. Needs servicing though but its a gorgeous dial in really good condition (considering its from 1976). Very Omega inspired. Gonna post pics once I set it up with a strap post servicing.
  9. What is a reliable place to buy Komandirskie? And how much should a NOS cost me approx?
  10. Dude, how is this monitor? I am looking at the same one for an upgrade to mine. More pics and first impressions pls.
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