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  1. what the *bleep* lol. God bless fortnite. Keep buying those skins kids. Daddy needs more free games.
  2. Aftrunner


    No. I dont even know if its gonna overtake Overwatch. CSGO is on a different planet entirely.
  3. 5 seasons into my rewatch of Sopranos and its amazing how well that show holds up. Legitimately one of the finest peices of work ever put on TV. The final episode of season 4 where Tony and Carmella fight has some of the best acting ever done in any television. It does get self indulgent at times. And a lot of the side plots of AJ and Meadow tend to drag with no real interesting components in them. But every scene where the mafia stuff is playing out is absolutely riveting. Probably helped in a large part by an absolutely insanely talented cast of supporting actors. Side note, Hotstar finally jacked up their price. Even at 1500 a year though, its the best streaming content out there IMO.
  4. I still cannot believe they are just gonna call it Xbox Series X. Imagine paying millions to some marketing research company and that is what the come back with.
  5. Aftrunner


    Wait, the episode is launching or the game is? I thought the game was out tomorrow?
  6. Aftrunner

    Apex Legends

    Bruh f**k the Wingman. Ridiculous pocket sniper with high damage and crazy rate of fire. And they had to buff it with a SP hop up this season too. Every ranked game Gold and above is just people camping houses pinging you with that all day long. Kings Canyon is especially bad with that sh*t.
  7. Did they develop it for PS5 and then do a PS4 version? What a massive downgrade.
  8. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/karnataka-to-open-temples-from-june-1/articleshow/76009389.cms Have fun at the petri dishes boys.
  9. Installing it today. I guess we will find out.
  10. CIV 6 is free bros. Grab it.
  11. Watching all the dumbshit fanbabies convince themselves this is Ridley scott levels of directors cut when its literally the same mediocre movie is gonna be more entertaining than the film itself.
  12. So many people triggered because they will be buying an inferior console for the same price.
  13. Anyway, wondering if I should replay LOU 1 before I get this. Only thing deterring me is the length. Its way too long. Even on easy I think its a decent 15 hour chunk. Maybe I will just youtube the cutscenes.
  14. Does the game just let you jump into the DLC if I dont have a savegame for the main quest?
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