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  1. You would hope so cause otherwise Batman is not really fighting the "Joker". He is just beating up some poor f**k with mental disabilities. Imagine the Dark Knight just whaling on some poor Forrest Gump motherf**ker.
  2. Nord VPN gave you 5 seats when I signed up. Not sure now.
  3. NordVPN works fine for me too. Netflix only though.
  4. Its like My little pony. Once your fanbase is like that, it doesnt matter what your product is like.
  6. Here is a litmus test if you will like the Joker movie or not. If you find this super deep, this movie is 100% for you. Its like the director saw all those "we live in a society" memes and thought they were VERY insightful.
  7. Saw Joker. How is this movie reviewing well? It is such a pile of "i am 14, my parents and teachers are stupid and I like linkin park" edgelord trash. The cinematography is fantastic and that's about it. The director even manages to waste someone as talented as Joaquin Phoenix and I thought that was impossible. "Ok so this scene is critical, he has just killed someone. What do you want me to portray? Rage in his eyes? A deadly calm? Ecstasy?" "No, no. Just dance." ............. "Are you for real?" "Yeah yeah. Dance. Just move your hands. Like this." \o/ \o\ /o/ ......... This is like a bastard child of Taxi Driver and King of Comedy directed by Micheal Bay. Just save yourself some money and watch those two far superior films. We really do live in a society.
  8. Yep. LOL. My delivery went from 8th to "upto 15th". Its fine, I dont expect stuff to be shipped fast from Flipkart.
  9. Someone from work did. He says they look pretty genuine. Have ordered a pair too so will know soon. Those prices tho, I have my doubts.
  10. Not more than 10k. I use headphones 90% of the time. These arent going to be used enough to justify anything more.
  11. BROTHERS! I need a speaker set for the bedroom TV (and the PS4). Cannot do 5.1 as the wife threatens to leave me if I put more "tech sh*t" in the bedroom. Is the Logitech Z625 good for a large room? I understand its a computer speaker and wonder if it might be set up to be used from 2-3 feet instead of 10-12. Any alternatives around/under 10k?
  12. Any major cuts? Or did it make it intact?
  13. Good call. The plastic chair will last you forever.
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