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  1. Dude. Narcos Mexico is soooooo good. If Netflix shitcans this show I am going to be very pissed. I am already mad at them not renewing Mindhunters.
  2. Aftrunner

    Project G.G.

    Wow. I can't believe Hideki Kamiya has an IVG account. And he announced their new game on IVG.
  3. I mean.... I hate to break this to you but very little is comparatively "safe" in India. There are almost no standards these organisations have to uphold and what little standards exist can be bypassed by bribing whoever is in charge. Even in the USA, FDA legally allows 30 fragments of rodent hairs or fragments in 100 grams of chocolate. What standards do you think Nestle are upholding in India?
  4. That genuinely seems like self sabotage. Two months after using Chromecast, my folks disconnected their satellite subscription.
  5. I used a TVS for 2-3 years. Recently switched to a Non Mechanical. If you do a lot of typing and office work then I cannot recommend the Mechanical keyboard enough, it is a Massive upgrade over a normal keyboard. If its primarily for games though, I vastly prefer non Mechanical. The only advantage you get is that Mechanical annoys the sh*t out of your with loud clacking when you are playing online.
  6. Yeah but how do you read it? 12 o clock?
  7. That is cool. How do you read/set the date and time? Is it whatever you see at the 12 o clock position?
  8. People lost their sh*t when this was announced for the Xbox. I am sure the unbiased folk here will tell you this is just as bad.
  9. Aftrunner

    The Division 2

    Can you solo it? Or do you need people. I cant convince my friends to stop playing Apex lol.
  10. So I just finished Chapter 5 How much of the story do I have left? And do I get to a point of no return? I am really invested into the story and want to push forward but I also would like to do some exploration later. Does the game tell you when you are about to hit the last mission or whatever? And can you continue the game after the last mission? NO SPOILERS PLS!
  11. Boooo. Bring back the old thread. I want my 5000 pages.
  12. Narcos Mexico drops in a couple of days.
  13. Blaming someone who got addicted (by a program DESIGNED to encourage that behavior) is what gives companies a free pass to do this sh*t.
  14. I am glad Parasite won most of the awards, it does deserve them all but I feel like there was a fair bit of bias against The Irishman. I really thought Pesci would have best supporting actor locked.
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