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  1. Aftrunner

    Movie Discussion Thread

    I hope it makes it here. Havent seen it twice and this would be the perfect excuse.
  2. Aftrunner

    This Damn Heat

    I get that lot. Jesus christ. I am so sorry about that.
  3. Aftrunner

    This Damn Heat

    Bruh dont disrespect my people like that.
  4. Aftrunner

    The Book Thread

    I totally forgot about this thread. Anyway, been reading a lot again recently. Over the last couple of months I have gone through - Guns, Germs and Steel (Jared Diamond) - So this is about why the "west" colonized the rest of the world and why it wasnt the other way around. I enjoyed it but there are definitely places where it ends up being really dry, to the point where it feels like reading a wikipedia article. There is a clear distinction to be made if you are going to like it though. Its not an explanation of how places like India, China etc ended up under British control but more of an explanation of how there are still tribes that live in the stone age while the rest of the world has internet. Ease of reading - 3/5 Overall - 4/5 The Prince (Niccolo Machiavelli) - I really ended up loving this more than I expected. For one, the introduction to this book (I picked up the Tim Parks Translation) is genuinely fantastic. He makes the era in which the book was written, really sound like Game of Thrones. And its amazing how relatable and relevant the book is despite it being written in a different time for a different audience. And its really REALLY short. You can easily blow through it in a couple of days. Ease of reading - 5/5 Overall - 4/5 Power of the Dog (Don Winslow) - Fictional story about the rise of Mexican Cartels and a DEA agent trying to stem the tide. It is insanely graphic and violent and seems to be loosely based on events that inspired the last Narcos season. I really, absolutely loved it. Its big but there is hardly any wasted space. And it keeps moving forward at a breakneck speed. If you liked Narcos, I cannot recommend this enough. Its the first part of the trilogy (I am 90% through the second book of the series and its just as good) and it is absolutely fantastic. Ease of reading - 5/5 Overall - 5/5 Voices from Chernobyl/Chernobyl prayer (Svetlana Alexievich) - Probably the best thing I have read this year. It is absolutely heartbreaking. It is the first hand accounts of people who dealt with the Chernobyl disaster. The opening chapter of this book is the account of the wife of the firefighter (familiar if you have seen the HBO show, which drew a ton of inspiration from this book) and it will absolutely destroy you in 20 pages or so. Be warned though, it isnt light reading. Ease of reading - 5/5 Overall - 5/5 Leningrad (Anna Reid) - It is about the siege of Leningrad in World war 2 where Hitler decided to starve millions just because. Excellent writeup of the siege drawing on a lot of first hand accounts. It is a little front loaded (I think it spends about 70% of its words in the first few months of the siege) but aside from that I dont really have any complaints. It was absolutely excellent. Ease of reading - 5/5 Overall - 4/5 Currently reading - The Cartel (Don Winslow) - Second part of the Cartel trilogy. Just as brutal, gripping and fun as the first part. Again, very loosely inspired by real events. I am almost done (90% or so) and its just been a fantastic ride. I hope the final part of the trilogy sticks the landing but even if it doesnt, I got my money's worth and then some. The Boer War (Thomas Pakenham) - Like the title says, its about the Boer war (something I knew absolutely nothing about). I picked it up cause it was cheap (100Rs used lol) and I am really enjoying it. My only complaint is that the font size of the printed book is ridiculous. Its like 8 points. And this is a massive book. I might give up on it and get the Kindle version cause I am legit worried it will kill my eyes lol.
  5. Aftrunner

    ICC World Cup 2019

    GG EZ
  6. Aftrunner

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Bruh Hotstar gives no f**ks. I saw ads for Netflix on their streaming service.
  7. Aftrunner

    ICC World Cup 2019

    It will be hilarious watching Pakistani fans blame that for their loss. :lol:
  8. Aftrunner

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Any decent RGB keyboards under 2k?
  9. Aftrunner

    This Damn Heat

    I just wanna say that as Delhi melts away into nothingness, I would like to thank the man who invented Roohafza. Truly one of the finest minds of this century who can stand proudly alongside the likes of Bohr, Einstein and company.
  10. Aftrunner

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    I imagine they had to keep most of it vague enough to not get death threats lol.
  11. Aftrunner

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    I dont think you could ever do Handmaid's tale in India (or at least a version faithful to the book). The massive focus on religion being the central theme (imagine if they replaced all the Christian stuff with all Hindu stuff) would cause street riots.
  12. Aftrunner

    STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order

    Nice! This is why I like these subscription services. I can use them as gaming rentals lol.
  13. Aftrunner

    STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order

    Wonder if this will this be part of Origin Premium. I dont think I wanna put down $60 on it but will happily sub for a month to give it a go.
  14. Aftrunner

    Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day

    "Mom I wanna go see the Avengers again." "No. We have Avengers at home." Avengers at home -