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  1. Any monitor is portable if you dont have small baby weenie hands. Get a 35" ultrawide.
  2. NEVER had a fried banana. I am intrigued.
  3. AMD 2600 Corsair Vengeance 8x2GB 3000 MHZ That mobo Seasonic 550 PSU. Need to pick up a 1TB m.2 though.
  4. Quick update for anyone who is interested. Got the Asrock B450 Pro4 and its actually pretty good. Well spaced layout. Plenty of fan and SATA connections. Easy to build in as well. Also worked pretty smoothly with the XMP profiles for my RAM as well. No real complaints. Fairly decent board.
  5. Why do people keep believing these lol. You can literally go to 4chan right now, post whatever the *beep* you want and grab a screenshot. Also kinda hard to get excited for a new Bioshock. Everyone involved in the originals already fled.
  6. Love it when Astralis eats dirt lol. Nothing against them as individuals but they have already won too much. And f**k that crowd giving away positions to Astralis. I missed out on the Finals but it looks like I didnt miss much. Fnatic just didnt show up.
  7. It is what it is. Best film of 2019. Holy hell, take a bow Scorsese, de Niro, Pacino and most of all Joe Pesci.
  8. Slogging my way through Gears of war 4. I dont know if I am remembering Gears 1-3 through rose colored glasses or if they were really good but Gears 4 has been super underwhelming so far. Just feels like a by the numbers game.
  9. It probably is coming to game pass but I dont blame them for saying "no plans yet" because sales during the holidays will absolutely plummet if people know its coming to a subscription service.
  10. Unless they released a completely different port for everyone which includes better graphic settings, working FOV, support for higher refresh rates I dont think its my PC. Its just an absolute bare minimum dogshit PC port. The kind you used to see in the old PS2 era. And that is aside from general issues that most people are having like Audio and matchmaking.
  11. I cannot believe they release this game broken. Again. :lol I mean I guess I can believe considering the original MCC it but really this is inexcusable. They had months of testing and this is like an absolute dogshit port when it comes to PC games. Like they put in the absolute bare minimum effort.
  12. Wut I didnt think we were gonna get anything for months. When is it slated to be out?
  13. Anyone from Kochi or been there? Planning a short weekend-ish trip there. I was thinking 1-2 days in kochi, 1 day in Alleppey and a night in houseboat. Any tips?
  14. 1 Xbox One has a larger userbase than Switch. Or at the very least, comparably similar. 2 Gamecube had stellar quality exclusives, better than the Switch does right now. 3 WiiU had more brand recognition than the Switch did when it launched. Nintendo's success since the 64 has pretty much been dependent on how well their console gimmick/innovation/whatever catches the public's imagination. If the gimmick works, it will sell. If not, it will die.
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