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  1. No thread for this so we use this one. New sale going on, some cracking good deals. You get a $10 Epic discount on top of any discounted game (as long as the game is 15$ I think). Last Anno game comes out to be 10 USD. Gonna get that for sure.
  2. Ok so post all your mobile gaming thoughts in here. Recommend/review games you have played. To get us started - Hitman Sniper Picked this up for 10Rs on the Google play store and its really super good. Its got short levels you can finish in a few minutes. Technically its only one level but its a big one. And they use it really smartly by switching targets and giving you clever interesting side objectives. You can unlock different sniper rifles by finishing levels (or by buying them with real money) and there is even a zombie game in there. The only real downside is that the load times are kinda long. It can take a good 2 minutes from launching the game to being in a mission. For a mobile game that is pretty annoying. But aside from that, for that price its a steal. Definitely recommended. 8/10
  3. Aftrunner

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Name : Cyberpunk 2077 Developer : CDPR Release date : TBA Platforms : PS4 PS5 XBO XSX PC WTH Snake I thought you would have a thread for this by now. :angry:/> Unless you passed out in excitement. In which case its all cool.
  4. Just post anything you find cool. Doesnt have to be gaming related. I finally managed to see stereograms (or 3D images hidden inside a normal 2d picture). Here are a couple of randomly cool ones. A coin with a Dollar symbol. 3D written in 3D. If you are having trouble seeing them check this link out. Trust me when you see them its a really cool effect. Oh and this one is ridiculously awesome. It shows the current time in 3D. Can use an image link so here is a normal link. Clickety.
  5. The Steam Deal/Sale Thread Here is where we post the best deals on Steam and also help others in emptying their (and our own) wallets and increasing the backlog of games. Steam unable to update itself and deleting clientregistry.blob doesnt work? Try this.... -Download TCPView. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897437.aspx -Whenever that happens, open TCPView & find Steam in the list of processes. -Right Click, Close Connection. -Steam will open up a new connection with (probably) a new host. -Repeat until you get a stable download rate.
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