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  1. I’m like 40 hours in already, so deep into “second life” and the trooper mini game at the barracks, that I’m only on chapter 10. Always wanted to play Kenzan and Ishin, so glad the remake is living up to the hype.
  2. VRR update was shadow dropped. Tried Elden Ring with VRR on and it felt better.
  3. Kenzooru


    Having a lot of fun with the tower, can’t seem to move past phase 3. Reached the boss once and died on room 19 the other time. I think the tower works better than the main game for Returnal’s game mechanics.
  4. Kenzooru

    Elden Ring

    In my NG++, I got Radahn without even seeing his second phase. It’s a shame how badly he got nerfed.
  5. Kenzooru

    Elden Ring

    If anyone has been to the Atlus Plateau via Liurnia, you would have come across these creatures. It’s amazing how fromsoft designed an enemy type like this, gave them a song in Latin and had the song have so much lore exposition. Coming across them was one of my biggest “holy sh*t” moments in the game, I genuinely didn’t think I would meet singing vampire ladies in Elden Ring.
  6. Man, that’s such a scummy behaviour from a brand retailer for a few thousand rupees. Also, day 2 of using the OLED and the options and settings are overwhelming. Right now, I can’t seem to figure out whether to use Dolby Vision on Series X for games or stick with HDR 10.
  7. I got it from Amazon but it wasn’t a one day delivery, product was shipped for near Gurgaon, ordered on Thursday and it was delivered today even though I live in NCR myself. warranty is one year and they offered another year for 18k(said to be a discount but I don’t buy that). The TV showed zero hours when I checked during installation, so nothing more I can do. Didn’t see any wear or tear on the set either.
  8. Got G1 installed today, thing is amazing. Even SDR content on OTT apps look amazing, I tried some Series X and PS5 games, everything a big step up from my LED set up. Very happy to get this in 1.40L.
  9. Kenzooru

    Elden Ring

    I really hope we get a Miquella centered DLC. He seems like a very key cog in the lands between.
  10. Kenzooru

    Elden Ring

    These are optional/secret areas that the game doesn’t even push you towards, it’s amazing what fromsoft were able to do with the level designs in an open world game.
  11. Kenzooru

    Elden Ring

    You can get a few at Liurnia itself.
  12. Amazon has LG G1 for 1.40L. Too good to be true? It’s Amazon fulfilled, so tempted.
  13. Kenzooru

    Elden Ring

    Got my plat today, I’ve beaten their previous games multiple times but never bothered with plat because of the “collectathon” trophies but this one was fairly easier and came naturally by just playing the game. Some of the final level bosses were insane in NG+2.
  14. Kenzooru

    Elden Ring

    My bad, that’s Bandai that increased the salaries and not fromsoft
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