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  1. Project Blue book season 2 started airing!!
  2. 3rd episode is sh*t whoever directed that episode should burn in hell
  3. Watched Witcher great show only problem I found that fringilla is portrayed by a black woman according to the author she is white.
  4. Best game of the decade - Grand Theft Auto V Worst game of the decade - Fallout 76 Biggest disappointment of the decade - Mafia III Game that changed gaming of the decade - Euro Truck Simulator 2 ( a simple truck simulator with a free community made multiplayer mode where players can start new companies and hire players under their umbrella ), Kerbal Space Program Game that you played the most - Dota 2 Soundtrack of the decade - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Story of the decade - Witcher 3 Game that you will continue to play during next decade : Grand Theft Auto V, Red dead redemption 2
  5. Yes, most guys here know English, so language barrier won't become a problem
  6. The Expanse season 04 is out in Japan will be probably available at 12 am IST in India
  7. These chips made from raw nendram banana when it is green in colour
  8. Tried a new combination today Cow Beef with Banana Fry surprisingly it is very good
  9. One month hiatus between the episodes
  10. In order to watch the crisis you need to watch the final season of Arrow it's entire season's storyline is based on the crisis event.
  11. Yes its good especially season 5 it has one of the best villians
  12. I thought I can connect my steam/gog/uplay/origin library to their server and install the play directly from their server. Why I need to purchase games separately over the top on the subscription fee. i hope it will change
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