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  1. It is hilarious even comparing the two. Only on IVG.
  2. If the game is entirely in FPS (even for cutscenes) no clothing customization makes total sense. When would you even see what clothes you are wearing.
  3. Here is a far more detailed critique of the story, themes and gameplay. If you have a couple of hours to spare, I cannot recommend this (and Noah's channel) enough.
  4. Aftrunner

    Apex Legends

    Holy crap. I did not know this. Wonder if it works on Caustic traps as well?
  5. Mechanically the final fight of Abby and Ellie was such an awful bit of gameplay. But thematically it is absolutely f**king brilliant. The constant motif of the game was Revenge is a vicious unending cycle. And the final scene fits in very nicely with that theme. The story started with a person out for revenge murdering a parent infront of a child for that revenge. It ends with a person out for revenge about to murder a parent infront of their child for that revenge. I think Ellie realizes that just at the cliffs edge and breaks that cycle. But it costs her everything to understand that. Abby on the other hand understood it much earlier from her experience. Which is why she lets Ellie live midway through. Like I said previously. Some really good f**king writing in this one.
  6. LOL I just noticed that. Either a LOU2 designed went to work for these guys or vice versa.
  7. what the *bleep* are you gonna do with 2.5 million USD in the apocalypse bro? Wont money be the first thing to become worthless? I think this might end up on a streaming service soon.
  8. I dont remember that, it ran pretty decently on my very average rig. It might have been the same issue as Crysis where people put stuff on Ultra on rigs that couldnt handle Ultra and thought it was badly optimized. Looking at the gameplay, it really doesnt look that jawdropping so I would expect if you can run most current gen games, it should run fine.
  9. Just seems utterly pointless. It barely even looks like an upgrade lol.
  10. Pls no Batmobile in the batman game. It literally made me give up the last game third of the way through.
  11. Aftrunner

    Apex Legends

    Bahrain 60 MS. EU ~150 MS.
  12. Honestly it doesnt really get much "better". Rest of the series is pretty much at the same pacing and same style as what you have seen so far. I loved it but it is not for everyone. Nothing like BrBa which moved at breakneck speed.
  13. Aftrunner

    Apex Legends

    ^^PC. It gets so sweaty on Platinum. I actually like try hard games but this borders on frustrating. Ah well, rank resets in 3-4 days anyway (I think).
  14. Just put it on digital man. At some point they will have to accept the reality that theater revenue is gonna be sh*t till we have a vaccine. Even if theaters open, even if they allow full capacity, most people still wont want to be in a crowded room like that. Sure there are morons that will but there arent enough morons out there to make enough money on these films.
  15. Aftrunner

    Apex Legends

    I am soooooo done with ranked dude. Every Platinum game is teams camping with the Wingman, Caustic and a Wattson.
  16. Anyone into making watches? Aliexpress shipping is f**ked and I am wondering if there is any similar alternative to ordering parts? Dial, crystal, case, strap etc.
  17. Stuff like this would be less sad if Sony were paying you all to say this. It would still be pathetic but less pathetic. Like I wouldnt even defend my employer this much and I like the company I work for AND I get paid for it. This is literally being happy about paying 4000 instead of 50 just to ..... what? "Own the Xbots by quoting sales figures"? On a forum?
  18. This has got to be the only industry where people put the finances of a giant multi billion dollar corporation over their own finances. You could have played this for free but imagine being happy that you had to pay 4k for it so a company could have a nice press release.
  19. f**king weird. The monitors own website doesnt mention the refresh rate. WTF I would guess 60 Hz but you could always plug it in and find out. IPS is also very good for color accuracy.
  20. I am sure the game is gonna be great but I really didnt vibe with the tone of the trailer. It felt a little too Saints Row to me. I dont think thats what the game will be like so it is a weird theme to pick for the trailer.
  21. JFC how is their branding such a goddamn mess dude. Its like the windows division took over consoles. Just the naming was bad enough as it was and now there is this stuff. I follow games stuff as closely as anyone else and even I am finding this confusing. Like WTF does - "Games "natively designed" or "fully rebuilt their game" for Series X" even mean? Backwards compatibility maybe?
  22. Unless you play a LOT of MP games (and have fairly decent specs) refresh rate is not as important as image quality. I have two monitors. One is an IPS with 60 hz and the other is a VA at 144hz. Anytime I am not playing MP games, I switch to the IPS.
  23. Took me literally half the game and about a dozen safes to realize I could open them by just listening to the "click" sound and didnt really need the codes. Maybe we are the clickers lol.
  24. I keep getting logged out for some reason. Using opera.
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