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  1. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    I didn't say he is the BEST In LOIs, he is a player for LOIs but hasn't able to prove himself despite getting many many chances. Meanwhile, Rayudu 😕
  2. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    Yes and No. I'm actually disappointed that Pant was given a Roadmap to cement his place in the team and he couldn't do it the way he did in Tests. Pant is made for LOIs and is exceptional behind the wickets. DK is inconsistent with bat and just ok behind the stumps.
  3. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    Pant and Shaw not being there is a bad news. Rayudu not there is.a great news. Surprise inclusion of Vijay Shankar, but have low hopes from him.
  4. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    Can't believe Dhoni got away with slap on the wrist, that is 50% match fee fine.
  5. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    Shameful behaviour by Dhoni.
  6. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    True. The only year when a bowler captained RCB, they reached finals. what gives? I think for the next year, RCB should plan to get a bowler who can captain the side. Bangalore pitch has too many runs, a bowling captain going to help at least with home matches.
  7. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    West Indies need a board like BCCI or CA. There is no doubt the talent there is immense. But Biggest Problem with them is their timezone. They should somehow find a way to have matches which finish by 1130-1230 in evening India time. They are losing out on monies on commercials mainly because of that. once they sort the commercial part out rest will slowly fall in the place. the recently concluded test series with England was a cracker but I couldn’t even watch 1 day fully.
  8. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    Oh. Didn't know that. Such a waste of a talent then.
  9. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    Sanju Samson will never get chance to play international or what?
  10. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    I hope the good sense prevails and BCCI sends Shaw for World Cup instead of these Aandu-paandu Rayudu. He will be better than KL, Dhawan too.
  11. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    I like this idea. Penalty of 5 runs will be suitable punishment and will take the moral guilt away from bowlers also.
  12. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    @silentassassin @harsh1387 See guys, my POV is entirely based on Spirit of Game. This part is always in grey area with respect to the laws. In the famous Chennai test against Pakistan, Sachin had grounded the bat but because of collision with Shoaib the time when ball hit the wickets it was lifted off the ground. That was the case when all of us thought if Pakistan had any sportsman spirit could‘ve overturned the appeal. Today Sachin won't be given out, the gray area has turned into rule favouring batsman. Now what happened yesterday, entire cricketing world has seen it, Ashwin is in wrong, he is right, opinion doesn’t have 50-50 split. A lot more people think it’ wasn’t right thing to do. this creates bad perception for Ashwin within the cricket fraternity, leave out the fans aside.
  13. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    Ashwin ki bahut mitti-paleed ho gayee hai. He should publically apologize. Thing is Butler was in the crease when Ashwin set his front foot, Ashwin waited for batsman to walk out and it looked disgusting.
  14. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    Can't make out if he did but....
  15. Right

    The Cricket Thread

    This kind of things in Cricket, break my heart. Butler didn’t shake Ashwin’s hands after the match.