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  1. Bhuvi is done. They shouldn't have picked him.
  2. Shouldn't come as surprise since Melbourne (Victoria) is ruled by Leftist Labour Party.
  3. Woah It could be Miami! Wooohooooo....
  4. Someone reported my post? Lol. Dissing a newspiece just because it was reported in a "RIGHT-WING" outlet is what I found problematic. It wasn't an opinion piece, it wasn't "source-based" news, it is a whistle-blower who is in exile giving account of what he knows in a televised documentary, would it be become gospel-truth if it was telecasted on CNN?
  5. No more OT. But this is what US army did back in the 60s. @Bird Bird Bird Tested Germ-warfare on its own citizens! https://www.businessinsider.in/science/biology/government-scientists-smashed-lightbulbs-full-of-bacteria-inside-the-nyc-subway-to-see-what-would-happen/articleshow/49794731.cms
  6. so? the person is the source of the news, he is whistleblower. It has been taken from a documentary, What Really Happened in Wuhan, which is aired on Sky news
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