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  1. Finally someone played games other than Dirt5, and yes RDR2.
  2. https://www.amazon.in/Hukimoyo®-duplicator-Measuring-Woodworking-Accessories/dp/B0832ZVPB7/ref=sr_1_1?crid=21D5K0JGDCVJT&dchild=1&keywords=contour+gauge&qid=1603717941&sprefix=Contour+Gaug%2Chome-improvement%2C295&sr=8-1 You can get it in India too, it's called Contour Gauge.
  3. neah, would love to get one. I know I can make of this thing in so many places. :|
  4. Fell in love with this smart tool.
  5. what about Korea? They sold more PS4 than India. or they are in Pacific?
  6. California alone will be selling more PS5 at launch than PS4 sold in India in its lifetime. So yeah, for any business, the priorities are clear. But it will be good to get it here within Launch window so we don’t feel more third-worldish than what we already are.
  7. Yes, this is why manipulation can not done by a few individuals but entire machinery has to involved. We really cannot things for granted looking at numbers.
  8. Crazy! I am now looking forward to play as Craig in Halo.
  9. That was actually caught on camera in Mathura, UP. States don't have control over ICMR, so if sample reaches them, it will be tested +ve or -ve This is the only way they can send negative samples.
  10. Testing has not reduced. They are testing the same numbers (on papers). They are doing manipulation at a level that we yet to understand.
  11. OK. This is for movie thread but are you for real?
  12. Baby Driver is one the shittiest movie I have seen in last one decade. Should rather do, “Once upon a time in Hollywood...”
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