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  1. Data provided for SAE in controlled tests is unreliable, thesuggestion that SAE is pretty bad is on basis of what we are seeing in the wild. This gets highlighted only by individuals who are celebs or have public presence that public will take note of. For example, DiedSuddenly has documented cases amongst athletes, which is significantly big cohot of young healthy people. What wiuld be this number? half a million to a million tops in the US. This particular cohort has seen numbers which are far bigger than 4 per million. Now there are two ways to look at it. One that athletes go through a lot rigourous cardiovascular regime than normal person and they are more susceptible to SAE like myocarditis, second that similar SAE can be seen in non-athletes just that it doesnt come to limelight. That is scary.
  2. Now, we are talking. Just like moon landing, it was. :p
  3. We are having a general casual convo, which forums are for, I know that you don't have any personal stake in Pfizer, neither do I.
  4. You also show your talent. Kitne mare as per your calculation?
  5. Even if death numbers are off by a factor of 3, which is quite high, we would barely pass 2m death mark. I do not deny heavy undercount and Smokes and mirrors are everywhere but this is gross exaggeration.
  6. I dont remember ppl dropping like flied like this, even at the peak of covid.
  7. I have no idea if Covishield/Covaxin is causing clots and myocarditis like how Pfizer is wrecking havoc.
  8. COVID is not causing 5-6 inches ke bloodclots which have been observed in the US.
  9. What? Do we have a pattern of vaccine induced deaths?
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