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  1. Fkn rains. We can tear through them today itself if we get playtime.
  2. Kohli needs to go back to domestic, no point going there just to get abused.
  3. See you haven't read anything at all about this case, except this one article on Wired which feels gospel truth. This laptop crap is going on for more than 1.5yrs and Pune police planted evidence even before that. Go, do a bit of reading and come back for saying sorry.
  4. No I am not, these guys changed their versions multiple time and from Pune Police planted the evidence it became Digital forensic of the laptop. Laptop never left NIA custody, let alone getting examined by said US firm. They didn't have a electronic copy either, because NIA never supplied them. They created this entire thing based on iCloud backup as they alleged Windows Laptop was linked to his iPhone and the cloud backup recorded all this hacking activity. Think logically for a min.
  5. No. I am not because the evidence is incriminating & this was one of the wild things thrown around to save Rona, this was reported by Wire like a year and half ago. Not posting content, yes. But replying, yes.
  6. I have followed this case. This Hacking and Planting started at The Wire and then reached Wired. No one would even utter this BS in courts because it'll be thrown out because of #1 and get laughed at.
  7. 1. How a US based firm was managed to do forensic study on the laptops when it's in NIA custody? 2. These reports are for consumption of extremely low IQ janta. earlier Rona Wilson made a deposition that it was Pune Police which planted the evidence. 🤡 This was immediately thrown out.
  8. Forget about it Yeah that's another thing, but in my office upto 2 tests per month are free to everyone, they usually avail them.
  9. We see 0-1 cases every month in my office too, all double vaxxed. But its nowhere near to how it was in Apr-May 2021 or earlier. I'm pretty sure COVISHIELD and Covaxin have close to advertised efficacy and prevention.
  10. I think India shouldn't even bother "AstraZeneca have pledged to sell Covid-19 vaccine doses at a price that only covers their overall costs, at least for the duration of the pandemic" just create more production facilities across the globe which produce AZ or Vaxx which are ready for such arrangement.
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