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  1. Right


    Chill. This lady has some big role in this whole thing. She was recently suspected of defecting to West, earlier this month.Then this threatening statement came in this week.
  2. Right


    This post was up after the last month's hacking of WHO, Bill Gates & Wuhan institute.
  3. Right


    I think restraunt business will not remain the same. I don't see lot of people start trusting food prepared by others, safe. I used to have at least 2 food deliveries every week, now since lockdown I have ordered just once. And that wasn't even an delivery order, I called the place and picked it up myself, I wouldn't have done it but that day wife had serious pain in the wrist and I had crazy work.
  4. Right


    Covid is tip of the iceberg -Wuhan scientist this article had a veiled threat. if you are going to investigate us, you won’t know what we may have in store for you
  5. Right


    MH numbers have dropped, they have decelerated the testing. Just hoping that they don’t have hidden backlog which will be unloaded some day...like they did few weeks back.
  6. That’s meat 😂 Haleem is actually Non-veg Dalia. They use Broken wheat, dry fruits, mutton and all kind of dry fruits.
  7. Right


    ^ Nothing really. It's just willy fox who will keep extracting his pound of flesh. The day he doesn't get his meal, he will walk away. By then, Lion(tiger) will be just a weary pale shadow of itself. Spoke to a Gujju friend who lives in Chennai, he was telling almost all the private hospitals are asking to deposit 4L at admission of Covid suspect cases. We are really screwed, aren't we?
  8. Oh my my. Biryani, Shikampuri Kebabs & Haleem is what defines Hyderabad cuisine. They know their meats really well.
  9. Looking super delicious. You have garnished with onion & chillis really well, and its that Ginger flake....interesting.
  10. Right


    Another Congress leader tested positive. This has gone in to the houses of high & mighty people.
  11. Right


    MH crosses 50k cases. 3000+ cases today.
  12. Follow this guy from Mumbai on twitter. He makes amazing South Indian dishes, mostly from Tamilnadu. And his food photography is great.
  13. Right


    If administration wants to, it can. our country is broken, but if things are done with good intentions,, administration is kept in check, wonders too happen. Indore became garbage free city, cleanest city in India because of initiatives taken by Collector, once he enforced things, followed it up, it became a public movement. This guy was xfered out by Kamalnath when he came in, you know....the politics. He was in Ujjain when healthcare workers pelted stones at. Shivraj Singh called him back from Ujjain overnight. Since then things have come under much in control. It could’ve easily gone Chennai/Mumbai way.
  14. Right


    Few weeks back, Maharashtra had more cases than next top 2 states combined, then it became next 3 states. Now it is fast approaching to have more cases that #2 + #3 + #4 + #5. And they are testing really low, thanks to new commissioner. Yesterday: 13166 tests - 2940 Positives - 22% Day Before: 12386 tests- 2345 Positives - 19% Compare it with Tamilnadu 6% with 12500+ tests. Tamilnadu has done much more tests than MH.
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