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  1. Ya, I think it won't hurt as bad the nasal one does. But can't say about those who have haemorrhoids down there.
  2. I think they enjoy doing this. But why in the hell are we having Olympics in the China???
  3. Plant cementing his chances to become captain, Rahul is not captaincy material.
  4. I guessed the political affiliation of this Nadler fellow, correctly. Predictable party poopers.
  5. And I should believe that it was "a rational self-identify" after having seen use of "people" after pregnant and not women.
  6. Obviously. This likely to be last movie for Scorsese, for Bob De Nero and Joe Pesci. Its being made for Netflix is super big deal....
  7. @AnK I think the trendy sci-fi movie genre (which is basially with Superheroes) itself is dumpster fire, Avengers and Marvel movies are just visual spectacles. For me the quality is defined by good ol' Dramas, and the fact is Netflix produced Irishman with budget of $160m, tells you that where their priorities are. $400-500m budget Superhero movies are out of reach for netflix at the moment, but it is not for monies but for studios and licences. And they have platform, not every thing will be A+ stuff. Nolan is making crappy Sci-fis like Tenet and moviegoers come home hiding buyer's remorse and pretending like if some next level sh*t they watched. But an average content wouldn't even get 10mins of watch time on OTT, so quality bar remain at same level or go high. Subscription would work for a while but real money is made from FreeToPlay (micro transactions). The problem with Console audience and developers is that they haven't adopted the F2P well. Like I said COD mobile is making $500m, and they dont need a new SKU every year, yet every 2 months game offers something newer. How this can be brought in meaningfully in long campaig-ish games is the conundrum which noone has solved yet.
  8. 70$ a copy model won't survive for long. It had great run. Best part of GP model is that developers won't have to shut shops if game doesn't work. Netflix has actually pushed the quality of movies/TVs. The best part is that no CD Projekt Red can pull a fast one, like they did with 2077
  9. I don't know if COD mobile is paty of this deal or not, but dev studio TiMi is owned by Tencent. it makes 40m a month in revenue, that's like $500m a year from just 1 game on mobile!!!!
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