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  1. Seeing the Auto fitst, thought Modi Auto se hi nikal pade vaccine lagane. 😂
  2. 😂 This is not just political hate. It is something else, can't stop thinking about it.
  3. Yeh bhi thik hai. Not a bad idea though. But even those who are vaccinated can bring it home to their parents, so risks remains same.
  4. There will be choice if you pay for it, as oj get it privately. It will be 250Rs at most anyway.
  5. Now, that Covaxin is politicised, Modi has no option but to take it. Some people are going to say it was some Pfizer/Moderna and avoid it. There will be people who will be declaring it a Sanghi Vaccine, and avoid it. India is doomed with all this.
  6. Wait, he didn't bowl a ball in IPL2020, he has bowled only 4 overs after September 2019 and that was in Sydney ODI https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/625371.html?class=11;filter=advanced;orderby=start;template=results;type=bowling;view=innings
  7. Because making it there is a long arduous journey, staying there -- even more difficult. I have grown to acknowledge the hardwork, its not us 9to5 guys would ever see, Sportsperson are the biggest rolemodels, bigger than politicians, actors, rockstars. I am also starting to believe that some of our successes, especially at Australia wouldn't have come without this circus. It takes out the pressure of big game, the fear factor....
  8. Kohli doesn't want to pick him for the tests, since he can't bowl. https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/hardik-pandya-tests-challenge-bowling-virat-kohli-7097101/ Fancy a shave?
  9. If a player says he needs a time off, he needs a time off. No question should be asked, they are not soldiers manning the border. A country like ours should have 11 players ready as backup, if anyone is not available. If we are not able to do that, our facilities and talent management is failing somewhere. And if a player wants to save himself for IPL, its fine. IPL is BCCI product, there is a contractual provision between BCCI and Franchises that if a certain player is unavailable for IPL due to the national duty, BCCI will be partially reimbursing the fee which is paid to player. Let's say Bumrah gets injured in the last test match, and has to miss a few matches of IPL, MI would be paying full to Bumrah, and MI will be getting it a part of it reimbursed from BCCI. So, rather than risking him for a match in which he will not have a huge part to play, he sits out, its all good.
  10. Hey congrats man. its nothing better than the gaming but 'least you get better homecooked food. :/p
  11. Today caught up with all the matches India played on Aus tour, HL of every big inning, saw the highlights of all T20s and ODIs, tests revision already done. I think this was one of the best tour of Indian Cricket history, we dominated in all the formats whenever we went out there. Such a fearless squad we have. IPL is something we have to thank for, for getting us here.
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