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  1. It's just me probably, but I don't like idea of writing Nb and player names on Test Whites.
  2. Finished Family Man. Prime finally got a hit. And thanks for less dose of gaalis, it's watchable in drawing room. Manoj bajpayee has got the biggest role after Wasseypur, he is brilliant actor, just that he couldn't make it as big as the talent he has.
  3. I think they should. There is a year for T20 WC, chances to them should be given soon.
  4. How’s Bharat as wicketkeeper? pant’s days are numbered in LOIs.
  5. This was some English summer. Excellent WC and Ashes. What a lovely wrap.
  6. Beauty of this sport is that he would have got just 1 second or less from the time ball was released from bowler’s hand. human brain and body is amazing.
  7. India needs to put sex back in the test cricket.
  8. Anushka hanging out with the team is the most annoying thing about Virat. https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/bcci-relaxed-family-clause-in-west-indies/amp_articleshow/71090867.cms
  9. Quality of Cricket being played has just jumped few notches since World Cup. SL NZ, AFG BD, Ashes.... brilliant time for cricket fans
  10. So they threw Sanjay Bangar under the bus and then he abused Devang Gandhi. Lol. Shastri ki Mahima aparampar hai.
  11. It’s ridiculous. What it means is that India got only 60points by winning in Australia 2-1. A series win which was first for any Asian team and Australia has most gruelling conditions for visitors. its so unimaginative, there should be lesser points for home teams, lesser points for shorter series....
  12. Just know that scoreboard doesn't do justice. It was 9 wickets down and Stokes aggressively pulled the impossible win! I saw the highlights. England is playing exciting cricket in last 2-3 months. Everyone talks about the demise of cricket there all the time, now this champion performance going to inspire the whole generation and the generation to come.
  13. Fk I had to go to family function, missed it completely.
  14. RCB’s problem is captain, not the coach.
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