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  1. I stayed in Vashi's Koparkhairane in 2003. Rent we paid for 2BHK was 1900. The flat owner purchased it for just ~25L. This place was just half a km from Reliance HQ. I wonder what would be rent/prices now.
  2. xCloud isn't launching in India, yet. But it will happen next year. xCloud/Stadia will be launching with Jio, most likely xCloud. Timing could coincide with 5G launch.
  3. If Stadia/xCloud really take off, why mid-core players would play F2P mobile games then. The Match-3/Hypercasual/Casino will remain same, but the Action/RPG/MMOs on mobiles will be hit. Apple made $50B from AppStore last year and it's ever-growing. Apple will be losing billions if they lose just 10% of their IAPs. Their VOD was never match to Netflix, so they didn't push. . I mean why would you play PUBG when you can play, far better looking console multiplayer titles with much higher fidelity. Data speed is no longer a problem anywhere in the world, even on mobile. So it is a strategic move....
  4. Xbox division is still carrying that XBLA era smug, when they used to bully Indie studios in the name of publishing and used to fk them with shitty deals and conditions.
  5. Exclusives are good (games/DLC/Characters), timed/ever-exclusive, it shows that 1. you care for people who bought your console and ready to give them extra love 2. you have solid business instinct and hunger to make such deals happen 3. you want people who don't own your console, rage. Otherwise, a mutiplat title is just another game, which can be played on every platform, with more-or-less same fidelity.
  6. Just Cause/Saint's Row/Dead Island IIRC all of them had some kind of exclusivity to Xbox at some point. Errr.... Dead Island didn't.
  7. Just like you don't need to be a ramp model to dress well, you don't need to be in photography to take good pictures. Table Lamp, Bulb...yellow downlights
  8. Not Surface. MS had a table size immobile Tablet which became inspiration for iPad, later Surface came in.
  9. MS should give Apple its cut. Connect their subscription with iTunes. Netflix did the same thing. But later removed it. Still you can pay Netflix sub directly through Apple Pay and Apple gets very tiny part but good enough amount as whole.
  10. TikTok is one of the biggest influencer platform. Amount of money made by top influencers is in line with YouTube...falls short by Insta though. SM influence is one of the primary channels of user acquisition.
  11. Oh ya. It’s Panda who is the artist of the Chilli Paneer which I was referring too. but yeah lighting man...even if cam is piss poor.
  12. You should pictures in yellow lighting. White Tubelight light takes off the warmness of photos, don’t use camera flash either. Your Chilli paneer looks far better.
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