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  1. Congratulations Alekh and they are super naughty I'm witnessing nowadays myself
  2. Yes Sony Headphone which is very customizable , probably the only app which is quite advanced compared to other manufactures
  3. Received WH 1000XM3 in morning and its awesome , mic as expected is poor went and ahead and updated to latest version which improved mic quality
  4. Star wars mandalorian added in 4k HDR and I never thought I would say this but stream quality is on same level as us Disney plus and better than Netflix
  5. Plugged the plug on wh 1000xm3 keeping fingers crossed
  6. Its launching in India in Sept @Ram DanteIts back in stock
  7. It will come back in stock in few hours happened multiple times
  8. @Ram Dantealso do note that bose qc 35 had a firmware update which actually reduced the anc quality and there was lot of backlash on it I was talking about wh 1000xm3 but I'm not sure on issues pertaining to bad stock
  9. Did some research on headset and found that wh 1000xm3 doesn't have a bad mic for all units it's just that some of units are bad quality and it's a widespread issue and the low quality dumping could be happening in India. Then I saw buds plus which seems to have very good mic and very attractive price of 7700 if corporate discount I looked at my firm and it's jabra and prices are not worth it looking for people who have corporate offer for purchase
  10. Gentle reminder to use IVG affiliate link to support the forums It's highlighted at the top in red
  11. As per reviews qc 35 ii mic is below 1000xm3 checking on rtings
  12. Yes I'm not really much interested in lots of codec support my primary purpose are comfort, good microphone and sound. I'll need it for long conference calls and music XM4 already listed on Amazon France https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B08C7KCJF5
  13. What I'm trying to get to is it worth getting bose since it's a quite a old model and 1000 xm4 is about to launch
  14. @Bird Bird Birdwh 1000xm3 and qc ii both at 19900/-, which one to choose which one has better mic?
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