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  1. No read some reviews saying it's poor
  2. The 900 gsm one is really good for cleaning electronic items and the yellow color doesn't hurt eyes
  3. Lol Herman Miller usually cost around 60k for a good chair we have it for all, but for special reason they provide special chair standing desk etc every big firm would do that
  4. Certainly this is not OT this the thread for all these. I had a major slip disc in C5 and C6 and was bed ridden for almost 1.5 months and then I had to give up gaming as well. I had to do so many exercises that I get tired and I literally gave up on that. For now it's doesn't pain if I'm sitting normally but keeping the phone up for long and sleeping in bad posture lead to bad pain in morning.. Also my wife is physiotherapist and she knows it's difficult to maintain though i keep applying ice and warm patch as and when needed.
  5. Yeah make sense takes long to through in case want to go back lock the thread
  6. f**k it still pains everyday have to take break every 1 hour can't even hold phone straight for 5 mins starts paining and unfortunately this winter is making it worse
  7. Thanks will watch out in Amazon sale how much did you got it for and what speeds do you get to farthest point
  8. Yeah since I had a medical reason
  9. Herman Miller is now where in comfort of chair which I'm talking about we have Herman Miller for everyone at work but this is on another level I even asked to deliever home but they denied saying it's some bonding area so cannot take anything from there outside
  10. I'm keeping a eye on Asus zenwifi Atx though it's quite expensive but future proof, also I heard some reviews and complaints from people on disconnecting devices with rbk 50
  11. When I had slip disc in 2018 I had to ask my office to get me a chair for neck support f**k that chair is around 98k if you look at that chair it's very slim and doesn't look comfortable but that chair is ultra comfortable for 6+ feet people.
  12. You must know the difference between warranty and guarantee
  13. Office ergonomics chair are way comfortable though by the way of looks you may not find it comfortable which is totally opposite in case of gaming chair which looks luxurious but not really comfortable for long hours
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