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  1. Buds plus? I know you said headphone but these have great battery life and good call quality
  2. Just follow calibration setting from rting as baseline i think you jumping on many things even before you have made the purchase since you have not been using 55 the moment you see it you will find everything very good give time and change to your likings
  3. Dont think he would play with Lego. Have purchased chair from chairwale but after inspection at there warehouse as chair can only be judged once you sit on it
  4. I think fire stick 4k was one of first devices which started with 4k on hotstar
  5. Yeah but why won't you have any broadband
  6. Damn how do you work from home during lock down
  7. Hey what would be ideal birthday gift for 12 year old boy less than 3k
  8. The camera comparison clearly looks pixel is better and they even mentioned in article
  9. Just like limited deals for electronics there are one for books and comics as well, this is from Amazon
  10. Some books at steal price Harry Potter at 277 and show your work for 196
  11. Another advice would be not to purchase high value products from flipkart
  12. XM3 were going for 18.5k during Aug sale , XM4 does have some minor improvement but both would serve the purpose of listening to movies and tv shows
  13. Quality on apple TV + is definitely one of the best most of 4k content has atmos soundtrack
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