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  1. It used to in fire stick but seems like something is broken and i have been chasing them since last 1 month to fix it. On my android tv it works very well with 50 FPS
  2. Saw first episode of S4P2 now on to one of biggest episode its 2 hours 40 mins
  3. https://www.reliancedigital.in/lg-139-cm-55-inch-ultra-hd-4k-oled-smart-tv-oled55c2xsc/p/492912918
  4. Agree, but youtube has forced to purchased cause of the ads The smartplayer on tv is great but not sure how long it will last. Vanced is already dead and could broken any time
  5. Saw Jhund in couple of days lengthy movie 2:50 Mins but i quite enjoyed the movie
  6. Star won the TV Rights and Viacom for digital.
  7. Flipkart is really shitty, had a similar experience in past with them. Better to pay more and buy from amazon.
  8. Why do you want window AC it's power hungry, extra maintenance
  9. Unconditional parenting is very very good parenting book listened to audible first 2 chapters. Highly recommended I bought it since my child also seems relative of satan and wanted to see what changes can be brought in. Though most things would be applicable if your child is above 3 years. You can also check how to talk to little kids so that they listen. Why nobody has told me before is more psychology book but covers some of important points in lowdown, anger and every other human emotion. Bought both from bookswagon though there delievery time could be painful but they get you books which are hard to find and packaging is just superb.
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