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  1. Still can't understand on what basis kl. Rahul is rested for nz series he definitely backed out due to swinging conditions. Worst opener India has, they should forfeit his vc as well as he doesn't deserve at all. Rohit though seems to be continuing his captaincy. Probably Kohli would also have to retire from t20 as his game is 160-180 but t20 has moved on. But he would be beast again in ODI
  2. Digital 2 sports had radio rights so you can face a strike
  3. Completely agree artwork is one of amazing specially on deluxe edition yet to complete book 2 will order before it goes out of stock
  4. All matches to be broadcasted on Jio cinema for free
  5. Why is Rahul rested again seems like he is working from home more than employees of tech company
  6. Wasn't Rahul holding his back as well would replace rahul instead
  7. Ashwin looking very poor should be replaced with Chahal
  8. No one seems to be able to play extra bounce
  9. Finch is also part of top 10
  10. Kl Rahul would be like Netherlands ko main pelega
  11. Dull matches for next 3 days
  12. Twitter exploded with Kohli
  13. Kohli just talked about how people backed him when he was down, great to hear from him. This could be kohli 2.0 world cup is going to be fun
  14. Has oled gone so cheap? I read that 48 inch model is inferior to 55 inch
  15. The big problem is you are looking at Quant in retrospective
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