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  1. Yes buds are great value i'm using buds plus since Aug 2020 great battery life and good call quality
  2. How much saving it results in smaller items non electronic?
  3. Yes seems like all slots are sold out even in Mumbai
  4. Completely fake sale they have lot of Comics for sale but everything is out of stock just luring people
  5. Yeah i heard there is a hardcover coming next year And this just landed 10 mins back it's probably biggest book i have
  6. Completed Stray dogs in 30 mins was expecting to be childish story but very good would recommend a read through
  7. Yeah toss leads to win 90% of time. We should not have any further matches in UAE
  8. It's just that you have too much of free time use it better than watching TV
  9. On what device are you reading since on smaller device it really kills the experience
  10. Most members there are pathetic
  11. Can we have more dark themes the obe we have is not readable to see what is read and what is not
  12. And how about 3rd umpire taking time for decision is that counted ?
  13. Things not looking good after Chahal over, bowling doesn't looks penetrative
  14. @Bird Bird Bird Have you read Eight Billion genies there is so much buzz after Amazon picked it up for a show
  15. The show seems to have dubbed in 31 languages first of its kind
  16. It has wonderful art but comics is really boring did you got the reprinted edition?
  17. Have enrolled will probably earn some points this month
  18. Thanks not sure why it has to be enrolled is there a catch?
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