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  1. Finally was able to setup hyperion using it for non drm apps it works great
  2. Thanks what is the best source to get ws2812b is roboway.in trusted
  3. @Shantz Have you been playing around with RGB led with esp device?. Wanting to setup ambilight for tv which could work in Netflix and could see it require hdmi splitter and capture card but seem to find a quality one Capture card http://bluerigger.co.in/product/hdmi-switches/
  4. Warranty is 1+2 sony warranty and then croma zip care cashless warranty for next 2 years so next 5 years are set
  5. Warranty is 1+2 sony warranty and then croma zip care cashless warranty for next 2 years so next 5 years are set
  6. Sale price is effective the only better price which you might get is on Dhanteras on Friday
  7. Has anyone purchased tv from Samsung store website? Qn90b is going for 65k for 50 inch @CarbonCore
  8. Can someone summarize the changes which has happened in emi where they won't allow to cancel emi. LG is offering 1.15 with 3 years, how much more does extra 2 year cost?
  9. Yes with C2 it's hard to avoid demo models. I heard c3 will go down to 1.2
  10. Anyone who purchased C2 55 or 48 inch and what was the price last year diwali ? Looking for comparative for C3
  11. I got price of 48 C2 for 80k with 8k cashback with hdfc in reliance but realise c2 lacks dts support
  12. Which year model is it? You can also check in about of your TV
  13. Which one is your B or C I'm also looking for 50 inch
  14. My TV has again started giving problems so between Qn90b or X90k. Anyone has these tvs and whats the price offline? I see on samsung corporate 83k for 50 inch not looking for 55 not sure of sony
  15. Diwali cleaning started need to get some shelf as have same qty comics in different shelves
  16. Brooks isn't a popular brand in India or even in mainstream in US but they have been releasing really durable shoes. They would really last for long time
  17. The seller is legit verified by Brooks India and already got Ghost 15 from the same seller. Could have gone with Glycerine 20 or Ghost 15 its quite cheap and quite superior unless you need stability shoe https://runrepeat.com/guides/best-brooks-running-shoes
  18. Don't go for Nike on Flipkart its around 10k and chance of fake are high. Take any Brooks or Saucony shoe they are legit on flipkart.
  19. Yeah most orders were cancelled by Amazon apart from few whose order was already shipped
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