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  1. Anyone using Asics Gel Nimbus 22/23? How is the durability saw some flipkart reviews that sole came out in some time
  2. It would be too complex wont recommend for someone who is not working.
  3. My nephew wanted him to learn some techniques earlier
  4. Thanks any suggestions for self help books for class 10 student the language needs to be very simple
  5. Is snapdeal good place to buy books some books are very cheap there? @North
  6. Is it worth getting Airpods Pro from US instead of India costing around 210 USD with charging case ?
  7. Not sure if possible but going should leave IPL and take 2 months break let England tour go by it will only dent his confident.
  8. https://www.tin-nsdl.com/downloads/pan/download/Form_49A.PDF Anyone applied for PAN for minor ? It has 2 sections for photo does Representative assess photo also needs to be attached ?And Signature ? @Bird Bird Bird
  9. Middle order is pretty weak , the only plus point I see is Hardik is batting responsibly. Also no Harshal ?
  10. Saw Mai was good expecting a sequel.
  11. I saw don't f**k with cats and tinder swindler both were below average.
  12. Thanks anything from historical?
  13. Any good recommendation for documentaries on netflix
  14. Just move over fancy thing a excel sheet is more than good enough @El Tigre Chino Kuvera isn't affected
  15. Not sure why you purchase mf via coin they tie up with your demat so if you want to close demat anytime in future it's a hassle
  16. Yes no auto debit for many platforms Kuvera and AMC websites aren't affected
  17. https://www.sebi.gov.in/legal/circulars/dec-2021/circular-on-mutual-funds_54542.html# Lot of platform affected , good i only do via AMC site or Kfintech
  18. Can you please PM me a sample report
  19. Anyone using ticker tape pro is it worth trying?
  20. NN50 going to give some bad returns once zomato and paytm joins on 31st March
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