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  1. BC I'm still halfway through FF7 rebirth and now FF16 drops their DLC, Stellar Blade is coming in 4 days and my backlog is looking at me Kab time milega. BC when will i win lottery and play games 24X7
  2. This is how gaming should be. Its a slap on the woke developers and how they try to appease the Gen Z bakchodi and make gaming development choices based on that. No shame in admitting that this is to please horny gamers and I am one of them. Good story will be icing on cake()
  3. Pretty much. I hope digital version is not censored one. Might have to download from high seas if Indian version is censored
  4. Monkey Man coming directly on Amazon Prime tomorrow. Lets see if this is a direct addition to Prime catalogue or rent method. I suspect it will be on rent first for few weeks since it just released in US few weeks ago. either way, will be watching this tomorrow. Psyched. Will see it twice, once in hindi and once in english. lol.
  5. ZooZoo

    TopSpin 2K25

    Who else is getting this? This does look a bit dated and almost like a PS4 games but we have been devoid of a good Tennis game for a long time so maybe it will sell well.
  6. From not even knowing about this game 6 months ago to being absolutely psyched about this game to release in a week. This game has come a long way. Perfect marketing. Show the game with not very long time to release, release frequent videos, release a proper demo and do collabs. I just hope the story is as good as premise.
  7. Games bana do bhai thode Phil Babu, nahi to Bots aise hi velle kaam karte rahenge.
  8. BC doga supposed to have build of a huge bodybuilder. Ye kis chomu ko le aaye. Aur Dhruv ki jitni taareef kare utni kam hai.
  9. Since its the same character, it would be interesting how they explain the skill progression or lack of skills at the start of the game. Maybe Henry will get some sickness which will cause him to forget all of the skills or he will get bumped in the head and forget his memory.
  10. ZooZoo

    Baldur's Gate 3

    Good that this game doenst shy away from nudity and its pretty detailed as well Experiment with your party clothing bois
  11. Must be so frustrating for Bumrah to do this match after match only to see other bowlers sh*tting the bed and almost loosing match from winning positions. Man is on another level compared to MI bowlers or anyone in the world.
  12. Starfield bhi itna hype ke baad reviewers khareed khareed ke score badhaya hai. Just check the reviews on Meta. Its all lawda lahsun Reviewers giving 100 scores to Starfiled which is inflating the score. (SmosXBOX, MondoXBOX, GenerecionXBOX, Hey poor player and what not) take those bought reviews out and see the score tank.
  13. ajeeeb chutiyapa hai bots hai. Not every game is supposed to be a 95 meta game. Agar ye game bots ke dabbe pe release hota to unka game of the decade bana dete. Itni aadat ho gayi hai bots ko tatti games khelne ki. This is a good game to be bought on sale since there are far too many good games coinciding. I would have bought it if I didnt have anything else to play but I was playing Dragons Dogma 2 on release and after finishing it, I jumped back into Final Fantasy 7
  14. Yes but TBH, Pandu bowled pretty trash. 9/10 times such bowling will go to stands.
  15. So true. Count feminists as well. Was listening to recent Beyond podcast and one of the black female feminist they got there, she was extremely biased towards hyping up Suicide Squad and did not want other panelist to even speak about Stellar Blade. She was cutting them off with Suicide Squad and when they criticize, she was like "What you dont like in it", What gameplay is generic, you tell me, blah blah. It was so annoying that I had to stop listening to a Beyond podcast first time in their history. Ek taraf in logo ko equality chahiye aur dusri tarah aise bhaukti hai ladko pe privilege ke saath. Only reason those guys didnt engage with her as they knew it will only escalate and she is not sane.
  16. We have great culture of getting offended and cancelling people. No AAA developer is willing to take that headache.
  17. Which one is more reliable? I have seen some from Portronics, Urbn, Ambrane and Amazon Basics.
  18. Iska naam badal ke LickBetter rakh do. Thats what he has done this whole gen.
  19. ZooZoo

    Dragon's Dogma II

    100% correct. The story here pales in comparison to any decent RPG. Yaha pe overall story can be summed up in 2 lines. Ek tha dragon, dil nikala, ek thi rani usne kara ghotala, end me dragon se boss fight. End. There was no mystery to unfold. Dragon Age and Mass Effect were so engaging till last minute, you dont know what is there in next mission.
  20. ZooZoo

    Dragon's Dogma II

    It had a solid foundation but they couldnt finish it. Core gameplay mechanics, classes and progression is fantastic. Game looks pretty if you have a hefty PC. But thats where all good things end. They should have spent more time on building a story and side missions for the world they created. For now it felt like they were rushed to release it and since they did not have enough story, they artificially elongated the length of the game by making traversal painfully slow, obstruct you with enemies every 10 feet and intentionally putting quest related things on different ends of the map. Enemy variety is also pathetic for an RPG. Its basically Goblin, Bandit, Harpies, Crocs, Trolls/Ogre and Minotaur. there are few big enemies that show up once in the game but thats about it.
  21. Heaven bhai, those screenshots are borderline spoiler material. please hide.
  22. ZooZoo

    Dragon's Dogma II

    Wrapped up the game this weekend. Took about 55 hours. Got the true ending, there are 3-4 possible ends but I got the one which is supposedly the true ending but a bit dark. Overall, a tad disappointed with the game. It had great promise at the beginning and gameplay is extremely fun and solid. But the traversal mechanic is frustrating and at times feels like it is there to slow down the game and make it feel bigger than it really is. If they had a traditional fast travel like other RPGs, this game can be finished under 20 hours. I spent more than half of my time just walking from one end of map to other end. The main story is really short with very few interesting side missions. Feels like a part of game is cut to make content for DLC cuz where the game ends, it is where usually other big RPGs start unveiling the main story further. Even 88 meta was too high for this. This is at max, 80/100 game. Witcher is still the gold standard for RPGs even after a decade.
  23. Chahiye bhi nai. Rakho apne pass. Jitni der me ye log ES6 release karega, tab tak sony 2 naye IP bana degi.
  24. Too pricey for a 32 page comic. Will probably pick up the complete collection for cheap when they create a collectors edition. For now, going through the Sarvnayak series. Story is so convoluted and so many things they literally plagiarized from Marvel but its okay. Just wish it was a bit more original.
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