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  1. It is. Around the same time India picked both of them as openers for Test team which went to England. Imagine what must be going through DK's mind then. This truly deserves a biopic.
  2. Yes. WH1000 XM5. Leaked online already. Unless it is a significant jump from XM4, I would stay with XM4s.
  3. And the soundtrack is absolute banger. how can you forget that!!!!!!
  4. Naah, his form went down after he became a vegan. BC dilli ke munde se butter chicken cheenoge to kya hoga.
  5. So I finally managed to buy my first car. Feels great and a bit relaxing knowing that one of the goals is done. Nothing flashy as some of you discussed over last few pages. Its Nexon XZA+ (o) Dark Edition. Now I want to know a few accessories you guys would suggest for a first time owner. I'm deliberating over the Dashcam since Bangalore drivers are crazy. What other quality of life upgrades you will suggest?
  6. Funny part is, my GF who didnt watch the youtube video which I shared with her to prepare for this movie was clueless most of the time. She was like, WTF is happening. Watch Wandavision atleast if you wanna connect with the story. Good to see Wanda in full form. In magic, Dr Strange is basically that Jugadoo student of class who doesnt study well but somehow manages to get good grade while Wanda is the IIT topper who is on ultra level. Its apparent throughout the movie.
  7. Temper your expectations in terms of cameos and you will love the movie. There are cameos but they are not as big or important as NWH.
  8. DS2 was definitely a different movie. Pretty much a Marvel Horror movie. Sam Raimi's touch is visible everywhere. Its a good enjoyable movie but a solid 7.5 for me. Probably I got disappointed with a lot of fake rumors that were going around over the internet. Loved the character arc of America Chavez (bandi bhi cute hai ) would definitely like to see more of her in future. Finally Wanda got to show what she is capable of as per the comics. Boy, this Wanda would have finished Infinity War and Endgame in 5 minutes. Thanos is not even remotely close to how powerful she really is in Scarlet Witch version.
  9. The reason he is struggling so much now is that he never developed a lot of shots in his game and relied on his hand-eye coordination to play other shots where traditionally some better shots can be played. Now with age, his hand-eye coordination is shot so he is now getting in trouble. Ex: he has literally no cut shots or late shot to get the ball in point to third man regions thus for good to shortish length balls, he ends up playing a poke-drive kinda shot on the up which was fine when he was good but now getting him out. Sachin, Dravid etc, all had excellent range of cut shots for such balls. Sweep was another example which you explained well. Sachin had slog sweep, grounded sweep, paddle sweep etc. No spinner were able to trouble him much even at the f** end of his career due to this excellent range. Kohli as a batter has a very limited range which is getting exposed now.
  10. MI vs CSK would be interesting. Who got the biggest clown bowling attack BC we lost the season when we spent half of the budget in Ishan f**king Kashan. Could've bought Boult and QDK for that price.
  11. Stormbird FTW. Get it and beat almost anyone singlehandedly
  12. Get EA Access instead. F1 2021 got added to it recently and you will get a chance to play tons of other EA games too.
  13. Any idea what happens to existing subscription?
  14. Good to see a lot of new talent doing well. With addition of 2 new teams, it opens up possibilities of new youngsters to shine.
  15. This Abhinav guy looks like Indian version of Livingstone. Very very powerful striker. Could be the find of the season on these roads of Mumbai.
  16. Xpressbee is much much better. I booked a pickup at 4 AM and got it picked up at 11 AM same morning. always had great experience with them.
  17. use the deepsleep option and data saver. Together they ensure the apps which you arent using, dont leak and access internet in background to give you ads and waste battery. It takes some effort and time to set those up for each app manually but once done, you will see remarkable improvement. I always do this on my every Samsung device soon after the first boot.
  18. Reason why my recently bought Halo Edition Series X is in Sale threads
  19. Elite traps are OP. Took down a thunderjaw in two traps.
  20. This was just a rich dude doing cosplay who had no idea what he was doing. Bale is still the best.
  21. Welcome Home on Sony Liv is a decent Thriller/Horror. Solid 7/10. Don't miss it.
  22. I guess the smart-a*s idiot who like to poke his nose everywhere, disappeared after seeing the overwhelming majoring of people here being disappointed by Batman. Sometimes having the back of mod isn't enough to have improve intellect. P.S: hamesha ki Tarah is udte teer ko bhi le Lena 😅
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