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  1. RealInsider doesn't exist anymore. Apparantely it was Dan Allen Gaming who was breaking NDAs to appear as insider and leaking news given to media outlets with strict NDAs and embargos. Idiot had a clown moment and picked a beef with Jason Schrier on twitter and Jason just investigated the sh*t out of him and outted his identity which got his account deleted.
  2. ZooZoo

    Death Stranding

    Once you get good and get few upgrades, you will do what I did to farm materials. I used to go to BT infested areas to let small BTs to capture me so that I can kill the monster BTs to farm. Best way to farm
  3. ZooZoo

    Death Stranding

    I legit spent hours over a whole week building the roads while listening to podcast. made later game so much easy to travel and missions became a breeze. It might feel like a chore but do spend some time building roads.
  4. KL Avesh need to be kicked if we are to have any chance in the world cup against proper teams. Rohit Virat Sky Pant Hardik Hooda/Ashwin Jaddu Chahal Boobie Bum Arse This lineup will give us 4 fast bowler and 3 spinners. Luxury for any captain.
  5. Sky plays like he does cuz he knows that he has to compensate for Avesh c***
  6. Ebay. Takes hell lot of time nowadays if item is coming from China. If seller is from some other country then it comes faster.
  7. Well, not necessarily the only reason for reduction in weight. They moved from 6nm process from 7nm in this revision which alone will reduce the size of silicon. This change in fabrication might be one of the reasons behind the increased price but it will result in better availability of chips and supply will improve. Beyond this, we cant assume that reduction in heatsink will cause more heat because this is 3rd revision, they have revised the model already last year where people were again quick to jump the gun and were calling for Sony's head but an exhaustive test from Gamernexus showed that sony reduced the weight and actually improved the thermals. So I would wait for the review of new model by Gamernexus before jumping the gun again based on just hearing few things here and there.
  8. I liked the game as a technical showcase, bold storyline choices and sheer quality of animations. I didn't like the story or playing as Abby but by the time I finished the game, I understood why Niel chose to do it this way and it was far more impactful as we were playing the second half of game with a lot of hatred for the character we were controlling. I just didn't like the ending.
  9. Both TLOU threads are in top in this subforum, Xbots ki dhoti me sahi me aag lagi hui hai
  10. Gamepass when. Phil daddy pleeeez buy this. We dont like paying moniess.
  11. Guess what came in mail today. Probably one of the first few SteamDecks to arrive in India.
  12. I'm sorry Hermione, I don't know that spell. Well maybe you should've studied a bit more then Harry. No, I just don't have a PlayStation!
  13. And the VS thread goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. Gotcha, Then I should stop checking the status update 5 times a day. Will just chill and check on next weekend whats up with it.
  15. How long it takes to clear the customs if they undervalue? Do you just wait or you vist the Post Office? I have an item priced at Euro 150 which is at Bangalore customs for last 3 days.
  16. How low is the low value to skip customs?
  17. need to see it on a big screen with 4DX for the oomph. Watching a downloaded version doesnt do justice to this movie.
  18. Preorder is live. I guess I am a PC gamer now
  19. Naah, you can share anything mate. People have shared comics and graphic novels also. As long as the purchase made you happy, share it.
  20. ZooZoo


    gameplay and traversal looks super fun. NPC interactions are a bit dud but that would be like 20% of this game so if gameplay is as fun as it looks, I will be okay with it. Moreover, I guess they are taking extra months to polish animations etc so NPC interactions might get better. Next years is all about magic. Jan is Forspoken, Feb is Hogwarts Legacy and it looks like Midnight Suns will be March game based on what they said during delay. So 3 months back to back of magic and superhero powers.
  21. That conversion is incorrect. Someone mentioned on twitter. They messed up converting from some other currency. Lets wait till evening to see actual price when preorders go live.
  22. Abeee did you finish the original? There is a section
  23. Its not a Playstation thing. It more like Sony is driving this from the top to monetize on the IPs they have. some of these could be good like TLOU as it requires less CGI hence manageable budget while others like Horizon might turn out to be hot garbage cuz CGI budget alone would be through the roof per episode. Sony would need a GOT like commitment to budget it they want to do proper Horizon.
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