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  1. Does the PM have no control over his party in other states? This is appalling!
  2. For a 1.5 feet fall, that damage to the body plastic seems fairly high. But as long as the internals held up and were kept safe, its all good!
  3. With the state of GPUs in current market. A PS5 for 50k, sounds like a steal deal!
  4. Oh f*ck, I had a couple of CCs added in Mobikwik. What should be done now? Block and replace those cards?
  5. I think it doesn't, as when I finished all the additional lab puzzles by skipping, I received some trophy. But then, I'm also a person, who doesn't care for trophies, so there's that
  6. There is an option to skip all the puzzle/science missions, I enabled it after progressing through the story a bit.
  7. I know, right? I had the same vibes while playing control, every now 'n then.. I thought I was the only one..
  8. @HundredProofSam Fantastic giveaway! I'm in too.. *Fingers crossed*
  9. I think its fixed. I was able to see the Free Upgrade option shown when signed in my Indian PSN account. Should've waited, instead of spending 2k for SM remastered on UK account
  10. Got Unravel 2. It's going for 33x on PSN.
  11. I love the ANC and sound signature (warm, and slight bass oriented) of the XM3s. And the mic for day-to-day office calls inside a normal room is absolutely fine, no complaints. The Bose QC35 sound is nothing special for what you'd expect from a 20k headphone, the reason why I went with the XM3. So, if you prefer comfort and don't really want the best sounding can, then the QC35 is better. Like me, if you want the best ANC & sound(subjective), then XM3, eyes closed
  12. I love Carlitos way, one of my all time favourite. It's a film with a regular story. But there is something about it, which makes it tick. May be it's the Pacino factor, not sure!
  13. Why not go for UST funds? Is it because of the credit risk that comes with it or something else?
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