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  1. True, it was such a delight to watch him play during his prime time. Sad, he had to leave United. I was hoping he would finish his career there.
  2. I may as well be getting the same mobo soon. A few queries, Are you able to run the RAM @ the rated specs? And did you try overclocking the CPU? How much were you able to achieve?
  3. Thanks! This one seems good. Would you know if this model will look like MB511RGB, if we add the RGB fans to the front?
  4. In India, I believe, ASUS has the best after sales service, followed by Gigabyte. But, sadly Asus B450 boards ain't as good as the other manufacturer counterparts.
  5. Stretch a bit more and get the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max. It should be around 9.5k.
  6. I will take that recommendation as well. As I had recently ordered the Ryzen 2700 with Corsair Ram from US, and it would be arriving in a couple of months. Need to get a decent motherboard (4-6k range), that is reliable and one that will support minor overclocking and nVME SSDs. Hopefully the ASRock would be good. Also, can someone recommend me a nice looking cabinet (in the 2.5-3.5k range), that's big enough for ATX boards, with space to support CPU coolers (like Hyper212), and high-end cards. USB 3.1 front panel would be a plus.
  7. Yeah, i just watched it over the weekend too. Some scenes gave me the chills!
  8. True that! Tobey's spiderman 1 and 2 are still charming to this date. p.s: Let's forget part 3 ever happened though..
  9. Just FYI, there are no ads on the K20 series.
  10. I think emirates doesn't allow you to get visa via them, if you don't have the return tickets booked with them. I tried via manage booking today, but it wasn't allowing me to choose the flight in the list, even though my travel date is well below 60 days.
  11. I only have a return flight with Indigo, will I still be able to get a visa by going through Indigo?
  12. Can someone shed some light on Dubai visa processing? I am planning to go in the first week of October with family for about 5 days. So, how soon should I apply for a visa? And who is the best vendor for it (online)? P.S: I already have the to(Emirates) and fro(Indigo) flight tickets.
  13. Oh boy! This is going to be legendary!
  14. Tata CLiq is good, I haven't encountered any issues with my orders (laptop, external HDD, fashion stuff etc.,)
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