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  1. Yeah, with 1/3rd the GPU power, I wonder how SS can deliver the same graphic fidelity as SX by just lowering resolution. There has to be more trade-offs..Even if it does 1080p 30fps, that should be decent enough. The SS seems like nice move, hopefully it doesn't hold back the capabilities of next-gen games.
  2. Is this for PC and Free2Play?
  3. Ram Dante

    Gotham Knights

    Nope! That doesn't work in Arkham Knight, the enemies can screw you up in seconds..
  4. It won the national award, and was also chosen as India's entry for Oscar that year. The director(Vetrimaaran) is pretty good, love most of his movies, mainly Aadukalam, and Vada Chennai.
  5. Awesome man! And mine hasn't even shipped yet :/ Btw, how do we do them updates? Is there a companion app?
  6. Thanks man, I had been checking after your previous post, and managed to snag a black one soon after Exactly! Even I was thinking if I should really go for the XM3, when the XM4 is already announced. Then again, considering the present situation, I am pretty sure the XM4 is going to cost higher, and it will be a while until we see 18.5k kinda pricing. So the XM3 now, makes perfect sense. There is a chance we might get better prices during BBD/diwali sale though. But to wait and see, is a choice you have to make.
  7. Oh, I guess I will keep checking back then. Thanks!
  8. Holy cr*p. Stocks out at 19990. It's listed for a higher price now
  9. So, I guess its going to be the WH-1000XM3 for me it is then..
  10. I thought Dinjo was talking about the WH-1000XM3(hp) and the Buds+, so I had written that even though Buds+ are pretty good, they(earbuds) can't give the sound experience of what a headphones(WH-1000xm3) offers. I hope I'm clear now And I'm mainly looking at getting a ANC headphone best for music/movies, and good for taking calls from home. Headphone comfort is not really a priority, as long as it doesn't hurt my ears. So, you're saying the Bose aren't really great for streaming music? Because I'm going to be using them for music/movie listening almost 50% of the time.
  11. Yeah, I don't have personal experience listening to either. So, I'm inclining towards Sony, mainly because of youtube reviews, and the known Sony's sound signature(slightly bass biased, it would be good for movies). But since I also need to use these for office calls, I am confused. How do the bose sound? More studio reference quality with clear highs and mids, but with very less-to-no bass? Can you explain?
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