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  1. Hello. Would like to know how much should I price the following comics for sale. https://imgur.com/a/E5yV7xg
  2. Greetings fellow gamers. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Pulkit, but you can address me as 'Punk'. I am 28 years old guy from hills of Dehradun who is currently situated in Delhi. 'Punk' used to be my gamer name since I started gaming. I have been playing games since as long as I can remember. The very first game which I remember playing was Pac-Man at my uncle's residence. I was 3 years old at that time. I loved it, thought it was very challenging at that time. I later got a Sega 16bit console for myself. I played on it for years. I got another Mitashi console too for newer 32bit games like Mighty Final fight, Snow Bros and Adventure Island. I wanted to get a Playstation but my parents thought I indulged myself too much into video games so I was refused to buy games anymore. So I took a break from gaming for some time. Fast forward a few years, I was in school, 5th std. when they decided to get a PC for office work. It was a second hand PC so the previous owner had a few games installed on it. Mostly RTS, FPS and Grand strategy games. Call of Duty, Command & Conquer 4 and Commandos 2 were a few of them which were my favourite. It introduced me to strategy games after playing 16bit and 32bit retro platformers. I also played sports games on it with my elder brother because he liked sports games like Cricket 07 and Fifa 2009. My mother always remembered about me longing for a Playstation so she got me a PS2 after I graduated from High School. So I started a collection of great titles for my PS2 console, while playing every up and coming new gen game on my PC. The Prince of Persia trilogy and God of War were my very first purchase for PS2 collection, while Max Payne 2 and NFS Underground 2 were installed on my PC. I expanded my collection upto 60-70 game titles on my PS2, and had played over 100 on my PC. I started my college and there we had CS competitions which interested me a lot. I purchased a mid-end laptop for my college studies and started to play RPGs and management sims of all sorts. I also branched out towards medieval strategies like Age of Empire, Rise of Nations and Total war, and started to explore indie titles of every genre. College studies kept me busy and I couldn't delve too much time into gaming. I also had other hobbies like reading, writing, music, painting, sketching, cinema, etc which took its fair share of my time. During the final years of my college, due to some medical reasons, I was unable to pursue my hobbies anymore. I suffered through serious nerve ending damage, which also caused me to lose my hearing rapidly. I was advised not to take too much stress so I took a farewell from gaming and few other of my hobbies. Couple of years ago, I bought my own PS3 and have a few gaming titles of it, but I feel I have already played most of those titles on my PC. Dark Souls was my most favourite title on PS3 console. But still, I would like to get back into gaming, even moderately if possible. I still have my extensive PS2 collection with me which I absolutely adore. Although, I do think I missed out a lot many titles on it due to other obligations in my life. I now work as a professional, and sometimes like to play games just to enjoy myself, or think about the old days. I would love to get to know all of you, and be a part of this wonderful community. If allowed, I would love to have gaming sessions, with like minded people, who are located in close proximity. I enjoy retro gaming, couch co-op on playstation, in moderation ofcourse. Cheers to all fellow gamers.
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