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  1. Too much drama, and then again no cross-verification without threads. =/
  2. ALPHA17

    Darksiders III

    I have played both, DarkSiders 2 was a good step up from the original. If you did not like the sequel, highly doubt you will like the original.
  3. ALPHA17

    Battlefield 1

    ACT should be better than usual and Chennai is pretty much as far South as you can go. I split 50:50 between your experience since most players here have not had a good experience since EA pulled custom server support. On the other hand, hey you might strike lucky.
  4. ALPHA17

    Battlefield 1

    Totally dependent on the ISP and @WR10's city. Where will you be shifting back to? If it is not anywhere South of Bombay be prepared to have ~120 -->150ms+ pings depending on your ISP.
  5. ALPHA17

    Destiny 2

    Garbage, if you want a time sink game try Warframe.
  6. ALPHA17

    Darksiders III

    They will in Darksiders 4 most likely.
  7. Solaris United Theme -- Keith Power (Warframe OST)
  8. ALPHA17


    One of the best way to reveal the whole new world. A chain gang chant given to music.
  9. ALPHA17

    HITMAN 2

    Naah! He will just be stuck in a traffic jam on the Western Expressway and the assassination thing will pop up because the building the VIP is holed up in will collapse or something.
  10. Nope, if you are building a new system, wait for the B450 boards from AMD to show up and then make a call.
  11. Okay, cool. Hold up for a couple days then. Wait for the cheaper B450 motherboards to show up. They will be perfectly suited to your needs. Cheers! A good B360 chipset based motherboard from any of your preferred AiB partner is golden. Cheers! In fact, even this looks good.
  12. What all do you need in that budget? Just the tower and its innards or the monitor, tower, peripherals all inclusive?
  13. Answers, sequentially, Check local prices, please. Because the Core i5 8400 /8500 is a hex-core processor while the Ryzen 5 2600 /2600X is a hex-core processor with SMT (AMD's version of Hyper-Threading), so effectively it shows up with 12 cores. More cores = more resources = more reserve juice in the tank going forward. Yes, there is talk of Ryzen 2 but it would likely be 2019 when it shows up here. If you can wait, why not. If not Ryzen+ is not a bad choice in itself. Not really, original Ryzen landing prices were pretty solid when it landed here. Retailers might have gotten a good response with Ryzen is my only explanation for now. Someone recently posted in the What I bought thread, check there and get in touch. But yes, the highest refresh rate monitor in your budget is what you should gun for.
  14. Good time to upgrade. The Ryzen is definitely a better rounded offering compared to Intel's Coffee Lake range of processors although in a straight shoot out Intel will still win across the board for just gaming. I would still recommend the former over the latter, just wait for the RAM prices to drop and hopefully AMD's new budget range B450 motherboards will be in the market by that time. Also, since AMD has reiterated that they will support the AM4 socket till 2020, it means going forward if you have to upgrade in the next two-three years, you will not be forced to move your entire system (RAM +motherboard) when you drop in a new CPU, at max you will need to flash your BIOS and make sure you are getting a compatible chip to move up to. For your requirements get a good 1080p FreeSync monitor from LG or Acer. High refresh-rate should be your highest priority at this point.
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