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  1. Too much drama, and then again no cross-verification without threads. =/
  2. ALPHA17

    Darksiders III

    I have played both, DarkSiders 2 was a good step up from the original. If you did not like the sequel, highly doubt you will like the original.
  3. ALPHA17

    Battlefield 1

    ACT should be better than usual and Chennai is pretty much as far South as you can go. I split 50:50 between your experience since most players here have not had a good experience since EA pulled custom server support. On the other hand, hey you might strike lucky.
  4. ALPHA17

    Battlefield 1

    Totally dependent on the ISP and @WR10's city. Where will you be shifting back to? If it is not anywhere South of Bombay be prepared to have ~120 -->150ms+ pings depending on your ISP.
  5. No, they only started proper last year. JDI is the world's largest supplier of LCD-type displays for smartphones. SONY is one of the primary stakeholders in its ops and LCD's are no longer seen in any of the flagship devices save SONY's. Everyone has pretty much transitioned over to OLED's.
  6. No, not really. SAMSUNG has started making its own camera modules, those were SONY's biggest semiconductor component and now it has already slowed down for them. Same is the case with their display business.
  7. ALPHA17

    Destiny 2

    Garbage, if you want a time sink game try Warframe.
  8. Already under stress from iOS and Android. People are no longer buying desktops, notebooks at the same rate as in the past. Also, Microsoft has already pivoted to an app and cloud-centric approach to its revenue model since Satya Nadella took over.
  9. If we could endure the non-stop barrage of SONIC titles.
  10. ALPHA17

    Darksiders III

    They will in Darksiders 4 most likely.
  11. Solaris United Theme -- Keith Power (Warframe OST)
  12. ALPHA17


    One of the best way to reveal the whole new world. A chain gang chant given to music.
  13. ALPHA17

    HITMAN 2

    Naah! He will just be stuck in a traffic jam on the Western Expressway and the assassination thing will pop up because the building the VIP is holed up in will collapse or something.
  14. Nope, if you are building a new system, wait for the B450 boards from AMD to show up and then make a call.
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