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  1. THE GRAPHIC CARD THREAD Seeing that the thread is being re-purposed for a more flexible discourse on the topic of graphic card(s). I take full responsibility of maintaining the thread to the best of my abilities. Any and all help is accepted (with credible source) and will be appreciated. DRIVERS AMD Latest stable driver release -- AMD Crimson Relive Edition 16.12.2 Latest BETA driver release -- AMD Crimson Hotfix 16.1 nVidia Latest stable driver release -- WHQL 376.33 Latest BETA driver release -- BETA 352.63 For AMD the drivers are derivative from HD79** series of cards and Windows 10 64-Bit. For nVidia the drivers are from GTX10** series onwards with Windows 10 64-bit. Both sites feature an auto-detect feature in-case you are unsure of your exact hardware / software dispositions. Source(s): WCCF Tech / Anandtech / Linus Tech Tips / Hardware Canucks / GURUof3D / Videocardz / Chiphell
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