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  1. ALPHA17

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    I would love for that to be a standard, yes. But, depends more on what happens in the sub-10,000 Rupee market here and $150 and lower chips abroad. Cheers!
  2. ALPHA17

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    That is because NVidia has made the pipeline like that. If they had an open box solution, I think CUDA cores could also be leveraged. Its like PHYsX, you needed dedicated hardware, till you did not, till NVidia wanted you to have it and basically killed it. Already pushing the envelope, since Ryzen 5 launch.
  3. ALPHA17

    The Graphics Card thread

    Apart from Assassin's Creed, everything should run pretty decent at high settings.
  4. ALPHA17

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    Dude, even RTX is software based, only difference is that the RT (Tensor) cores are used for de-noising the raw image.
  5. hey Alpha,pls take a look at the images in my FS Thread.

    They're working now

  6. ALPHA17


    Cool, let me know if you see me online though. =]
  7. ALPHA17

    STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order

    That would be amazing, might make me drop some cash in the ORIGIN Store finally.
  8. ALPHA17


    https://imgur.com/gallery/wVU5Z Any chance of you squeezing in a few hours this weekend @Tyler, need help with the Mesa and Spira farm.
  9. ALPHA17

    The Graphics Card thread

    It would not be that bad. But yes, that is the way it should go.
  10. ALPHA17

    The Graphics Card thread

    Step by step in your case.
  11. ALPHA17

    The Graphics Card thread

    Purchasing any Intel processor at this time is pointless, the prices are out of whack plus no future path.
  12. ALPHA17

    The Graphics Card thread

    The CPU is definitely going to be the bottleneck going forward. And RAM I cannot comment on because that is something I would rather you do not invest in independently at this point.
  13. ALPHA17

    The Graphics Card thread

    Get a GTX 1660Ti. For the monitor, unless you need the 1440p display and are willing to get a bigger panel for the same. A 24" full-HD display with a high refresh rate (FreeSync) should be what you should aim for. Cheers!
  14. ALPHA17

    The Division 2

    1000 hours in a month, which seat will you be running from in the coming election?