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  1. @radicaldude Its the 2019 pro version and one of the only devices to be able to do Dolby Vision with Atmos in an mkv container.
  2. Same story here... Received the Series X in a plastic bag badly torn at the edges. No internal damage but that's pretty bad service. The console works alright though.
  3. So what did you redeem first ? 7+1 months of gold followed by 24 months of Gold via gift card?
  4. I have been doing the same thing. Initially for first 3 months I was extra careful but then it was a bit annoying for me so I started using it normally. Now 2.5 years later and 7k+ hours later on my C9, it has been a non issue. 80% usage was as desktop screen and 20% for streaming /PS5 etc. The general advice of don't leave it on when having a static bright screen is all I followed. 8-10 hour HDR gaming sessions caused no issue. Even with Age of Empires 4 having many static HUDs, nothing got retained and I completed the game in a week to 10 days. So just be sensible with the usage and enjoy the TV! @NitroNeo
  5. Got an SSD for the PS5 but will be initially used in PC for few months.
  6. Actually I had an x570 motherboard 3800x plus Strix 3080 based build from 2020 that I was gradually shifting from over the past 6 months. Most of the parts were bought in exchange plus cash from my local dealer. He had a customer looking for Asus 3080 so he offered me option to buy 3080ti/3090 and I chose this card. So most of the build is made like that. I did pay additional 50k for the 3090 but I was desperate for an all white 011 Mini build so I obliged.
  7. So my tapatalk seems to be broken for IVG. I am getting Forum SSO error 2.
  8. It is for sure cheaper to get a separate heatsink and apply it but I am just holding out for a pre-applied one for no rational reason.
  9. Yeah I know separate heatsinks will do the job but still wanted to buy the SN850/Firecuda 530 with heatsinks.
  10. 1. Some users reported speed issues with the 980 Pro with 1/2 TB models whereas the SN850 runs a bit hot. If possible get the SN850 with heatsink as aftermarket heatsinks quality will vary. If price is no barrier then the Seagate Firecuda 530 is the one to get. Also, once the update goes live we will have a better sample size to make a decision. 2. I have been trying to get the 2 TB version the SN850 for the past month or so but is not available in India yet it seems. Will be using it in PC initially and then maybe the PS5 once my digital library grows.
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