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  1. It hasn't expired. Trying to figure out what caused this. https://i.imgur.com/tFScZ5j.png
  2. Yeah, there seems to be some issue related to database tables. No idea how it happened but trying to get it sorted.
  3. Why don't you make your point clear so we can understand what you really mean? It will be much easier than these indirect jabs are a certain mod/admin. If you'd rather not be direct, please keep these thoughts to yourself rather than go OT in multiple threads.
  4. Yeah been working on it with a couple of devs. Will hopefully be resolved in a couple of days.
  5. @radicaldude @AnK There are way too many complaints coming regarding you guys shitposting on this (and PS5) thread. And no, it's not from "Xbots". You're not fooling anyone by trying to disguise troll and bait comments as opinions and facts. There have been enough warnings. Any more such posts and mods/admins please ban. @Assassins Creed @Snake @Joe Cool etc
  6. The developer of the feedback plugin is working to fix this for us. Unfortunately, that's the only chance we have. If he's not able to find a fix, we'll need to find a new feedback system, which most likely won't carry over past feedback.
  7. HundredProofSam

    Skate 4

    So they announced the game last June but only set up a studio in Jan? This game is at least 2 years out. Also, open world.
  8. Far more grounded than Apex though. Seems slower and more accessible.
  9. Reads fine for me. Share a screenshot?
  10. Will only be resolved once Tapatalk releases an update.
  11. Yeah it appears to be zero for everyone. Checking.
  12. Who says it's launching in a month? August-end at the earliest. September-October is more realistic. And even if it was releasing next month, betas usually use a build that is a few months old. So the actual state of the game right now must be very different than what we're playing.
  13. Not looking at a logo change at the moment. Thanks for the feedback though. This is intentional and it is responsive. It's designed to cover 90% of the screen's width. It makes for better readability.
  14. As a test, I've added Clubs to the sidebar on the forum homepage.
  15. I wouldn't get my hopes up. Early-gen PES games are usually pretty janky.
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