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  1. It's an interesting point. But also, like he says, those films don't get made anymore because the people who want to watch them are either not many, or they don't support those very films. There will continue to be Marvel films and shows like Game of Thrones, which are massive in budget, scale and fandom. That hasn't changed because of streaming or subscriptions. Also, he uses production budgets to make his point. But CG has made production cheaper, so they're now able to achieve a lot more by spending a lot less. Spending less to make a film doesn't mean that sort of film isn't getting made anymore. Look at the quality of Indian content on Netflix/Prime. It's miles ahead of anything we saw on Indian TV. When you don't have to go through the traditional studio setup and fundraising process, it can also be a good thing. Doubly so for games. There are more indie game developers than ever before, because as Game Pass evolves, there will also be many ways for indie developers to keep putting their games out and be discovered.
  2. If you want to use the Netflix analogy, what we should really care about is that irrespective of the platform (purchase, subscription, stream), the types of films and shows that were being made 20 years ago (from big budget to indie to niche sub-genres) are still being made today. So even if gaming goes the subscription and/or streaming way, we'll still get the types of games we enjoy enjoy. Isn't that what matters?
  3. Everyone starts getting an existential crisis whenever something big like this happens Relax, the industry won't completely flip on its head because of acquisitions like these. The industry is getting bigger and there is room for all business models for the foreseeable future.
  4. Content is king, which is why MS is going after these acquisitions. They didn't have enough great in-house content IP. Sony has great content. The challenge for them will be how they continue getting it to customers. With Game Pass getting more and more convincing, Sony can no longer just rely on selling copies on console and PC. Maybe Sony's investments in Epic and Discord can help put something compelling together.
  5. Hey guys, Those of you visiting IVG through Tapatalk may have noticed notifications issues and other bugs. We've been trying to resolve those but it seems like Tapatalk doesn't seem to support this forum platform very well at the moment. So I've removed Tapatalk entirely, and we'll keep it that way - partly because there are frequent issues with their plugin and each update seems to add more bugs, but also because the mobile browser version of the forums is actually quite good (a lot better than Tapatalk IMO) and it will just be a far smoother experience over time.
  6. Another one! The Santa that keeps on giving. Love it, and I’m actually gonna use it as a pen holder on my desk. Thank you, Santa
  7. Christmas came early I love it. Had seen it on the GTS website but didn’t think it would look as good as it does in person. I will get a lot of use out of this. Thank you Santa! Please reveal yourself.
  8. Sorry was travelling so hadn't checked in for a while. Accepted all pending club requests. If I don't accept, you can ping @Snake or @Keyofx. Both are admins of the club.
  9. Loving it. I haven’t even scratched the selfie face wrt the smaller events though. Taking a break from it till they fix online.
  10. Can You share your order number? Will pass it on
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