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  1. I think it’s been discontinued on PS4 as well. Can’t create new ones. Already existing ones will continue on PS4. Hopefully they’ll bring it back on PS5 and carry over PS4 communities.
  2. Giveaway: Dualsense controller (new and sealed) Hitman 3 for PS5 (new and sealed) Eligibility criteria 1. Must be IVG member and PS5 owner 2. Must post proof of ownership in this thread. There is no one way to show proof, but here are some ways: - Link to PS5 post in What you bought this week thread dated before this post - Your name mentioned in @rushaboswal PS5 owners post - Trading post format: photo of console with your IVG name and date written on a piece of paper - Purchase invoice or order screenshot (can be easily manipulated so not 100% reliable) There is no fool proof way to determine proof of purchase so we’ll judge on a case by case basis. Deadline for entering is Feb 26.
  3. Oh yeah I didn’t think of that. But luckily I forgot to format the PS4 before selling it and I asked the buyer (a friend) to upload the save before formatting it. So hopefully that should sort it out.
  4. Oh man I wish I knew the PS5 version of Miles doesn't support standard PSN cloud saves. Sold my PS4 and now realised that saves for the PS5 version have to be uploaded in game from the PS4 version. This just seems unnecessary.
  5. Yeah it's like they built an entire new game within that expansion.. The whole building aspect is pretty cool too. Most devs would have just built a Lego game world and cars and called it a day.
  6. Love that opening sequence Was hoping to play Miles on PS5, but the game doesn't support cloud saves from the PS4 version. Been alternating between Ghost of Tsushima , P5 Royal (still waiting for it to pick up), PES (comfort food) , and Hitman 3 (but still completing Hitman 2 levels)
  7. My TV doesn't suppoer HDMI 2.1 anyway so I'm good for a few years. I got it from Best Buy. Had it shipped to my uncle in the US. Should get it by end of next month. I do have a Hue lightstrip above the TV and a Hue Go that I can move around. Haven't found the ideal spot for it yet.
  8. Bought the Hue HDMI switcher. Better be worth the $250 and the years of waiting. I don't even want to think about how many $ I've sunk into Hue.
  9. Yeah, they have an HDMI box that I had no idea about until this morning. Going to read up on it.
  10. Thanks. PSU is the only one in warranty. Everything is working fine. Case has a bit of rust because I used to live near the sea.
  11. I have spots on the console as well. And I haven't touched the damn thing since installing it. The future: https://gamerant.com/ps5-dirty-discoloration-clean-how/
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