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  1. Part 2 of my SS gift has arrived. A big box of chocolates But the best part of this was the personalised card that came with it. Thank you for the words, Anant/Sackboy. It’s truly appreciated, and without doubt one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. You’ve really made my day! IVG Secret Santa never disappoints.
  2. Finally got my secret Santa gift and it was totally worth the wait. It just so happens that I didn’t have this particular jersey. Thanks a ton! Please reveal yourself Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This will stretch your budget but worth it Acer Nitro QG271 27 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor
  4. Yeah. I removed a bunch of unnecessary, irrelevant or updated pinned threads
  5. Of course not. Just trying to see if we can merge other inactive sections into it
  6. Done so far: Merged all connect subsections into one Connect forum Deleted Tournaments section and moved all its threads to Connect Deleted Imports and moved all its threads to News Rumours and Discussions I think the major decision is how much to streamline the Games category. I would just merge News, Connect and Games forums into one Gaming Discussions forum, and prefix all game threads [OT]) Techzone could remain separate as it goes beyond gaming
  7. A lot depends on the publisher as well. They have to give the go-ahead for having pre-launch events. Three days prior was the earliest we got permission for FIFA from EA, but it could be different for other games. We'll try to do weekends but getting venues to give us space on their busy days is difficult.
  8. So we've had one for MK11 before and one now for FIFA 20. Both of these have been launch events, so these were just a chance for people to come and play the games before launch or on the night prior to launch. We also had India's top football freestyler who came to the event and performed, and we have people from various club fan clubs, like Real Madrid, Liverpool, Milan, Juventus. In the future, we also plan to do offline tournaments for games like FIFA or themed events like Fight Night (which would have multiple fighting games) or Track Nights (multiple racing games), etc I'll share some photos to give you guys a better idea.
  9. Unfortunately games launch on weekdays. Also venues are harder to get on weekends. But we'll surely plan some weekend ones. Snake try and drop in after work. It's on till 11.
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