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  1. It was fun. We had about 100 people in all. Wish more IVG members could have made it.
  2. I am Was a bit caught up with a lot of other stuff, but I've been lurking. No more!
  3. IVG Game Night: Celebrate the launch of Mortal Kombat 11 Over the past decade and more, the IVG community has come together across the country for community meet-ups. We’re about to take it to the next level with IVG Game Night. For the inaugural IVG Game Night, we’ve partnered with E-xpress Interactive, Sony PlayStation, Games the Shop and Warner Bros. Entertainment to celebrate the launch of one of the year’s biggest games: Mortal Kombat 11. We’re also partnering with Bonobo, one of Mumbai’s most popular night spots, where we invite fans of the game, IVG community members, and just about anyone, to come, play the game, meet fellow gamers, and even take home some merch. IVG Game Night will take place at Bonobo on Monday, April 22, 2019 from 8 pm onwards. Entry is free but this event is restricted to visitors aged 18 and above. If you do plan to attend, kindly fill out this short registration/RSVP form so we can ensure there’s enough merchandise for everyone. Mumbai gamers, YOU’RE NEXT
  4. My bad but I forgot to check this. We just recorded this week's podcast. But both great topics and we're definitely taking them up next week. Thanks
  5. We're recording the 45th one tomorrow, so if you guys have anything you'd like for us to touch upon, let us know.
  6. The world’s most irregular gaming podcast is back. A decade since the first one and three years since the last one, we’re finally back with episode 44 of the IVG Podcast. This time around, we’ve got on-board an IVG Podcast regular (Sam/HundredProofSam), one of its founding members who is back after several years (Avinash/Nash), and a debutant (Nikhil/Bullismasher). In keeping with tradition, this episode is a mix of the biggest news dominating the gaming world, our views on the games we’re currently playing, as well as future releases we’re looking forward to. Here’s a breakdown of the topics we’ve covered this time: What's happening: Google Stadia and a future with game streaming Borderlands 3: More of what we really don't want What we’re playing: The Division 2 Anthem Apex Legends DMC 5 (and the resurgence of Japanese games) Sekiro What's coming out: Days Gone Mortal Kombat 11 Dangerous Driving World War Z The podcast is currently available on our Soundcloud page, but we’ll soon be adding to our regular feed, so you’ll be able to access it via iTunes, your favourite podcast app, and now also on Spotify. Do have a listen and let us know what you think on forums and on social media. We’re also open to suggestions and ideas for what you’d like for us to cover on future episodes. We hope you enjoy!
  7. HundredProofSam

    Suggestions and feedback

    Go to Account Settings > Notification Settings > Uncheck "Play a sound when I receive a notification> See if that fixes it
  8. HundredProofSam

    Suggestions and feedback

    Anyone still facing this issue? Can you share specifics (device, browser, app, etc) I have never encountered this. I've removed the imgur embed button which should take care of that popuo. Let me know if anyone is still seeing it.
  9. HundredProofSam

    Suggestions and feedback

    Looking into this. We updated the forum software yesterday, maybe that's causing a conflict with some of the third-party plugins.
  10. HundredProofSam

    Marriage and Gaming : I do?

    Congrats Pushy. I'm very happy for you. No, seriously.
  11. HundredProofSam

    The Mad Box

    I'm finding it hard to think of a single reason for this to succeed.
  12. HundredProofSam

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Finally started playing the game a week or so ago. I wasn't expecting to like GT Sport at all, but man, the Sport mode is amazing. Love that they have qualifying before races. I didn't think PD would be able to get online right, but the addition of SR and the whole focus on etiquette is genius. Loving the game so far, and I haven't even properly gone into the campaign and other modes yet.
  13. HundredProofSam

    Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2017

    Got another one! I was a huge He-man fan growing up. Skeletor was my first ever action figure. Thank you. Please reveal yourself
  14. HundredProofSam

    Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2017

    Received this today from my Secret Santa. Thank you so much! [emoji4]