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  1. This is a different model. I don’t think it’s gone on sale yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sender pays for courier. That way there is no exchange of money needed. Physical games only because digital game sharing can get messy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Was hoping this Hisense would come up for sale on Prime Day. https://www.hisense-india.com/television/65u7qf/ Doesn’t seem to be available anywhere so far
  4. Thing is, we don’t want games that no one will borrow. It’s about quality, not quantity. That’s why library membership is dependent on which game you’re donating Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I think it would be better not to make it too complicated. Let’s keep it at 1 game only, and the members in charge of vetting the games can decide. Also we shouldn’t let the price of the game determine whether it should be allowed. For eg: GT Sport might be really cheap but someone not interested in racing sims may never buy it. But they may not mind borrowing it. We can evolve these rules and guidelines as we go, but let’s keep it straightforward to start with.
  6. List of IVG Game Library titles
  7. List of IVG Game Library Members
  8. Introducing the IVG Game Library Console games can be expensive, even when you buy and sell them pre-owned in the IVG Trading Post. So, with so many great games coming out, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X games to come, it’s the perfect time for us to bring back the IVG Game Library. The IVG Game Library is an initiative we had first started in 2008, and for those who weren’t IVG members back then, the concept it simple. IVG community members volunteer to donate a game (or multiple games) that other members are free to borrow for a limited period of time. There are no fees involved, and no middlemen. The library system is built on trust, and so there are a few eligibility criteria members would have to meet to be allowed to borrow or lend games in the IVG Game Library. You can read more about those eligibility criteria, library rules and other details below. MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA 20 reputation points + 5 positive trading feedbacks OR 50 reputation points Donate a game that is approved by IVG Library Staff (see list of staff below) RULES Game eligibility Game donated must be on a current-gen platform that people will be interested in playing Only disc-based console games are accepted Games without original box and cover would be accepted The IVG Library Staff will judge whether a game is eligible for entry into the IVG Library The member who is sending the game bears the cost of courier Sender must use a well-reputed courier service to ship games to other members Donating Donor agrees that if a game is lost or damaged, no compensation will be due If more than one person wants a game, a wait list will be created by the donor Donor may not ask for the game back while it is with a borrow during its borrowing period Donor may ask for the game back once borrowing period is over and there are no other members in the wait list Members may donate more than one game; additional games do not require Library Staff approval Borrowing Borrowing period would be 2 weeks from date of receipt. In exceptional cases where games are long, it can be 1 month. Borrowing period to be decided by Library staff Once the borrowing period is over, member must courier game to next person in wait list A member may only borrow a new game once the previously borrowed game has been received by next borrower or donor If there is no one in the wait list, game may be kept until someone else requests it or returned to donor – whatever donor prefers Members may not borrow more than one game at a time PROCEDURE Membership Once you have met the above library membership criteria, you may contact one of the IVG Library Staff members When contacting IVG Library Staff member, mention 1) The game you would like to donate, 2) The platform, and 3) The condition of the game – with/without box, etc Final decision on whether a game will be accepted into the library rests with the Library Staff Donation Once membership into library is approved, donor must open a new topic/thread in the IVG Library section Library game threads must follow the naming system: [LIB] Name of game (Platform). For example, if you are donating Doom Eternal for PS4, the thread title should be [LIB] Doom Eternal (PS4) Donor must share pics of the game and box at the time of listing it in the library along with picture carrying IVG display name and date – games without original box will also be accepted Donor must also reserve the first reply in that thread, which he must update as and when the game has been borrowed or returned. It must also contain the wait list for the game When the game is requested by a library member, the donor must dispatch the same at the earliest convenience. Cost to be borne by sender. Donor is obliged to lend donated game to any library member who requests the game Borrowing Members interested in borrowing a game must comment in the game’s respective library thread Before borrowing a game, the member must show their post proving that previously borrowed game has been returned Borrower must update the game’s library thread once the game is received If received in damaged condition, borrower must share photos displaying the damage. If condition is not disclosed, it would be assumed that the game was received in good condition Borrowers must abide by the borrowing time periods Upon completion of borrowing period, borrower must dispatch the game to the next borrower on the wait list. Cost to be borne by the sender. If there are no other borrowers in the wait list, donor may request for it back. If so, dispatch game back to donor. Cost to be borne by sender IVG Game Library Staff @kmkaks @b!T @HundredProofSam
  9. Awesome. I hope the servers don’t act up. We couldn’t join a game yesterday evening together. Managed to play a couple rounds by myself later in the night
  10. Hey guys, @nash and I are planning to stream Fall Guys on the IVG Youtube. It's free on PS Plus. The game is super goofy and it'll be fun with a big party. So if anyone else wants to join in on the stream, we can create a PSN party and do a larger IVG stream.
  11. @Snake for another generous contribution. Much appreciated!
  12. Are you guys up for being part of the Library staff? This would involve a bit of a commitment, including: Deciding whether a game is eligible for entry into the library Ensuring that Library threads follow the required format and are updated as needed Stepping in when rules aren't being followed Settling disputes, if any Any other library related issues that may come up. If anyone else would like to volunteer, please post here or PM me.
  13. A big thank you @Mizanurification for your contribution
  14. We’ll Short list a few and then have a poll to pick the winner. Montages are fine as long as they show gameplay. Most importantly it has to be all yours. Needs to be a new clip because we want to encourage people to capture their great moments
  15. Fair point. Also a lot of people who may be active and genuine members, may not do much buying/selling on TP (like me). So how about this: Option 1: 20 reputation points + 5 positive trading feedbacks OR Option 2: 50 reputation points
  16. @nash is streaming Terminator Resistance
  17. Ok, so we’ll say minimum 5 positive feedback then
  18. Big shout out to @Pacifier for also setting up monthly contributions!
  19. Don't want the barrier to entry to be too high. I think 5 positive and 0 negative feedbacks should be enough to establish a good standing. The reason I said the sender must pay is so that there is no need for any payments to be done from one person to another. Eventually, the borrower will also have to pay a courier cost when sending to the next borrower. I think we can lower the minimum rep requirement to 20, along with at least 5 positive/0 negative TP feedback.
  20. A massive shoutout to @Pacifier @icestrok and @abhinav sharma for the generous contributions. Thank you!
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