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  1. Well at least Cesaro is still relevant in the roster... for taking a fake punch or two
  2. Wait... IVG has a Whatsapp group? I didn't know that
  3. I was watching this and following the Linz Open Qualifiers simultaneously. With so much WTA & ATP LIVE Tennis events going on currently WWE has taken a backseat of late for me. Thought the PPV would be fun to watch but it was such a dampener. All the "boos" from the crowd during those failed stomps
  4. Awful PPV. That main event was garbage. A DQ and then leaving Seth in a pool of ketchup, yuck.
  5. Wow!! This has to be one of the coolest show-off post's in this entire thread! I bet every time you look at this in your room it brings a smile to your face, what a classic! Loved it.
  6. Pak vs SL ODI abandoned due to rain.
  7. Not watching this anymore. I already switched to Federer vs Isner, Laver Cup.
  8. Being done with Mindhunter Season 2 this is what I'm picking up next.
  9. Completed Season 2 of Mindhunter. Felt the last couple of episodes were a bit too stretched, got a little monotonous at times. Overall though, a good watch. First season really taps into your head and makes you think about the dark devious people of the world, specially when you've read about them before. Btw, since I'm a wrist watch lover and into them I did spot some nice watches in the show but this one in the end was sweet (Do NOT click below if you have not watched the season 2 in it's entirety): The watch is a Seiko Diver 6306-7001 from the late 1970's on a lovely stainless steel Jubilee bracelet. Quite lovely! Ties in beautifully with the entire 70's period as well, attention to detail is perfect in this case.
  10. Jofra Archer has been awarded Test and white-ball contracts by the ECB for the 2019-20 season. Rory Burns and Joe Denly have also received deals while there is no Test contract for Moeen Ali.
  11. Next game is on Sunday and in Bangalore... @AtheKBhai your going to the stadium no?
  12. Yup, even his laugh at the end when he throws his innings away is just so casual it hurts. A good win in the end for us.
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