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  1. Thank-you my friend Yes, those do have heft and I actually enjoy that weighty feel. Using that smaller light M235 or a Portronics POR 372 mouse on my Netbook or Audio PC feels a little weird.
  2. Super collection brother and lovely braided cable. These are from my stash... L to R: Logitech M235, Logitech MX518, Razer Mamba, Razer DeadAdder, Razer DeathAdder Dragon Age II Edition. SteelSeries Rival 700 Logitech G602
  3. Amid surge in COVID-19 cases, West Bengal govt extends lockdown till May 30 Stricter measures now.
  4. West Bengal case numbers seemed to be capped off at 19k for the last week almost. Last 24 hours it's risen to 20k. Kolkata 3.9k cases everyday. What's going on with these official numbers... seems a little off.
  5. Here in Kolkata nothing is available for 18-44 year olds now. Still only 45+.
  6. Bengal Announces Partial Lockdown, Home-Delivery Of Essentials Allowed
  7. You know I have been asked in the past how I feel towards him. It started with anger but that turned to a feeling of nothing towards him in the years that followed. You can't really rage against a shadow for too long. But yesterday when I took the call I couldn't speak for too long. Largely because I felt was choking somehow. The night was no different, left me like a wounded owl. In any case, I'll offer him the help he needs if things come to such a situation. But besides that, I don't think I can careen myself towards him anymore. Been too long, the gap too wide.
  8. I got a call last evening. An old weak voice over the phone. It was my biological Father. The Father that abandoned me 26 years ago. Back then I was in school. I've grown up, gone through my entire formative years without a trace of him. I'm 38 now. My memories of him are less than a blur. From that point to where I am today... it's been a long, hard journey riddled with problems. The call didn't last for too long. He has COVID. He is almost 80 now. I don't quite know how I feel. The arc of life and all it's strangest ways.
  9. I think I need to stop wearing my Smart watch and switch to traditional watches like I used to wear. These things cause more stress and anxiety. I think some people just have elevated pulse rates and that is that. Peace.
  10. Mine is usually about 64-78 when I'm lying down. When I'm walking about or doing some physically intensive work it will climb to 94-103. Otherwise idle sitting and watching TV or browsing phone it's about 84-ish.
  11. Yes, even I think it was due to anxiety. Or could have been because body was hard at work to fight the Virus. Also, those Pulse Oxymeters cause a lot of stress. I have now kept it locked up so that I don't repeatedly reach and check my SpO2 randomly.
  12. Did anyone else suffer from elevated pulse rate when they had COVID? I remember for a couple of days my pulse rate was above 110 even when I was sitting down.
  13. My quarantine period ended. My strength is slowly coming back. First few days even doing small tasks made me want to go lie down or rest. Smell is back on track. Taste is almost there but I'm not getting the taste of salt too much, thus food tasting a little bland. I had also developed two painful canker sores on my Tongue when I had fever but thankfully they have healed now.
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