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  1. Djokovic vs Monfils SF match at the Dubai ATP Championships is LIVE now on Sony ESPN HD. If anyone wants to watch.
  2. Please solve this issue @HundredProofSam. It seriously is super annoying at this point! Being presented with an error page after every post. Sigh.
  3. Watching SuperShowdown now... Ricochet got dominated, humiliated and crushed by Brock. Eek!
  4. Each time I try and post on threads (be it any thread on IVG) and hit the"Submit Reply" button it shows "Saving..." for a long time and then just leads to this page: After getting this I have to hit refresh/ reload the page and then it shows my reply has been posted. This is only happening on IVG. I do visit 4-5 other forums daily and doesn't happen on any of them. It's becoming a little annoying now. I wonder what is going on? Edit: When I posted the above message, magically it worked without taking me to that "Error 504" page. So, is this only happening for threads which have run into many pages? Most threads are really long now on IVG General Talk sections.
  5. Whoa... look at Lana in that golden gown! So much BLING!! Ooops... she was just there for a few seconds and went backstage. Damn.
  6. Show is LIVE! Some pyro display that was... amazing!
  7. Cool! I won't be watching for long since I'll be switching to Tennis. Qatar Open WTA SF today so can't miss those games. Will watch the remainder of SuperShowdown sometime tomorrow.
  8. Is anyone watching? Some of the people/ kids in the crowd have put on face masks... is it due to the Coronavirus issue?
  9. Super ShowDown Kick-Off from 9:30PM IST on Ten HD1.
  10. Maria Sharapova, the tennis star who became one of the richest and most famous athletes of the 21st century, is retiring at age 32, worn down by injuries that hindered her as she tried to return to the top of the sport following a suspension for using a banned substance.
  11. Still raining at Wellington. The weather looks as gloomy as the Indian batting card today sitting at 122/5.
  12. @Joe Cool: Thank-you for making this thread! Starting it off with my new mouse: Logitech G602 Wireless.
  13. Fossil JR9449 Wood Dial. Dual Ana-Digi Time. This takes a massive 28mm strap.
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