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  1. Black_Hawk

    Mafia III

    Just spotted this while doing one of the missions: Separate sections based on skin color. Damn.
  2. Black_Hawk

    Mafia III

    Yes, I went into the house Cassandra is located at and the money was right there on the table in front of where she sits, ready to be collected. A couple of things I don't like about this game: - The entire Witness aspect to carjacking. It's very annoying when you jack a car and a pedestrian runs to a phone booth nearby to inform the cops. I sometimes run after them and KO them or I simple drive away from the blue circle area. - The side missions with rackets aren't very interesting. They are mostly go there, shoot some bad guys and interrogate a guy (which is also is a scripted event) and done. Also, those missions you get from Alma for example sometimes show up on the map but the trucks or boats that need to spawn aren't there because her racket is earning to the max and the mission is not needed to be done. One can easily argue that is the mission isn't needed to be done then why does it even pop up on the map, at all?!
  3. Black_Hawk

    Mafia III

    Got all the 89 Junction Boxes done at last. Can someone please shed more light on the entire Racket Earning concept in the game. There are 2 types I see on the map: 30000/ 50000 under some Rackets Kickback 6500 under Cassandra's name Do I have to head to the Rackets and collect the money? Also, what happens when the earning reaches 50000/50000 on the map under a certain racket? Do I have to head there and collect the money or is that only indicating that the particular racket is earning to it's maximum capacity ($50000 in this case)?
  4. This along with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have all received individual Steam Pages.
  5. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts. I think I'll give it a pass for now and continue with Homeland.
  6. How is Betaal Season 1, has anyone gotten around to watching it? Started watching Homeland again. Had watched a couple of Seasons of it years back and somehow didn't continue. Re-started it and this is going to be a long, spaced out watch. Good for the Lockdown period ahead.
  7. Black_Hawk

    Mafia III

    The cutscenes in this game are so well done. Just took down Ritchie Doucet in one of the story missions and that ending cutscene with that ferris wheel
  8. Black_Hawk

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I had completed the game when it was released on the PS3. Thoroughly enjoyed it back then, fantastic world it has! I'm a SP player guy as well so I must ask how easy is it to actually get into the MP mode in this game? How does it all start for a complete newbie?
  9. Black_Hawk

    Mafia III

    Never mind I got it to work. I was initially using an older variant of the DS4Windows, the Jays2Kings version which was throwing up errors while activating the 'Hide DS4 Controller' option. I downloaded the newer and updated DS4Windows Ryochan7 version and through that 'Hide DS4 Controller' option works like a charm. I'm able to now see all the button prompts correctly being displayed in the game settings.
  10. Started Pataal Lok today. Watched 3 episodes and it's going good so far. Lets see how it pans out.
  11. Black_Hawk

    Mafia III

    Yup, trying through DS4Windows only mate. I even tried after turning on the "Hide DS4 Controller" option like I mentioned in my original post.
  12. Black_Hawk

    Mafia III

    Has anyone played this game on PC with a PS4 controller via DS4? The game doesn't correctly recognize the PS4 controller and I can't see any button prompts for it either on the Controller Preset option page: ^^ Empty button prompts. Some corresponding buttons work on my PS4 controller but others just don't, like using shots when your injured (tried every button on the controller and quite a few combinations but didn't do the job). I tried activating "Hide DS4 Controller" in the DS4 settings section but no dice. Mouse and KB on this game feels wobbly to me in the game.
  13. Black_Hawk

    Metro Exodus

    Completed the game this evening, loved playing through it. The last few levels in the Dead City were straight out of a horror title, such great atmosphere! Got the good ending but nevertheless it leaves you with a bittersweet feeling, which I personally think is perfect for a game like Metro.
  14. Any Sons of Anarchy fans here?
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