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  1. Thankyou Sire! K20 Pro it is then. Now which color to get... red, blue or carbon black
  2. K20 Pro vs One Plus Nord... what would be a better purchase?
  3. Does the 8GB version of the K20 Pro have any significant advantages in daily usage vs the 6GB version? Like I mentioned before my uses are: Calls, Texts, WhatsApp, Browsing (Firefox, 10-15 multiple tabs), Occasional photos, Youtube Vanced, using some simple Apps. No gaming whatsoever on mobile.
  4. Okay, sounds good. I'll just disable them and go from there. Hopefully the ads won't be too intrusive.Thanks so much for the help Athek Bhai, appreciate it! Now will wait for the Prime Day Sale to see if the price drops a little from 25k.
  5. Than-you so much for your input my friend! I think I'll go with the K20 Pro. In love with that notch-less screen way too much. Nova Launcher is a must for me so it will get on board as soon as I have the phone. By "disable" do you mean disable notifications for the pre-installed apps so that annoying ads don't show up on the shade?
  6. I would like to keep it at about 25k. In that zone the K20 Pro seems like a solid contender. I haven't used Redmi phones before, anything I should be fairly warned about?
  7. Guys a I need a phone. I'm a simple user: - Calls - Texts - WhatsApp - Browsing on Firefox (With Multiple Tabs Open) - Youtube Vanced - Some simple Apps - Occasional Photograph That's about it. Phone will never be used for gaming. I will however need a nice screen and good battery backup because I do browse the internet and watch videos on my phone a lot. I have shortlisted the options as below: - Samsung M31 - Samsung M31S - Redmi K20 Pro Out of the above 3 which one should I go for? I've been leaning towards the K20 Pro because of the smooth screen with no punch hole camera, looks slick. I do realize that the Samsungs have more battery juice than the K20 pro though so I'm in a spot. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. They just can't zero in on which dates Corona feels more frisky to affect more humans. They are trying, for sure.
  9. Watched last week's AEW... one fake baby spotted: MJF... he is gold That skateboard jump from Darby onto the back of Ricky Stark pinning all the those thumbtacks... damn that had to hurt!
  10. West Bengal Revised Complete Lockdown Dates for the month of August 2020: 5, 8, 20, 21, 27, 28, 31 They have now revised the dates 4 times!
  11. Watched last week's RAW episode (27/07) and the main event between Ziggler and McIntyre was great to watch! These two can seriously go at each other... the way Drew dumped Ziggler into the plexiglass barricade, OUCH!
  12. Yes, agreed!! They bloody allowed International flights to operate till end of March (if not longer) without any barriers at all. Crucial mistake. Heck even when they started stamping international passengers coming into Mumbai with those home quarantine duration stamps on the back of their hands, those stamps were wiped clean by so many passengers in the following days and they roamed free.
  13. The entire game felt like a chore. The game forces you to do side missions to open up the map and for progress and that's where the core of the problem lies really. Every damn side mission from every damn sub-boss feels like a repeat & rinse job. You go to a marked area on the map, kill a few enemies and then escape. Sometimes, the main target might escape your bullets and drive away in a car and then you have to chase him down. Also, some random missions also pop up in the map and they are essentially missions like going to a warehouse full of enemies, killing them and then taking a truck or boat full of goods to a marked point in the map. These missions also get monotonous with time as they don't offer anything new. I completed the game along with the DLCs. Honestly the DLCs felt a lot better because they do away with those stupidly similar side questing and the overall pace in them is enjoyable. The main missions in the game are good but the sad truth is in-between those main missions lie those boring as f**k side missions (and they are a lot of them to be done)! The entire dev team of this game got extremely lazy I felt, dishing out the same thing over and over again without making the player do anything interesting or different.
  14. The new & revised Complete Lockdown Dates for West Bengal are as follows: 29th July August Dates: 5, 8, 16, 17, 23, 24, 31. (Lockdown in Containment Zones will be on a regular basis unless otherwise lifted). They initially released the dates in the evening today and have revised them THRICE already.
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