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  1. Got me plants... that you don't have to water: 18+ LEGO! Plan to build these with my girlfriend together over coffee over a few winter evenings.
  2. Black_Hawk

    God of War

    Have been playing GoW 2018 and my goodness me what a change this has been from the previous GoW games which I played! I'm still getting used to the combat which is now almost from third-person perspective view and just mashing the circle button along with triangle or L1 (cyclone attack) is all a thing of the past now! The world is something else... it's like I start playing and I'm sent into a different world altogether, so beautifully mystical! Very refreshing change from how the previous GoW games panned out. This almost seems like a RPG! Absolutely loving the graphics on PC and the game running butter smooth on my new RX6600! I'm definitely taking my time with this game, no rushing at all. Exploring the map is so captivating. (I don't care that Kratos cannot jump at the press of a button and I for one like that the jump button only works at the moments in the game where it is needed. Very smooth and seamless). I wanted a long, story driven and immersive game to take me through winter and this is just perfect!
  3. Terrible accident! Looks like his forehead (almost nearing his left eye), back and legs have been severely injured. News is he requires plastic surgery... maybe because of burns?
  4. Pele, one of the greatest of all time, passes away RIP Legend
  5. Black_Hawk

    God of War

    So, as the entire world was going mad about Ragnarok I felt I needed to delve into the GoW saga because I was a complete virgin to the series. Hadn't played a single God of War game! I picked up GoW I about 1.5 months back and so far have completed... GoW I GoW II GoW III Gow: Ascension (All back to back without playing any other title in-between or along with). I have been completely immersed in the GoW universe and the lore along with the smashing gameplay has kept me completely hooked. Not to mention the tremendous action my thumb and index fingers have been getting lately! I completed Ascension last evening and thought will take a break before I pick up GoW 2018 or maybe switch things up and play some other title before I get into it but I seriously can't detain myself from jumping in, it's too darn tempting. And so installing it on my PC and beginning GoW 2018 tonight
  6. New LEGO! A fun 15-minute build on Christmas... LEGO Creator 30573 - Santa (67 pcs). A small but lovely build from Lego. Perfect for Christmas!
  7. Chicken & Potato fries set in the Air Fryer for lunch! All set to watch the Final! Rooting for Argentina!
  8. OMG... Yes... we are back! Alive and kickin'
  9. I'm slowly making my way towards Ragnarock but still have a long path to tread... just completed GoW II HD Remaster last night! Installed GoW III on the PS4!
  10. Splinter Cell is back... as an 8-part BBC Radio 4 drama - The whole thing is due to kick off on Friday, December 2 at 2:15pm (GMT). All eight episodes will go live at the same time, and will be available to listen to on the BBC Sounds app. This is a nice preamble to the highly-anticipated Splinter Cell remake.
  11. The way Japan played in the end was quite amazing to watch! What an upset! Costa Rica's goalkeeper having a nightmare of a day... 7 goals, whew!
  12. Thanks to all of you and this thread... I have started to plunge into the God of War Saga! Yes, I was a GoW virgin up until this point! Started playing GoW 1 HD Remastered on PC (through RPCS3). All the button mashing has my thumb aching but soldering on.
  13. I'm guessing you are 40? C'mon man, that's not that old!
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