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  1. Royal Challengers Bengaluru captain Faf du Plessis was fined INR 12 lac for IPL's Code of Conduct breach relating to over-rate offences during the match against Kolkata Knight Riders at the Eden Gardens. It was RCB's first over-rate offence of the season. Punjab Kings' home game against Gujarat Titans, host skipper Sam Curran was fined as much as 50 percent of his match fees for a Level 1 offence under Article 2.8 of the IPL's Code of Conduct which refers to "showing dissent at an umpire's decision."
  2. Superb win for KKR! That last over by Starc was terrible though.
  3. "At this stage in my life, it would be the greatest feeling for me to represent India [at the T20 World Cup]. I'm very, very keen to do so. There is nothing bigger in my life other than representing India in this T20 World Cup," Karthik said on Saturday (April 20) on the eve of RCB's clash against his former employers, Kolkata Knight Riders. "I also feel there are three very, very stable, honest people who are at their helm to decide what should be the best Indian team for the World Cup. Rahul Dravid, Rohit Sharma, and Ajit Agarkar. And I'm completely with them. I respect any decision that they take. But all I can say is I'm 100% ready. And you know I'll do everything I can to be on that flight to the World Cup," he added. Source: I'm very, very keen to do so - Dinesh Karthik on WC return for India
  4. Heatwave issued in Kolkata... players might melt today in the afternoon match.
  5. Dijak has been killing it on NXT... a real hard worker in the ring.
  6. Punjab from 77/6 in 9.2 overs to 183 in 19.1 overs... well chased in the end and almost got over the line. So close...
  7. I for one won't be missing Rhea and her Goth makeup. Good riddance... at least for while. That smooth transition of Jey Uso leaving the stadium and then Sami entering was amazing!
  8. Gujarat 89 vs Dilli Lowest total for GT in the IPL.
  9. It was a staggeringly hot evening here in Kolkata and hats off to both Sunil Narine and Buttler for playing the way they did! Next game KKR have is versus RCB!
  10. I'll say that was a really good chase by RCB in the end. DK's knock was bloody brilliant 83 runs of 35 balls with 7 sixes 262 is no joke but unfortunately though it's another loss for RCB and they stay at the bottom of the table with 1 win and 6 losses now.
  11. SRH giving RCB bowlers a nightmare! 287/3 Smashing Records: Most sixes in an IPL innings: 22 SRH vs RCB Bengaluru 2024 21 RCB vs PWI Bengaluru 2013 20 RCB vs GL Bengaluru 2016 20 DC vs GL Delhi 2017 20 MI vs SRH Hyderabad 2024 Highest totals in T20 Cricket: 314/3 Nepal vs Mongolia Hangzhou 2023 287/3 SRH vs RCB Bengaluru 2024 278/3 Afg vs Ire Dehradun 2019 278/4 Czech Rep vs Turkey Iflov Country 2019 277/3 SRH vs MI Hyderabad 2024 Highest totals in IPL: 287/3 SRH vs RCB Bengaluru 2024 277/3 SRH vs MI Hyderabad 2024 272/7 KKR vs DC Vizag 2024 263/5 RCB vs PWI Bengaluru 2013 257/7 LSG vs PK Mohali 2023 (Three of the five 250+ totals have come in 2024 edition alone).
  12. After Dhobi hit that first six Pandya completely melted.
  13. Watched post-mania RAW today and been wondering ever since... What did The Rock (aka The Final Boss ) give Cody before he rode into the sunset: Was it a Hershey's Candy? Was it a small vibrator that Cody could amuse himself with? Was it one of The Rock's balls which he would come back later to reclaim? What was it dammit!!
  14. After watching Wrestlemania 40 I'm back to being a school kid again in the 90's... salivating and excited about bad a*s wrestling with attitude plastered all over it! The last segment of the main event was absolute dope! Sure it would have been amazeballs if Austin had shown up but hey... who knows now what HHH has in store for us in the weeks to come! Keeping fingers crossed... the fun in WWE has been restored and I'm so psyched!! It was so amazingly awesome to see Roman lying in the ring... lost, beaten and dethroned by Cody who's story has only just BEGUN!
  15. I'll have to watch NXT Stand and Deliver after I'm done watching WM XL Night 2 tomorrow evening. Actually earliest I can watch Stand & Deliver is Tuesday since Night 2 of WM XL will cover entire evening tomorrow, LoL! Morning will be packed with work... effin' Monday! Time for Cody's reign as champion to Begin in less than 6 hours!
  16. Just finished watching Night 1 of WM XL and I liked it! - Becky vs Rhea seemed okay-ish. Becky was clearly not in it 100% because of her not being well for the most part of the week. Think Corey Graves even commented she had fever prior to the match... kudos to her for still showing up and toughing it through. - Tag Team Ladder Match was very enjoyable. Lots of great action and bumps that were exciting to watch. DIY was fantastic as expected. Also, loved the result with Awesome Truth winning it! R-Truth was amazing for a 52 year old guy and it's probably his last run as a TT champ so good for him - Tag Team Match - I didn't really care about this one but Rey & Team won so I'm not complaining. - Uso's Match was a snoozefest. Meh. - For me the MOTN was Gunther vs Sami. Two hard workers going at each other like there was no tomorrow... hard hitting and packed with incredible action! I honestly had high expectations from this match and boy did it deliver! Those blasted chest chops... ouch!! Also, Sami having won now owes Gable a shot at the title... - Main Event. The Rock's entrance was pure "goosebumps" inducing! Looked Bloody great for a 51 year old guy. Took bumps on tables, withstood an almost 45 minute main event and didn't look to have been winded. Also, that spear which landed on the Final Boss... the full aftermath of it is yet to be seen!! And into Night 2 we go... another cold Philly evening and lot's of action to come I'm sure! Cody winning fosure... finally time for Roman to get dethroned!! Hell YES I'll be watching it later but for the one's here who will be watching it LIVE... enjoy folks!
  17. Think it starts at 4:30AM with all the pre-show and all. I won't be watching LIVE (too early for me!) but for the folks here who will be... ENJOY!
  18. Paul Heyman... what a man, what a speaker! The entire segment had me completely captivated... I hardly moved in my recliner it was that engaging and compelling to listen to. A terrific emotionally raw and powerful speech.
  19. CSK bowlers were made to look like peasants last evening by Abhishek Sharma and Head.
  20. Melting in the heatwave... Kolkata
  21. "Know this... that when one good story ENDS and even better one BEGINS"! - Cody on SD
  22. SmackDown will be lit as well... looking forward to it
  23. This RAW before WM was one of the BEST! That last segment with the Final Boss and his belt... uuuf those were some hard lashes on Cody and Seth's bare backs! Man after a very long time we are so looking forward to WresleMania again... WWE has raised the bar so much with how the entire Bloodline vs Cody vs Seth story has evolved. The Rock getting involved with his Final Boss character is top notch stuff from WWE! Btw, how will CM Punk get involved in the Cody vs Seth vs The Bloodline story at WrestleMania? Surprise Guest Referee?
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