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  1. Wrestlemania is almost HERE!
  2. This one is so cool! Where did you buy this from?
  3. Sky was laughing (I'm guessing at himself!) while walking back to the dressing room after being dismissed for his 3rd Golden Duck on the trot
  4. Cricbuzz: This is also the quickest a target has been chased against India in ODIs (overs bowled). Previous record: 93/2 in 14.4 overs by New Zealand, Hamilton, 2019. Aussies playing a T20 game when chasing the target down today Humiliated us.
  5. Amazing catch by Smith... India 49/5 Time to stop watching...
  6. Sky gone for another duck today... that's two ducks back to back
  7. Damn... he has seriously beefed up!
  8. India vs Australia ODI tomorrow at the Wankhede! Anyone going to the stadium from here to see the match?
  9. Yes you are right, Sachin was in the 'Road Safety World Series' in 2022. This Legend's League series is different. My mistake, I had them mixed up. Don't know if RSWS will be held this year though because it seems that they have run into financial problems based on news floating on the Internet.
  10. Anyone following the Legends League tournament? Looks like Sachin Tendulkar is not playing this time?
  11. Tomorrow is Day 3 of a Test Match and Aussies just need 76 runs to win. 13th time Lyon got Pujara in Tests - the most an Indian batter has got out to a bowler.
  12. Aussies 54/1. Better sailing than us. What a horrid day of batting display by India.
  13. News is that John Cena to come to RAW on the 6th of March episode in Boston, MA.
  14. Loved Elimination Chamber! Main event was great... the Montreal crowd was bloody amazing. The pop would have been insane had Sami won but going into WM 39 Cody vs Roman makes more sense as a main event. So, do we now get Sami & Owens vs The Usos?
  15. FU chants were louder for Roman! Montreal crowd was lit
  16. Beautiful Seiko... Congratulations! Wear it in good health.
  17. Biggest innings wins for India vs Australia: Inngs & 219 runs Kolkata 1997/98 Inngs & 135 runs Hyderabad 2012/13 Inngs & 132 runs Nagpur 2022/23
  18. India WIN by an Innings and 132 runs!!
  19. Nagpur tomorrow morning...
  20. Got me plants... that you don't have to water: 18+ LEGO! Plan to build these with my girlfriend together over coffee over a few winter evenings.
  21. Black_Hawk

    God of War

    Have been playing GoW 2018 and my goodness me what a change this has been from the previous GoW games which I played! I'm still getting used to the combat which is now almost from third-person perspective view and just mashing the circle button along with triangle or L1 (cyclone attack) is all a thing of the past now! The world is something else... it's like I start playing and I'm sent into a different world altogether, so beautifully mystical! Very refreshing change from how the previous GoW games panned out. This almost seems like a RPG! Absolutely loving the graphics on PC and the game running butter smooth on my new RX6600! I'm definitely taking my time with this game, no rushing at all. Exploring the map is so captivating. (I don't care that Kratos cannot jump at the press of a button and I for one like that the jump button only works at the moments in the game where it is needed. Very smooth and seamless). I wanted a long, story driven and immersive game to take me through winter and this is just perfect!
  22. Terrible accident! Looks like his forehead (almost nearing his left eye), back and legs have been severely injured. News is he requires plastic surgery... maybe because of burns?
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