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  1. sagarjalvi

    Battlefield V

    Let me know if you’re still playing we can play together
  2. sagarjalvi

    Battlefield V

    Guys anyone playing this game? I’m kinda loving it but need some players to play with. If someone is playing let me know
  3. Didn't help. Tried plugging the GPU into different slot. Does that mean my GPU is dead? why the f**k its still running fans or glowing up if its dead
  4. thanks. will try once i reach home and update here.
  5. So i shifted to my new home couple of weeks back and while shifting all the stuff a guy dropped my CPU fro m2-3 stairs and it stopped working. I disconnected all the wires from motherboard and noticed that my front card reader was not working which did not let the motherboard to boot. I removed it and it worked fine but after 15-20 minutes it would just freeze and nothing will work. Like if i'm watching a video on youtube it will work for sometime then just freeze. Even restard button on CPU wont work. I had to plug the cord out of PSU to restart it. Next morning i tried turning it on and the again it was with no display (red light on my monitor). I took it to my trusted guy who repairs motherboard but there was no problem with the board he just cleaned the board and it was working. I came back home and plugged everything in along with my GPU and it wasn't showing display. I disconnected my GPU and plugged the HDMI into the motherboard slot and it worked fine. I dont know if my GPU is gone because it was working fine the other night and even now when i plug the gpu the lights turn on and the fans on GPU also run. The night it worked fine it kept giving some AMD Radeon errors like driver not found etc. My windows was not original and it keeps showing error that "Windows copy is not Genuine" Is it windows that's not letting my gpu run or windows is corrupted. Can this be a reason? because i tried to install driver but the AMD software kept saying no hardware found for GPU while it was plugged in and fans on the gpu were running. Here are my specs:- Processor - Intel i7 Motherboard - Asus H87 Pro Graphic Card - AMD Sapphire Vapor-X 3gb PSU - Corsair 800W PSU (maybe psu is not supplying correct voltage into my board?) Any help would be appreciated. Everything is out of warranty. Thanks for reading.
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