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  1. Yup you just call people rasict just because someone told to keep other clean thread. Not personal indeed.
  2. Dont quote me hence forth. Put you on ignore list for good. Also you were doing this in multiple threads. i give two hoots post whatever crap you want too..
  3. @Snake @Assassins Creed I never try to police threads , but he's doing this in multiple threads. Can you guys warn him ?
  4. Thanks man!! Also had a co-op run with @Heaven Angel. Co-op is actually well done. He showed me 3-4 new places which i missed in all my runs. Died at crimson waste boss. Also got all sunface fragments and got the secret ending, the game is phenomenal in every aspect and addictive. Want to platinum it but the horrible RnG required is keeping me away. Only need survey trophies rest all are done.
  5. What streaming bhai ? yaha chalega nahi? Was same with ps now . basically need internet connection every 10 days or so to revalidate your subs.
  6. Yeah man i still dont get why they need to do this! No usb backups for ps5 , region locked saves . Horrible anti-consumer moves. Days gone had same issue.
  7. Itna sannata kyu he yaha.
  8. Stick with it. It gets easy once you unlock a few traversal tools.
  9. Sales target would have been met sure , but the quality compromise would also be there na? I think sony did good with this descicion.
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