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  1. Glad i wasn't the only one. A lot of drag and unwanted gossip. The show started nice but ended too slow. Still a good season overall. That guitar scene was epic though .
  2. With otp. Should work for gamepass (i used it before new rbi mandates.)
  3. Brown. I actually bought it used , might switch to blue ones later.
  4. Even if its the worst game of this generation a spoiler tag is an absolute must. Why mess up someone's first time experience . And when it comes to bigger anticipated games, we always have and different spoiler thred.
  5. Finally got a proper hot swappable mechanical keyboard.
  6. This is where you lost the plot . Some here are no gamers, just come to bait and post sh*t.
  7. A hot tip for third phase of nemesis. Dont bother dodging on platforms. just fall off and grapple to other platforms (Grappling gives you 2-3 extra iframes to dodge his bullets). and keep going near him and shooting. With this 3rd phase will be a cake walk.
  8. Wahi jana he isko ab. How can mutual funds buy this crap?
  10. WTF! So much randomness I hit all the white orbs and sh*t. Remember which ones i dont have is impossible lol. will try something tonight. The game is fun so can play it otherwise would have dropped it.
  11. So i had 3 runs yesterday spanning 4-5 hours. Cleared every single room from biome 3-6 and all bosses (Died once before biome 6 boss). Still only got 3 cyphers. what horrible RnG.!! Also no way to track which ones you have. One youtube comment suggested to try offline, will try that.
  12. Is this Tachyomatic Carbine with leech rounds? Good fight. Next boss is harder i suggest try speed runs a few times (Unlock the bridge in normal run first). Then from biome 4 , the biome is the boss ,and actual boss is an normal enemy.
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