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  1. https://x.com/Iconic_Rohit/status/1705943271711883555?s=20 THAT REPLY
  2. How is motos after sale service ? is it any good ? thinking to get the new edge 30 or 40 neo whatever it is (Sub 20k) for dad. also the green line issues are there in moto phones also?
  3. i would be super busy at shop at that time because of navratri and festivals. Im out but all the best
  4. No you need the base game
  5. Delete this from your channel, faltu ban lagwaega.
  6. There is an option to upgrade. Insomniac on twitter confirmed it.
  7. Are we now seriously considering this ? Thats a new low UBisoft like? Guess you havent played ubilol games XD looks fantastic to me . day 1 for me bro
  8. Payday 3 is also on gamepass day one ? ?
  9. Mine is some genius power wala ups and exide ka battery. got 20 mins backup once as said and rest time get ample time to properly shut it off.
  10. About an hour ? Dont bother with UPS . straight up run it from inverter like me, i get good 20 mins backup (Never tested it to end might be more) . About how much you need better ask a local electrician, he know 10x better than anyone on the internet . This is my suggestion
  12. Heed my advice , stay in his face no matter what. also unlock the kick ability (Using os upgrade) . use that when hes stunned . more free damage
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