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  1. Should i start watching , which OTT its on? Also No one here watching Shogun ?
  2. 8 full tosses in 8 overs. Bowling on the body to surya with pace who absolutely loves. Management he ya clown show
  3. Bhai ye klasspack ka maal kab milne wala he ? @KunjanPSD @Bird Bird Bird kuch idea? Was supposed to be march first week na ?
  4. No , i think the blue ray is planned in june so thats when we might see it
  5. LETS GOOOOOOOOO. I can now die less lmao
  6. I would say its the best after fhir hera pheri. Actual jokes that land
  7. I liked the kong vs Godzilla Better. This is good to but felt too many elements at play! Also guys don't sleep on MADGAON EXPRESS ABSOLUTE BANGER OF A MOVIE. Haven't had a comedy movie this good since fhir Hera pheri
  8. It was banger. i enjoyed it , first Armored core game for me
  9. we are friends. maybe your play times are different.
  10. Just ping me when you see me online. Always up for some democracy I wasted my super credits on some dumbass clown costumes 😭😭
  11. So many games and i keep playing this
  12. lmao i unlocked it yesterday to deal with chargers. WTF XD
  13. Will have some democracy tomorrow
  14. As much as this helps sell, nothing better than a video showcasing orbital barrages , grenades and sh*t all around.
  15. Bro trust me buy it. This is my Digital purchase after a long time and enjoying every bit of it. The game bangs . The core is simple yet complex, gunplay feels nice and the friendly fire add soo much fun. Dont remember having this much of a good time in an MP Game that too PvE.
  16. Yes Right can see this INE02L001032 in console , wasn't opening yesterday.
  17. i sold it few months back and bought it just a month before. When will the demerged shares arrive ? It was jan end then feb abhitak aya nae
  18. Yes Bank 52w High, Penny stocks flying left right and centre, bull market or a peak is around the corner?
  19. Why do people have a tendency to buy a falling knife in hopes of it making it back? Im sure it will comeback , make money , but arent there multiple opporutnities out there? You can always buy paytm when all is settled , maybe the returns are less...
  20. Watched Fighter Yesterday. Wahiyaat film , absolute mockery of IAF i would say
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