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  1. I have been able to redeem the other 2 games, my subscription is valid, only not able to redeem battlefield V Sent from my IN2021 using Tapatalk
  2. PS app same thing, not tried the website. Sent from my IN2021 using Tapatalk
  3. I am not able to claim battlefield 5 on my ps5, only 2 options are available purchase for 2499 or subscribe to ea play? What am I doing wrong?
  4. Sorry if this has discussed before, checking thread after long time, do all ps5s make a loud noise at boot up, probably disc drive sound and goes quiet after about 1 minute?
  5. It can be a conicidence but as soon as I ordered & cancelled MM, ps5 has shipped with delivery by tomorrow. But I believe it had a relation to ordering MM.
  6. Thanks man, all members please do this, I ordered MM and cancelled it after 30 minutes, voila PS5 is dispatching now and PSlip generated.
  7. I have given in to FOMO, have ordered Miles Morales, in how much time status should change. MM showing not yet dispatched and PS5 still preparing for dispatch
  8. My status is still preparing for dispatch, should I order a game or is there any chance that it may ship without a game.
  9. M*di ka scam hai, sare ps5 a*b*ni to divert karwadiye hain, we want R*h*l baba as *M.
  10. Is anybody left with preparing for dispatch status or everyone have got their order status changed by ordering a game.
  11. Has anyone on this forum got only console from Amazon i.e. without any game or accessories??
  12. Yeh kya ch****a pa hai, Amazon should like offline retailers have clearly said we would take preorders only if you order a game/ accessory.
  13. Jeff ne lagta hai india me ps5 nahi deliver kar pane ki wajah se resign kya hai.
  14. Kya preparation for dispatch chal rahi hai, sony ne parts separately bheje hain kya, baith ke assemble kar rahe hain Amazon wale.
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