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  1. Is it confirmed that Platinum is making it? I thought some other studio was doing the remake.
  2. I'm playing Horizon too While the gameplay is good, I find the world lacking when compared to the charm and character that BoTW had. And gameplay and open world mechanics being too similar to Ubisoft games. Despite all the complaints, I'm having fun. The story seems intriguing but is yet to grab me. The character facial animations are crappy and wonky, though. The world, however looks gorgeous!
  3. Same here. I just did, too.
  4. Al isn't selling. I meant I got Ajay's # from Al. Think I typed it wrong.
  5. I agree with Walker. While the intention might have genuine, it also leads to idiots (like the ones in the video) assuming that we've already beaten Corona because of the lock-down. That's a dangerous line to toe. And knowing most of our public, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually believe it. Like that 14 hour break killing Corona virus on all surfaces sh*t. Heck, I even heard people (my own parents) talking about the govt using helicopters to sprinkle disinfectant during the lock-down. I don't know how we can get the public to understand the seriousness of this sh*t.
  6. It's no Herman Miller for sure but pretty good for 200$. I find it comfortable for long durations and this is better than the previous one I had!
  7. With the COVID-19 lockdown going on, we've been asked to WFH for the next 15-30 days atleast :/ Got the IKEA Markus and upgraded the table top to a larger one courtesy of 250$ work from setup offered by company. Moved the PC cabinet next to the TV so that I could make space for the laptop. The office desktop server will soon come home since we've been asked to take it with us till this pandemic gets better.
  8. Awesome man! Let me see if I can buy Warbreaker. I've read all the Mistborn books as well (including Wax & Wayne series that have been released till now), but find Roshar to be a tad more interesting. Sanderson is keeping the fantasy genre alive especially considering Martin and Patrick Rothfuss don't seem to be anywhere close to finishing their books. Any other recommendations? I like Joe Abercrombie's works as well.
  9. So, I've been wanting to get a larger table for my PC but wifey has been against it since she doesn't like the space getting cluttered. Decided to make some compromises and improvise since I got some extra money from the hackathon we won at work. 1. Moved the PC case next to the TV and consoles and made extra space at the desk. 2. Bought a mounting arm for the monitor amd installed it. 3. I already had the chair(IKEA Flintan) but it wasn't very comfortable for me since it didn't have armrests. Wanted to buy the IKEA Markus but when I tried sitting on the same chair at showroom with the armrest, felt good. So just decided to grab the armrest(IKEA Nominell) and a footrest to go along. 4. Black Mesa came out of early access! Time to run through the entire Half Life story (and plan for a VR, if I can convince wifey and save up 😆). 4. Finished the first two books in the Stormlight Archives. Loved them. Got the third one now. Sanderson is amazing.
  10. Check if your AC actually needs a stabilizer. I've been using my Samsung one without a stabilizer for years cos it comes inbuilt with one.
  11. Paid 5.4k I think around 7 months back. Got from MdComp with a 1k Steam Voucher (limited time promo)
  12. I know the feel man. I was in a similar situation and was fighting her in Balance mode. I spent a better part of a day and the previous night finishing her off. I had to try a few combination of runes to see what would work the best. Once she got a few hits in, I was almost as good as dead. She literally wipes a large chuck of your HP and is damn aggressive to boot.
  13. I'm using the Cooler Master Master Keys Pro L white. White backlight (non-RGB), comes in Cherry MX blue, red and brown switches. Great build quality and is extremely comfortable to use. The browns that I own are clicky enough without being too noisy.
  14. Acer VG271U is pretty much the only IPS panel that goes around 25-27k mark. I think Samsung has a 27 unch curved VA panel and LG has a 32 inch VA panel.
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