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  1. I'd rather go for a wired controller at this price point. Need something sturdy. The redgear one looks anything but that. Wish someone in TP sold a controller. Any first hand impression on the Logitech one?
  2. Any idea where I can pick up a decent wired controller for PC? Using my dualshock and want an extra controller for co-op. Dont wanna shell 4.5k+ for another dualshock or xbone controller. There's an X360 controller in the cex nearby, but its likely to be heavily used. Would prefer going for a new one. Amazon and FK either have crappy ones or overpriced PDP ones that cost over 3k
  3. If it does, Nintendo is going to take in $$$
  4. The CPU is too weak. Even if the new SKU matches the Xbone X in TFLOPs, the architectural improvements and SSD would make it punch way above what the numbers suggest. You should watch the Digital Foundry video that released a while back on why TFLOPs dont matter anymore.
  5. Would recommend getting headphones instead. Something with noise cancellation that ensures you are not disturbed and is comfortable to wear. I have a Bose QC II that I use for office work and it's just amazing. My wife can watch TV in the same room and I can dial in to a meetings and not hear what's playing on the TV(I ask her to switch off in case I have to talk though ๐Ÿ˜› )
  6. The new trailer looks gorgeous. If it reduces pop-in, and is decently optimized I'd consider double dipping even though I got a plat on the PS4. And the steam pricing is just icing on the cake. The complete edition is around 1100 bucks.
  7. I am fine with that. More interested in ps5 for exclusives and I already have a PC. This might be a decent option as a secondary console. I still gotta play some xbox and x360 titles that arent on PC.
  8. This sounds promising. If it can do 1440p 60, I'd happily considering picking up a ps5 and series s. Use the series s for backwards compat games and use it with the monitor ๐Ÿ˜ PS5 wouls go with the TV
  9. Dont remember man. I sold it for around 50-60 pc of the original cost.
  10. I am no pro at this, but will share what I know. I've always been using a Hybrid, so can't comment on how road bikes fare in the long run. I've always preferred hybrids mainly cos we don't have perfect roads in India. I use it mostly on tarmacked roads and go off the road to avoid traffic when I cycle outside the city. Btw, it's Montra. Not "Montara". It's a pretty decent Indian brand man. If you are within the 18-30k range, it's better to look at Montra, Firefox and probably BTWin too. If you want to spend more, you can look at the ones from Schwinn, Ridley, Bergamont. I ended up getting Scholl Hybrid HB 9.1. Scholl's not that popular in India and it's got a very limited range. But I tried it and liked it. Had a lot of difficulty sourcing a Montra so went ahead with this. It's as good if not better than the Montra Blues 2.1 that I had.
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