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  1. I stopped using the SD card on learning about the issue
  2. I purchased the STL file and got it printed using a3dxyz. Let me know if you want it - can share the STL file with you. Printing should cost like 500 bucks tops.
  3. Case is not easily available. Just get the 3d printed grips like I did. Makes a world of difference.
  4. Not great. Lasts like 2 hours or a bit more depending on the game. I mostly stream games from the PC - and can do it at 10W TDP. So lasts longer.
  5. Sounds like a good price. It's 8-10k more than what you'd pay for something new purchased directly from Valve (549+tax). Worth getting it unless you know someone who is willing to carry it for you from abroad.
  6. 3dp grips for the Ally with some foam padding. Way more comfortable now.
  7. 20k vs 30k. Forget the Steam deck, even the retroid pocket 3+ is leagues ahead of the PS Portal and it's cheaper to boot.
  8. Prices have tanked. I am seeing 256GB go for as low as low 30k. 64gb even lesser
  9. Backbone should work. The issue that I've seen with these devices is that they are not compatible with phone cases and that's a major pain. I got a Gamesir X2 used from CeX and cut off the rubber padding on one of the sides to make it work with my Flip 5 (with case on). I was just saying that SD is a better purchase for marginally more when compared to PS Portal - when you purchase the SD used. Also, it can do more stuff than just stream and play.
  10. If you connect via ethernet, it will work really well. PS Portal is useless man. You might as well get a (used) steam deck that will will do everything the portal can and much much more.
  11. Review pls? How is the color, contrast and backlight bleed?
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