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  1. If bots follow logic , they aint bots anymore.
  2. +1 for that. I like the Xbox controller better too. No rechargeable battery is a bummer.
  3. Well, there may be folks who like to get sh*t on their hands. Its their preference and you can't say anything against it.
  4. Have you seen me rave about PS anywhere here? Just cos I said something crappy about MS doesnt make me a PS fanboy. Typical of an xbot. Have owned both the X360 and Xbone X btw along with PS consoles. I have so issues with calling out the bullshit that Sony does like with this preorder fiasco.
  5. Your preference is not the reason why MS does this. I have no issue with your choice, honestly. But supporting MS for their stupid decision and saying its valid.
  6. There is an easier workaround. Get a portable charger, put it in your pocket and use a short cable to charge. Win-win. The portable charger can be used for other purposes too.
  7. I have very very rarely heard of an internal controller battery dying. These things are built to last way longer. By your logic, mobiles shouldnt have them too since they are prone to dying.
  8. This is not about preferences. Everyone is entitled to do what they believe in. Its the crappy argument supporting a stupid decision that just flummoxes me.
  9. But if I use it for other stuff and I run out of charge. How can I use it with my Xbox? Get a backup set of batteries?
  10. So I need to pay about 700 bucks for two pairs of good AA rechargeable batteries. And another 700-1000 for the charger. Making the effective cost of the Xbox controller higher by 1.5k-2k? And this is acceptable?
  11. But you can avoid the swap all by just having an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Isn't plugging in a USB cable easier and lesser cumbersome? In 30 mins your controller has enough charge and you can unplug and play for quite a bit longer. You still end up saving more by the end of the day 🤷‍♂️ We all know that you can do this by having rechargeable batteries. The question is why should I? Heck even Nintendo moved away from batteries long back
  12. Lol. Been a long time since I've seen anything DB. Getting old.
  13. My bad. I thought they meant this. Didnt see the number properly.
  14. Partly agree with you. Xbox is a platform mainly cos MS has been rallying behind PC gaming of late. They probably don't see Ninty as a competition. But if they are truly open to having games on other platforms, their exclusives should be on PS too
  15. Reference to the number of mentions they got a couple of days back, I think
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