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  1. did you not pickup borderlands 3 during the EGS giveaway?
  2. Using a 27 inch Acer VG271U 1440p monitor. Sit about a feet 2-3 feet away.
  3. I sold my Series X a while back since I wasnt using it. Was wondering if the XSS would make sense down the line if I hook it to my monitor. I seriously love the small form factor
  4. I sold my Series X a while back since I wasnt using it. Was wondering if the XSS would make sense down the line if I hook it to my monitor. I seriously love the small form factor
  5. I know that part. That's why I was confused about what you were saying. The upscaling on the XSS does not mitigate the issue?
  6. Are you saying that 1080p looks good on a 1440p monitor or vice versa?
  7. Folks with an Xbox Series S, how does it look on a 1440p monitor?
  8. RD has in stock at Bangalore https://www.reliancedigital.in/lg-121-92-cm-48-inch-ultra-hd-4k-oled-smart-tv-oled48c1xtz/p/492338620
  9. Such blasphemy Jokes apart, the breaking weapons really allows you to experiment. I've sold and bought back copies of the game so many times. Just yesterday, I booted up the new copy and started the tutorial and it immediately put a smile on my face. BoTW is the GOTG for me personally. The game is about exploration - the story just acts as a guiding device. Just go off the beaten path and start exploring the world - there's bound to be something that will charm the hell out of you.
  10. It depends on what you want. If you are not into shooters and don't care about MP, Switch is easily viable as your "only" console. I personally rank Nintendo first party games above Sony. Nintendo games have a charm that's hard to find in most games these days. Sony went full on with AAA from the PS4 gen and the whimsical experimental titles are no longer prioritized.
  11. You think the fanbois sh*tting here don't really know the differentiation? Drop logic in this thread man. You'll just needlessly get worked up trying to explain things to people who know the truth, but just want to make a point, however crappy it may be.
  12. Lol. The OLED is going to be my main console. The V1 is purely for backup. Picked it up cos it's getting increasingly rare to find one.
  13. Decided to sell off the following items. 1. XSX & Xbox game collection - been lying around unused for the last couple of months. Will purchase back when more games are available. 2. Sold off an extra pair of joycons, switch charger and Hades, Breath of the Wild for Switch. Then used the money to buy the following Been wanting to pick up these consoles for a long time now. Picked up 2x of them so that one can be abused for normal play and the other can go into the collection 1. "New" Nintendo 3DS XL | CeX Bangalore 2. Nintendo 3DS XL (Zelda Limited Edition) | Courtesy @Akkster 3. Nintendo Switch V1 (backup for my OLED Switch) | Courtesy @Akkster 4. PS Vita 1000 Wifi + 3G | Courtesy @blitzkreiig 5. PS Vita 2000 Wifi | Courtesy @Akkster 6. Luigi's Mansion 3 and Pokemon Arceus | Seller on Whatsapp
  14. +1. the game looks way better now
  15. AFAIK only the 7X works with both Xbox and Playstation. This one only works only with PS wirelessly.
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