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  1. This conclusion is based on what some folks said on Twitter and Steam. And not on any actual factual/statistical evidence Is that site even legit? Such clickbait bullshit.
  2. this looks great! Where do you source the beans from?
  3. So much circle jerking by both sides of the faction in this thread
  4. Yeah, you are right. I swapped the order when I typed it out
  5. This. Even I shelled out money to buy the app to transfer my entire chat backup. Android to iPhone is supported natively though.
  6. Apple will say use AirDrop if you want to transfer stuff. As you said, they don't assume you buy a single product, they expect you to enter their ecosystem completely.
  7. +1 to what Athek said. More than what I miss, now that my entire ecosystem is on Apple, it's so much easier to manage. My office calls from work iPhone can get routed to my personal phone and vice-versa. I can just pick-up and speak using whichever device is closest to me. Add in an apple watch, ipad and airpods, you can switch from one to another pretty seamlessly and carry over from where you left off.
  8. This is not even funny/amusing any more. Probably one of the most incompetent bunch of people around who just want to build hype and do jackshit.
  9. I don't think I'll go for a plat because of the issue with Xeno archive RNG spawns. I'll have to restart the game multiple times just to get that stupid collectible. That said, I did try doing a quick run today to tackle the challenge rooms. Got my hands on a Rotgland globber with bouncing rot + exploding rot. Insanely powerful. I did the following in a single run without even dying once (did’t use Astronaut figurine too). - All 3 challenge rooms in the first 3 biomes - Got the survey trophy for Biome 1 and explored all the rooms in the 3 biomes - Maxed up health upgrade & the # of artifacts you can hold - Took down Nemesis Pity that I'll have to start afresh in Biome 4.
  10. Finally beat Ophion. Stocked up on a couple of Sylphium vials and took him down with a pistol since I ran through Biome 6 and didn’t stop to hunt for good weapons. He really wasn’t that hard tbh. Tried hollowseeker in the previous attempt to only break through to the second transformation and then eventually die. Story is too convoluted IMO. But the gameplay loop is just insane. Wondering if I should try going for a plat.
  11. Haul over the past couple of weeks. Except the keyboard (replaced the switches though). Hades courtesy of @fatpigeon 1. ipad Mini (latest gen) 64GB with apple pencil 2. Gateron Yellow switches from Rectangles.store 3. Switch games sans Hades from a seller in Delhi (new)
  12. Thanks folks. Just got done with Biome 5. Ended up using the Electropylon Driver and exploited the invulnerability frames during hookshot zips.
  13. That's what I am trying. The ice severed enemies are just not dropping. Guess I have to get my hands on a good gun first.
  14. Getting my a*s kicked in Biome 5. Any tips? 🙁
  15. Hyperion was very easy. Finished in the second attempt. Got the Rotgland Globber, stocked on some sylphium vials before taking him down.
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