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  1. They actually dont have to. SteamOS is the platform that will make this a possibility. If they continue to invest in steamOS at the same rate, then PCs with console like interface will become a tangible reality
  2. Ready to game PCs that are available today are still computers. There's a barrier to installing steam, figuring things out and getting started. That's where the Steam deck jumps in and greatly simplifies things. Sell people the proposition of buying a game once and not have to re-purchase every generation, I think the wait for exclusives to appear might be more tolerable.
  3. Pretty much what @Kumar123 said. There's always going to be an audience for console gaming cos people just don't want to mess with components or feel lost when there is a lot of choice. While I agree with you on day 1 games being a big driving factor, if more people like Valve come up with ready to game PCs WITH a simplified OS, the value proposition for consoles goes down significantly IMO. Console generations will entirely go away and I see more people flock to something like a Valve console that runs Linux/Windows under the hood with a simplified UI on top. More or less the same as what current gen consoles do.
  4. Looking at the frequency at which Sony is bringing titles to the PC, I might even sell off my PS5 since I rarely play any game day 1.
  5. Dont remember tbh since I added my card a while ago. Also, I buy from Canada/Argentina/Brazil/Japan since they are generally cheaper than US
  6. Use your credit card only. Should work as long as international transactions are enabled.
  7. Happened to me too. Sitting a bit far off and not using headphones helped.
  8. Don't trust FK. They cancelled the PS5 disc edition that I ordered in the previous drop.
  9. Have you used them? If you have details, do share via PM
  10. want to. Trying to figure out if someone in the friends circle is planning to travel in the near future
  11. Got the steam deck invite. Wondering if I should pull the trigger or let it slide 😅
  12. Not in India. Importing is the only option You can consider importing from amazon.co.jp though. It will cost you around 5k for skull&co neo-grips (not as amazing as Satisfye but it is dockable) with a case.
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