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  1. Sharing what I know. 1. Have no clue about RX GPU series or about to video editing. So gonna pass on that one. 2. Evo 970 is a great SSD. But it's gonna cost a pretty penny or you may have to compromise on the capacity. Check with your friend on whether he really needs it. I'd suggest getting a SATA one and use the rest of the money to probably upgrade to a better video card. 3. 16GB should be good for 1080p video editing. Others can comment if I am wrong. 4. There's a Seagate variant that runs at 7200 RPM and has 2TB capacity. 5. Mechanical if he plans on gaming/extensive typing. Else not worth it. 6. Corsair is good. You can go for their 500/650 semi modular ones/ I personally have an Antec EAG 650W Gold (semi modular) that cost me a bit less than 6k. It's basically a rebranded Seasonic model. 7. Why Steelseries if he isn't gonna be gaming? Might as well use the money on other items. 8. Cooler: Don't need for Ryzen 3600. The Stealth that comes with it is good. If he runs into thermal issues, can get the Hyper 212 black from CoolerMaster. Motherboard: I've a X570 from Gigabyte. Their B450M board is decent from what I've heard. You can check with /u/eddie_edits (GB rep on Reddit) for more info regarding compat. Most folks going for a B450 board seem to prefer the AsRock Steel Legend though or the MSI Mortar. Though I've heard that Gigabyte one is also decent. Go for a good mesh case with good ventilation.
  2. Well, for one, Ryzen offers more cores, 30-50% more performance in productivity tasks. Gaming takes a hit by around 10% if I am not wrong. And that too only when you use a 2080Ti or so and game at low res & high fps. The facts are out there in the wild. Not sure why you are trying to convince otherwise
  3. You are partly right I guess. This is supposed to be for laptops and is being sent to devs in a pci-e card form factor
  4. Second you on this. All this jazz about Intel being better at gaming becomes relevant only if you remove CPU bottlenecks completely using a top of the line GPU and if you game at high frame rates. Right now, Ryzen offers tremendous value for money and the marginal performance difference really isn't worth the added cost (Intel MBs are notoriously expensive and require you to use the latest chipset like Z390 with the 9 series. I guess the 10 series will follow suit). Gaming for Intel holds true if you have the budget for a high framerate rig. Mostly for at competitive gamers or for folks who want the absolute best and for whom cost is no bar
  5. If you don't want to shell out so much for the Switch now, get the Lite for around 14k in the grey-market. Sell this off for half the price and get the pro version if/once it releases. The lite screen is smaller and the 720p res will look sharper on the smaller screen. Win-win if you ask me.
  6. Which Cex has the item you are looking for? Ask someone in the forum for help. They might be willing to buy and ship on your behalf
  7. Check CeX. If you have a store in your local city, you can pick it up from them. Else see if someone in the forum can buy on your behalf and ship it. Otherwise, PlayAsia or ebay (US) or Amazon US will be your best bet.
  8. Better move this to "Ask the Experts" thread. They don't care about the add-ons with the game. As long as the disc is in good condition, they accept
  9. Agree Try The Anansi Boys as well. Not as elaborate as American Gods, but it’s set in the same universe and is a fine read!
  10. Neil Gaiman is just amazing. Once you are done, try reading the Gospel of Loki as well
  11. Not the right comparison. Ubisoft owns all these games and has already made money on most of them. They can do whatever they want with the stuff they own. Epic neither owns these games nor publishes them (most cases). It's just a medium for distribution like Steam. So essentially they are paying money to the developers to give away the games for free. Also, just cos someone you know is giving away free sweets doesn't mean you can expect every other guy giving free food to giveaway only sweets. Peace.
  12. Well, they are free games and good ones to boot. I personally think focussing on indie games is good as it helps the developers (since Epic bears the cost). They may not be to your taste, but you can always buy you want. Not sure why you have to complain about things that are free.
  13. There's no formal place. I share it with a friend of mine.
  14. Nope. That is also cos you have regional pricing for steam digital games. France has a law that states that you can resell digital games. Not sure if steam complies there, but in short, you cant sell your digital catalog without selling your account. However, steam allowa you to family share with 5 people. You can play games from their library as long as they are not playing it at the moment.
  15. The dualshock now has a rear rack
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