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  1. True that MS consoles aint selling that well. But if MS has left India, should it not close its online store as well? And from what I know, they do extend support for their consoles and peripherals (replaced my controller a few months back). Not sure if the GTS guy's info is reliable. Others may know better
  2. Got the number for AlPacino thanks, man!
  3. Is the steam version buggy too? The reviews on steam don't seem very promising.
  4. I guess it should. The front 3 fans seem to be standard 3x120mm or 2x140mm if I am not wrong. So it should look similar to the RGB model if you choose to install those fans. That being said, it would make sense if you already have RGB fans. If not, might be cheaper to go for the RGB model instead of getting this and then opting for 3 RGB fans.
  5. These might make sense if MS launches dedicated gaming boxes that are similar to PCs and integrates Xbox with native Windows games (they do seem to be moving in this direction). In that case, Xbox consoles would ideally be a simplified PC that can run games and guarantee decent performance. It might run a stripped down version of windows and support only native apps/games that are whitelisted for the platform (and not typical programs that can be run on Windows). Might be a long shot guess, but I am willing to bet on it due to the recent developments that indicate MS deliberately blurring the lines. 1. Integrated Game Pass for Windows + PC (Ultimate). Eventually this offering might just vanish and become a unified offering 2. Support for Keyboard + Mouse in Xbox 3. MS coming back to Steam 4. Multiple console rumors. If there's such a drastic difference in power, development would have to be very similar to PC game development
  6. MSI generally receives a lot of flak for crappy after sales support. Almost everyone in Reddit has had bad experience with MSI. Although, I've heard that they've changed their service partner and that things have gotten better recently. I'd recommend that you check this up before you decide. Gigabyte has a reddit rep who is pretty active and very helpful in getting things resolved. So the brand has a lot of positive feedback. ASRock's got a pretty neutral rep. I haven't heard anything bad about it per se.
  7. Is Al Pacino still selling PSN US codes?
  8. Any idea where to get US PSN wallet codes from (locally)? Other than Amazon US, Playasia etc.
  9. Consolidated damages this Black Friday/ Steam Autumn Sale.
  10. I know the feels man. I bought a gaming PC, completely built a steam library from scratch and added more games to my Xbox and PS library. And the # of games I finished this year is still less than 5.
  11. This. A lot of people were super excited for the One X based looking at the specs. With not many exclusives and the PS4 Pro punching above its weight in many cases, most people would be even more wary of Scarlet this time around IMO. Unless Sony screws up bad, they have the next generation in their hands.
  12. Asrock B450 Pro4 is the one that's suggested by most in Reddit. Although I ve read that it's been in short supply of late. The alternative would be the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro
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