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  1. Redeem meaning? Are you talking abt the PS collection? Or monthly "free" games?
  2. l33tmaniac

    Hitman 3

    Hitman 1 was already given for free on Epic/PS store a while back. Check that too. Then only need go get Hitman 2 and 3.
  3. And full 4k. It still runs with checkerboarding/reconstruction on PS5
  4. Finished Doom Eternal last week. After that, it's been FH4 on XSX And occasionally the OG RDR1. And still slogging at Witcher 3 on PC at close to 90 hours.
  5. Read that from a reddit post only. The folks who were receiving it were from Mumbai. Just hearsay. Nothing to back it.
  6. I've head that a good number of these issues are from Mumbai area. Could be a region specific thing?
  7. Looks nice man. I need one of these to clean keyboard and computer. Where from and damages?
  8. The devs don't know how to make use of the SDK. They need to take a shaman course to learn Cerny magic Now, Xbots are gonna hit back at Ponies. Such is the cycle of life.
  9. l33tmaniac

    Doom Eternal

    This. Rocket launcher with remote detonate can also be useful.
  10. Lol. I want Forza Horizon 3 man. CD keys had the UK region key for a reasonable price and it's delisted elsewhere. Hence.
  11. Can I change my Xbox region to activate a key/buy a game and then switch back? In that case, will the game be tied to a region or accessible even from my Indian account? Any potential issues with doing this?
  12. 20-50L is a huge range! So much pay variation?
  13. Building the playstation backlog again SoTC, Ratchet and Clank, Bloodborne from Cex for 2k combined. Ghost of Tushies from Flipkart. Now, hope Amazon and ShopAtSc don't f**k up.
  14. Citi used to have a ton of offers before. Not seeing much these days. Wondering if I should probably return mine. Axis is doing really good.
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