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  1. Have you used them? If you have details, do share via PM
  2. want to. Trying to figure out if someone in the friends circle is planning to travel in the near future
  3. Got the steam deck invite. Wondering if I should pull the trigger or let it slide 😅
  4. Not in India. Importing is the only option You can consider importing from amazon.co.jp though. It will cost you around 5k for skull&co neo-grips (not as amazing as Satisfye but it is dockable) with a case.
  5. It's about 4-5k more expensive. But you get a larger/better screen and an improved dock that has an ethernet port and 2x the memory at 64GB. Having owned both - the regular red box switch (V1/V2) really don't make a lot of sense anymore if you are buying a new Switch.
  6. Dude, don't buy anything switch related on Amazon. The whatsapp sellers give you a far better deal. And some of them have amazon stores too on which they sell.
  7. I agree. But they are going to stay put to see how far they can hold out before giving in to pressure. The pricing of 40 series is atrocious and they still haven't officially dropped the prices of the 30 series yet.
  8. Would recommend against trying to dock with the case. I ve read about people damaging their docks with cases like these.
  9. Get the MX master 3 for 2k lesser instead. Bolt and higher dpi support arent worth 2k IMO.
  10. Nvidia CEO Makes It Clear That High PC Graphics Card Prices Are Here To Stay https://kotaku.com/pc-nvidia-rtx-4090-4080-gpu-card-prices-crypto-scalping-1849565648
  11. Battery is a PITA. Be wary of that before you buy. Heavy usage will not last you a day.
  12. Anyone with these cards can forget about buying a room heater
  13. 1. Local commute is extremely easily. There's a single travel card that can be used for metro rail, mono rail as well as buses. Just use google maps to find your nearest station. Singapore is insanely well connected that I rarely used cabs when I visited a few years back. 2. Check online. I remember booking directly from the zoo / Sentosa sites. 3. I planned everything. Singapore is very accessible, you actually don't need MMT/Thomas Cook.
  14. Too early to say for sure, but all things are pointing to a massive power draw increase. 1000W for 4080 or higher, and I guess at least a 750W for 4060 or equivalent if the performance of 4060 should match that of the 3080. I got an 850W PSU when I upgraded to a 3080 just cos I didn't want to risk it. When you are already shelling 60-80k on a gfx card, cheaping out on the power supply is the last thing you wanna do. Going for a good power rating (gold / platinum) ensures that these spikes better can be handled better with good efficiency.
  15. Might be cheaper than 30 series Crypto inflated prices. But looking at the power draw, it's going to cost you quite a bit if you choose to upgrade esp if you don't have a 1000W PSU and a case with good active cooling.
  16. If the full build gets leaked, it will be like the Half Life 2 fiasco all over again.
  17. I probably should not have sold the Pro controller that I bought during the v1 launch :\
  18. What about the more recent special editions such as Splatoon 3? Are they also fake?
  19. I've heard that it works with the PS3 when you connect the USB dongle.
  20. 3700 I guess. Cheaper than pro controller, but equally good. Only downside is that you cant wake the switch from sleep mode
  21. All this stuff about - will be tackled in the other thread etc is literally screaming of I know better than everyone else who owns an Xbox vibe Some people can't keep it in their pants. Others just can't keep their opinions in their heads.
  22. Yes, but I am a stakeholder in the Nintendo ecosystem. I was happy with the games shown, but I was unhappy that Zelda / Metroid remakes were not announced. I was not bitching about Nintendo not doing enough or anything of the sort. Your first point being a Gamepass conference and not an Xbox conference was also fine IMO. It's the other comment about "for a better reply, wait" etc that's totally unnecessary here. Why bait?
  23. Flipkart is now listing PS5 disc edition (non bundle) for 54k
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