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  1. Dude, they are citing issues due to the Ukraine war. Don’t use that as bait in this shitposting thread.
  2. dude, you are trying so hard to put the limelight back on Xbox 😂 I actually find your loyalty amusing. Try again after a few days
  3. In before the compulsory PS5 is not available and hence the low numbers post
  4. You have time to play the Witcher 3 times? I am 100 hours in and have been playing the game for almost 3 years now. Yet to complete it.
  5. they even removed the cashback jazz. I used to regularly get around 50-100 bucks monthly after paying off all my cards. Now they have that annoying jackpot sh*t
  6. So Sony is forcing publishers to price the games on different platforms to be the same as that of PSN. What a dick move. Basically this is armtwisting at some level.
  7. Too much speculation. The more you post, the more nonsense responses it will generate. Just agree that MS dropped the ball on exclusives and day one for GP and call it a day for now. Whether GP is value for money without day one exclusives is a different argument and is very subjective to an individual’s choices/preferences.
  8. DRM free is almost never going to happen. The world doesn't run on altruism. As long as it increases the barrier of entry for hacking, I guess publishers would be okay bearing the cost. The issue is with having an always online DRM - which is a different topic altogether.
  9. I am sure you know that DRM is an essential for any developer who doesn't want to lose money due to piracy. DRM is a PITA when implemented in a crappy manner or when it affects performance. But it's here to say and I wouldn't call it an evil. It's a necessity for any business. Not sure if it was you or someone else who said "Developers are against DRM". Such bullshit. Anyone who wants to get paid for their work wouldn't be against DRM.
  10. I only know one person who uses his XBox for charging controllers. Pretty sure he is a Pony though.
  11. Folks with Xbox here are saying that they were not facing issues with playing games when the service was down. Folks from the other side are crying foul saying that the games don't work.... Despite not owning the system or having tried it first hand. This thread is reaching new levels of lows these days. And such a f**king shame to see some mods and admins actually flaming this sh*t. Sigh.
  12. Even better - create bot handles that directly post all baity posts to the forum. Why even have manual intevention?
  13. I wanted to get this. But since the TV is in a large hall, needed the woofer. Hence went with the Sony HT G700. Also, the Sonos with woofer exceeded more than what I was willing to spend.
  14. Fanboys on both side will always have something to crap on. As long as the story, world-building and exploration is good - the game will be a hit. Skyrim was freaking fun to play because of the sandbox nature. It had every single pitfall that's being highlighted here, but was still a GOTY contender.
  15. Was the leak actually negative? IIRC, he only said that the engine isn't great and the air combat is something he doesn't like. Combat being crappy is a know issue with most Bethesda games and it's a well known fact that Bethesda games are unoptimized af.
  16. Optimization at the hardware level? Are you talking about the firmware/SDK? Or are you referring sub-standard components?
  17. Still trying to be reasonable/logical in this thread? Just grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the sh*t show.
  18. They incorporated it with the Windows Mobile OS (similar to what Apple did). It died when Windows for phones failed to gain momentum. They were too late to the market.
  19. I think you've called Phil daddy more times that anyone else in this world. Speaks more about you than me
  20. So, you want people to stay off the forums? Feeling guilty for dumping your crap here rather than the potty at home?
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