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  1. Review pls? How is the color, contrast and backlight bleed?
  2. Both wife and I switched back to Android from iOS. Samsung Galaxy Flip 5 & Pixel 8. My iPhone 12 mini battery was barely lasting the day with moderate usage and battery capacity had reduced to around 82%. I really wanted a high refresh rate screen and didn't want to spend 1.3L on the 15 pro (the camera really doesn't matter to me) - so moved back to Android. It was a pain moving the whatsapp chats over (phone exchange), but all settled now and not really missing iOS tbh. Wife just wanted the new Pixel. She never liked the move to iOS from her previous Pixel 3. Got a good exchange rate for our old iPhone 12 minis on Amazon & FK. Much better than the cashify rates. Wife's Pixel 8. My Galaxy Flip Z 5
  3. +1. But if it has any DLC/codes, you can only redeem in the original region account.
  4. Dude, Sony is not to be blamed. It is the unprecedented inflation
  5. model pls? Been planning to get one for a long time. Supports color prints?
  6. Looks super slick, man. Running into any heating issues? How is the performance overall? Earlier, I used to dream of building a gaming PC but refrained from doing so cos I was moving around. After building one, I am missing the versatility of laptops. Such a bummer.
  7. Only ponies are applying burnol over their asses since they wanted this game to tank and it didn't. The bots are all playing the game and enjoying it, not circle-jerking to every reviewer criticizing the game
  8. Since we are comparing Steam user reviews and PC reviews in general.
  9. Nothing. Will get auto applied wherever applicable
  10. https://www.flipkart.com/multi-brand-ultimate-gaming-pass/p/itme85a1ac64c14d
  11. Late reply - but do see if this helps. Afaik - Ryzen 7 don't ship with a cooler, DDR5 speeds, I think you should look at 5600Mhz or above. More importantly, look at the latency
  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/gran-turismo-film-review-a-marketing-exercise-filled-with-contrived-drama
  13. Digital only afaik. - Returnal - Ratchete & Clank : A Rift Apart - Demon Souls (if you are into Soulsborne) - Spiderman: Miles Morales (if you haven't played it) - GoW : Ragnarok (again if you haven't played it) - Elden Ring (if you are into Soulsborne)
  14. Both of them are not turn based. Live combat.
  15. Makes sense. AK620 is more than good enough for the 5600X. In fact it doesn't break a sweat with my 5800X3D either. Seems like a positive pressure flow. The case is going to look glorious - like a christmas tree with all the RGB from the fan
  16. This is really cool. I went with the Lain-Li 216 cos this was larger than what I needed. Do you plan to water-cool or use the AK620 that you already have?
  17. That is an individual opinion. See - people can have different opinions and still end up liking the same thing. Something that ponies don't really understand. Ponies always have a unified goal in life - sucking on Jim's weiner.
  18. Console exclusivity bullshit. Poor Sony - they could only afford to make the game exclusive. And not the entire company like what MS did
  19. Isn’t stray coming to gamepass? How is it funded by Sony?
  20. But even by your argument, gamers will reject MS if there are a lot of subpar games. Like they've been doing. Then what's the real worry? They are not a threat to Sony at all. Rather they would make actually cement Sony's position in the market cos existing gamers will have no reason to stick with MS. Creative geniuses come and go. Are you seriously telling me that once the existing generation of creators retire, there'll be no one left to replace them? If your concern is with respect to the death of physical consoles/devices - then that is legit. It definitely can happen as it's happened with all other industries. Cloud offers major convenience for a lot of people - esp with internet becoming ubiquitous. It's a matter of when - rather than if. Tradition consoles might end up becoming a niche at some point. The bigger problem for gaming as whole IMO is GaaS titles - rather than actual cloud gaming. GaaS has the potential to push developers to take the easy way out instead of innovating/trying something new.
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