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  1. And added a UI front for configuring the controls. Earlier builds needed a PC from which you could import the config
  2. This is ultra cringe Why would they spend so much on the marketing setup only to have these guys sh*t on it
  3. Check protonDB: https://www.protondb.com/search?q=fifa 23 Don't think FIFA 23 runs
  4. Dude, I am in the IT industry. Every single company is trying to cut costs and workforce reduction is the easiest way to do it esp when demand is weak. My team mate just got laid off and our enterprise product just had one of the best quarters ever. So there is no point trying to correlate performance with layoffs. It may not always be true. These layoffs are just preparations for the looming recession. Trying to paint Sony as a messiah in these times is just plain ignorance. The axe will fall - it is just a matter of when.
  5. It is fairly powerful. If you keep you expectations in check, it is amazing to play AAA games on it. It does even better as an emulation device. It can play Wii U / Wii games on it at 720p / 800p and psp games at 3x-5x the native resolution. I have a fairly busy schedule, so don’t use it much - but I don’t regret the purchase even one bit.
  6. The whatsapp sellers have priced it around 55k. I purchased mine from US for around 48.5k for the 256GB variant and had a friend bring it over. @playstationdudewould have bought at a similar price.
  7. Go with the 256GB if you can. From what I read, the 64GB will fill up very fast due to the shader cache download/compilation and proton updates.
  8. This. BOTW ruined open world games for me. I don't seem to be able to enjoy games like Horizon after playing BOTW. Everything else feels average.
  9. Do share a review once you get your build up and running
  10. for badmouthing the mods. A la twitter style
  11. Looking at the number of times that IVG has died and come back alive, I am pretty sure that even the Undertaker would be jealous
  12. Basically what @Vamos said. High frame rate at low res takes lesser bandwidth. 120Hz for 1080p can be done on HDMI 2.0 easily. The HDMI 2.1 spec is for high frame rate high res output. Tbh - the high frame rate mode on Ragnarok seems like a bug cos the output is compromised. So Sony is not actually locking anything by mandating HDMI 2.1 requirement - merely preventing a subpar experience.
  13. HDMI 2.1 is needed for 4k with VRR to work correctly. Afaik - if you are running at 1440p with a monitor (which is what I am assuming you are referring to), it shouldnt really matter. When you force run a game at 4k with HDMI 2.0, its likely to be bandwidth constrained resulting the in color degradation that you are seeing.
  14. Even if they ship with an outer cardboard, it wont have any padding. So it really doesn’t matter
  15. This thread should be renamed to @radicaldudevs @Vaibhavp😛
  16. Purchased on steam US and shipped it to a friend. Another friend brought it when he came to India
  17. Got it. Wifey is out of town starting Monday - I think I can afford to do night outs over the next week and try wrapping it up
  18. Congrats man. How long did it take for you? I am 20 hours in and had to put the game on hold since I've been out of town for the past couple of days.
  19. JSAUX skin from Amazon US. Its not cut as well as the d-brand one
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