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  1. I last saw him in Force Awakens, and found him to be a pretty weak charecter (unconvincing acting)
  2. Grab the Black Friday deal on PS Store ... I just extended my PS+ subscription by a year for 3,329. Also a lot of deals on games
  3. It's a shame that PC/Windows is still not able to adopt HDR into gaming/media. While less powerful hardware (TVs and consoles) are handling HDR10/Dolby Vision fine
  4. I have an Xbox One and a new gaming PC, but want GamePass primarily for the former. I guess creating another account is the best option right now. Perhaps there will be some offer in December for the holidays so probably gonna wait till then.
  5. I used up my three months GamePass Ultimate for Rs.50 offer. Any of you can help me find a place to buy the subscription for some discount?
  6. I didn’t mean you calling him superhero. Dwayne Johnson called his character outright a superhero, that is what I referred to. It’s same as the Lethal Protector, Venom.
  7. My point was calling him superhero is stupid. He is an anti-hero, and through this movie he will be turned to the villain he is. I’m no purist btw.
  8. This is not the original story but a add-on/revisit much later. Found a video that may shed some light to the original story,
  9. Note true; in the origin (ancient Egypt days) story Black Adam after getting his powers, killed the tyrant/pharaoh ruling his homeland and took the throne for himself. He was banished by the wizard away from earth and eventually returned to earth 5,000 years later seeking revenge.
  10. In that way even Dr. Doom isn’t a villain. A lot of supervillains turns ally for the heroes. Black Adam is not superhero at all. You may call him an anti-hero who has done a few team-ups for greater good. I can’t say what they have done in modern comic (post-2010), but going by earlier storylines he has categorically been a supervillain.
  11. Developers & Testers taking revenge on R*?
  12. No longer able to log in But The Mandalorian was awesome!
  13. Yes, I managed to launch and updated the thread as well regarding it briefly. All played well. But haven't had the chance to play it the second time ... work and life demands
  14. Bypassing via VPN application and then paying for it in INR 1 as authorisation and selecting a package.
  15. I just got 7 days trial after paying 1 buck. Rs.590 a month or 5,900 for a year was the option that was given to me.
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