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  1. Anyone can confirm any Fifa working properly on the deck?
  2. Collecting comics since 4th grade in 90s, and DC was bigger than Marvel back in those days. Can’t say about most but a lot of us were well aware of Avengers and all back in 90s. Whenever I would visit Connaught Place, I used to get the good ones. Lot of people used to buy those. That and Archies.
  3. My favourite from my childhood: The impulsive purchase: The sequel to my 2021 CX55 purchase:
  4. I don't think Google Photos can store Live Photos as Live photos, it will either be still or short video
  5. Guilty pleasures: Replaced my iPhone 11 Pro Max and AirPods Pro >>> iPhone 14 Pro + AirPods Pro 2
  6. Good choice. I bought on launch as GP machine but made the mistake to sell it nf bought Series X. Don’t make that mistake. I ultimately sold the SX 6 month later.
  7. Fcuk, bought from Croma a 2 weeks back for 1.75L with No cashback offer
  8. +1 They will do that. They sent a wrong dress and after raising return request with the exact reason, delivery guys didn’t accept the order on two select days. Then after several calls, it was resolved. I am done with FK, not gonna buy anything from them.
  9. I’ve already stopped buying high value items from FlopKart, now with hassle in return, I’m considering to completely stop buying from them anything.
  10. It is. VR Games and Micromini are same. Got Meta Quest 2 128gb from them 2 months back for 37k.
  11. I just ordered Forbidden West for ₹1,699 from Electronics Bazaar Store … wasn’t it earlier Cloudtail? So can I consider it safe?
  12. Been 25 days that I got myself a NS, and here’s my library … costs quite a lot to game on this platform (Fifa 23 and Ring Fit Adventurers on the way)
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