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  1. Noob me, bought the first gimble, and finding it difficult to master it …
  2. My GamePass Ultimate scam is expiring this September end, anyways not getting enough time for gaming, so gonna offload the XSX.
  3. This sucks, the catalogue isn’t good enough for me to consider uping to Extra from Essential. But I upgraded to Deluxe anyways Planning to sell my Series X in October. PS5 should be enough.
  4. Please use the Sales thread, this is not the place for out. Reported.
  5. Have you seenin Screen X before? Is it any fun? I hate the vertical bars between the screens
  6. I got myself a ProMotion (since unlikely to get the real one, end of month when appraisal communication comes)
  7. I have had many bad experiences, a few with high value items. And really the customer support is $#!t compared to Amazon. Too much of a hassle.
  8. Brilliant offer on iPad Pro 11-inch 256 GB @ Rs.69,900 plus 4K discount using HDFC card, that's Rs. 65,400 for 256 GB while 128GB is retail in for 69k on Amazon Only reason I am not going for it cuz it is Flipkart (Seller is their usual HydtelRETAILSsales) and I don't have faith in FK anymore.
  9. Takes years to build reputation and moments to ruin it
  10. For LG CX or any OLED user: Do you guy get headache or uneasiness after an hour of viewing Dolby Vision content in Standard mode? Or Gaming on Game mode?
  11. Once you have enough money, you can have hair like Carlito (early WWE days)
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