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  1. Please use the Sales thread, this is not the place for out. Reported.
  2. I’m sure we all will support him unconditionally
  3. Means i have to pay the difference for 2 years at once
  4. Any idea on the upgrade path? I have PS+ till 2024.
  5. Have you seenin Screen X before? Is it any fun? I hate the vertical bars between the screens
  6. I got myself a ProMotion (since unlikely to get the real one, end of month when appraisal communication comes)
  7. I have had many bad experiences, a few with high value items. And really the customer support is $#!t compared to Amazon. Too much of a hassle.
  8. Brilliant offer on iPad Pro 11-inch 256 GB @ Rs.69,900 plus 4K discount using HDFC card, that's Rs. 65,400 for 256 GB while 128GB is retail in for 69k on Amazon Only reason I am not going for it cuz it is Flipkart (Seller is their usual HydtelRETAILSsales) and I don't have faith in FK anymore.
  9. Takes years to build reputation and moments to ruin it
  10. For LG CX or any OLED user: Do you guy get headache or uneasiness after an hour of viewing Dolby Vision content in Standard mode? Or Gaming on Game mode?
  11. Once you have enough money, you can have hair like Carlito (early WWE days)
  12. What? Wo many are doing the impossible
  13. And then he goes like that crying black dude meme…
  14. And then he goes like that crying black dude meme…
  15. CX never dropped below 1.08L, so unlikely with C1
  16. Just got back watching The Kashmir Files. Liked the 1st half, 2nd half was pretty boring. The movie could have highlighted more incidents, overall was an average movie owing to the weak character development and unnecessarily slow pace at times. It was a 2 hrs 50 mins’ movie but still couldn’t develop the 4 friends’ characters well, and also felt a little disconnect or rushed scene change a few times which was not naturally transitioned. About the topic; I am glad they made the movie as Bollywood is known to be largely hinduphobic, and often movie makers take the liberty to show the religion in poor light, mostly indirectly. Would want more movie makers to take the courage to make a movie on such topics but as it happens in every case on such topics, it will be politically aligned to one party or the other. That’s the rule of survival in the industry, I suppose. Overall, good attempt, not as great as everyone promoting it to be as a movie, but worthy and relevant subject. P.S. F**k Kejriwal
  17. With respect to your opinion … what pathetic pile of crap was this!! Good they deleted it
  18. I want to do watch this movie but like many I have not read books that exposed what had happened back in those days in details but I have seen Shikara and heard a few people who had ‘acquired’ knowledge about the period. But from my experience in life so far, every truth is often distorted for emotional or personal or commercial motivation. Consume with a pinch of salt. For example; Army’s exploitation in Kashmir could be a fact but might not be as wide spread as media or locals make it to be. But sitting here on the other side of the country I cannot pass judgement on the locals or Indian Army. Not even based on a movie that I see because I question the integrity of the filmmakers and those who are indirectly involved.
  19. I’m no intellectual or pseudo one but it’s simple to me, movies are for entertainment. Loved Taskanth Files, I’m sure I’ll like this too. Try watching 12 Angry Men and understand that different opinions doesn’t make anyone wrong or right but the ability to think logically is more important than branding someone pseudo-intellectual. But then half of the country is invested in the game of choosing sides and seeing black or white, nothing in between. It is a commercial movie, made to make money. The primary objective is that, and secondary is storytelling.
  20. I went through a space scene and it was true black to me (the black bars matched the space black), but that’s what my eyes say; some people are peaky and can say it’s not true black so hang around for more feedback.
  21. Got these Dolby Vision 4K movies on Apple TV …
  22. Movie watching is for entertainment and I said in that regard, not literally be joyous about it. Funny I have to explain this
  23. The Kashmir Files is a commercial movie, enjoy it as one, don’t hope for it to show all the true pictures of the time and more likely to show one-side of it. Sad state of country is everyone has to take an extreme side, nothing towards the middle where you can question every agenda and arrive to a logical/mutually beneficial decision. Overburdening oneself with past will make a superior and fulfilling future challenging to achieve. I would definitely watch it but not gonna go to theatres for it.
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