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  1. Got a Samsonite since seeing this and the AT ones next to each other made me understand how bad the AT quality is...
  2. LIC in red And so is my whole portfolio, including NPS
  3. Picked up 5, let's see for a few weeks where the price settles..
  4. LIC below 900 - is anyone buying more (who didn't get the allotment)? I might pick up some shares, still undecided...
  5. Never heard of these forex sites. Have you used it? Does anyone have experience using their Indian cards abroad? I have usually paid via cash for everything. Never cards, but may consider it next time...
  6. I got the Duo plan right now. Don't think they're that strict on the location. I copied the invite link, opened an incognito tab, used that link to signup (the other member was a new one). Then, set up the profile, including the address verification thing (just added the same one as mine); and finished it up. Seems to be working fine.
  7. LIC was my 1st IPO application and didn't get it. Time to buy it in week 1
  8. Has the LIC IPO status been released? Kfin shows coming soon, and BSE says something like not found.
  9. Delhivery IPO anyone? I am not since I find it silly to invest in loss making firms at inception. Stayed away from stuff like PayTM too.
  10. Any clue what's a good brand for luggage bags? I plan to get a 3 piece set, with wheels and shiz. Looking at American Tourister and Samsonite, though AT is cheaper than the other.
  11. Nothing yet IIRC. My M&O and PP ones are stuck with this limit.
  12. How about the cost of after sales? Did they take the extended warranties?
  13. 13 Hours is actually a very good movie. Probably one of the best of that genre I've seen.
  14. Seeing that price, I am going for 3D for 700 ish (2 tickets). Good deal after applying card off (500 off)
  15. Axis MF Fund Managers indulging in front running. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/banking/finance/banking/under-scanner-for-front-running-axis-mutual-fund-sends-two-of-its-fund-managers-on-leave/articleshow/91366248.cms
  16. I might take a test drive at least for the Slavia. Since this'll be my first car, I'm leaning towards brands that are more hassle free like Honda.
  17. The reason I'm not taking the test drive for the new Skoda sedan is my worry that I'll end up liking it and get more confused.
  18. How's the long term cost for Skodas and VWs? I heard that their maintenence and parts are expensive compared to others, and pan India coverage (like smaller shops) isn't there. This still true?
  19. You need to enable the fingerprint sensitivity option, somewhere in the settings. Helps with tempered glass. This is the one I bought: AEIDESS Screen Protector... https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09V6YSNMZ?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  20. Some random plastic one (not Tempered) from Amazon, can find the link if you're interested.
  21. I have high hopes for this one Zerodha didn't let me place another bid from a different category. Only via one - which I selected as Policyholder.
  22. I will. There's no use in applying for more than 1 lot with a single PAN right?
  23. Has anyone taken a car loan or have experience with any bank for it? In terms of service which one has been good? What hidden charges have you seen? Any pre-closure tips for it?
  24. Been sitting on this for long, and began it recently. This game looks so amazing, I've been staring at it all the time... Especially like that touch when the leaves get blown up when a person walks... Story wise it seems decent, I'm still in ACT 1 though. Hoping for a big payoff at the end.
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