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  1. This is for the Reward Multiplier Gyftr website or even on Amazon's site as well?
  2. Has anyone used Yaper to maximize their credit cards? https://yaper.co/?v=1.2210.1
  3. Also, Fancode has the Sky commentary, which is good. My F1 TV sub ends on Monday, so will be trying Fancode's 1 weekend sub for next week at ₹49. https://x.com/bharat_in_data/status/1763174299924635656?s=61&t=KSlEdYVFO8nTuNLIivfvsQ
  4. Any small cap mutual funds people here would recommend?
  5. I always had the ICICI cards as LTF. Began with Coral, then Rubyx, and now a Sapphiro, all LTF. Got the Coral when they came to my college and offered the card, never looked back since! Sapphiro has been best for the 1+1 on BMS for me, up to INR 500 per ticket is free which is pretty damn good!
  6. Around how much do you use it, has anyone tried getting the 2nd year fee waived, etc.
  7. Anyone using or know someone who is using a Amex Gold Charge Card? Looking for user experiences and reviews...
  8. They should have an adapter, if not, send me a photo of the item and box over DM and I'll raise a replacement request. Also, your last gift is delayed, Amazon says to expect it around 10th Jan
  9. So I got a gift from my Santa as well. I have not been playing my PS5 since October, and have missed most games since then. I only began the Ragnarok DLC 2 days back and now Santa sends me this: SM2 Left me absolutely speechless! 🤩 Thank you Santa! @AtheK
  10. Sent my Banta something, should reach around Christmas!!
  11. So I just closed my Axis Vistara Infinite card before the 1st year ended and I got charged the fee. Have space for 1 LTF/FYF card now, any recommendations?
  12. Happens to me as well. And that's perfectly alright. My PS5 has begun collecting dust and not switched on for 3 months now. Missed all the recent big games as well, but I know I'll get to them eventually. Take a break, it's helpful!
  13. Seems pretty good. Between this and SM2, lots to play once I get back to my PS5.
  14. I have it as well. I've seen it usually adds the points after the statement has been generated. Check the balance on the statement first.
  15. In, before the last date of registration passes.
  16. How long is the game to platinum? I haven't even bought it yet and might wait another few weeks for discounts or 2nd hand copies. That's why I usually don't read this thread regularly.
  17. For vegetarian in Japan: We went to Subway. Don't remember if burger joints had veg options though. Also, try the vegan food, it might be nice and w/o meat. There's an Indian restaurant in Tokyo (Ashoka in Shinjuku). We spend 1K INR for 2 people's buffet. Dal, naan, rice, etc. Pretty good food.
  18. He will retire if he cannot hold P2 and perform well in these final few races. One reddit post points to his retirement already being decided and to be annouced post Mexico. Let's see. Would be good to have a Max v/s Daniel in the RB next year, but doubt DR would beat Max. He's on another level planet right now.
  19. Same, not buying this at launch. Will either wait for PS+ or get a discounted or used copy some weeks down the line.
  20. Which card do you use and on what website? Also, if the rates online are good on 2-3 gm coins, can't I buy like 5 2 gm coins and get the discounts as well...?
  21. Has anyone bought gold coins or biscuits online? Or offline? How and where can you get these for like 10 gm with certificates? And who gives the best rates?
  22. Just began Demon's Souls Remake. This is my first Fromsoftware game and soulslike.
  23. Does Sony give discounts on digital pre orders? Also, does the Deluxe version seem worth it for the extra suits/skills etc?
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