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  1. roun90


    They will never go with AO because most stores in US/EU will refuse to stock it (Not to mention Sony/MS themselves don't stock AO Rated games I think). M is fine. Good for deep, mature stories, decent amount of gore and all that. AO as far as I know is only given to straight up p**n or too much realistic gore to the point that it will start affecting kids negatively.
  2. roun90

    Resident Evil 4

    It's really fun. Gameplay is really fun on RE3R. Plus, if you're playing on the PS5 - it gives you 120 FPS which makes it a joy to play. People say a lot of sections from PS1 were cut. But it really doesn't matter. Playing it now - if you liked RE2R, you will absolutely love this game. I got it at 600 Rs too. Get it - at that price, it's absolutely worth it.
  3. roun90


    I think a true "Survival Horror" implies it will be like OG Alan Wake, Silent Hill or something new. I don't think it will be like Control. Jesse was a super-heroine who had super-powers that could literally kill the paranormal phenomena. That goes against Survival-Horror Ethos itself. No "Survival" if you can easily kill the ghosts and there is no need to be afraid (Hence no Horror too).
  4. 60k for XSX? That's an absolutely ridiculous price. We can get an RTX 3070/3070 ti for close to that price, still have gamepass, and run games in higher settings than in XSX (Ultra Settings instead of XSXs Mid-High Setting). Heck, checking now - MDComputers is offering Asus RTX 3070 Ti for 57k - 2k Cheaper than an XSX https://mdcomputers.in/asus-rog-strix-rtx3070ti-o8g-gaming.html Add 15k more and you will get a 3080Ti which will kill an XSX/PS5 spec-wise https://mdcomputers.in/asus-tuf-rtx3080ti-o12g-gaming.html The day where consoles become more expensive than high end gaming PCs Wonder which head at MS approved this pricing (Originally posted this in XSX thread, since I saw the price there first. Moved it here later).
  5. Moved my original post to Versus thread because it seems to be more suitable there. Here, I'll just say - absolutely ridiculous pricing.
  6. You do realize - these are side projects that they do? Games take years to develop and Neil and all other creators are already in the process of developing the next game? Sony is not going to let them sleep on it? Directing 1-2 episodes here and there will not take long, especially when the base (Beginning, Casting, Script and all is already done). 2022 itself we got quite a lot of games from Sony. Far more than can be said about Xbox. Despite having TLOU TV Show and Uncharted Movie both on the same year.
  7. Is there even any proof of JKR passing legislations or are these guys just running their mouths on slander? If this was true, news would have blown up on the internet by now . Funny thing - if these "Mods" are identified and their internet-given anonymity removed, JKR is within her rights to sue them for slander on baseless claims, I would guess.
  8. roun90


    Thing is - Nier Automata also had a mind-blowing story, amazing music, and really good side quests - that complimented that "Barren Open World", which itself was a part of the story. This in addition to really innovative genre-bending gameplay and an amazing twist at the end that I don't think had ever been done in gaming before. I don't think Forspoken does all those things.
  9. roun90


    I've been playing Star Ocean 6 and it's really fun. Gameplay is really fun with how fast it is and DUMA addition - which increases the speed and verticality of combat. The story and gameplay is also reminiscent of Star Ocean 2 - which is really good. It will be really sad if SO6 did not do well. But SE was SE and gave it an absolutely amazing release date. Christmas Period - 2 Days before Call of Duty MW2 and 1 Week before God of War Ragnarok. It went on sale within 1 month. It's a sad situation that a game that would have done well if released on Jan - might have done so badly. Valkyrie Elysium was boring though. Played the demo, game was completely empty and boring. Main Games for SE would be FF16 and FF7-2 I guess. If these 2 bomb - then SE is in really serious trouble. They might as well just be an FF14 MMO Company and nothing else.
  10. The major controversy that happened regarding this was from Gamespot I think - a reviewer was fired for giving a bad score to Kane and Lynch game - which had been heavily advertised on Gamespot and for which the site had been paid by Eidos. After that, they started things like disclosing "We got the Game Code from the Developer for free" statements. But this is very old news (PS3 era). I don't know if devs still do it, and I've not heard any recent controversies regarding paid reviews.
  11. Good for quite a lot of people I would say. First time P3P came out of handhelds and onto main consoles. P4G is extra since it came on Steam last year. MHR also came out of handhelds for the first time and you're saving almost 5k by going Gamepass route (Switch Game Prices are horrible or 2.4k via Steam)
  12. I had forgotten that new Dragon Age and Mass Effect Games even existed. These IVG threads are the only things that reminded me. Great Job EA and Bioware !!
  13. All 3 are amazing games. All 3 are close to 90 Meta games. They are also huge IPs (Persona and Monster Hunter are both big). Monster Hunter is a huge co-op that has a huge dedicated community. If anything, MS should be congratulated for getting these 3 games to Gamepass
  14. It's simply how the series is over the past 20 years or so. No link between games at all. Not to mention, the entire development team is completely different for FF16 as compared to FF15, the setting is different (FF16 -Medieval, FF15 - Set in modern times), the World is different, the lore is different and maybe even gameplay. There is no official link just for this title, but there is no doubt that this game is completely stand-alone. It's how Final Fantasy operates right from the time FF2 had no relation to FF1.
  15. How? FF16 has no relation to FF15 at all. You don't need to know anything about FF15 to play this Also @RV1709 Direct Sequels are numbered differently in the FF Series. For example Final Fantasy 8 has no relation to FF7. But the direct sequel to FF7 will be branded Final Fantasy 7 Part 2 or FF7-2. Same way FF14 and FF15 have no relation to FF13, but FF13-2 and FF13-3 are direct sequals to the base game that is FF13.
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