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  1. What kind of anime do you want to see? The anime genre is big, so what are your interests? Based on the 4 you listed, I would recommend - 1) One Punch Man (Action/Comedy/Parody) 2) Assassination Classroom (Amazing Anime - comedy/action/slice of life) 3) Stein's Gate (Will be very boring at first, but continue watching till at least 10 episodes - believe me - it will be one of the best shows you watched in your entire life) (Sci-Fi/Mystery) 4) Erased (Japanese Name: Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) (Mystery) (You can watch the live action on Netflix as well - it's even better than the anime and a legit great show) 5) Parasyte 6) Demon Slayer (Action) (On Netflix) 7) Great Pretender (Comedy/Scam Artists) (On Netflix) 8) Vinland Saga (Historical/Action) (On Amazon Prime) 9) Astra: Lost in Space (Sci-fi/Space Journey/Adventure) (On Netflix) Sorry for the images. It's just that it's more fun to post with images.
  2. Make both, but buy Indian PSN. Some points to consider - 1) Cloud Saves is only available for the account that purchased PS+. So if you purchased US PS+, it had better be your main account. If you buy US PS+ and use Indian Account, you are deliberately screwing yourself out of cloud saves 2) Indian PSN Game releases are earlier than US releases. If you buy a game on Indian PSN, you will get the game on release day mid-night. If you buy on US PSN, you will get the game next day at around 12:20 pm or 1:00 pm (Indian Time) 3) Devs many times give out bonuses. For example in Persona 5 Royal, devs gave out free themes. If you have the Indian version of the game and progress, you will get it. If you have Indian version of the game and US Progress, you will not get it 4) Prices are pretty much the same and in a lot of cases better in India. The days of only US prices being better are gone. And even if it's better, you still have the option to buy from US Store and run it in all your PSN accounts on the same machine 5) 6000 Rs is the non-sale price for 2 years. On sale, it easily gets to around 4k-4.5k for 2 years. It's just that US is having a sale now, while India/EU is not. But as PS+ is a commitment to a service, choose region carefully, that you will use.
  3. Sorry, you're right. Looked up the wrong article (BB Re-created in UE4). It seems the actual situation is even more messed up. It seems it's a mysterious engine, no one knows about (It's not DS2 Engine) + it's using middleware like Havok, Yebis and all in addition to it.DS3 is doing the same. All the more reason they gave up BB ownership to Sony and did job work if they were using 2 new engines for 2 new games. https://www.dualshockers.com/tech-powering-ps4-exclusive-bloodborne-revealed-separable-subsurface-scattering-havok-yebis-and-more/
  4. Yup, see that WhiteWolf/Zodak is pointlessly going OT now. Will not be responding to him regarding the matter further.
  5. Nah, that's not how it works. You see - From started the project with the explicit understanding that the IP of Bloodborne will be owned by Sony. Why they did it? Most probably they needed cash at the time. Especially since they had made a new engine for Dark Souls 2 and then immediately jumped over to UE 4 for BB. The quality and game design does not factor into it at all. It will also be settled upfront as well. When you do job-work, it's literally just that - work for others as part of a job. It's why there is no joint ownership of BB. It's pure 100% owned by Sony. There literally is no risk for From and they will most probably not even get the sales report. Now, it's up to Sony to set quality standards, timelines and budgets. But which specific employee or team will work on the project - that's up to From. Miyazaki will not work on it most probably, there's a very high chance of that. Hence, Sony would also not be that interested much. Frankly, Miyazaki himself is not that interested in sequels. DS2 was made by the B Team for cash. He did DS3, but very soon after BB and frankly, compared to others, his efforts and heart were not in it. Sekiro was a success and his pet project - but no sequel. It is also completely different gameplay-wise. Elden Ring will be different as well. Most probably, there will be no sequel to Elden Ring as well (or his B Team will do it). I get the feeling Miyazaki is an artist. He will do projects where his passions are. And once a project is done - it's "done". He's not that interested in going back. He's not like EA or Ubisoft to keep doing sequel after sequel. That's what his B Team and Job Work people are for. Heck, Miyazaki has literally given an interview where he literally states that he's done with Souls and Souls Type Games, he's personally over it and he literally states "If 5 years from now a subordinate comes to me and begs me to allow for a Dark Souls, I will allow it, but it will be the subordinate's project, not mine". He literally states he wants to try new things This was just before Sekiro, and Sekiro was completely different from a Souls Game. Full Interview: https://www.ign.com/articles/2016/04/27/dark-souls-developer-already-working-on-new-ip
  6. Sales doesn't factor into it at all. It's a matter of ownership. For Bloodborne, Sony took care of all the bills and paid Miyazaki on top for his efforts. There is literally nothing for him or his team to be dissatisfied about. The question that comes is of ownership. BB was job-work. Elden Ring and others will be pure business, which From Software will own themselves and take all profits. They can work on BB2 again if Sony asks. But most probably, they will put their B Team on it while Miyazaki and the A Team focus on their own projects. Hence why Sony is also not that interested in BB2.
  7. Be careful my man. I did say it was major manga spoilers. It's all from the final War of Paradis Arc.
  8. AOT Finale is going to be amazing. Major Spoilers from manga It'll be fun. Though I am a bit concerned that the manga is not ended yet. Don't want the anime overtaking it (The name "Final Season" says all) and giving it's own ending.
  9. 1) OK I will concede on this point. Yes, I have an Xbox and no, I have had no reason to refund any game on it 2) Easy with the Personal Attacks my man. I could just as easily say people like you are the reason we have to deal with paid online can't I? Also, you are still ignoring Nintendo. Free Cloud is only on MS and PC. Free Manual Save Backup is still there. It's also there permanently unless both your system dies and all your backups die as well. 3) See Point above 4) So games only consist of 1st party from now on? That's new to me. I thought people played all games. Why are you hung up on only 1st party? I'm saying gaming as a whole. As a whole, it's moving to $70. Am I supporting it? Absolutely not. But then again, it is quite easy to wait 1-2 months (or heck even weeks) and buy at 50% off no? TLOU2 came down to almost 2k within a month. Not exactly a problem if you are not having to buy each game Day 1. Again, I'm not blaming GP. It's amazing and I accept it. But this does not mean all 3rd party games are there on GP. And the trend is $70 for the industry as a whole, unfortunately. 5) Additional Point, as far as exclusives go, Sony is still far and above MS. The amount of games last year alone beats entire X1 line-up the entire gen. And this year is looking to be great as well. MS is still in the "Promise" stage. For the forseeable future - MS "1st Party" is abysmal. There are at least 3 years before we see any great major exclusives on MS side, and new acquisitions like Bethesda - maybe even more. If it's worth it then, I will get XSX as well. Till, then, I will make do with my X1X and PC for any MS needs, if required. 6) There really is no need to celebrate just because MS made F2P free yesterday (Calling it Listening to Community after being woken up after 16 years). It really has no bearing on others.
  10. Then my point is withdrawn. Thanks for the info. Didn't know this.
  11. Oh yeah forgot to add as well - 5) Sony is the only company giving you free PSN name changes. On Xbox you are stuck with your name of X12653496 unless you cough up 700 Rs each time for the privilege. Yup, the Standard Argument. GP is an amazing service. But to act like it has 100% of the entire game library in the industry is ridiculous. Telling that only Sony has any new Next Gen only game at the moment as well.
  12. More like - 1) Consoles have a bad refund system. Only systems worth a damn are PC Stores like Steam, Epic and GoG 2)Cloud Saves are a luxury. Unlike F2P Games, Cloud Saves are not a guarantee. Sony and Nintendo have paid cloud saves. Rest don't. Aso F2P games became free like yesterday after 16 years, whereas it's free on all other platforms since forever. No points to MS for this at all. 3) Paid MP - We will not ignore this. MS started this, and forced both Sony and Nintendo to go along or face Shareholder's wrath and MS is still it's champion. Best is all PC stores (Steam/GoG/Epic/Uplay/EA - all of which have free MP) 4) Even MS is charging 70$. Come back to me when all Next Gen only 3rd parties on Xbox - which are not on GP - are also at $60 and only Sony charges $70
  13. Not changing the subject. But OK - will play by your rules. The next time Sony doubles the price of PS+ and retracts it after 1 day of Twitter outrage is when you will see Cloud Saves free. Or maybe after 16 years of paid Cloud Storage. Happy? Even without PS+, you do have the option of taking back ups on a pen drive you do know that right?
  14. Not a PS Only gamer, but what you said is ridiculous. You call that "Listening to Consumers"? MS doubling the price, one of the heads (Maybe Nadella himself) sees the twitter reactions blow up and then immediately instructs his underlings to retract it and write an "Apology Tweet". Or making F2P games free - which they are supposed to be right from the start - after what 8 years or so (16 years if you add in Xbox 360 years), as part of an "apology" for either trying to sneak in a price rise or earning "goodwill points" by making a ridiculous increase and then retracting it. Easy to get customers to accept if you increase price to an unreasonable standard first and then retract it or earn goodwill by again increasing to unacceptable levels and then removing it and claiming "We listened to fans". Easy Marketing 101. Man your standards of customer satisfaction are very low if that's all it takes for you to be satisfied. Nah, I use Xbox and all, but I definitely wouldn't call the company that pioneered paid online, introduced the strategy of "buying out 3rd Party Exclusives" and claiming all timed exclusives to be full exclusives (False Marketing) to be customer friendly any time soon.
  15. This is to essentially kill off the 3 year Gamepass Ultimate Trick for $1 I guess. Most probably Live Gold will soon be phased off completely (All online services to be given by GP and Live Gold's free games stopped). If your 3 year GPU is ending or you will have to buy GP at proper price and new customers will only get 3 months GPU for Rs 50/$1 as originally intended.
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