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  1. Which by looking at current trend should happen by PS6 release (When they abandon the PS4 store)
  2. No, MGS IP will not be sold. It continues to be one of the bread and butter IPs for Konami. Only, instead of video games, it's being used in Pachinko Machines as a game theme. Who the heck will substitute the gacha revenue if they sell it off? This is the MGS 3 Remake trailer Playing now on a Pachinko Machine 7 hr flight away from you.
  3. You guys should really read up on Japanese Pettiness. Kojima's departure from Konami was not pretty, and he was pretty much almost a prisoner for 1 year. He and his team had surveillance equipment and cameras observing them, his production team was renamed to a generic Studio No. 8, supervisors were instructed to monitor and shame all Kojima employee studios for minor stuff like taking a little extra time on breaks, all internet connections were cut off. While Kojima was still an employee of Konami, working on MGS - the company has also literally removed the "A Hideo Kojima Game" from promotional materials of MGS, which was an insult. All thois to a guy and his team that almost single handedly carried Konami's video game division for years and brought very good profits. All this, simply because the new president after Konami restructured did not like Kojima, and wanted to go fully mobile. Mistwalker's Sakaguchi and old Team Ninja's Itagaki did not work with Sony permanently, no matter the money, for far lesser stuff. So no, MGS will not be developed by Kojima. Even if Konami allows MS to develop it, they will put up a clause that Kojima will not touch the IP. Not to mention, Konami still makes millions off it's MGS Themed Gacha Gambling Machines - without doing anything and there is no reason for them to do anything with it. https://www.polygon.com/2015/12/16/10220356/hideo-kojima-konami-explainer-metal-gear-solid-silent-hills
  4. Strange, this is what I found https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/ps-now/ps-now-games/
  5. I think it came there briefly and was removed in 2020. PS Now site lists MGS HD Collection (PS3), MGS: Revengeance (PS3), MGS: Ground Zeroes (PS4) and MGS 5 (PS4). Not a single mention of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. So yup, as of now, once PS3 store goes offline, people can kiss MGS4 goodbye. It will be lost in limbo.
  6. MGS 4 needs a remake urgently. You guys realize - with Sony closing the PS3 and Vita stores this year, the conclusion of the Metal Gear Solid Saga will be lost forever. There is no other digital store that will supply it, and unless you are able to find a PS3 + physical copy of MGS 4 - the end story of Solid Snake and the conclusion of the franchise will be lost forever. Can't believe a day is coming soon, when the MGS franchise of all things has to be saved and preserved.
  7. If possible, ask your in-laws to postpone the visit by 6 months - 1 year. At 1.5 years old, I don't think your kid's immunity system is fully developed yet. Don't take risks right now with your kid man, even if your relatives quarantine themselves. Let the situation stabilize a bit and your kid grow a bit older, before exposing your kid to any risk. You even said your relatives are travelling from abroad, better to ask them to keep away. Just my opinion. Anyway, stay safe and hope you, your kid and all your family keep well and healthy.
  8. You do realize - we are all (including you) banned from Society anyways due to Covid right? What more will you ban the poor guy from?
  9. Thanks for the help guys. Will have to try it the next time I play the game. Last question - does killing Black Phantoms in PBWT affect the NPCs themselves? For examples, if I kill Black Phantom Lord Rydell in Tower of Latria, will I be able to interact with him when shifting World Tendency to Pure White, or will he stay dead? Also, any good place to farm Stone of Ephemereal Eyes/ Had 20, but wasted a lot before figuring out, jumping off the boss bridge near Maneaters is not going to shift my WT to Black. Thanks for the help.
  10. I was talking of the manga. The full story is complete in the manga. For the anime, only Part 1 is complete, and the show is stopped currently. There is still a long way to go for the anime to finish, and you are looking at a 2022 year wait at the minimum to (maybe?) complete the story.
  11. Was trying to get Old Monk's Head Wraps yesterday. Boss summoned me as the boss, was waiting for the player for PvP; and he did not make it up the stairs in 3-4 for the fight. Got free Head Wraps out of it. Got the Sodden Ring and Colorless Demon Soul out of pure black World Tendency too. Any idea if you can change World Tendency after the Arch Demon of the World is killed. Wanted to do the Pure White Tendency event of World 3 as well, and also need to get the Colorless Demon Soul of World 2 (But already did the last Arch Demon Fight there). Does Co-op help bring white tendency even after the final boss of the World is down?
  12. roun90

    Yakuza 0

    @Mr. Comingle If you ever feel like doing IRL Kamurocho Tourism, watch this first
  13. Hope GP does come on Steam. Windows Store is a mere formality at this point, and MS willingly puts all their games of Steam Day/Date. Put GP also in there, for a complete hassle free PC experience.
  14. So AoT is finally done. Last chapter came up today. Was a good enough ending I think.
  15. Lord of the Rings UHD Blu Ray with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It'll blow you away. Amazing how, despite all the fancy CG Tech of today, 2002/3/4's LOTR still dominates. Avoid Hobbit though. That's over-use of CG and not quite great. Now I think about it - certain old technologies and movies did have their own charm. For example, Jurassic Park 1. Despite the far modern photorealistic CGIs of today, none of the new Jurassic Park(s)/World(s), even come close to Jurassic Park 1 - even in terms of the wonder of seeing the dinosaurs for the first time. Wonder why those old technologies like Animatronics were abandoned?
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