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  1. I would say the closest is FF6. In fact among the entire FF Fanbase there is a widespread debate as to which is best between FF6 and FF7 (Personally to me FF6 is the best FF). In fact I hope they remake FF6 the way they did FF7. The rest of FFs all have their quality fall by the wayside if we compare them with these two. But first we have to see how the FF7 remake even functions. Part 1 is only Midgar. But they have not yet brought the true Overworld map that the original FF7 had. Well, let's see what happens @GameAnalyzer Somehow I doubt you will be completing Persona 5 Royal before August 20th unless you have a lot of free time. The game is 100+ hours long - only focusing on the main story on Normal Difficulty, unless you skip all cutscenes, all story and everything (Will still be 90 hours+ even with that) (Around 130+ hours if you're doing everything). FF7R meanwhile is far, far shorter (Around 30 hours on normal)
  2. roun90

    Persona 5

    Digital? Thought you were set on the steelbook. Anyway congrats and enjoy!!
  3. Will be unbanned if ownership goes away from China (especially with US Gov's muscle behind it). Though China can always simply make another app like TikTok
  4. They making Wheel of Time TV Show now? That too Amazon? How the heck is that possible? I thought that series was in a legal rights hell (Author's wife wanted a TV Show, but rights had already been sold to a producer who did not want to make it) Also Amazon is doing LOTR TV Show so won't it conflict (Though I'm not sure Amazon will be doing a good job on even LOTR. Any LOTR Story that was not made by JRR Tolkien, it failed spectacularly. And it seems Amazon is also going the original story route)
  5. Persona 5 Royal is 25% off on PSN India now at Rs 2624. It's an excellent deal and the game is a steal at that price. https://store.playstation.com/en-in/product/EP0177-CUSA17419_00-PERSONA5R0000000
  6. You want to know how petty Konami can be? From Source: In mid-March, Konami quietly removed the Kojima Productions name and "A Hideo Kojima Game" branding from its official Metal Gear website and from promotional materials for The Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection. The publisher also renamed Kojima Productions Los Angeles to Konami Los Angeles Studio. Reached for comment, Konami maintained that the company and Kojima would "continue to develop and support Metal Gear products." That same day, GameSpot reported a falling out between Kojima and Konami. Following "power struggles," the report said, Konami had "restricted access to corporate internet, emails, and phone calls" for senior Kojima Productions officials. The report added that Kojima and other senior staff "now essentially work as contractors, not permanent employees," with their contracts scheduled to end in December. And Kojima Productions' management team would "in all likelihood" disband once development on The Phantom Pain was complete. A report from Nikkei in August highlighted low morale at Konami, a result of company officials apparently turning the workplace into an Orwellian nightmare as far as the way it treats its employees. Nikkei reported that Konami was assigning game developers to menial jobs if the company no longer saw those people as useful; that cameras had been installed to monitor employee movements; and that supervisors were closely tracking lunch breaks and publicly shaming employees who were out of the office for too long. In addition, said Nikkei's report, Konami had given Kojima Productions a generic new name: "Number 8 Production Department." The computers within that group were reportedly not connected to the internet and could communicate only with each other. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was nominated in five categories at The Game Awards 2015, and it won two awards, including Best Action/Adventure Game. Kiefer Sutherland, who voices Big Boss in the game, accepted the award on behalf of Kojima and the development team. Following the presentation of the award, Keighley gave an unrehearsed, seething-under-the-surface monologue in which he explained that Konami had prevented Kojima from attending the show. Yesterday, Dec. 15, Nikkei reported that Kojima had officially left Konami. Not long after that report, Sony Computer Entertainment announced it had entered into an agreement with Kojima and his newly formed independent studio, also called Kojima Productions, to develop a console-exclusive game for PlayStation 4. "Today marks a new start for me," Kojima said on Twitter, confirming his departure from Konami. "I'm committed to be involved in creative activities for as long as I live. Look forward to what's coming." Source: https://www.polygon.com/2015/12/16/10220356/hideo-kojima-konami-explainer-metal-gear-solid-silent-hills And do note - this is when Kojima was wildly successful (Only video game studio head at Konami who was successful in fact) and brought in enormous profits with MGS. Why I say that Konami will let MGS die - look at what they did with the Fox Engine (Where MGS 4 and 5 were developed). It was a very premier engine that was lauded by the game industry. What did Konami do with it? They made 1 flop called MGS Survive and then trashed it. In fact, I can literally see that if Konami ever gave another publisher a chance to develop MGS - they will put in the contract that Kojima and his studio should not be involved in any capacity whatsoever. And MGS without Kojima is worthless. After all this - you still think Konami is going to allow Kojima to touch MGS with a 10 foot pole? There's a reason gamers hate Konami.
  7. Konami is not getting rid of any IPs. They still need those IPs to put up new Pachinko Machines. They will only allow development of single games (Not entire IPs) which will benefit their Pachinko Business the most. Silent Hill is due for a new game for a very long time. Far more than MGS which has had multiple games, including remakes and re-releases. So they might give out Silent Hill, so that IP gets into the mind of people once again. Also, don't forget the circumstances in which Kojima left Konami. Giving MGS to Sony means allowing Kojima to develop a new MGS Game, and I don't think Konami will allow that - even if the IP is all but forgotten. They are a Japanese Company at the end of the day. BTW, if Silent Hill comes as a PS5 Exclusive (Which I doubt), then it will be Sony's answer to MS's "The Medium". That was one of their premier titles and they were heavily advertising the fact that Silent Hill's Composers are on that. If a new Silent Hill comes, developed by the full Team Silent, and exclusive to PS5 - then that advertising seems kinda silly no?
  8. roun90

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Yakuza Director Toshihiro Nagoshi heaps praise on Ghost of Tsushima. He says it's a game that should have been developed by Japanese devs Source: https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/07/yakuza_director_heaps_praise_on_ghost_of_tsushima_laments_restrictions_of_japanese_game_development
  9. Wait am I missing something? When was the 3rd part even rumored (Forget announced)?
  10. It can never be Sony's Scalebound because Sony is pretty much upfront that this is only a timed exclusive. It will come to Series X at a later date (Provided Series X makes it worth it I guess). Also, Sony is not basing a major amount of their console hype around Project Athia, unlike what MS did with only Scalebound and Crackdown 3. It's just one of the games coming to the system - that's it. I don't think many people are even that excited over it, unlike the amount of people that were excited over Scalebound.
  11. roun90


    Even just saying graphics, there is a limit to what a patch can do - even with standard hardware. For example, new graphics being developed in a new engine can never be patched in. It will always have to be a new game. Even with engine modifications, there is a limit. With WoW, I think they are stretching that 15 year old engine to the maximum they can. Even with that, there are still major limitations. For example, WoW cannot take advantage of the 4 cores of i5 and i7 processors. They take advantage of only single and dual cores. And i5 and i7 Processors are quite old now. Same with gameplay - new engine that would have allowed new things to be possible - that would have to be cancelled. These limitations will not come if they just developed an SP game as Fable is supposed to be. Fable 4 and Fable 5 can be as different from each other as the devs creativity allows. And separate worlds for each player would be just stupid. Server costs would be so astronomical that it would not be justified at all - both if the game succeeds or fails. As far as Fable being an MMO - that's what everyone is saying, and was your initial statement, so I'm just replying to that.
  12. roun90


    Such games become static, and there is no scope for drastic improvements. For example, see the difference between Last of Us 1 and Last of Us 2 or Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4 etc. Now see World of Warcraft - right from Vanilla to Shadowlands. Some graphical and gameplay improvements have been made, resolution support increased, interface cleaned up etc. but it's nothing major like the above examples. The problem is, once a game is locked into an "Online Service" - it either becomes popular - which means we will see the same Fable by 2035 or it does not become popular - which means the entire game and maybe IP will be trashed (FF14 being the sole exception where SE got a second chance). This is a problem from the technical aspect. Now from a gameplay aspect. Note, I'm only talking about Fable, but it seems people here have forgotten what made Fable great in the first place. It was an SP game where the entire World changed according to your decisions. It was a silly, cartoonish game - but one that gave you a chance to live out silly scenarios. Like becoming a king and ruining the entire kingdom etc. It had a silly plot and fun to do stuff. It was never about MMO/MP and frankly, an MMO/MP approach will ruin it - because MP inherently restricts the freedom of what you can do. The World cannot change and cater to your decisions - if it has to cater to the decisions of 100 real life players at the same time. Fable was never an MMO. It's SP, your actions and consequences etc. were the major part of it's charm. As an MMO - without those - you might as well be making a wholly different game altogether.
  13. Fans of Code Geass, just saw Netflix India has uploaded this - Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;surrection This movie is the sequel to the Code Geass Anime (Set after Code Geass Season 2 ended) and was released in Japan in 2019. It's very well reviewed (8.03 in Myanimelist) and now it's on Netflix India. If you are a fan of Code Geass, be sure to watch it!!
  14. Why do you think it's too high? Do you know how valuable the service provided by Steam/Sony/MS is? Applying with them does not just give you a listing - it gives you an instant access to high trust, high visibility and access millions of customers instantly. Devs don't have to go with these store services. They also have the option of selling the game via their own website and promoting it by themselves too. They would have to pay exactly 0% commission. But then - how many people will trust enough to buy from you? You will first have to prove that you are a reliable developer/game seller and not a scammer looking for credit card details. Then you will have to market the game so hard it comes out on top in Google and other search platforms (Most of the chances are - your site itself will be lost in the junk that fills Google), only then will you be able to even start marketing/talking about your game itself. Steam/PS4/MS Store though - just by listing people will know you are a game dev and not trying to scam them. When the game comes up in "New and Upcoming" list - it gets automatic exposure. Not to mention, Steam/Playstation/MS etc all conduct multiple events throughout the year during which you just have to submit your game trailer and features, and the game will have instant high exposure throughout the World. Steam/PS4 Store/MS Store brought this trust after years of hard work. You are their partner, taking advantage of the trust and goodwill they have earned over the years. Hence their 30% charge/commission. Epic's 12% - Epic is till establishing itself and their store is not yet as popular as Steam/PSN etc. As I said previously - they will raise their commissions as well, once their objectives are fulfilled. Epic is not doing any charity. @HundredProofSam Don't think any console devs will try to kill off physical. It's not just the cheap prices (and definitely not just to the extent of 500 Rs) or 2nd hand sales, there are tons of people who collect, take a game to their friends house to play the game, people who collect Steelbooks/Collector's Editions - every single thing will be destroyed. Also, retailers are not as powerless on the console front as they are on PC front. Unlike PC, consoles have 1 disadvantage. PC is an open ended platform, used for everything. There is no single seller selling "PC", they are selling either components (NVidia etc) or brands (HP, Alienware etc) and PCs are used for multiple things. Consoles on the other hand are sold as a complete set by 1 manufacturer (Sony/MS etc) and used for only 1 purpose (Games). So if a console maker starts getting too uppity and majorly favoring digital games to the point physical sellers are affected - Sellers just have the choice of stopping selling the consoles altogether. Retailers will just shift businesses to electronic sellers instead and not keep console stocks while they are at it. Heck, even Amazon might count in this "Retailer Striking" list. So consoles will only be sold at the manufacturer's own stores like say Sony Center/Microsoft Center etc. Do you see how uncomfortable this will be to Console Manufacturers? This will reduce both console and game sales by quite a bit. Not to mention - the dedicated game retailers are often quite knowledgeable about both consoles and games so they can market games as well, plus handle issues like sending in consoles for repairs etc. which others like Sony Centers etc. are unable to do effectively. @KnackChap Doubt Don Mattrick would be able to do anything. All the X360 feats you listed - he was able to do it because of 2 things: 1) MS had a far larger install base (Courtesy of Sony launching 1 year later, having Cell Processor which was hard to develop for + having a very high price initially). 2) That Gen Xbox Team had a blank Check from the Windows Team (For example US$ 50 million paid to Rockstar just for having 1 DLC as timed exclusive - not even full exclusive) Most of what you listed was MS money-hatting devs and devs being forced to develop for X360 due to install base in the West. But the damage he did was far, far worse - 1) He completely destroyed the image that MS stood by it's customers and reduced MS and Xbox to a bunch of corporate suits (I'm including all the E3 comments here, including the used games fiasco, always online fiasco and everything else) 2) Despite spending money like it was a waterfall, he came out of the PS3/X360 gen with nothing. PS3 had slightly higher sales than X360. But worse, Sony came out of that gen with multiple high profile first party IPs that they would always own, like Uncharted, Last of Us, Killzone, Infamous etc., meanwhile MS had no new IPs other than Gears and Forza. All money went to 3rd parties, whose titles they will never own. 3) Japanese experiment backfired hard, because while Mattrick spent tons of money on those "Exclusives" nobody in Japan would buy them and always preferred PS3 (Nationalistic Mind-set) and there were not enough fans in the West. Overall, MS came out of the "Japan" experiment with tons of money lost and almost nothing else. It really says something when even devs like Mistwalker and Tomonobu Itagaki (Team Ninja) who have a hardcore hatred for Sony stopped developing for MS and were removed out of the gaming business altogether. Overall, him leaving might have benefited MS insofar that at least costs came down. I also doubt that the Windows team will be opening their purses to the Xbox team again like they did the 360 gen, so I doubt Don mattrick would be able to replicate his "Feats"
  15. Steam Sale - Games generally do not launch with a discount, unless the title is niche/devs are small and want to give incentive to buy on launch. Steam Sales happen gradually. So, there will be no discounts on launch or even the next sale (If date is near enough). And then once enough time passes and demand keeps dropping, devs will give more and more game % discounts (Starting with say 10/20% some 3 months down the line to 50% off 1 year down the line). So devs are not actually making a loss here. They are trying to increase the demand, which has come down due to launch hype finishing, by giving more sales. Regional Pricing is another matter (Cos try to give games cheap in countries which have low gamer hobby and lesser income to get more demand, but if people from other countries abuse it via VPN, that facility is withdrawn) Epic Sale - Epic foots the bill. Epic pays the devs for the discounts on launch. And that $10 off coupon - Epic is paying $10 to the devs on your behalf so you buy from their store. Devs are not giving any discount, Epic is just footing your bill. This will continue until their competition (Namely: Steam) is killed off and then they can have their virtual monopoly, during which time they will raise prices and recoup all the costs they have borne to kill off competitors. This is called "Predatory Pricing" and the companies most famous for this are Amazon and Walmart, who generally open in other countries with this practice (even selling at loss if necessary), drive off all the local competition and then enjoy the monopoly in that area Gamepass - MS pays the devs to put the games on their service, just like Netflix pays for all the 3rd party content in their service. Again, the $1 offer is not meant to be permanent. It is MS footing your bill/selling at loss until they get their desired numbers. Once enough people have been locked into their ecosystem, and don't have enough alternatives (Like say buying games at full price/discount or worst of all - 2nd hand) it will be back to normal pricing of Rs 400/600 per month or even more. Frankly, even if people have years of their offer of $1 Gamepass remaining, I can see MS cancelling it and asking people to pay up full price. I'm sure there are terms in their ToS that say "Service is Provided at their discretion and can be rescinded at any time" and "Prices are subject to Change at any time" or things to that effect, so legally they are covered. AFAIK, none of the companies are doing you any favors. They just have objectives that they want to fulfill and at the end of the day - you have to decide which practice you like more. Devs will not lose, that much I think all publishers will see to it. This is just my interpretation of the situation.
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