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  1. @joken732a Next Yakuza game (Technically) is Judgement and it's releasing next week (25th June,2019) or this Friday (21st June, 2019) for Digital Pre-Orders. Think you will be able to 100% Kiwami 2 before that?
  2. Cloickbait. The interviewer asks Pacter to make a very wild prediction. That wild prediction was PS5 will cost $800, and they ran with that.
  3. @WhiteWolf MS can have the most powerful hardware in the World, but they need games. I can realistically expect Sony will have very good games.But will MS have it (especially exclusives)? That remains to be seen.
  4. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Bumrah was not even trying. The after rain play was all bowlers just going through the motions and maybe trying out new tricks. Why would he bother when required run rate was almost 40.00 or so Also Pakistan should have stuck to D/L. With D/L they would have lost by 86 runs. Without D/L they managed to lose by 89 runs. That too to a bowling and fielding unit that was sloppy and just going through the motions lol.
  5. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    @AtheK Will be fun to watch this equation.
  6. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Covers are coming off! Play might resume soon!
  7. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    @Black_Hawk Actually losing by D/L is very bad for Pakistan. If it comes to D/L record will show loss by 86 runs, which will wreck their run-rate. After today's match Pakistan will need a good run rate to stay in the tournament. If they play the game though, they have a chance to improve their NRR
  8. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Pakistan is behind D/L by some 83 runs. So even if rain completely stops play we will still win. @harsh1387 Still think pocking Vijay Shankar was wrong? We have strong batsmen, but more bowlers are always welcome. Also anyone watching dugout commentary? In this WC I somehow prefer the normal English commentary. It's good to see representatives from both playing countries commentating.
  9. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Hardik Pandya on a hat-trick. Beautiful bowling by Hardik Pandya and Kuldeep Jadhav. Even with Bhuvaneshwar Kumar out, bowling efforts were beautiful by India. Who would have thought that a team that was once only a batting and spin team in 90s would excel in all departments - batting, fielding, fast bowl, medoum pace bowling snd spin
  10. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Bhuvaneshwar Kumar got injured. Hope he gets well very fast.
  11. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Lol players came on the field and immediately walked off the field. Player of the tournament is back. Covers are back on. Edit: And covers are off again! Play resumes!
  12. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    No need to call Shankar useless yet. He was brought in to give an extra option in bowling. And he batted what was expected of him as a mid/tail-ender Let's see how he performs with the ball first.
  13. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Lol Kohli was not out. Ultra edge showed not out. And Kohli started walking before umpire even gave him out. So it's more of Kohli thought himself out and walked out rather than trusting the umpire or reviewing.
  14. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Play resumes and Kohli out.
  15. roun90

    ICC World Cup 2019

    Play resumes at !9:10 (Indian Time)