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  1. roun90

    Yakuza 7

    Might as well. We might even get Yakuza earlier on PC in this case - so it's a win. Though I doubt there is any audience for Yakuza games on the console proper - and I see this as a move to bring Yakuza series to gamepass more than anything. And those games are old, and already plenty discounted on both PSN and Steam - so it might be a good way for SEGA/RGG to earn more revenue. Am fine with it, so long as they don't try to make Yakuza exclusive to Xbox or MS doesn't try to money-hat timed exclusivity/exclusive features on Yakuza for Xbox like they did with Japanese games during the entire PS3/X360 gen.
  2. Have purchased from Play-asia before (Only games and software codes though. I've not bought any Hardware from them). From my experience - 1) You might have to pay extra shipping cost. That 4500 price might not be the final price 2) You might wait up to a month for delivery (based on customs and shipping method chosen) 3) If your shipment can escape/clear through customs without problems, then it's fine. Otherwise, if your package is held by customs - a) You might wait a very long time for delivery, even beyond a month b) When the goods finally reach you - you will have to pay more money as customs duty (maybe upto 30% of value; though I'm not sure) c) Hope that the goods do reach you safely, and that the custom officer does not keep it for himself (Though the instances of this are lessening I heard, and I also heard that Play-Asia does compensate for lost in transit; though again I'm not sure) d) High paid deliveries (Like FedEx/DHL etc.) are more likely to attract the extra custom duties. Though they also give you peace of mind - as they will ship fast, allow tracking and will also help in clearing customs and with lost goods as well. Overall, when the Pro controller does reach you - don't be surprised if you've paid an amount similar to what you would have paid if you purchased it in India (Give or take some 400-500 Rs above or below) If you truly have no local store you can trust, and have no option, then your best bet is to buy from Amazon US (Amazon.com) At the time of check-out itself, they will collect the custom amount from you (and refund it later if custom is not charged). They will also take the KYC from you in beginning itself and will do all the work in clearing customs. And they will also have awesome deals come Black Friday/Cyber Monday as @santanu18 said. Plus you might find official Nintendo itself selling over there.
  3. roun90

    Yakuza 7

    They literally said it's because they just wanted to try something new for once. And that they are ready to revert back to the traditional action brawler if it's not liked by fans. And they are not going for just a "normal" turn based game. This is the first time where we are having turn-based combat paired with realistic graphics in present day instead of the anime art-style or the fantasy/sci-fi artstyle of Final Fantasy. And they are trying to add tons of new things to the combat to make it unique. For example - From Source: That’s not to say this will be a traditional turn-based system. The interview also states players will have to keep aware of their surroundings, as nearby objects and vehicles can be used on the fly to influence scraps. “[Fights] will be controlled by factors surrounding things in real-time. For example, if there are trash cans or bicycles nearby then can use them to attack by kicking them. If a car passes by they can be run over, so you’ll need to assess your surroundings.” Other highlights from the interview? Ichiban has a squad of friends he can give jobs to, you can assign various pieces of equipment to different parts of his body, and the map contains areas populated by ultra tough enemies that can only be defeated once you reach a certain level. Just to be super clear here, Like a Dragon’s battle system is completely bananas. The interface is reminiscent of Persona 5, with top-level categories spinning out on one side of the screen before you dive into sub-menus, but the combat plays out in real time, and special attacks can be as elaborate as anything you’ve seen in more fantastical RPGs. One devastating technique involves your homeless buddy launching himself into the air, taking a swig of god-knows-what from a bottle, and raining down hellfire on your unfortunate gangster opponents. Kasuga’s RPG infatuation also occasionally causes him to view regular human enemies as distorted, hulking monsters, much to his friends’ confusion. I’m sure there will still be people who are disappointed at the move to what is essentially turn-based combat, but Like a Dragon’s battles feel as dynamic as the series has ever been. The camera shifts smoothly from party members to combatants with cinematic framing, and everything plays out quickly so that the transitions from exploration to battles don’t feel jarring. Today’s demo wasn’t anywhere near enough time to evaluate the depth of the system, but I’m optimistic that it’ll be a fun new twist on Yakuza combat. This is also going to be the longest Yakuza game, with main story itself being double the time of the usual Yakuza games: The other big headline news from the interview is that Yakuza 7 could apparently be twice as long as previous entries in the series. “The total play time will be longer than the past. It will take more than double the main story alone.” Past Yakuza titles were hardly short, so Kaz’s latest could be damn near life-swallowing. Source: 1) https://www.pcgamer.com/yakuza-7-devs-explain-the-new-combat-system-say-it-could-be-twice-the-length-of-previous-games/ 2) https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/12/20862187/yakuza-7-like-a-dragon-hands-on-tgs-2019 And they are also putting in new mini-games, that were never in the series before: There are plenty of other surprises, like Mario Kart-style go-karts, writing tests and a don't-fall-asleep-in-the-movie-theater game. Source: https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/12/yakuza-7-gameplay-trailer-tokyo-game-show/ (My Personal Opinion: Would love to see a don't fall asleep in a movie-theater game; heck I don't even know how that can be a game) From what it looks like to me, it seems that the devs are just having fun and letting their creativity flow. And generally, when such things happen - you get games of such quality that they can be categorized as "Legendary" and can be some of the most memorable games played in a life-time. And when the opposite happens (just fill a check-list and keep doing the same things again and again) - the game goes anywhere from "Good" to "Mediocre". Nowhere is anything said about SEGA influencing anything or forcing anyone to do anything. From what I understand, RGG Games are wildly popular in Japan and it would be in fact harmful for SEGA to change the game's formula or force the devs to do something they don't want
  4. roun90

    Yakuza 7

    And that's absolutely fine! Look at the game and how it is. If you like it from videos - get it. If not, wait for the next game. Most probably, we should get a new Yakuza game with it's traditional combat in 2021. Even I was not thrilled with the turn based announcement, when it was made. It just doesn't suit Yakuza somehow. But looking at their statements later, I kinda get their point. They just wanted to try something new - especially now that Kiryu's story is over, and they actually are starting a fresh venture. If it's successful, we might get more turn based games. But most probably we will still get the action games via spin-offs. If it's not successful, then the turn based game-play will be dumped for good (except maybe some spin-off/mini-games here or there). Either way, the action based games will still come. No need to insult this particular game or the turn based genre over it. And just look at the trailers. Even with brief glimpses, you can see that the team is having a ton of fun with this game. Changing jobs mid-combat, so you can fight as a hostess or drunk office worker with a tie on his head! Calling down orbital lasers on random low level mooks! And that's just the tip of the iceberg and a small part of what we've seen. Who knows what kind of awesome ridiculousness they might give us in the full game?
  5. roun90

    Yakuza 7

    Frankly, it's fine. As I said in a previous post - the Yakuza team has admitted they were fatigued with doing the same thing again and again. And it's understandable, they have put out some (appx.) 12 games in 13 years or so (at a rate of almost 1 game per year). So let them be creative. That's how the devs can try out new things and avoid complete burnout. And who knows, they might be able to create something awesome which you will love with this game. Or they might even be very inspired to make Yakuza 8 combat the absolute best in the series with both the break and new ideas they get from this game and other sources. Lol wtf! There is an audience for turn based games worldwide even now. And people love it. If anything, it's the half-baked brawlers, shooters and hack-n-slash games with pseudo RPG elements that has over-saturated the market and been done to death. And although I am a fan of Yakuza - the combat in this series is actually quite "half-baked". You literally need no techniques. Just the basic combos and throws you start with is enough for the whole game. And it's always the same - sluggish at first and ROFLSTOMP as you just get the upgrade that lets you do maximum hits with the basic attack buttons and combos. Heck you don't even need to block most of the time. And "realistic" - you realize you are talking about Yakuza here right? The series where basic punch can KO full grown tigers and bears? Try doing that in real life - I dare you. Also, the series where you smash someone's head with a bicycle - and the next second they are all right. IRL you will be lucky to avoid murder charges for the kind of fighting you do here. Ultimately, what I mean to say, just wait and watch. You will see more videos and reviews as the game nears release. Get it if you like it or avoid. But personally, I trust the RGG Devs. Whatever, they do - they always inject creativity and fun in their projects, and always make it awesome. Playing the series since Yakuza 4 - and even now, I still love their stories, am astounded at what they can do with a very small map, love the mini-games they put out (although I never seem to be any good at most of them) and still get a laugh out of the absolutely hilarious sub-stories. Let the guys have an outlet for some change for a while. If anyone deserves trust after a long series - it's them Oh please! Avoid the game if you must. But please refrain from insulting an entire genre that has tons of fans world-wide and still puts out some of the best games out there, most with absolutely astounding stories and with 85+ meta. Unlike the so-called "Action RPG" genre is so over-saturated that it has 90% flops and you literally have to sift through the trash to find out the good games in it.
  6. roun90

    Yakuza 7

    You do realize that turn based combat still exists and is very popular right? We just had Persona 5 and Dragon Quest XI - both extremely popular games, wih Persona 5 Royal coming next year. Final Fantasy is also a classic turn based game series, with Final Fantasy XVI, when it happens - most probably going back to turn based gameplay. And that FF7 Remake will be turn based. What's the problem with turn based? It's no longer an issue of engine limitations, but a whole different genre altogether. And a pretty popular one at that - among Japanese RPG fans.
  7. I brought it when I was travelling abroad to work, so the price at which I brought will not match yours most probably. Also I got the Splatoon special edition of Pro controller, so I'm sure mine is the official one. As for how to spot fakes, there are plenty of articles online. For example - 1) https://in.ign.com/nintendo-nx-1/138278/news/amazon-india-reportedly-selling-counterfeit-nintendo-switch-pro-controllers 2) https://www.lootpots.com/articles/fake-switch-pro-controller-comparison-internals-30072018/ 3) https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/disturbingly-accurate-fake-switch-pro-controllers-now-on-the-market/ 4) https://kotaku.com/the-nintendo-switch-pro-controller-hides-a-secret-messa-1792985504 Most importantly, always look for the "Official Nintendo Seal" in the Pro Controller's box. Such as this image for example (Pic taken from Google, not my box) - You can see the "Official Nintendo Seal" to the left of the barcode. For reference, this is the version of the Pro Controller I have. But as I said, I got it from abroad and also there have been reports of Amazon supplying fake products. Especially of the seller "Micromini" whose link is being promoted by Amazon. That seller also has only 6 customer ratings, so any of the 4 star or 5 star reviews that he has could also be from his own family/relatives. So don't buy from him. https://www.amazon.in/Nintendo-Switch-Pro-Controller-Splatoon/dp/B07H9G1FPK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Nintendo+switch+pro+controller+splatoon+edition&qid=1573626758&sr=8-1
  8. If you have a trust-worthy local shop (i.e. you've purchased from them before and can be sure they are genuine) - then it's always best to go for the local shop option, even if they charge some 200-500 bucks more than Amazon. The reason is simply because, in case the controller does not work properly you can catch hold of that person and get it replaced (always ensure you ask about replacement before you buy). As for fair price, I myself did not buy the Pro controller from India - but approximately in India, around 5k should be a fair price. But for fair price, it might still be best to ask others here and elsewhere who might have purchased the Pro controller in India.
  9. Not really. Different strategies. I expect MS to either not release any more xbox consoles at all after this coming gen (2020 release consoles would have been in development for a long time already) or raise the price of consoles significantly to ensure that the consoles are "a premier service"(provided the current mentality continues until the next 2025 gen as well) MS seems to be going the way of Netflix, and only focusing on sunscription sales. Once the Game Pass user-base is high enough, expect MS to raise the subscription prices as well accordingly. These $1 services are only till they gain a decent market share. Don't expect it to continue indefinitely.
  10. You can buy PS4 games from USA. It will work fine with Indian consoles. But if you ever want to buy DLC for that game (which you purchased from USA) - you will have to get the DLC from the US PSN Store. DLC region has to always match the region of the base game (So if game is brought from India - DLC should be from India; US Game - US DLC etc.) You can easily create PSN Accounts of all regions on 1 PS4 console - you just need a correct Postcode, which you can get from google. Add any random address like Red Street or whatever. And to add funds to buy from US PSN, just buy a $ PSN balance from any 3rd party sources.
  11. 1) Switch is not officially available in India. Doubt Nintendo even knows India exists. You are lucky to even get warranty. And that 10 days you said sounds like a replacement gurantee from the seller, not warranty. I.e. in case there is a manufacturing defect (which will be apparent within 10 days), the seller will take back the Switch and give a brand new piece to you. Is that the case? This is from seller side, and varies from seller to seller After your 10 days, if your seller is good and has connections (such as if he got the Switch from Dubai for example, and has contacts there), then the seller can send the console to the foreign seller where he purchased it from and get it repaired there. Such services are usually chargeable though, and make you wait. It's best to ask your seller regarding this point before buying.If such a service is not offered by your seller - then you will have to search for an unofficial repair guy and hope for the best. I wouldn't worry too much though. From my experience with Nintendo consoles (Wii, 3DS, Switch) the console quality is awesome and you have to be unlucky to actually have a non-functioning console. I had some problems with Switch controller (Joycon ones) (my Switch was the OG one, and controller problem was known in that version); but I just replaced the controller and things have been absolutely fine since. 2) Most games are available here unofficially, so you will get both - whichever is available. Doesn't make a difference though - Switch is region free (Unlike 3DS) so even the Japanese version of the game will run in EU Switch 3) Many people say South African Account has more sales. But I myself am using a US account, and satisfied with that. If you use a US Eshop account, just ensure that you set the state to where there is no digital sales tax (you can find out which state and postcode from Google) and set it there, otherwise you will be paying extra wastefully when you buy digital games. Any digitalpurchases you make will only be via the Nintendo Eshop wallet card you purchase from 3rd party sites and not from credit card directly (Unless you have a credit card with US Address) 4) If you are using Handheld mode - then the Joycons that come with the console is fine. But if you want to use the Switch on TV (you should, since Switch games look awesome on TV plus resolution and performance improves in TV/Docked mode) -then definitely get the Official Nintendo Switch Pro controller. That controller is seriously awesome, and on par with or even better that the Xbox One X controller (Far better than the PS4 one definitely). Joycons are uncomfortable for TV mode. Pro controller makes no sense for Handheld mode (You will be having the Switch on your hand). So having Joycons for Handheld mode (Joycons are free with console) and 1 Pro controller (should cost some 4k-5k INR) makes for the complete Switch experience.
  12. roun90

    Diablo IV

    Every protag had power. It was only the D3 protag that they made a special snowflake, which was sad. Diablo 1 had you - a human - going underground continuously (finding out what the evil from the Church was) until you were in hell, getting steadily creepier until you found and fought Diablo. In D2, you were following the mysterious stranger (Warrior from D1) and the demonic trail he left behind and witnessed him unable to hold back Diablo anymore lose his mind after great efforts before fighting both him and Diablo to keep back hell. In Diablo 3 - you were born a special snowflake - to the point Heaven and Hell were afraid of the abomination that was you, child of angel and demon who had special powers and finished off Diablo - who was hiding inside a little girl (with cunning ofc) in a completely cartoony game. Now to the general story fan of Diablo gamer, who played the above - which story do you think they will enjoy? For the rest - just enjoy gameplay and cinematics - which are basically hallmarks of Blizz and just forget about the story. No Diablo game will ever have you replaying your own character from previous games.
  13. roun90

    Diablo IV

    At least you get a continuity. In almost 100% of such games - the protag will not even be mentioned. Such as (hypothetical) - you are barbarian in Diablo 1. You play Barbarian in Diablo 10 -20 years later. But you will have to imagine whether you are the same barbarian from Diablo 1 or whether it is a completely new guy. There is no story in such games at all. Heck, we won't even know what character did what. In Diablo we know that all classes existed, and all the classes accomplished something, before going on. And frankly, it's hard to imagine such guys dying in their beds. This is the Diablo world after all. And the proverb - "If you live by the Sword, you die by the Sword" And TBH, the Nephilim would most probably be on the chopping block anyway. The guy/girl was getting far too powerful. To the point that entire Heaven and Hell were starting to become afraid of him/her. It was ridiculous. None of the other Diablo protags had that kind of clout - they were all human, still accomplished as much as, if not more than the nephilim, yet did not have the canon power-creep that even the game acknowledges. Diablo 3 writers (a new team from what I understand, not involved in Diablo 1 and 2 - hired mainly for their monetization abilities) made a mess with that story Diablo will be back. He is the hallmark of the series - and the OG prime evil of hell. All others are just side characters. You just can't keep him out. Tyrael might even survive - he is the Diablo of Heaven side.
  14. roun90

    Diablo IV

    @NitroNeo Many people loved the horror aspect of Diablo 2 though. Diablo as a series was a horror. Diablo 1 and 2 were both creepy. It was Diablo 3 that put out the cartoons, which disappointed tons of people. I think that's one of the reasons they are going back to the creepiness. If you don't like the creepy aspect, then Diablo may not be for you. Also, the protags of each Diablo game are not the same. The protag of Diablo 1 was possessed by Diablo in Diablo 2, and we killed him. The sorceress of Diablo 2 was the mentor of the Diablo 3 sorceress, and she died off-screen. And if you look at the end cutscene of Reaper of Souls, the Nephalem may be corrupted. So don't be surprised if we slaughter the Nephalem in Diablo 4, especially considering that Lilith is the mother of the Nephalem and seems to be one of the main villains in this game.
  15. It's too early to tell tbh. Yes, MS owns Obsidian. But we don't know what kind of deal Obsidian made with Sony to put Outer Worlds on PS4 in the first place. If Obsidian had made a deal with Sony for like say - Sony will charge very less fees/commission or even remove fees/commission for putting Outer Worlds on Playstation Platforms - so long as the first 3 games come out on the platform, for example. Then MS/Obsidian is legally bound to honor it, even if MS has acquired Obsidian. Now, we don't know if this is true or not. But still, we do know that OW was developed before MS acquisition, and Obsidian has an agreement with Sony (Otherwise OW would not have released on PS4 in first place). Just because MS acquired Obsidian, it does not mean all past agreements and contracts will just disappear. So we just don't know. If there is no such agreement clause, future OW games will not come on PS4. If there is such an agreement clause, either OW games will come on next PS consoles or MS will have to pay Sony the penalty for breaking contract. And there is also the possibility that the game will come to PS regardless, simply because MS these days wants to make money from games and subscriptions, and don't care a bit about how their console is selling.
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