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  1. Movie is almost 3 hours long! 2nd viewing will not have as huge an impact as the first! I would say wait and watch on IMAX. 2nd viewing can be on normal/OTT/Blu-Ray depending on how much you liked the movie. As a bonus - waiting for a couple of days might also reduce the price of tickets!!
  2. Just looking at 80 and 80+ meta exclusives from January to April 2024, we have - 1) Granblue Fantasy: Relink 2) Helldivers 2 3) Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth 4) Rise of Ronin 5) Stellar Blade That's 5 exclusives that are 80 and above (Or will get 80 and above) in just the first 4 months of 2024. Then there are the multiplats which are also very good and MS hand-outs! There will be more announcements and releases during E3 time (June) and during the rest of the year too! Why will anyone say that there is nothing to play on PS5 in 2024 based on some internal memo leak tweet? There's too much in fact!!
  3. No not really! It's a very good console, but if you're looking at the absolute best in history - that influenced almost all gaming to this day - then you're looking at the SNES or the PS2. Almost every genre started in these 2 consoles and are continuing to this day.
  4. New Nintendo Direct confirmed for Feb 21, 2024 6 am PT (Appx. 7:30 pm IST I think). This will be 25 minutes long and will focus on games releasing on 1st half of 2024. It's a partner showcase so it'll mostly focus on 3rd party games coming to the Switch. There will also be a Pokemon Showcase on 27th Feb, 2024 at 6 am PT (appx. 7:30 pm IST I think) on Pokemon Day (The day Gen 1 Pokemon Games first released back in 1996) So 2 directs this week! Hopefully it'll have good announcements!
  5. It might - but 8-10 years is a long time with a lot of variables to predict I feel. By being a pioneer - MS has also elected to be a beta tester for Cloud. The other Beta Testers (Google, Amazon and Nvidia) are not doing too well - and Google is looking to exit (or has exited already). New tech might also come which cannot be replicated by Cloud. It's far too early to say anything I think about 2 gens down the line future!!
  6. For this to happen - Cloud Tech will have to improve by leaps and bounds first. Sony cannot go Cloud any time soon because they have no infrastructure. Sony has major sales in Rest of World Countries (Outside US and mainline Western EU Countries like UK) They will have to give up all those markets because they have no Cloud Infrastructure over there (Why we in India and so many countries get PS+ Deluxe instead of PS+ Premium which can support Cloud based PS3 games). MS can though - they are one of the pioneers and have huge investments in Azure. Their XBox sales are also not that high in ROW Countries. So full Cloud Future for Sony is still a long time away. This is just my opinion though! I could be completely wrong!
  7. If any of this is true - then I think it's in line with what I expected. As far as I'm aware - investors were sold on the idea of GamePass and MS allowed the backdoor cheap entry unofficially based on the pitch of "GamePass will be the Netflix of Games". This was possible with Satya Nadella's push for cloud. The only way to become a "Netflix" of anything - is to be on as many platforms as possible. So they coasted this gen with cheap GP and 3rd party deals while they built up their portfolio with 1st party acquisitions. After ABK it's become clear that MS will not be able to buy anything for a while. So now they'll slowly move away from pure Xbox I guess. They might go OEM way. They might even make deals with Sony and Nintendo to allow GP on their system comprising of 1st party games. I'm sure Sony and Nintendo will be happy -since MS first party now includes Bethesda and even Activision (Switch getting only low HW requiring games for now). Once their cloud tech is complete - you might even see full games on mobile. That's the only way I see any of this making sense.
  8. Konami released a game (Tech Demo) like P.T. for free yesterday after SOP - only on PS5 (No release on last gen like PS4). It's an almost 2.5 hour game. I would suggest downloading and keeping it in case Konami repeats the P.T. experience and removes the game with no option to re-download it back.
  9. No - they didn't show DD2 as an exclusive. In Company specific shows - the tag at the end only shows that specific company. For example - Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and Persona 3 Reload only had Xbox, Gamepass and PC Tags in the Xbox showcase - despite being multi-platform from Day 1. This is because it's their show and they operate only on those platforms. Nintendo Directs are also the same as are Sony State of Plays. It's an industry standard at this point. You will only know a game is multi-platform after the show from 3rd party interviews. Sony generally tends to write - "Only on Playstation" if it's exclusive- something they didn't for DD2 Anyway it was a very good show. We have a lot of games announced from today to April. Rise of Ronin looks too good. Surprise drop of a Silent Hill Tech demo game. DS2 looks awesome! Overall a very good show!!
  10. Never heard of that store - but 300-500 Rs less and delivery after almost 15 -20 days! Seems a little suspicious and maybe or maybe not worth it
  11. While locking NG+ behind DLC and not giving regional prices on digital version is bad (Seriously digital version is 4400 Rs while the freaking MRP on the physical version is 4000 Rs and you can even get it for like 3800 Rs too) - the amount of content this game offers is just mind blowing! Seriously they have a full scale Animal Crossing type game, a modern re-imagining of Crazy Taxi, A Pokemon Parody game in addition to all the usual mini-games from other Yakuza titles and an almost 50 hours of just the main story (excluding sub-stories, side quests etc. as per game rant)! It's a strange paradox - game puts normal thing behind paywall, and which would lead any other developer to be accused of nickel and diming - but here the base game itself has too much content!
  12. roun90

    Dragon's Dogma II

    Use separate accounts/psn profilesor/Xbox Profile! That should start a new Game/fresh save file (unless save is hard wired to console machine- which PlayStation and Xbox generally don't do) If anything- I wonder how PC will manage it officially (mostly they'll need mods - which will be hard if game running or saves are tied to Capcom online accounts)
  13. roun90


    Palworld and it's dev ight be in trouble with Nintendo. Most likely due to having models oo close to Pokemon I guess. A statement issued by Nintendo - We have received many inquiries regarding another company’s game released in January 2024. We have not granted any permission for the use of Pokémon intellectual property or assets in that game. We intend to investigate and take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe on intellectual property rights related to the Pokémon. We will continue to cherish and nurture each and every Pokémon and its world, and work to bring the world together through Pokémon in the future. Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2024/01/the-pokemon-company-releases-official-statement-about-palworld Nintendo has already gone after the modders who replaced the Palword Pals for exact replica Pokemon models and now even Nexus Mods will not list such mods for fear of getting in trouble with Nintendo https://www.theverge.com/2024/1/23/24047854/nintendo-palworld-pokemon-mod-youtube-dmca https://www.pcgamer.com/worlds-biggest-mod-site-says-no-to-pokemon-palworld-mods-after-taking-one-look-at-nintendos-record-of-mercilessly-submitting-legal-challenges/ Pocketpair CEO has made a statement in response to this rip-off claim in an interview stating: "We make our games very seriously, and we have absolutely no intention of infringing upon the intellectual property of other companies," Mizobe said. https://www.ign.com/articles/the-pokemon-company-makes-an-official-statement-on-palworld-we-intend-to-investigate https://automaton-media.com/en/news/20240122-25873/ In addition to this, due to some over-zealous "fans" the Palworld devs have also been receiving death threats too! “Currently, we are receiving slanderous comments against our artists, and we are seeing tweets that appear to be death threats,” Mizobe said. https://www.ign.com/articles/palworld-devs-says-they-have-received-death-threats-amid-pokmon-rip-off-claims So yeah - a lot of drama going on with this game! Wonder what will happen in the future!
  14. No, what @Kumar123 says is actually right. We don't know what's in the contract. For example, say Marvel reserved the right to withdraw Xmen IP if Wolverine doesn't reach a set amount of revenue (or ask Sony to make the game multi-platform). Wolverine has not even released yet. Now, the entire info is in public domain. It's a PR disaster because everyone now expects only Sony to develop X-Men, that too exclusively (When Xmen was not even on the radar at all). Not to mention - if there were personal info of any Marvel employees in there - they will be upset too. For other companies, the perception will be - this is the 2nd time such a leak has happened at Sony (1st one being the infamous 2011 leak), and Sony of all companies has to be the most vigilant of security because they have a history of leak. This is Sony's loss too (Both image wise and employee data leak wise). I'm sure neither company or even much people are happy with this.
  15. roun90

    Resident Evil 4

    Play RE4 first. It's far better. Then go for RE7 and then RE8 (Go RE8 only after 7 because it will have more impact that way. If you're into more horror elements though - go for RE2R. That has more horror compared to all 3. Modern RE game Rankings - RE4 = RE2R > RE3R > RE7 = RE8 Just my opinion though
  16. roun90

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    I found it pretty fun honestly. Nothing ground-breaking - but it is a little interesting. Combat is decent, game is very smooth, graphics are good and story is pretty mysterious (why is the entire city empty). It's decent if you like Japanese Folklore too.
  17. Got the stats for this year's Nintendo Wrap Up This was the year of Xenoblade Chronicles for me. Man!! What a Game Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is!! Absolutely mind-blowing story!! Amazing music and graphics! Really fun gameplay! I loved the DE's story and gameplay more than even XB2. Story wise - it's far more grittier and dark than XB2 and best part - it's far more emotional! You really feel for Shulk and Crew and really care for the World. And how the world changes over the course of the story is really amazing!! Gameplay wise - I loved the focus on positioning, and the smooth gameplay where every character has separate roles, you can craft gems and select abilities that let's you customize your characters how you want. Gem Crafting is really fun and can make your character too op too if you know how to craft the right gems for each character! Best of all - there is no RNG or useless field skills like in XB2. Also, love the Heart to Heart Convos that each character has and how it dramatically improves the characterization of each character - giving every one little moments of interactions with each other! I think this is one of the best games in any of the Nintendo systems period! (Not the best but definitely up there) Am at the end of it now and will move on to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - which people are saying is the best in the series - but will have to see!!
  18. If entire X-Men is also given to Sony - Disney/Marvel is favoring Sony a lot!! Imagine Game with Magneto, Jean Grey - The Phoenix Force/Dark Phoenix, Mystique, Charles, Juggernaut etc. - then you have cross-overs between X-Men and Spiderman!! There are chances of even adding Scarlet Witch/Wanda in there as in comics she's Magneto's daughter - so there is tie-in to Avengers too! Frankly, if I have to look at it from a Console War perspective - giving MS Indy and Blade in no way makes up for what Disney has given Sony. It's like they've given their A-Listers to Sony and left their C-Listers like Blade and Uncharted Direct Competitors like Indiana Jones to MS.
  19. How were you able to get Nintendo's stats? I got mail from PS for tracking - didn't get anything from Nintendo
  20. True - was one of the most played game on PS and the entire community loved it. Hence asked @triggr happy ss who that random twitter was. Also, why is he supposed to represent the PS Community as a whole and also why would PS Fans be "devastated" after GOTY Awards when almost everyone knew BG3 had it in the bag for quite some time now
  21. This is very disrespectful to be honest. BG3 Guys created something really special, and they deserved to talk a lot more. All GOTY Winners do. I wonder if Geoff would have done the same, had for example- Zelda:TOTK won the GOTH award and there was a Nintendo Head talking over there. Larian is a small studio and they created something for the ages - beating out all the big players in a very crowded year. They deserved more talk time. Maybe cut back on the Hollywood Celebs and give chance to the important winners to talk. Or remove the awards part of your show completely and make it like another E3/Games come. As it is 80% of the "awards" are not even presented but randomly announced Who I'd this random Twitter guy? Seeing his profile - he's randomly calling PS Fans as Ponies, randomly criticizing PS Games and praising Xbox games to the high heavens. I Wonder if he has an agenda🙄
  22. Just my opinion- but I find it makes more sense to experience VR in an Arcade/Cyber Cafe with VR Tech (PS or Oculus or whatever) than buying a dedicated VR Device and keeping it at home. It feels more like a fun in small burst if you feel like going out and experiencing than a home device worth 30k+. Just my opinion though.
  23. Most probably I don't think there will be a PS5 Pro. Unlike the PS4 - there really is no need and the PS5 still has power in it to tap our Also prices competing with high end PC GPUs is stupid. People should not have to choose between a PS5 and an RTX 4070 Ti of all things.
  24. Problem is Superman is too op. You generally either have to depower him - which makes the game "Not Superman" (Maybe let him curb-stomp at end of the game) or make the enemies so powerful that Superman struggles (Like say Darkseid) - both of which means the essence of Superman is kind of lost. The original Superman abilities was not that much. These days Superman feels more like a Chuck Norris/Rajnikanth meme than a Superhero I think there's at least a 90% chance that it will be Xbox exclusive. They are most probably in negotiations, so they can't disclose platforms I guess. No way Disney will not know that Bethesda is owned by MS. Seems Disney is spreading out their IPs a bit. Multiplat: 1) Star Wars With MS: 1) Indiana Jones (My feeling is Indiana Jones was supposed to be multi-plat, but mostly went XBox exclusive after acquisition and negotiation (MS might even have pointed out that Sony has a competing product in Uncharted) 2) Blade With Sony: 1) Spiderman 2) Wolverine
  25. Frankly - they didn't succeed even at that. It was just that 2023 was simply too packed with exceptional games that Hogwarts Legacy got lost in the crowd. They simply have to announce a DLC or Sequel - preferably with a trailer and every single bit of hype will come flooding back! Also, if people call for "Boycott" again - all the more better for the devs - because it will simply give free publicity. Harry Potter is a very strong IP, and Hogwarts games will sell as long as HP IP remains valuable an people want more of it (Which they do) But yeah - WB can easily spoil the Hogwarts Games. They just have to make it "Live Service" as they did to DC Games are are rumored to be doing for the sequel and the games' sales might slow down (Even then can't say it will tank - IP is that strong)
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