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  1. The rule of thumb I follow is 4k 60 fps = 1440p 120 fps. So if you want 1440p 120 fps all Ultra on very high graphics games with questionable optimization like Cyberpunk 2077 - you will need a 3080 (or 3090 if you want to be 100% sure). Note: This is Non-RTX. RTX will kill FPS. DLSS might help. But from my experience on CP2077 even DLSS does not give full 120 fps in free roam on crowded Night City. Note: I took CP 2077 because it is very system intensive to the point even a 3070ti cannot do 120 fps on Non-RTX Ultra. So I took in 3080 which is far more powerful than a 3070ti. This is since you wanted surety. For most of the games, I think even a 2070/3070/3060 ti might suffice for 120 fps.
  2. Don't worry. They will be here to stay until it sinks in for NVidia that Mining is dead. Once 1-2 gens of cards flops or AMD Market share increases, then the price will drop automatically. As such there are not many games on PC that even require those cards. 1080 Ti is amazing if you want Non RTX and 3070 series if you want RTX (At 1440p Ultra/Extreme Graphics).
  3. If you ask me, keep your cards for emergencies. Apply for US$ or SG$ directly from Bank here itself (Give the reason of tourism, and submit your travel details such as Tickets, Visa, hotel etc. to the bank). If you get US$ - then convert it either at the SG airport or in banks. You might need IDs/Passport while converting currency in SG (In most cases you do need ID while converting currency). But they give the best rates. I don't think any country allows you to convert from INR though. This will also allow you to budget effectively and keep track of expenses. Credit Cards with International Transactions enabled will work. I'm not sure about Debit Cards usage directly. Forex Cards are not needed I think. See Bank Charges. Generally I didn't use Forex Cards when I travelled for tourism purposes/short stays. MBK Mall itself is like Weekend Market/Platinum Mall for electronics. There are floors dedicated for stuff (Like Floor 4 for electronics, Floor 6 for Video Games and Consoles etc.). There are a ton of small stalls all over the place selling stuff. How much you buy for depends on the stall you select and your negotiation ability. I've purchased numerous consoles there (Including Switch). These were genuine sealed pieces, that I got cheaper that what we get in India (No GST + Official Carry Limit/Person). I've not purchased Apple stuff though (Not an Apple User much). It's not a place for an Official Apple Gallery though (That would be the premium Paragon Mall)
  4. Bangkok itself? It's a city, so you will have to do a city tour. This means malls and shopping. Get a Rabbit Card, add money to it and use the metro to travel around Bangkok. Avoid the Tuk Tuks(They will cheat many times - they are tourist traps) and as far as possible taxis as well (Possibility of cheating + Bangkok has very bad traffic). 1) MBK Mall is good for Electronics, video games and consoles and such. 2) Try Platinum Mall for all knick-knacks, dresses, souvenirs etc. Weekend Market is there, but Platinum (In Ratchathewi, Bangkok) is better. 3) If you like books - go to Paragon Mall in Siam, Bangkok. The store name is Kinokuniya, and you will get a World of Books, many of which you might not even find in India (Or might not even have heard of). The store is so big that you might get lost in there. Just note that Paragon Mall is expensive. Kinokuniya itself is pretty expensive, and worth it for the rare books. But even otherwise Paragon Mall is where you will find stores displaying/selling Ferrarris, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce etc. One thing I will recommend in this mall - go to the bottom floor (Food Court) and buy the breads there. They have various flavored bread (Such as Japanese Sakura Flavored Bread etc.) and it's simply amazing. Other than shopping, these are the things you can do in Bangkok - 1) Go to the Thai Grand Palace. It's an entire complex of buildings, and is really amazing if you like history and beautiful architecture. It's pretty old (Constructed in 1782) and was the official residence of the King of Siam (Old name for Thailand). It's a combination of Hindu and Buddhist Architecture, and you will most probably like it. 2) Go to Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok. It's again a very beautiful Buddhist temple, which has one of the largest Reclining Buddhas. 3) You can do cruises in the Chao Phraya River. Generally they serve Thai Dinner in these cruises. I'm not sure if you can get vegetarian food though. 4) Make a Day trip to Pattaya (Or if you can stay for 2-3 days there). Pattaya is around 2 hours away from Bangkok by car. If you go there as a day trip - just do Mini Siam Park (Miniature Park Which Contains miniature replicas of most of the World's famous wonders) and either the Tiffany Show or The Alcazar Show (Don't do both - these are Ladyboy Shows that are not erotic, but more of a cultural show). If you can stay for some more days, then you can do stuff like Para-Sailing, Undersea Walk or other Adventure Sports. There is also a Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Pattaya that is very highly recommended (You have to book tickets for shows and/or Ripley's before'hand online). As far as food is concerned, you need not worry - even if you are a vegetarian. There are tons of Indian restaurants all over the place, which give excellent veg food if you want (Better than India itself tbqh). If you want Thai food, avoid Street Food (For veg). In the hotel where you stay, make a specific request to make the food a Veg Preparation, and avoid fish and fish oil. You will get really good quality food, including stuff like amazing Pad thai Noodles, Thai Curries, Thai Soups etc. The hotel where I stayed also served stuff like Samosas, Spring Rolls, Veg Sushis etc. on request. If you're really bored, then the evergreen Junk Food of Pizzas are always there (Which you can request Veg). For Non-Veg people of course - the sky is the limit and you can have anything and everything. One thing I would request - avoid any and all animal shows. Most (Rather 99.9% of these) are absolutely unethical, and in many cases the animals are kept badly in captivity, treated badly and many times drugged also. You will get stuff like take pictures with Tigers, play with Tiger Cubs, Big Cat Shows, Elephant Shows, Zoos, Safaris etc. Avoid them. These people should ideally not get business.
  5. I think HD Rumble was the Prototype for PS5 Haptics. From what I read, both were made by the same organization (Immersion Corp.), only HD Rumble came out years earlier.
  6. I guess they can bypass this by tying up with a UK/EU company and showing that company as the official publisher in that territory. Will that work?
  7. Isn't it time for the Silent Hill rumors to die? There have been rumors for at least 3 years now with nothing substantial. As for Konami themselves - they are now dipping their toes in video games with Pixellated Games (Suikoden HD Remaster). Don't know whether they have the capability to even create proper AAA High Graphics Games any more.
  8. Ok then. After this, I thought you would agree - Now you're doing blatant mis-information - 1) Marketing Are Employees. They answer to the same boss as the Creatives do and get their salary from the same source. NDAs applies to them the same. Heck, most of the time, they themselves decide the NDAs, along with help from Creatives and maybe even the top (With Legal to enforce it) 2) NDAs are applicable to non-employees as well. Why do you think we have a flood of reviews after a certain cut-off date? You think Reviewers are also Employees? Some companies can even enforce NDAs beyond release. For example, in Persona 5 - they literally stopped all streamers from displaying beyond a certain chapter for some months post release. They simply got all videos and streams taken down from YT/Twitch. This NDA was stated in the T&C before playing the game - and streaming platforms endorsed it completely. There was no dispute period (TLOU2 Case). The company as a whole decided it was spoiler and decided to hide it. Marketing were the ones who released the fake trailer in case you forgot. That is your problem. Don't try to enforce your opinion on others. It's "Your Rule of Thumb". In general, it's not. What's displayed officially is fair game always.
  9. Frankly I prefer the Official Switch Pro Controller. It's one of the best controllers in the industry. Don't know about 3rd party controllers for Switch (only used them for PC - and it was incomparable with PS4 controller, forget Switch Pro), but I would not replace the OG Switch Pro with anything.
  10. @Kumar123 As for your point #2 - But regarding these - Absolutely cannot agree It's not like companies have strict NDAs in place right? Marketing will get it always get it wrong right from Trailer #1. The very first reveal that's done on major shows like E3/Gamescom/TGS generally by company higher ups are wrong. It's a conflict between Creatives and Marketing - Got it Spoilers are always determined by what devs officially reveal. There are 100s of Creatives and Marketing. It's not up to us to know "What creatives want" or "What disputes are there". What's officially released as promotional material - is not spoilers at all. Anything beyond that - it's your personal spoilers. You might avoid all media - to "Avoid Spoilers", but in the wider community these will not be considered spoilers at all. Anyway can we agree end this discussion here? I think we are veering way off topic.
  11. Wrong. Regarding TLOU As far as Ni No Kuni is concerned - Forget the beginning, even the game trailers revealed that Oliver's mother dies in the beginning. Now do you want to tell me even pre-launch promotional materials are spoilers? And before you say TLOU 2 Regarding the theory -
  12. Was there any surprise regarding that? OT1 was timed Switch exclusive, before coming to PC and other platforms. Same for Triangle Strategy, and I think Live A Live will follow the same path. Most probably OT2 will also do the same. I think Nintendo has some stake in the HD-2D engine which makes all games timed exclusive for Nintendo systems before coming to other platforms (Mobile being the exception)
  13. Not really. It's right at the beginning of the game. What would be a spoiler is -
  14. Go ahead!! This is one of the most emotional stories in gaming. If you like Studio Ghibli Anime movies - you will love this. It's a game full of heart, about a small boy whose trying to get over the death of his mother. It was one of my most favorite games on the PS3 period. It's also really beautiful because of the art style.
  15. roun90

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Night City is utter sh*t equally for everyone. Even if you are a Gun-Toting Mercenary with a Corpo Life Path (The Best you can get) - the city is still sh*t. The only ones for whom the city is not sh*t (In a conventional way) are the head homchos like Arasaka and his closest followers - and even for them it's sh*t in a different way. Game hammers that point.
  16. What's the Indian time for both? Thanks for the help Didn't expect anything but suddenly became a huge day
  17. More like there has never been a game with Indian setting. Since you're focusing on Open World - tell me the last open world game you remember with Indian Setting? I can think of none - and that's thinking from the time of PS1. Devs have never made an open world game set in India. They have never experimented, and hence don't know whether customers will like it or not. It's the same for China tbqh. It was only when the Chinese Market grew too big to ignore that Devs started making games set in China. Japanese Devs were the only ones making games set in Japan for the longest time. It was only after JRPGs became big - that proved customers wanted Japanese settings that Western devs did Japan (Still a minority to this day). Western Devs seem to do only what is comfortable to them. That means - EU/US and even Fantasy is EU Middle Ages (With Magic) and Sci-Fi is US with more shiny guns blasting lasers instead of bullets (As established by Star Wars). I can't think of a single time where devs did settings like India. We have to wait for Indian Gaming Development Induster to catch up I guess (If it ever will).
  18. It's always welcome. How many Action-Adventure/RPG games have we had set in Europe and America's till now? Far too many to count and only now are people getting tired of them. There is a lot of place for more games set in Japan. Not to mention - if it succeeds, it will allow full AAA mainline titles to be set in China, Mongolia and Korea (which are sister settings like how Europe and America's are sister settings). Then they can go to India and go to our sister settings as well (India/Afg-Pak-BD/SL/Malaysia-Singapore/Indonesia etc.)
  19. Most probably Horizon Forbidden West and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will take up the remaining 2 Nomination Spots this year I guess. I can't think of another game releasing this year that will be up for GOTY unless some dev pulls out an unlocked for Super-Hit out of nowhere or a low expectation game like Valkyrie Elysium/Forsaken etc. becomes a surprise Dark Horse.
  20. Hopefully this might be implemented in a better way. Maybe as a full fledged DLC/full game rather than a random mini-game (Think Quidditch World Cup Remake) or an MP DLC that comes later. Quidditch is far too iconic to HP Franchise and a huge money spinner to be ignored.
  21. Finally!! Was getting absolutely sick of random action game in the name of AC (With no Assassins or Templars). Hope this is set after AC: Valhalla and is not a prequel to that I would live to see the story go ahead. Also really lovely to see they finally ditched the White EU and US countries and are trying other cultures once again.
  22. You caught autocorrect before I could manually edit. You have speed of a ninja while posting man
  23. In general it's a good idea to only dock with no cover on. Switch is meant to be docked without cover. While docking your Seitch also gets charged, and if you dock it with cover - it will get too hot. If you want to play Switch docked, remove all cover and preferably remove the Joycons also (whether you are using the Joyce's or Pro Controller- which I highly recommend).
  24. Is there a PlayStation Showcase going to happen soon? If so, when? I keep hearing about it in Facebook.
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