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  1. I would not recommend you start this game at all. If you want my advice - the very best one I can give you is to take a small break from gaming. Go watch TV Shows, Movies or something else. I know, because the same thing happened to me after Elden Ring. For some time (A Couple of weeks at least), I was not able to enjoy any game at all after Elden RIng. Elden Ring just set the bar too high - but at the same time was so big that it literally burned me out. If you really want to play something no matter what - try some completely new genres - preferably those that do not have traditional combat or even open world. Now would be a really good time to go for things like Strategy Games like Age of Empires, Sports Games, Card Games, Puzzle Games, Indies etc.
  2. Monitor is on sale currently on Amazon BTW. So you can have 1080p + 165hz + 24" IPS Panel monitor for around 14k Acer Nitro VG240YS 23.8 inch FHD 1920 X 1080 Resolution Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, FreeSync, 165Hz, 0.5 MS, DP, 2 x HDMI, Black) Stereo Speakers And if you want to put in a little bit more, you can have a 1440p + 144 Hz (1 MS) + 27" + HDR 10 Enabled + GSync/Free Sync + IPS Panel Monitor for around 24k LG Ultragear Gaming 68 cm (27 inch) 2K-QHD (2560 x 1440) Resolution IPS with HDR 10-144Hz, 1ms, G-Sync Compatible, Freesync Premium, HDMI x 2, Display Port, HP Out, HDR 10-27GN800 (Black) Sale only runs for 7 hours and 26 minutes more (From Time of Post) on Amazon, so if you want it - get it quick!!
  3. Monitor is on sale currently on Amazon BTW. So you can have 1080p + 165hz + 24" IPS Panel monitor for around 14k Acer Nitro VG240YS 23.8 inch FHD 1920 X 1080 Resolution Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, FreeSync, 165Hz, 0.5 MS, DP, 2 x HDMI, Black) Stereo Speakers And if you want to put in a little bit more, you can have a 1440p + 144 Hz (1 MS) + 27" + HDR 10 Enabled + GSync/Free Sync + IPS Panel Monitor for around 24k LG Ultragear Gaming 68 cm (27 inch) 2K-QHD (2560 x 1440) Resolution IPS with HDR 10-144Hz, 1ms, G-Sync Compatible, Freesync Premium, HDMI x 2, Display Port, HP Out, HDR 10-27GN800 (Black) Sale only runs for 7 hours and 26 minutes more (From Time of Post) on Amazon, so if you want it - get it quick.
  4. Quite frankly, neither of these guys deserve any award. Remember - these guys are competing for the same award that was given to the likes of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. The award which was not even given to Mahatma Gandhi - who literally pioneered the Non-Violent Resistance Movement. Both of these guys are "Jokers" in the name of Global Peace. But if Obama has to be given this prize at all, then Trump should get one too. Obama caused major international wars, and Trump caused Domestic ones. Both Prime Candidates for "Bringing Peace Upon The World" I'm sure.
  5. Of course Phil will not manage each studio personally. But he will closely monitor the results. MS acquisition was not free. They paid $7.5 Billion - which is huge. On top of that, they will also be putting in more money each time a new project comes up. Not to mention, MS will be covering all the staff salaries, licensing costs, and all other continuous expenditures Bethesda incurs from now on. No one gives money just for free. MS Shareholders will kill Phil if he does not even bother to monitor the situation and lets Todd do as he pleases. As I said - a new ES should have come long before now. For a huge franchise as ES - a wait of 2011 till (I assume 2025-26) is simply unacceptable. It was fine when Todd was an independent agent. I don't think it will be fine now. Starfield development started long ago (Before acquisition talk even) - so MS was fine with the delay, but even here they only allowed it till Q1 2023. Fallout 4 should either have had a new DLC or we should have had Fallout 5 announcement (Preferably release date for 2022-23). There was no demand at all for ES Blades - yet they made it a show-piece on E3. Fallout 76 released without any NPCs or even any proper plans on how to run a proper live-service game. I don't think MS will find any of this remotely acceptable. So yes - Todd is free, in the day to day workings and implementation. But I don't think he will be free with ideas (Have to run it through MS first), deadlines (Have to release on time) and hopefully even optimization (Games have to run properly, with hopefully minimal bugs and not depend on modders to fix the game for you.) All of this is just my opinion btw.
  6. Once the acquisition fully completes (It's not finished yet - will only complete in 2023 afaik) - expect some of Bethesda's (Especially BGS's) freedoms to be curtailed. They have taken things far too slowly. A new ES should have come long before now. Fallout 76 should never have happened. ES Blades should have been a side project - and not one announced as the main piece at the Bethesda show-case at E3. A new main-line Fallout should also have happened recently (At least by 2021-2022). I expect some whips are going to be cracked and some discipline be enforced once the acquisition has been fully completed. Todd will be the head - yes. But he will also be responsible for answering some really tough questions if BGS (Not other subsidiaries like Arkane, Machine Games etc.) if they function the way they have up till now.
  7. So Elden Ring almost undisputed GOTY of 2022 now.
  8. roun90

    Elden Ring

    The funny fact is - I was good enough to bring it down to around 20%-30% health of it's Phase 2 form (and still have health bar almost full) - without the Serpent Hunter. But then my f**ing mana and all potions ran out, so I had to purposely die. It was really annoying and frankly unfair.
  9. Congratz!! Now you can pull in millions per session easily whenever you want (And believe me - you''l want it soon, later equipments, progression and everything costs in millions from what I remember). Anyway enjoy the delicious irony that Ichiban is in the position of Sunder Pichai or Satya Nadella - but still has to be homeless and beg for money on the main game story.
  10. @playstationdude and anyone else interested in JRPGs - Did you try out Eiyuuden Chronicles: Rising? I played it a bit and it seems interesting. Made by the original creators of Suikoden and has the formula of recruiting tons of characters, village building etc. it seems. Side perspective action game like Ori. Have high hopes for this. It's on GamePass now.
  11. Yoshida and the current FF16 Team were not responsible for the original FF14 (The flop). They came on board as crisis managers and started with FF14:A Realm Reborn. They started with a huge success. Not just that - they made the events of the original FF14 a part of the mythic past of the story, which people now feel they should have been a part of, and did not sweep it under the rug and forget about it ( Like almost all devs do with their flops). Their story-telling has been on point, and improving with each expansion - to the point that in the last 2 expansions, Shadowbringers and Endwalker, the story is as good or even better than OG SE's FF6, FF7, FF9, Chrono games etc. or even compares to the best story in any media. Right now Yoshida and his team (Creative Business Unit 13) are the blue eyed boys of the entire SE. If you want a new FF that has the glory of the original games - these guys are who you want to have in development. While SE itself is under stupid management that's going after NFTs and all such stupidity - he's the last line in that company for quality traditional gaming and respecting gamers who love quality.
  12. All countries are playing politics with Covid. AFAIK - we have not gathered much data, and according to us - we don't have the highest death rate. But I don't trust that. At the same time - I also don't trust the WHO, which literally said Covid cannot spread to humans back in 2019. I won't be surprised if this is some way to show India in a bad light after they remained neutral in the Russia-Ukraine war or because they want to deflect attention from their own high rates of infection and/or death. What the truth is? We may never know - because we don't test and report truthfully, and neither does the rest of the World.
  13. Saying is one thing (That too to a 3rd party - not directly to the face of a person, where they can be hurt), acting upon it is another. Aber Heard has literally cut off Johnny Depp's finger, sh*t on his bed, spat at him, and abused him to his face - all documented and in front of witnesses. Depp venting at a 3rd party, but not taking any action and not saying it to her or gaslighting her (which would constitute Emotional abuse) is another thing altogether imo. To me, this is not enough to prove Depp is a bad person (yet). @Krazyniks With regards to driver tests, I agree with you 100%. Driver Tests in India are a joke. Most of the times, you are able to move the vehicle, brake and turn - you pass the test, especially if you com from a driving school. That too, most of the time you drive within the RTO's premises. This is not like abroad - where they actually have you driving in varied terrain, in high traffic etc. to see how competent you actually are, before issuing a license.
  14. It may only be me, and it might be a controversial opinion, but after looking at the quality of FF14's story-telling, I'm far more excited for FF16 than for FF7 Part 2 tbqh. If someone has to tell an excellent story full of twists and turns, politics, and things that will really make you feel for the story - Naoki Yoshida is the best person to do it rather than Tetsuya Nomura.
  15. @Ethan_Hunt You should also do the main mini-game in this title (Ichiban Confections) as soon as it opens up. You complete it's story - it will easily give you millions of $$/Yen as and when you want. You are going to need a lot of cash later down the line. So be sure to do it. It also helps that the game is quite fun and has an interesting story of it's own.
  16. For content creators to come to PCMR (Outside of usual suspects like MOBAs, F2P Games, MMOs, Indies, Roguelikes etc.) - audience has to come to PCMR first (Good PC Gaming HW, not work HW that most have). For that, parts will have to be accessible. Right now - neither are parts accessible, nor can you buy any without feeling like you are getting scammed. IMO Console is literally keeping the high graphics, AAA non-F2P, non-MTX games industry afloat at this point. If it was only left to PC, in this situation, most gamers would have moved on and most gaming companies would have shifted to F2Ps, ads or non-gaming craps like NFTs
  17. roun90

    Elden Ring

    Niiceee!! So were you able to save scum or did you do a 3 Play-through NG++ run? Anyways congratz on the Platinum!!
  18. PCMR, already at 60 fps and with graphics consoles can only dream of Come to the Master Race
  19. I think that was for Rise of Tomb Raider? After TR 2013 Reboot, interest was at an all time high for TR. Unfortunately, SOTR killed majority of hype for TR Reboot franchises, SE was unsatisfied with Deus EX after Mankind Divided, Last Thief game flopped and Legacy of Kain is dead. In short, SE seems to not know how to use it's Western Studios, hence the small price. It's for the best. This gives SE the chance to focus on it's Japanese Games - which is it's core strength and get the quality back up there.
  20. roun90

    Elden Ring

    1) There is the Volcano Manor Questline (Starts in Liurnia), that will give you a lot of gear. Completing the questline will also lead you directly to Rykard's boss room. If you've not killed the NPC in the war-master's shack yet - you will need to finish the quest-line to get him to invade you (So you can kill him and get his legendary weapon; this is a requirement for All Legendary Armaments Trophy if you're going for Platinum) (This quest-line actually ends in The Mountain-top of the Giants, an area you unlock after completing Lyndell, The Royal Capital) 2) Do to Windmill Village. There are bosses there, and it's a fun,creepy area 3) Do the Shaded Castle Dungeon. It's boss is a requirement for Plat. It's a poisonous dungeon. So it's really fun. You have to go through the dungeon carefully, yet quickly. 4) Go to Mt. Gelmir and Hermit Village. That area gives you one of the most powerful end game staff + gear set and the most powerful spell in game (Azur's Gear Set, Azur's Staff and Comet Azur). You have to come there as a part of Sellen's quest-line. You need this if you are going for Platinum. 5) You can open a short-cut between Liurnia of the Lakes and Atlus Plateau 6) Do the Dungeon for Ancient Knight Kristoff Ash Remains - again the dungeon is in Atlus Plateau. While you're at it, kill the Holy Dragon that's nearby for it's Heart and for the Dragon's Incantation Spell to be available in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid. 7) Oh, our good old friend, Margit also comes back as a mini-boss in Atlus Plateau, right next to the entrance of The Royal Capital. You can finish him off if you like. That's all the main essentials I can think of at the moment. There are a lot more I'm sure, but I don't remember it atm or have not explored it fully enough. As usual, if you explore the area thoroughly, you will find a lot more than the above.
  21. roun90


    Comparing Starfield's Engine with Horizon's is wrong. Their purpose is completely different. Horizon Engine can provide mind-blowing graphics. Bethesda's will most probably not. But at the same time, Bethesda's Engine will provide mod-compatibility to an extent that Horizon Engine will never match. The end game of Bethesda Todd RPGs is mods. Horizon mod support is abysmal. You can look at H:ZD PC Version's mods right now. So it's really an apples to oranges comparison.
  22. It's becoming sad at this point. Even the studios they acquired in 2018 have not yet put out any major games. There is a mela every time a new acquisition is made, major fanboy wars for weeks afterwards, and then the hype dies down. No games, unless it was already in development and announced before acquisition, and no news unless the studio is in controversy (a.k.a Acti-Blizz). I wonder what happened to Avowed and Fable. I was looking forward to those.
  23. No, it definitely pushes. The thing about Elden Ring vs most other open worlds - Most Open World games have tons of copy/paste stuff. Elden Ring also does, to an extent, but before you reach the remotely Copy/Paste areas - you will already have finished around 40-60 hours play-time (If you're not rushing). A lot of stuff is truly unique - which is one reason that makes the exploration truly worthwhile and rewarding. It's literally a game, where they pooled in all the crazy ideas that their minds could drum up, pooled in everything from their past games including Sekiro (Which is completely different from Souls) and threw it all in there as very viable content. Many Open Worlds will certainly have better graphics and fidelity, will definitely be superior on purely technical aspects (Ratio, pixels pushed, textures, RTX, Pure Graphics etc.), but from a pure uniqueness point, fun point, joy of exploration point or even the point of having a World - they don't even come close.
  24. Right now, the best one I would say is PVR Icon Imax Screen (With Laser) in Phoenix Palladium Mall, Lower Parel. IMAX in Viviana Mall, Thane is also very decent. IMO the OG IMAX (Which used to be the dome) is bad currently (Though I've not been there is a long time, so I don't know if they've improved it.)
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