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  1. Frankly, it will not work. MS tried everything on their very best generation - The XBox 360 gen. They had tons and tons of Japanese Games as exclusives and timed exclusives (Or the best performing versions) - including big name devs like Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker (OG dev of Final Fantasy), Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Platinum, Team Ninja etc. MS invested so heavily in Japanese Games that almost every new Japanese game announced was by default almost assumed to be an X360 exclusive or timed exclusive. And yet, sale of X360 in Japan remained absolutely miserable. Seems Japanese people mainly prefer Japanese Consoles and Smartphones (Mainly Nintendo and Mobiles then Sony) Also, good luck buying Sega and Capcom. MS will have to manage Gambling Parlors and Amusement Parks if they buy those devs. That's their main business
  2. Is anyone even surprised by this? This was done just to increase user-base in the first place. Now that they have both Bethesda and Activision, their user-base is guaranteed. This was the same strategy Epic used to move players from Steam. Unless, something major happens - everyone will be paying full price for Gamepass soon. Heck, I would not be surprised if MS asks their 3 year backdoor users to cough up full price too after giving them a certain period (Like reducing an entire 3 year duration to a 1 year duration or something and then asking them to pay up the difference).
  3. roun90

    Diablo IV

    Diablo 2 is the closest. It's considered the hallmark of the entire genre and all subsequent games like Path of Exile and everything else are based on Diablo 2 only. It also has an awesome lore and captures the horrors perfectly. Diablo 3 on the other hand - is a massive step down. It's cartoony and not horror at all. It was also marked by Blizzard's excessive greed - due to which they took bad decisions, but some of those has been reversed later (Like for example - the Black Money Auction House (BMAH)). Good Gear drops were made extremely rare in the game, and even the good gear you get was more than likely to belong to another class. This was done to "encourage trading" (This was removed later, because it was literally killing the game and franchise). Even the lore was bad - you were an uber- powerful "Nephilim" (Son of angel and devil) whom entire Heaven and Hell were afraid of, because the union made you so awesome. No horror and extremely cartoony graphics and game. Go for Diablo 2 Resurrected (Remaster of Diablo 2). It's a slower game, and more gear dependent as compared to D3, and might have poorer textures and graphics than D3 (It's a remaster of an old game, not a remake) - but the gameplay style is completely different between all the classes, and the lore and story is absolutely awesome.
  4. CoD was the deal maker/breaker in the market, so it was fine I guess. Diablo coming to GP now would be great. Really hope World of Warcraft comes too (and that the GamePass sub fees is enough and they don't charge the separate $15/month fee that they charge now). That said - approval from US is still remaining right? And from other Schengen countries as well? It'll be a long time before Diablo or any Acti-Blizz sees daylight on GP, maybe 1 year at minimum I guess. Also, this is quite a big blow to Sony, don't know if they realize it though. Yes, CoD will be on PS. But it will be on GP as well. That is, on PS it will cost $60 (or $70 - MS will ensure that price remains), while it will be essentially free for PC and Xbox owners. Tons of people are going to migrate there I guess.
  5. roun90

    Resident Evil 4

    That looks really awesome On another note - Those were the days when games had a huge mini-book/manual coming along with even the Standard Editions. I really miss them. Made the game purchase feel really special
  6. roun90

    Spider-Man 2

    Frankly, even with that - I would chalk it up to Insomniac being a far more efficient studio than Bethesda Game Studios (Note: I mean only BGS, not the sister studios like iD Software, Arkane etc.) There was a 5 year gap between ES: Morrowind to Oblivion and again a 5 year gap between ES:Oblivion and Skyrim. 4 year gap between Skyrin amd Fallout 4 - and F4 was nowhere near the quality of Skyrim. Then they rode on the Skyrim train - remastering that same game from 2011 till present. Even with such huge gaps - they always depend on mods to fix their game, and many times even their main quests have game breaking bugs that have to be fixed. Insomniac meanwhile can give 85+ games or 90+ meta games every 2 years or so. Sony is a very good task-master, while Zenimax/Bethesda is a horrible publisher IMO. They have needed a whip, and this is the first time they will be getting one with MS. This does not even count the time that development would have completely stalled or stopped while the acquisition talks were going on between MS and Bethesda. IP-wise though - Spiderman is far bigger than Starfield, and maybe even Elder Scrolls. Between Starfield and Spiderman - Sony/Insomniac have nothing to fear. If anything, MS might have to adjust their release dates to not compete with Spiderman. They need not even do that though, since Starfield will be on GP and most people will have an active sub and will play with that. Sales of Starfield will be minimal, while Spiderman will be huge. Due to GP - both will co-exist.
  7. Yes Hotstar has marked it as 4k Dolby Vision, unlike The Last of Us which is just 1080p.
  8. Very weak argument by CMA. MS can simply say it will be cloud based games or special COD games made specifically for the Switch.
  9. "A Man Called Otto" Saw it 2 days ago in theaters. It's an absolutely brilliant feel-good movie. Very good story and Tom Hanks is brilliant. It's based on a book called "A Man Named Ove" I would encourage you and everyone to watch it. It's a brilliant movie.
  10. Nah don't think do. They'll mostly do like MS did with Forza Horizon 5 on GP. You can play the base game via PS Extra/GP. But to play tye DLC - you'll need to buy the DLC separately
  11. Most casuals will not care much I think. Casuals in India buy 1 or at most 2 games in the entire year afaik. Mostly those games are either FIFA and/or something like CoD IMO. Those games are expensive even on PC (EA/Acti-Blizz tax). Don't think they care beyond those. Only thing - buying PS saves on PC Part cost and trouble.
  12. There are tons and tons of Floo Networks even outside the castle. It's littered throughout the World Map (Outside Hogwarts and Hogsmeade). There's really no need to hold back. Oh yeah - just like in Elder Scrolls or Elden Ring - you'll stumble upon random dungeons, random puzzles and random quests out in the World Map too (Along with Floo Networks nearby of course) - if you're walking too, so you don't need to hold back on exploration. Exploration is very smooth and rewarding.
  13. You can Fast Travel. There are Floo Network Points everywhere, even in World Map - so there's not much back-tracking. You get flying quite late, but there's so much to explore before that. So many side-quests unlock, that it's hard to just do main quests. Not to mention - many side quests give new spells too, not just the classes. The puzzles and collectibles are also quite fun. Yes, flying does make things easier. But there's no need to hold off on all exploration before getting flying.
  14. As if MS can't employ some of the best lawyers in the World (Maybe 10 times more expensive ones to boot), as compared to Sony. Poor Trillion Dollar Windows Owning Company
  15. roun90

    Persona 5

    Remember- complete all Palaces as soon as possible. Most Palace will take 2 days by default, at the very minimum (1 to reach boss and 1 to send Calling Letter). So if you take 2 days to reach the boss/treasure- you will need 3 days to complete the Palace and so on. Some Palaces even force you to go out early via story beats, in which case they will take 3 days to complete at minimum (Lamoshida's Palace is not included in this) These days are precious. They can be used to advance confidante, stats, side-quests etc. if not eaten up by the Palaces. So complete the Palaces in as short run as you can (Preferably the first time you enter itself).
  16. Can't discount a lot of scalpers buying it.
  17. If you are playing BC - you might as well play on BC mode. Only difference is there is no smart download, that's it. As far as save files are concerned- for this game, there is no save transfer period. No matter what platform you are on. Saves are tied to the platform it was created on. https://sea.ign.com/hogwarts-legacy/194304/news/hogwarts-legacy-will-not-include-highly-requested-feature So the only advantage is Smart Download/PC version. But that is offset by PS5's haptics and exclusive content. In other words, Xbox version will be missing some quests. Also, we don't even know what the next gen will be like. PC is the only system that will guarantee you full BC. No comsole will givevyou the guarantee, simply because they are proprietary pieces of tech, unlike PC.
  18. If you are going to talk about Save Transfers - why even bother buying the game now? Buy 6 years down the line - in next gen, when game will cost 500 Rs. People asking now are wanting to play the game now. Not waiting to buy now and play 6 years down the line in a next gen which no one even knows about. Also, don't use RT unless you're on PC. What beautiful logic is this Tons of people are loving playing this game with RT Mode, especially at Unlocked 60 FPS (40-60 Range) instead of playing at sub 30 FPS on Xbox.
  19. roun90


    They will never go with AO because most stores in US/EU will refuse to stock it (Not to mention Sony/MS themselves don't stock AO Rated games I think). M is fine. Good for deep, mature stories, decent amount of gore and all that. AO as far as I know is only given to straight up p**n or too much realistic gore to the point that it will start affecting kids negatively.
  20. roun90

    Resident Evil 4

    It's really fun. Gameplay is really fun on RE3R. Plus, if you're playing on the PS5 - it gives you 120 FPS which makes it a joy to play. People say a lot of sections from PS1 were cut. But it really doesn't matter. Playing it now - if you liked RE2R, you will absolutely love this game. I got it at 600 Rs too. Get it - at that price, it's absolutely worth it.
  21. roun90


    I think a true "Survival Horror" implies it will be like OG Alan Wake, Silent Hill or something new. I don't think it will be like Control. Jesse was a super-heroine who had super-powers that could literally kill the paranormal phenomena. That goes against Survival-Horror Ethos itself. No "Survival" if you can easily kill the ghosts and there is no need to be afraid (Hence no Horror too).
  22. 60k for XSX? That's an absolutely ridiculous price. We can get an RTX 3070/3070 ti for close to that price, still have gamepass, and run games in higher settings than in XSX (Ultra Settings instead of XSXs Mid-High Setting). Heck, checking now - MDComputers is offering Asus RTX 3070 Ti for 57k - 2k Cheaper than an XSX https://mdcomputers.in/asus-rog-strix-rtx3070ti-o8g-gaming.html Add 15k more and you will get a 3080Ti which will kill an XSX/PS5 spec-wise https://mdcomputers.in/asus-tuf-rtx3080ti-o12g-gaming.html The day where consoles become more expensive than high end gaming PCs Wonder which head at MS approved this pricing (Originally posted this in XSX thread, since I saw the price there first. Moved it here later).
  23. Moved my original post to Versus thread because it seems to be more suitable there. Here, I'll just say - absolutely ridiculous pricing.
  24. You do realize - these are side projects that they do? Games take years to develop and Neil and all other creators are already in the process of developing the next game? Sony is not going to let them sleep on it? Directing 1-2 episodes here and there will not take long, especially when the base (Beginning, Casting, Script and all is already done). 2022 itself we got quite a lot of games from Sony. Far more than can be said about Xbox. Despite having TLOU TV Show and Uncharted Movie both on the same year.
  25. Is there even any proof of JKR passing legislations or are these guys just running their mouths on slander? If this was true, news would have blown up on the internet by now . Funny thing - if these "Mods" are identified and their internet-given anonymity removed, JKR is within her rights to sue them for slander on baseless claims, I would guess.
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