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  1. Does anyone have any experience with getting rid of rogue plants like Peepal? Can't really break down the wall. I know there are few chemical to get this done but not sure.
  2. Possibility of pre-2016, 8-8.5% FD rates looks high.
  3. Further rates hikes by RBI should roll in soon. 16000 might just become a value zone for Nifty. Nasdaq 100 poised to breach 11k and towards 10.5k. Will keep nibbling Nasdaq 100, current Indian PF and <3% in China. Indian PF = Pharma/Healthcare/Bio Universe (80%) + Mix of Tech/Fin/Consumption /Auto (20%) Will go lumpsum when the index hits above levels.
  4. I have been using them for 5 years, right one was always going in & out. Today, it completely went out.
  5. Go and get a nice woodfired oven pizza nearby. That's what I am gonna do.
  6. Absolutely pouring in Delhi since yesterday morning. Hardly stopped.
  7. LAT out after 22. Can RIC swoop in or we gonna see Nyck?
  8. Ended up getting WFXM4 because just today one side of my earphones conked off. Got for 11400 after all discounts, cashback and apay cashback.
  9. With how Pound and Yen have been behaving, might be good time to visit these places. Given you get the visa.
  10. Except Sona, I will probably enter IEX too, waiting for that 140 mark. It's like an experiment of holding asset light, high cashflow company for long-term to eventually become a dividend monster.
  11. Which instruments? And recession might very well come but that's why one doesn't invest in one go. I am basically nibbling at this point with over 100% PF value in cash. US/EU can & probably will shave off 5-10% from here as well, India will definitely follow. If one has a huge enough corpus, I can understand but for people like me, I can risk keeping money on the both sides and accumulating units.
  12. Well SBI Cashback CC is being accepted even when it says it is excluded in t&c, badhiya cashback kamaya hai logo ne.
  13. How is it nuksaan? Do SIP, add lumpsum at supports or every 5% crack. Kal retire thodi ho rhe ho, dhol peeto, dua kro market crash hojaye. Stock/ETF/MF units collect kro.
  14. IT is going cheap. More pain is likely in short term but SIP candidate, ITBees is a good bet for 2-3yrs out.
  15. That's exactly when I used them and for P2XL only. Burned-in screen at first (3 days) and then faulty battery. Actually, used it in Dec 2017 and then Q1 2019.
  16. Use them twice, didn't return my phone for 20 days each time and didn't give loaner devices. Might have changed now.
  17. Yeah, I will trade in my S22+ for it if exchange value is solid. Hopefully, when the offers are good as well. Although, there are some great features which Samsung offers which stock Android just doesn't have. Not to the mention the service support, B2X sucks.
  18. Just put it on INGRAM, explain all of it and mention CCTV footage. Might as well attach screenshots of it. Mention it in one of your emails or tweets, sooner or later they will reply.
  19. https://www.androidauthority.com/google-pixel-7-pricing-3211935/ @Bird Bird Bird
  20. iPhone and Apple team is completely different at FK. They are changing pricing as per demand as we speak.
  21. Expected to come back in limited quantities at 12:00 AM.
  22. No brainer at this price with current visibility.
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