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  1. For now, the rule is not valid on all transactions done over UPI. If a merchant is accepting payment via wallets such as Amazon Pay/Paytm wallet via UPI QR code then this fee will be charged i.e. PPI (prepaid payment instruments). This won't be applicable for p2p pr p2m transactions which are done directly via the bank account. "The fee will not be applicable for person-to-person transactions or person-to-merchant transactions between a bank and the prepaid wallet. This means you don't have to pay any additional fees for using UPI yet"
  2. Not really, I redeemed an amount from a fund invested via Coin, only asked me CDSL tpin and money was credited in T+2 days.
  3. UPI bank mandate works when dealing directly with AMCs, this unfortunately can't work via coin but since Debit card works, I do not face any issue now.
  4. Migration to BSE star resulted in the need of manual UPI payments.
  5. One can setup a debit card mandate and automate SIPs on Coin now. How does it work on Kuvera?
  6. I can't believe the sampling and estimation expertise we have on IVG. Only if the world knew of our talent!
  7. Which regulation? The manual payment one?
  8. I now believe that the average population is right-fully more dumb that I ever imagined.
  9. No one knows, everyone is waiting for RBI guidelines. But I won't be surprised if this is for every forex transaction like it is supposed to be for debit cards etc. Acche din aa gye hai.
  10. Is this the same guy who got his knickers in a twist when I asked a mod to match his I.P to an existing account? Lol.
  11. People are blaming the vaccines rather than Covid itself. Right-fully senseless.
  12. It's for every fund with less than 35% exposure to domestic equity, not just debt. This possibly includes your ETFs as well (they are funds technically) and most likely even if you invest directly via Groww in Invesco Index ETF or Invesco Index fund, they will be impacted as well. Which will bring a double whammy with 20% TCS rules. This is the reason ceiling for international investments was not being raised. Will shore up bank deposits quite nicely to buff up their balance sheets and protect against any outflow run. I still don't think this will make rupee stronger. And yes, only valid for investments made after 1st April'23.
  13. No, I don't remember you.
  14. Do you really expect to get a valid answer in return? 😭
  15. For now CC transactions do not come under LRS, going forward who knows. Govt. is hell bent on reducing any kind of forex outflow. I think for now they will look for MCC codes specific for tours but direction is explicit, tax every foreign transaction.
  16. Bill passed. STT increased on trading. Govt. asks foreign tours payment via CC to be brought under LRS (TCS at 20%). India se bahar jane nhi dena hai matlab. Niklo India se.
  17. Spotify is pretty much all you can ask for. Amazon Music lacks a lot of the smaller and upcoming artists plus their discovery is subpar. Apple Music does offer higher fidelity audio and that's the main attraction but I hardly think majority of the people can differentiate over BT and current set of BT headphones.
  18. By definition even International funds will be affected, what a sh*t show. Might have to move to International ETFs now.
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