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  1. I'm not a big fan of rgb. I'm leaning towards the white h510 nzxt cabinet. Only gpu I'm able to find is 1050ti. I'll upgrade the gpu once prices come back to normal.
  2. Gaming and work. My work is not very intensive but requires 10-15 open chrome tabs. My old laptop is barely keeping up.
  3. I'm planning to build a pc. My budget is 70-80k. This is my first experience with building a PC so any suggestions are welcome.
  4. I think only Jio is doing great right now, retail and oil sectors are still facing troubles due to future deal and Saudi Aramco deal.
  5. Some local stores offer 7% student discount+hdfc 6000 cashback. Total comes down to 80500
  6. How much is 1050 ti worth right now?
  7. I don't trust myntra at all. Had terrible experience with them. I had to return a product and their order history page was stuck on out for pickup for 1 month. I called them 10-12 times, they assured resolution with 2-3 days. In the end one month passed and they refused to pickup as pickup date was passed.
  8. Well, someone might be interested.
  9. Is there any Ivg clubhouse group?
  10. Is etf better than mutual fund? Also, is there a way to check common stocks in different mutual funds?
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