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  1. 24% of all units in India imported just this last month - has the stock situation improved significantly or is Sony allocating more units to Indian markets ? Are they expecting more business from here coinciding with launch of new PS plus subscription service here. But wouldn't they get more business from American/European or even Japanese markets since these are much bigger markets for them .
  2. Yeah i can understand the wish to play it on PC with max settings and high fps . It's such a game changer and the experience is so much better. Also yeah it's obvious that it won't come on PC day1 . But i think few years down the line sony will start releasing games day1 on PC as well.
  3. You think people will share all the stuff what happens in their personal lives. No one does .
  4. Starfield isn't launching this year. Even if GOW-R gets delayed it will still likely come out before Starfield . Cory Balrog won't be as busy as he is now when Starfield launches. Also please don't make assumptions about people's lives and how they spend their time or someone's wife almost leaving them for being busy.
  5. It's not coming day1 on PC . Next Santa Monica will probably be day1 on PC but not this ..
  6. I get time on weekends only . Yeah i get your point though - not for everyone .
  7. Also Mortal Kombat 11 is a part of extra game catalog and shows + sign with download enabled. But it doesn't appear in extra game catalog or any catalogue. But when you open the game on PS Store you get the option to download it .
  8. It's there since launch of PlayStation Plus collection. In PS plus go to PlayStation Plus collection - you will find this under essential tab benefits.
  9. Oh okay . Seriously man your RM/CC associate are no good in this case. Two of my friends have Infinia card because their accounts are older 8/10 years . And its lifetime free with a limit of 13L . Their overall spends during all this time is somewhere around 15L. Their behaviour makes no sense as they will probably lose a good customer like you. CASA ratio is very important to banks and it will suffer .
  10. Any suggestions for a headphone in range of 3k . Want to use it with PS5. Wired/wireless will both work .
  11. HFW is definitely doing good and yes it's not as popular as the three franchises you mentioned but it's probably 1 level below them in popularity terms . It's a very important franchise for Sony now. Also No doubt Elden Ring has taken the gaming industry by Storm . For a souls game to become so popular is a great achievement considering how difficult they are and casual audience generally stay away from such games.
  12. Okay cool . I was referring to the Wikipedia list which says 10 mil .
  13. Question - why don't you get the Infinia Card by making FDR of 10L with HDFC Bank . I mean the card is obviously important to you . So just do a FDR of 1 year . Pretty sure they won't take your card back after 1 year since your spending is good . Also in the current market scenario where stocks aren't expected to give good returns for next 1 year at least - FDR doesn't look like that bad an investment .
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