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  1. Full amount for 1 month ? Didn't get you? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  2. Congrats. You bought US/Brazilian card ? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  3. you can only check this after your membership expires completely. Easiest option go to Xbox game pass ultimate web page . You will see buy 1 month offer for 1$/Rs 50 . Click to buy it and then login with your credentials . Then it will automatically adjust offer for your account. If it stays at same price - 1:1 conversion is still working for you . It even gives you a message saying all your previous months would be added . Only then it takes you to payment Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  4. Sure man anytime . Yes I had Ultimate on it and let it expire completely ( but that was almost a year ago) Before you buy anything just check if 1 month conversion offer for 1$ is showing in your account .Sometimes it shows 1$ but when you go to buy it changes to full price. If it's changing to full price then I am pretty sure 1/2 year gold subscription won't stack in 1:1 ratio. Even if you buy 1 month region free sub from 3rd party. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  5. I bought the 1 month xbox game pass ultimate sub (region free ) from cdkeys . Now I have 13 months of ultimate on my account. That 1 month card was expensive at 860 . Total cost for 13 months came out to be 3530 (2670 for 12 month Brazil card) . So not too great or bad a deal. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  6. 1) I bought Brazilian Xbox live card as it was much cheaper at 2670 2) Yes I used brazil VPN to redeem card . Didn't change region or anything . Was able to successfully redeem it . 3 )The first time I tried conversion to ultimate. I didn't use VPN as everyone here (around last year) and online had just bought conversion offer without using VPN. After that I tried VPN it didn't work . Maybe I had to change region like Ethan did before converting or use VPN for conversion first time . It could be my mistake or Microsoft has put restrictions not sure . 4) Yeah just did that and it worked thankfully . Had to buy region free 1 month ultimate sub . Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  7. I got 1 year live Brazil card from cdkeys for 2670 . Didn't need to pay any additional charges apart from what it was showing . Its selling a little higher now for 2850 something Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  8. Yes I bought from CDkeys. And I had ultimate on my account a year ago which expired long back. Made a new account then and bought 1 year code and took the offer . That is about to expire now on new account. The 1$ offer on my original account was showing and working before I decided to do this. I changed my Xbox to Brazil but not on MS account. Will try changing it on MS account too to see if it works. Thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  9. Very few genuine sites are selling it let alone cheap. Amazon but higher price 4k plus . And prepaidgamercard for 3500 something. Both work on indian accounts and you can use 1 month offer after you redeem that . I bought from prepaidgamercard once and faced no problems . Got codes in my email in an hour but others have reported problems . So upto you . Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  10. So I Still can't buy the 1 month offer from Indian store. Whenever I try to buy I keep getting same error - subscription is from different region - currency mismatch. My Xbox live gold subscription is working fine ( shows 1 year validity in subscriptions) without any problems on my Xbox with my Indian ip and region . Can download free games with Xbox gold. After searching and talking with customer support ( through different account ) my only options seems to either 1) change my region to Brazil in my Microsoft account online and update all info including address and payment. Then I need to buy Brazilian gift card balance to get funds ( since I don't have valid Brazilian card ) to buy one month offer of Brazilian store.That would upgrade my existing months of gold in 1:1 ratio. But this would cause me to lose any purchases I made on Indian store ( thankfully none ) 2) I can buy the 1 month ultimate game pass code region free . That should also work and upgrade my existing months in 1:1 ratio . And I don't need to change my region . But that card is 12 USD right now. But then again I have to spend similar amount on Brazilian gift card so still not sure what to do. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  11. Hey guys so I bought one year Xbox live Brazilian gift card . I signed into Xbox app with my indian account . Redeemed it using Brazil VPN and faced no problems. ( Didn't change my region or anything ) . Logged out VPN. But now when I try to buy 1 month Xbox ultimate conversion offer it says you are subscribed from a different region and contact customer support. Any idea what to do now . Thanks
  12. Yes . But it depends on whether you get the option to convert to Ultimate again or not . If you're not getting that option you may not get full conversion. Once your membership expires . See if you're getting that 1 month deal or not .
  13. I am from Indore and the situation here is terrible . 89 confirmed cases in our small tier 2 city. We have more confirmed cases than many major cities . That video from Indore - where stones are being are thrown at doctors was shocking for everyone here . Apparently they all were acting on whatsapp forwards which said the doctors were coming to give them lethal injection and kill them . Such stupidity I tell you 😠. All the offenders including the one who spread the message have been arrested. The ones who threw stones later apologized . But damage has already been done .
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