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  1. Only Standard edition is coming on game pass . Not the legendary edition.
  2. https://youtu.be/Lt-fah4spJY While everyone is struggling to get their hands on new gen consoles . This guy is giving away 24 consoles
  3. I generally don't post here at all .cause I know most is senseless talk . His definition of " Facts " is what made me reply . I don't care about console wars . I am a gamer who enjoys consoles by both Sony/MS. I can understand their frustration . Yeah no sense in wasting time though
  4. You need to buy 3 Xbox live gold 1 year membership cards ( codes were selling for 2800/3000 each earlier ) Redeem them 1 by 1. After redeeming all 3, buy Xbox game pass ultimate for 1 month . It will convert your Xbox live into game pass Ultimate for 36 months . You can buy it on your mother's/brothers account . And then make your Series X as " Home Console " for that account . You can then play all gamepass Games on your account . It works just like Primary/ Non primary on PlayStation
  5. Don't assume things when you know nothing . I didn't say anywhere in my post that XSX is worth it and one should buy it . I just clarified your definition of facts . Infact I have never said anything about whether XSX is worth 50k or not / whether one should buy now or later .. nowhere in this thread or this forum . Here's what I said to user - BIT on page 431 in this thread - MS focus lies more in " Xbox ecosystem " so all upcoming Xbox first party games will come on Xbox one and will be well.optimized for it . And X1X is still.a beast so most upcoming games should.work decently on it for 3/4 years . So renewing game pass makes sense. And I myself own an X1X and don't plan to buy XSX anytime soon because of above reason . Now this is my "Personal opinion " but if others here want to buy XSX now to enjoy gamepass I can understand their decision . Now granted there aren't any next gen Xbox games available now . But the benefit of playing all games at 4k 60 fps consistently / advantage of quicker load times / quick resume feature (where you can shift between games seamlessly without having to load games from start everytime ) does make a good case to buy XSX now . Also if someone wants to enjoy gamepass for the value and games it offer - X1X at 35k doesn't seem like a good deal . Hence people who can spend are buying XSX . So yes I can understand their decision to buy now even though my opinion is different. I m not delusional / Xbot . You certainly are a troll who has becomes the Donald Trump of this forum now. 1) share wrong facts - keep spreading rumors of PS5 coming in 1/2 weeks when most official.retailers and Sony themselves aren't saying anything for sure . No facts to back up your claim. 2) can't respect Opposition - you keep denying anything good about XSX and say it's not next gen not worth it now . Anything good about XSX is "fake news" for you . 3) And you can't shut up and stop speaking even though no one cares about.your Stupid opinions ( Not facts )
  6. You seem to have wrong definition of "Facts" in your mind . Xbox series X cost 50k - A fact. Xbox Series X is not worth 50k - Opinion - not a Fact . Don't confuse your opinion as a fact .
  7. One x is going to stay relevant for quite sometime . Microsoft has clearly stated that they care more about Xbox ecosystem and not next gen console . So most upcoming xbox first party games are going to support Xbox one for years . As for multi platforms they would also come on Xbox one and PS4 for next 2/3 years at least . You can renew for 1/2/3 year as long as you wish. X1X is still a beast and will run most games very smoothly imo . I m in the same boat as you . Have X1X and don't plan to buy XSX anytime soon . And renewed my game pass just a month back.
  8. I am from Indore ( Tier 2 city in Madhya Pradesh ) . Situation is bad here too like most of the country. Yeah I know things have been bad in Delhi . I have few relatives In Delhi . Pollution isn't helping either
  9. Yeah I get that . I have had to stop using my mobile in front of my son as well .
  10. Right most of the guys here are working from home so can find some time here and there . I have a small retail business and have been going to shop every day since 4/5 months now . And time after coming back from work and Sundays most of it is spent in taking care of my little one 😀 . That's I have only played twice in 4 months ..
  11. How do you even find time for gaming with a baby.😅 I have played only twice since becoming a father 4 months back 😂
  12. Don't think there's going to be any discount on gamepass.
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