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  1. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    The new music score is amazing. The music alone adds so much scare in almost every area especially fights like the opening and Cabin area . 3d Audio implementation is very good too .
  2. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Okay yeah that penetration power is very helpful
  3. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Sentinel (deluxe weapon costs 166Rs on PS) also works with laser sight and has high ammo capacity and decent power too .
  4. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Got epic illuminado charm through tokens from shooting range. Gives 20% chance for melee hits to be critical
  5. Also since the base game is on sub. So one can just buy the DLC. Run the game and just go to the DLC section when it becomes available. ?
  6. It's still technically Horizon Forbidden west only . You need the base game to play Burning shores
  7. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Yeah same here only 1/2 encounters (Cabin fight being one of those) have been truly scary/challenging . But i think that's because we are playing at lesser difficulty . Having played the original multiple times - Hardcore difficulty would have been the better choice . With the atmosphere and sound this game has playing at Hardcore would have given way more moments of anxiety.
  8. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Thanks will try it out .
  9. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Oh okay. Can someone who didn't buy the deluxe edition/map still get those treasures using image of map found online or shared by a kind member from ivg .
  10. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Reached chapter 5 . Normal difficulty in not easy but definitely not challenging either till now. It will get more challenging in Castle and Island I know. Perhaps i should have started with Hardcore like the game suggested - those who played 2005 version should start with Hardcore . Anyway will carry on with Normal for now and do Hardcore next playthrough.
  11. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    You missed one of the normal ones or the one's you got with Deluxe edition through map ?.
  12. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Yes they are . Parry and Crouch work so well . Saved myself from getting grabbed almost half a dozen times by crouching Which difficulty are you playing on ? I am playing on Normal and most combat encounters have been manageable so far. It's the atmosphere and sound which make it tense for me . Also i purchased both deluxe weapons - perhaps they have made it easier .
  13. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Yeah dialogue volume is underwhelming even at full. Atmospheric volume feels up and down like sometime it's perfect and sometimes it's less. 3D audio implementation is quite good though.
  14. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Yeah for those with digital edition you get it at typewriter. But those with Physical would need to enter code for it which we didn't get. Yes Gold attache case and Handgun Ammo charm. Yeah T-shirt is free and separate from pre-order code.
  15. Krazyniks

    Resident Evil 4

    Did anyone receive pre order bonus with physical Standard edition ? T-shirt is definitely good but that was separate right.
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