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  1. Yeah . Ascension bombed and there were layoffs after that . It was a tremendous achievement by the studio to come up with the masterpiece that was GOW 2018 in the position they were in at the time .
  2. Yeah ofc i understand game development time and budget has increased significantly from previous gens . But longer time gaps between games also mean you will be 10 year older by the time you finish 3rd part of a AAA trilogy For those in mid 1980's like me - we will get to play God of war Egypt 3rd part in our 50's at current rate
  3. Yeah ofc it's not gonna sell like it did during PS3/4 era but might still make decent sales . For first time console buyers this game would always remain a default purchase like Mario kart is for Switch . Pricing would definitely be the key . Upgrade path - anything other than free upgrade would be disliked by fans and I doubt Rockstar would do that .
  4. I understand it takes a hell lot of time to make a game from ground up . So not a criticism but more of a wish
  5. But we got UC4 and lost legacy in between that . Santa Monica - GOW Ascension (2013) to GOW 2018 - 5 years , GOW 2018 ( April 18) to GOW Ragnarok ( Q3 2022 est) - 4.5 years . Cory himself said they didn't want to tell a story in 15 years hence they are concluding Norse saga in 2 games instead of 3 games .
  6. Don't think Rockstar cares cause they know it's still gonna sell a lot.
  7. Yeah no point buying a console if you don't have time to use it . Growing old indeed does that . Also PC is a great option as well . And when MS launches xcloud officially in India (don't know when but hoping they do) then you can play all next gen games via xcloud as well . Honestly no idea how long MS will let Gamepass trick work but yeah like Vaibhav said you can do it via PC too .
  8. They need to start finishing games sooner though . 4/5 years is too long a wait. 3 years time between games like how Naughty dog releases is much better .
  9. Nov/Dec being major holiday season in US Demand is going to be crazy there so Bulk of the stock would be reserved for that market . Sony may allot very few units for India and getting one might be difficult that time as well . DE was on available in an earlier stock (June/July) and 1/2 people here bought it that time . May be back again in Nov/Dec restock and might be a little easier to get since very few go for disc less console . Don't think IVG notification is working anymore . Not sure . The Amazon bots aren't working either.
  10. Nice 👍. This was also my first choice as well ( since Seltos AT was out of my budget at 17.5 lakhs) when I was looking for a car 3 months back . Also HTX variant gives best value for money amongst all the variants . Really nice car . But since I have a big family here so I went for S cross Zeta AT . Didn't want to give up on convenience of Automatic . So good for city driving
  11. Congrats . 3 days for Petrol Manual need real solid contacts to pull this kind of a thing .
  12. Congrats . 3 days for Petrol Manual need real solid contacts to pull this kind of a thing considering the waiting times in general .
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