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  1. Only Whitewolf and Hope were permanently banned . Rest all had temp bans.
  2. As per the article he spent 193 hours on the game in 2 weeks . So 193 hours in 14 days. So almost 14 hours a day playing a game . Yeah Sorry but that's just BS. It maybe his account but others would have played on his account . And Whosoever suggested it to him that this would look good must be stupid. This only makes it look like he isn't concentrating on work and then is also lying to look cool .
  3. And England are supposed to be one of the favourites to win the whole tournament. I think they will do what they usually do . Go out in quarter finals on penalties
  4. Not that it's any of our business but yeah including the TV the amount spent should be around 4.5L INR
  5. Yeah i don't have the energy for it anymore and i mostly generally stay away from this thread only . It's just the same old garbage everytime posting some random tweet
  6. You are right maybe it's not for me . It's nothing but a waste of time anyways.
  7. I don't have any problem with you. Go back n read my reply to your first post . I only said it jokingly that why are ponies interested in XSS pricing. And yes then i defended it cause i m tired of this constant insult towards it and lack of knowledge. But I was always civil about . Which you clearly can't be so Don't talk to me anymore about it.
  8. So yeah Xbots here have equally contributed to the sales of the GOW-R . And perhaps even more than the ponies . Shame on you guys
  9. Dude majority of the so called Xbots here (including me) have purchased GOW-R . We recognise it's a spectacular game and spoke with our wallet . @hsk_colossus has already platinumed it . I am playing it as & when I get time .. Pretty sure Mr comingle , Saiko , Whitewolf would have completed it as well by now . So yeah no one is seethe. But i m not sure if i can say the same for the Poster boy of ponies who's on a year long sabbatical from IVG - cause he specifically said he won't buy any new games including GOW-R and wait for it to come on Sub - PS extra. The less said about the other poster boy ( one who insults others regularly and keeps this thread alive ) the better . Yet to see any post from him proving he buys any games . Although he once said he bought Halo Infinite for full price and would always say people should only buy games and never use subscriptions
  10. Honestly i think these ponies hate MS more than they love Sony. Hence the constant jibes at whatever MS does .
  11. Yes i sold it few months back because of time constraints. And now I am playing exclusively on PS only. But In the eyes of ponies any1 who owns xbox (doesn't matter if he also owns PS) or says anything good about Xbox is a Xbot . When in reality majority of these so called Xbots ( including me ) only care about getting their value for money which Gamepass with XSX/XSS/X1X provides really well .
  12. And no it's not holding back any game development. Just pure nonsense. This has been clarified many times by developers and people with relevant knowledge.
  13. Dude more than half the sales of xbox come from US . India doesn't matter to MS. If it did they would have priced it on par to begin with 300$=30000. Also no need to spend 30k either. You can get pre-owned XSS for 20-22k it's really best value for money console right now. What this machine can do at 300$ bucks is just amazing - Fast loading times , good CPU , Quick Resume and yes it can run all next gen games and mostly maintain 1440p30 and 1080p60fps (apart from few challenging sections) . The constant criticism and insult of this console from ponies only shows how little they understand about good engineering work and only care about console wars. Also PS5 + XSS is the best combo to enjoy best of both worlds imo. Buy PS exclusives and multiplats on PS and enjoy MS games and other Indies via Gamepass on XSS .
  14. Again you ponies live in a different world . And yes your point is totally invalid . Cause XSS has been available in India for 30k only . Even though official MRP increased upto 37k . Koi special discount diya hi nahi Indian market ko for this festive season so kaisa comparison. You never said it's bad really that's all you ponies say about it all the time . Hence my point why do you care about it's pricing - cause all you ponies wanna do is make fun of it.
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