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  1. Everything would/should be transferred to your new card by the bank itself. You won't have to do any immediate settlement or anything as such i believe. This happened with my cousin 2 years back on his HDFC card - A fraudulent transaction . He immediately got a call from CC asking if it was him cause that transaction was unlike anything he had done ever before. My cousin said no and they blocked his card and sent him a new one and everything (balance / RP etc ) was transferred to new card.
  2. Upgraded to the regalia gold card myself from LTF regalia . Wanted the lounge access without having to convert milestone spend.
  3. Krazyniks

    Hitman 3

    I didn't know that you could make her commit suicide 🤣. I remember i killed her in 3 ways - Push her off the roof , push her in the grave and good old fibre wire . And then moved on to another level. The freedom to kill your in different ways really enhances the replayability of Hitman games 😀
  4. 2025 release perhaps then. Anyway Atleast game isn't dead .
  5. Like someone else pointed here as well even after Activision deal MS gaming revenue will be less than that of Sony (Hence the deal was allowed to go through in the first place) . MS needs to become the dominant player in gaming cause that's when you know have sort of a monopoly and can get away with less consumer friendly practices. What Sony has enjoyed for almost a decade now . And i don't see that happening anytime soon. Unless cloud technology takes off in a big way
  6. Exactly even i don't care about MS. But i want it to improve and give genuine competition to Sony. Hoping this Activision deal makes Sony become more consumer friendly.
  7. The reverse is also true you know when Stock price will fall like this - which it will it at some point then MS would lose more market capitalisation in a day that most companies are worth. Case in point Facebook (before it's name was changed to Meta) lost 200 billion in market cap in 1 day .
  8. Yeah the gun combat and gaas elements are a let down but the story is definitely interesting and traversal looks fun . Plus game looks well polished. Will get it for the story and hopefully T-shirt ( GTS preorder )
  9. You ponies should be happy you know that Microsoft keeps on making such stuff / not having GOTY nominees / failing in hardware sales compared to PS/Nintendo etc etc . Otherwise mazaak kiska udaoge right. Cause clearly console wars seems to be primary source of entertainment for them 😅
  10. Spiderman 2 is only available on PS5 which will definitely impact sales for now unlike GOW-R which released on PS4 as well.
  11. Actually there is an indication as to how many times you fight a boss. Just below the health bar there are small red dots on the left side which give you an idea as to how many rounds you have to fight the boss.
  12. No one hyped/sang praises for Redfall after its failure was evident. Even Vaibhav admitted it the game fell way below expectations aur usse bada xbot nahi koi abhi yahan pe abhi 😅. And Hyping it before launch made sense as Arkane Studios had a good track record with those kind of games .
  13. Just started the DLC . I completed the game on Ultra hard last year . But picking it up after a year I have lost all touch and even smaller machines are knocking me out on hard difficulty
  14. This applies more to one of your pony friends here than anyone else . Almost every xbot/pony has posted their gameplay videos/ stats/ results/ discussed about game here except one 😅. Sure some xbots might not have played Starfield /Redfall . But I m pretty there are quite a few ponies here who still haven't played any of the killer PS5 exclusives in last 2 years but still hype the f**k about it.
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