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  1. Already open in Maharashtra from 24th, STD 1st and above.
  2. The INR price is mentioned on the store page itself. It's 500 confirmed.
  3. Yup its 500 and a no brainer for me as I have uc4 but no Lost legacy. So upgrading from uc4 copy will automatically give me lost legacy along with all other bells and whistles.
  4. Yeh dekh Bhai. If I include other demat ac + wife's ac. Number crosses 60. LOL.
  5. Because they desperately want someone who can hit big and bowl a few overs. Kedar used to do that job despite him limited ability now no one can.
  6. all new pace attack and Hooda, avesh and bishnoi make the squad. Should play sundar as a proper middle order batsman and go with 6~7 bowling options. T20
  7. First godfall and now tiny tina’s shitland. Uncle phil please buy gearbox.
  8. KnackChap

    Crysis 4

    They won't name it crysis 4 and make it a MP only game.
  9. We'll the story is that when kojima was looking for an engine at various sony studios and everyone was giving him presentations, GG just gift wrapped the whole source code of their engine and gifted it to him. Even in the credits of death stranding you can see around 80-100 people of GG were directly involved in the development of that game.
  10. KnackChap

    Crysis 4

    Won't be surprised if it's PS5/PC.
  11. Love to watch her bat. Such lazy elegance. Uffff... 😍
  12. As long as the privacy of the other party is maintained (no pics, numbers etc) everything should be fine.
  13. Hope that fire gif is all dynamic like botw.
  14. Bhai aaj ke din "झंडा ऊंचा रहे हमारा" not "agenda ऊंचा रहे हमारा" 🙏
  15. 3 from respawn. 1 from dice 1 from quantic dream 1 from sony/aspyr 1 from ubisoft. And these are just the confirmed ones. There must be some Lego ones, updates to ea MMA and some mobile games too.
  16. No chance. After watching the performance in SA they'll go with Rohit as a safe option and pant as VC in test and rahul in LOI
  17. Before horizon and the order 1886 released, ready at dawn had a better track record compared to GG. Still feel it could have been a much better game if it got extra dev time. The visuals are still mind-blowing even today. Too bad sony let them get away and be bought by meta/facebbok. The kraken technology is also done by them btw
  18. Wow thats a lot & he’s doubling the locations for this game.
  19. new footage looks excellent and looks to fix everything lacking in first game. Ign are saying the jump is as big as AC1 to 2 but with zero dawn being a far better first title compared to ac1
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