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  1. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Nice. The game is very Nolan'esque in terms that kojima goes for a crazy weird concept but doesn't settle with an indie like approach like nolan but takes a big summer blockbuster approach backed with a big budget.
  2. Excellent batting by both openers. Very 90'-00's type, both have solid techniques and try to play the ball straight. Yashasvi is def made for the big league. Good to see the porkies get a hammering, all sort of anti India sloganeering was going by their ppl while we were fielding.
  3. Because of the conflict of interest issue no one wants to be in it ( including selection panel)
  4. Yes, he's out till March-April
  5. Apparently Saini hasn't recovered from the jet lag
  6. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Use the sticky gun. I never used it once during my play through but goddamn it's awesome for picking up that far flung cargo
  7. Too good to be true even if everything sounds do'able.
  8. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Use auto arrange everytime you pick up orders. It's not just extremely helpful at the start but even towards the end. The UI is very confusing but you'll get used to it. There is too much information at any given time to streamline it. Holding L2+R2 continuously is not a good way to play the game. Again, manage your load, and hold only when Sam loses balance or you can quickly press O and Sam will crouch to regain balance. You'll keep on unlocking stuff right till the end that helps you with balance. You can get new/print boots at distribution centres or any location that has chiral printers once you unlock it. Timefall areas are sort of random but you know youre approaching one if the whole area is devoid of any obstacles or stuff. You can pretty much guess it by the time u reach chapter 3. I dreaded going through them tbh will all those BT's. Story is crazy but well done and most importantly complete. Almost everything is answered by the end. The ending both has a nice twist and almost makes you cry(first in sadness and then happiness).
  9. KnackChap

    Days Gone

    Can't even begin to imagine the hordes on ps5.
  10. How. It's 1800 with 50% off. So 900rs Didn't renew my membership this year cause they removed a bunch of my fav restaurants.
  11. Yup, they have been teasing it for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long now but it's Almost certain to be at the ps5 event if there is one.
  12. I used it to get even after that but now all of a sudden it stopped.
  13. Looking for a moderator for the trading section. Responsibilities include approving and rejecting the new topics and general moderation of the section. Must be well versed with the rules of the trading section. Selection will be final and taken by the IVG staff. Interested members post below.
  14. Should be India, Eng, AUS and the 4th team can be used on a rotational basis. SA, NZ, SL, WI or even pak depending on form
  15. Yes they do. They also accept if you have just the disc and not the case.
  16. Rise of skywalker is a big big mess. It's not total garbage like the phantom menace or even a bad film but it's incoherent, franticly paced and a pointless film to end the pointless trilogy.
  17. Best game of the decade? The last of is. The reviews were spectacular and called it as the citizen kane of gaming and what not. At launch when I started playing the first few hours were slow and boring. Was waiting for iconic ND humor and setpieces but it never came. But then it starts to grow on you and grips you in ways never imagined. And then you have that ending. 2 years later i played it again on ps4 but this time as a father of a baby girl and it directly became GOAT. still cant watch and end up skipping/fast forwarding the opening scene with young Joel and his daughter. Worst game of the decade? Assassin's creed unity. What a shot show. Only AC game i didn't finish. Biggest disappointment of the decade? MGS 5 TPP. Kojima's big boss character arc was supposed to be like Anakin/darth vader from star wars but somewhere down the line kojima fell way way too much in love with his own character to give it a proper send-off. After multiple games it looked like BB will finally descend into madness after the initial promising trailers but this turned out to be a unfinished incomplete mess. The gameplay was one of the best this gen but everything else was garbage. Game that changed gaming of the decade? Not a fan of the genre but has to be pubg/fortnite . And to make a wild prediction the game that will define the next gen is def legend of Zelda breath of the wild. With every game going open world, hyrule is still unmatched. You can see it's finger prints all over death stranding. Game that you played the most? Destiny. Lol. Soundtrack of the decade? Death stranding. Amazing OST and with the number of Hollywood celebs visit kojima productions, i would be very very surprised if that guy doesn't get roped in to score for a movie or web series. Story of the decade? Last of us though the new God of war comes very close. Game that you will continue to play during next decade? Destiny 2. Lol.
  18. Shikhar/Rahul Rohit Virat Shreyas Hardik Rishabh Kedar/Shivam Yuzi Kuldeep Jassi Shami/Bhuvi/chahar My squad of 15. Not picking jadeja, i think he has been pretty mediocre except that sf knock.
  19. Wriddi Saha almost had his career destroyed by the NCA guys. Not having a proper functioning BCCI for the past few years could've been a reason.
  20. Yup. Siddharth kaul. He's better than shardul thakur.
  21. I see his point. Virat seems to be comfortable managing 3 seamers. With hardik in we could have played kulcha combo but there are no options now. Shardul thakur is mediocre though, maybe could have gone with that other similar bowler (one who always wears a headband like Lillie)
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