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  1. Europe being hit hard by wave 2. All big countries recording new daily high's.
  2. @AnK that's terrible translation by that site. They're asking if he's a "prophet" and not "profit" to predict the pandemic and similarities the game had with our world when corona was at its peak. Even worse is themm quoting that BS guy as source who said he spread negative news about PS5 to maintain balance. Here kojima's exact quote regarding sales. Wasn't a breakout hit but not the flip everyone thought it would be. https://www.destructoid.com/stories/hideo-kojima-says-death-stranding-was-profitable-laments-recent-big-project-that-fell-through-592797.phtml?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=e0b824f21df182bb659e72ff88f48950265a5052-1603381318-0-AXPXef3M0NAHs6bxns68z_ontonJWlBeYJAKBxNq_MCJW6LxJ2mHPJ9aZPXN_4Ec4Ta625ilLPQhYL9OMd08LnJpFIJf2KPXAMVH1-rvMc0pIpiBjDlAvR6bRpd_IJQStxTEbkZq7lHhqwKUiHBSSHo0T43GIizdkYccFhuozz_YoQYCU-zWuzW471iJGnefmf2bkWDZuCnfHIK0H4IT1tat4MwVgD-kJAhhVrO6CLr0zr11-zilzinXvHuRHdQDJGtc-kGSQ4QGLiRA-NGta54gOCzTzkC5uZ16q73n84CGT-ljPQY8DIP0yrPD4xxrKdJJiZVND4u9fMBQWsIyVK9S5eBCyZqYaxgTVeq2EFr84oX7NZKNWvGP4i72JXqksuW19Zu7UJz8vEB0bYkr0C3iRAOTfXplV_n37ifxnMcr
  3. Kojima still has the pull but there is no point in buying his studio. If he ever decides to leave his main staff follows him and you end up with nothing. He still has a satellite studio inside guerrilla games working on the engine and ex guerrilla boss and current sie head is his BFF. Death stranding shallow and empty world worked extremely well with the concept and story they were going for unlike mgs5. He also said the game was profitable even before the PC version released so yeah.
  4. US prices are without tax + Wait till brazilian and other south american pricing to see how bad pricing can get over there.
  5. Skyrim is the only elders scrolls game that I played for multiple hours. For some reason I can't get into any of their games. Bought morrowind, oblivion, Skyrim didn't complete or even enjoy anything. Played fallout 3,4 and didn't enjoy. Played dishonoured 1&2 and couldn't get into it, neither the prey series. Doom ps4 I liked before it started getting repetitive, didn't play eternal so far. Don't play horror games so evil within series is a nope.gif Only game i loved from them is the new wolfenstien games. Loved both mainline titles. Also not interested in either ghostwire or deathloop.
  6. It looks similar to the villains costume in that SRK superhero movie.
  7. Xbox shill cum influencer had a doubt. Voters cleared it.
  8. Hope and that other guy banned for 2 weeks. Stick to china virus related news and posts or don't bother posting here.
  9. The naming of their product line is the worst in the business. Whoever handles the xperia line must be kept far far away from their Playstation division.
  10. They even own the Hawkeye system used in cricket, tennis and other sports.
  11. 900p in 2020. And even series X dumps 4k to achieve 60fps
  12. Halo mcc and gears 5 are not backwards compatible with xbox series X yet? Even games like state of decay are crashing on quick resume. Full video link
  13. Nope. Mgs3 is one of the games that used it extensively. GT too.
  14. Class-action lawsuit against Microsoft for alleged Xbox One controller "stick drift" now includes the Elite Series 2 https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2020-10-11-class-action-lawsuit-against-microsoft-for-alleged-xbox-one-controller-stick-drift-has-been-updated-to-include-the-elite-series-2?__twitter_impression=true 200$ controller with build quality issues. 🤯
  15. Had either of the xbox consoles shipped with hdd instead of SSD, these guys would have said there no difference between them too.
  16. Don't they have negative growth rate (population) over there?
  17. Same guy. Wonder what this langoti expert feels after the game was delayed for fixing more than just the "lighting"
  18. Miyazaki designed and directed a PSVR exclusive game published by sony just last year.
  19. . Even Keighley is having a go. What will bots do? Boycott the game awards?
  20. Not that the other gaming focussed outlets have been any better. Here is this guy from DF who thinks ps5 teardown video was uninteresting.
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