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  1. You can buy a new one for 30k from retail Apple store and you might get some additional discount + card offers. You can also try olx or cex
  2. It's not just early gen. Sony has used it aggressively even towards the end of ps4 lifecycle. From ff7 remake to cod modern warfare to fall guy's and what not. They're living up to their tagline of making ps4- "the best place to play" and if that means moneyhatting pubs then I don't give a F. It's not like I'm paying out of my pocket for the extra goodies.
  3. Must be Google classroom. My kid's school started with zoom, switched to google classroom and because of the heavy rain here switched back to zoom for the current week.
  4. Just buy the all new (cheapest) ipad. I have an ipad air 2 bought 5 years ago and it's still beats the sh*t out of any budget android tablet or budget laptop.
  5. Russia set to register world's first coronavirus vaccine on August 12; all you need to know https://www.businesstoday.in/sectors/pharma/russia-set-to-register-world-first-coronavirus-vaccine-on-august-12-all-you-need-to-know/story/412455.html Wasn't the sample size in phase 1 just 38 people?
  6. Insomniac after making the highest selling PS exclusive.
  7. Original elite controllers had replaceable batteries, the newer (series' 2) controllers have inbuilt.
  8. No point. There were people here who were arguing during ps4/xbox one that having a seperate power brick outside the console is better than an internal power brick.
  9. Target demography for elite controllers are not 14 year old kids.
  10. Ok. Next time lets use a nokia 3310 instead of any modern day smart phones. These need to charged only once every 5 days compared to charging daily.
  11. The bigger question is why is a controller releasing in 2020 still use AA batteries
  12. Gives you an error. Basically unplayable without downloading a 200 gb (scattered patch) Basically goes like this. - Insert game and install - Mandatory 100gb warzone patch. - Select from a bunch of optional content patches which are 1 single player patch, 2 multiplayer, 2 co op, 1 survival mode patch. Around 100+ gb - install additional updates 50-100gb whenever they come.
  13. It's the lowest price it's been on psn. If you're planning to play the sp only I suggest you wait for a few months cause once this year's cod is announced the price will fall further. Also you need to mandatorily download the 100gb warzone patch + the single player campaign patch (19-20) gb to even play the single player. You cannot play without it.
  14. Depends how much you like cod MP. The campaign is best this gen and the MP is classic cod but with lots of new game modes. There's also co-op missions and survival mode.
  15. They've multiple Factions to choose from now. Fireflies Hunters WLF Scars Rattlers Hero Factions.
  16. Also used during upvaas period or if you're having withdrawal symptoms after quitting.
  17. Govt sends out letters warning about ‘mystery seeds’ that have puzzled, alarmed US & Canada https://theprint.in/india/govt-sends-out-letters-warning-about-mystery-seeds-that-have-puzzled-alarmed-us-canada/477775/ These M'fkers need to be nuked from orbit.
  18. Only pakistan or WI could have lost this match.
  19. This is what's happening in Maharashtra. Cases in mumbai/thane/pune have sort of flatlined but the the other interior districts are now showing a surge in cases.
  20. A multi tier subscription service or maybe pay to play model like google
  21. Streaming is definitely the future 5-10 years down the line. Subscription is not, atleast for big ticket AAA titles.
  22. 6 out of 10. Also game is just 1080p on xbox X.
  23. Extremely easy. You just need to clear and collect some stuff after the main campaign for the platinum.
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