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  1. The delusion 😂 x360 will have a hard time finding a spot in the top 10 console list forget being the best or even in top 3
  2. So much of bazball is not just a way of playing but mindset yet english bowlers now bowling defensive line to slow scoring.
  3. Wasn't one analcyst making fun of the title before release
  4. Very happy for sarfaraz. Guy had to really slog it out in domestic circuit and the whole interaction with his father is so heartwarming.
  5. I hope satya increases security cover for lord pappu. These bot lunatics can go to any extent to harm him now. pappu ❤️
  6. Activision Blizzard to lay off 899 employees across Infinity Ward, Blizzard, Toys for Bob, and Sledgehammer Games https://gameworldobserver.com/2024/02/07/activision-blizzard-layoffs-899-employees-infinity-ward Microsoft activision owned toys for bob shutting down. Sledgehammer moving to a smaller studio & layoffs at infinity ward. bhasmasur strikes again.
  7. this is 100% a controlled leak. They’re just gauging the amount of backlash they’re gonna get and trying to soften the blow. Expect a highly curated statement coming out of their higher ups soon.
  8. Loving the denials by the delusional lot. So much of butbutbubu......
  9. Leaked footage of pappu from next xbox dev direct.
  10. KnackChap


    OD is a re-working of his cancelled game for google
  11. Kojima was also posting about SRK recently esp pathaan & jawaan. And srk is a huge gamer.
  12. Agreed. He cant play quality quick bowling anyways. And this spin attack is anyways club level tbh. patidar solid solid against spin though.
  13. KnackChap


    what? death stranding was announced at e3 2016 and at that point they didnt even finalise an engine. Partnership with sony was announced in late 2015 when he didnt even have his own studio. engine was finalised in 2017 and game launched in 2019 in a record time which is unbelievable for a AAA game. People use to make fun that DS wont launch till 2021-22 even back then. for this game, I expect him to show something at next years game awards about it. He already has a huge studio and his crystal clear with his concept and what he wants. If you see the concepts on his social media handles or initial game trailers there’s hardly any change in the final version.
  14. expecting ss rajamouli to also make an appearance in the game. Kojima already scanned him during their meet.
  15. KnackChap


    If he simply wanted to make bioshock set in space why did he dissolve the whole team and take so many years.
  16. Incredible character design for almost everyone and everything.
  17. KnackChap


    OMG!! Fckin finally
  18. Could be mgs or death stranding movie announcement.
  19. Binged the freelancer on disney+. Good no nonsense spy thriller. Neeraj pandey has mastered the genre. show is basically a cross between caliphate & baby/special ops. Very refreshing to see an indian show without unwanted profanity, sex scenes or agenda. Goes straight to the point from episode 1 and wraps it up by episode 7. Pandey should do his own spy universe, he already has an amazing cast in place.
  20. good decision. There’s so much lore and characters in the 2nd half that you’ll get confused even if u watch it un your preferred language.
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