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  1. https://prepaidgamercard.com/product/8bitdo-sn30-pro-bluetooth-gamepad-black-edition/
  2. I'm calling BS on virat wanting the next line of succession. He has systematically destroyed or had problems with every single current successor to his place be it Rohit, Ash, Rahane etc. And I don't think they'll give him captaincy till wc 2023, if anything he'll quit that too post T20 WC or bcci will make him do it. The report also said that Rohit is much closer to the juniors than virat and purely judging by social media you could see Rohit dancing or having fun in tiktoks of new players or going out with them while virat has often been seen ridiculing younger players like karun nair or pant.
  3. Hated because he made them train hard and had them follow a schedule unlike doing what they wanted. Still I doubt he'll come back until kohli is playing. Other name doing the round is VVS. won't judge much into the ipl record as it's been just one season and they coach for only a few months. Virat had it coming tbh, the only reason he survived so long was because there was no BCCI. There were stories from the last eng tour that the team didn't even travel in the team bus together after each day & some would even go by cab or bike to the hotel.
  4. Should have got this for 4.5k new. Puts the std xbox controller to shame. https://www.8bitdo.com/sn30-pro-plus/
  5. Buy elite controller. It comes with internal rechargeable battery.
  6. whole tour has been called off just minutes before the first ODI began.
  7. They already said they will conclude the Norse storyline in this game as they don't want to spend 15 years on a single setting. Also Odin is appearing in this game 100% & both fimbulwinter & Ragnarok will take place in the game.
  8. That's how it was in gt sport & that was an e-sport/online based GT. Also some guys are saying it's because of the FIA tie-up as they require proper lap timings to be updated without any manipulation.
  9. Don't think you need constant net connection while racing
  10. Where is that story from? Kohli has been put in place by the board, he was literally controlling the bcci till the new revamp happened. Electing Rahul Dravid as the coach to the alt team, appointing dhoni as the mentor, soon his ravi bhai will also be removed are all signs by the BCCI to show him who the real boss of Indian cricket is.
  11. - Always online confirmed even in campaign. Says it's to avoid cheating and save data modification. Arcade mode can be played without a connection. - dynamic weather and time for all tracks. - RT absent during racing. only visible in replays & others. - PS4 - PS5 crossplay - can't speak about VR modes. - will be used as a platform. Wants to add modes from previous games that are missing at launch.
  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-16-the-big-gran-turismo-7-interview interview of kaz. Reading it right now.
  13. Anyone applying to sansera?
  14. Bhai, take the L and so jaa. Just to clarify, "L" here stands for loss and not anything naughty that you might come up with. 😜
  15. Mgs is in the works ever since forever but the new director is supposed to be friends with kojima and a massive mgs fanboy. So 🤞 Gow's rights are with WB during PS3 games. Dunno if it's back with sony now.
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