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  1. Everyone enjoyed and played actively, so no complaints about workload Everyone want to see their updated rankings after completion of a Matchday. So, I tried to update tables as soon as I could You won both football and cricket world cup contests, you must be cheating
  2. Manager of the Month: Nov 2023 ==> Ashish Rawat [165 - 3 GWs] @ashish24rawat Previous Winners: Month Year ==> Winner's Name [Points - GWs] Aug 2023 ==> Rana Anshuman [189 - 3] Sep 2023 ==> Ambar B [286 - 4] Oct 2023 ==> Nikhil Naik [224 - 3] Manager of the Month [MOTM] ----------------------------------------------------- Table Update: GW11-GW13 FPL Classic FPL Medallic H2H Fixtures --------------------------------------------------------------- FPL Medallic: GW11-GW13 5 managers won gold medals: @Banz @Man In The Box @radicaldude @Mr.Copyright© and Bharat Kumar
  3. Winner = Big Boss (again) -------------------------------------- Now, the postmortem report of the contest... MATCH PREDICTIONS:- Most number of Correct Match Results: 34 = Bharat Kumar 33 = KnackChap, Nikhil Naik, Rushab Oswal and TAZ 32 = Big Boss Most number of Incorrect Match Results: 17 = Sanwal Memon and Sarwaan Memon 16 = nitinveer and Vamos 15 = Nikhil Naik and Rushab Oswal Most number of consecutive Correct Match Results: 9 = Nikhil Naik 8 = Bharat Kumar, Big Boss and nitinveer 7 = TAZ Most number of consecutive Incorrect Match Results: 3 = nitinveer Highest accuracy (Match Predictions): 73.33% = TAZ 72.73% = Big Boss 72.34% = Bharat Kumar 71.74% = KnackChap Lowest accuracy (Match Predictions): 62.22% = Sanwal Memon 63.04% = Sarwaan Memon 64.00% = Aditya Bakshi 65.96% = nitinveer and Vamos Highest points per prediction: 5.68 = Big Boss 5.06 = Bharat Kumar and Nikhil Naik 4.98 = Rushab Oswal Lowest points per prediction: 2.80 = Aditya Bakshi 4.45 = Vamos 4.46 = Sarwaan Memon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50s PREDICTIONS:- Most number of Exact 50s Scorelines: 7 = Big Boss 6 = Nikhil Naik 5 = Rushab Osawal and Sanwal Memon Least number of Exact 50s Scorelines: 1 = Aditya Bakshi 2 = Vamos 3 = TAZ Most number of Correct 50s Outcomes: 19 = Big Boss and Vamos 18 = Rushab Oswal and Bharat Kumar 17 = Nikhil Naik, Sanwal Memon and Sarwaan Memon Least number of Correct 50s Outcomes: 5 = Aditya Bakshi 13 = TAZ 15 = nitinveer and KnackChap Most number of consecutive Exact 50s Scorelines: 2 = Big Boss (twice), Rushab Oswal, Sanwal Memon and TAZ Most number of consecutive Correct 50s Outcomes: 6 = Sanwal Memon 5 = Big Boss 4 = Big Boss, nitinveer, Sanwal Memon, Nikhil Naik and TAZ Highest accuracy (Correct 50s Outcome): 43.18% = Big Boss 40.43% = Vamos 38.30% = Bharat Kumar Lowest accuracy (Correct 50s Outcome): 20.00% = Aditya Bakshi 28.89% = TAZ 31.91% = nitinveer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Final Table Update: Leaderboard Predictions Fixtures/Results ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A big thank you to all the participants @Purana Khiladi @Big Boss @KnackChap @SchneideR @nitinveer @rushab oswal @Sanwal @SarwaanM @TAZ @Vamos
  4. Match Day 42, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Sunday, November 19 Australia vs India Match = 0-1 50s = 2-3
  5. My top 5 Bowling Units [WC1975 - WC2019]: 1. Australia 2003 2. Australia 2007 3. South Africa 2011 4. Australia 2015 5. India 2015 I will update this list after the WC final and see if any sides from this WC can join or topple these bowling units.
  6. Table Update: Matches 41-47 Leaderboard Predictions Fixtures/Results @SchneideR and @rushab oswal have all hit 2 "eFs" each. Congrats! @KnackChap @Big Boss and @SarwaanM have hit 1 "eFs" each. Well done! I lost 8 points yesterday Along with a -1 point penalty for missing a prediction Correct format for the final match: Match Day 42, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Sunday, November 19 Australia vs India Match = 50s =
  7. Missed the deadline today, my prediction wouldn't count but I'll still post it, just for fun Match Day 41, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Thursday, November 16 Australia vs South Africa Match = 1-0 [missed deadline] 50s = 2-2 [missed deadline]
  8. Match Day 40, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Wednesday, November 15 India vs New Zealand Match = 1-0 50s = 2-2 ------------------------------------------------------
  9. Not entirely on-topic post: India's bowling unit has been playing very well so far in this world cup and I hope the trend continues in the next couple of games as well. I was chatting with my cousins in a WhatsApp group. I asked the question "Which team in their opinion has been the best performing in a CWC ever?". Most people mentioned teams like AUS2007, AUS2003 and PAK1999. And, I was just wondering if it (IND2023) can be compared with one of the best performing bowling lineups in the entire history of the world cup. So, I collected some stats and made a table of the best performing bowling units in a CWC (up to CWC2019). While I had made the tables for them, I thought I might as well share them here also because you've all been playing prediction game very actively. And, I am very grateful for that. Since there are potentially 2 more matches left to play for IND2023 (and some people might complain I will jinx them), so I have not included this group or any other team from the current WC. The work I am gonna post below just considers the numbers (it has got nothing to do with the success of that team), I have not ranked these bowling units in overall terms. I will leave it to the readers to decide what criteria they wanna use while picking a team which they think performed the best. I am also aware of the fact that winning the trophy is what matters most in a WC. However, I just wanted to see the numbers. The teams which may come out on top in this work are not necessarily the greatest bowling lineups because some of them may not have won the trophy. Okay, the introduction is over now. Next hurdle I faced was how to compare teams from different eras. Since cricket is a sport that has evolved with time. For example, run-scoring rate has seen dramatic rise if we compare CWC1975 (3.67 RPO) and CWC2019 (5.49 RPO). It would be stupid and pointless to compare stats directly from these 2 WCs. So, I believe the best way to analyse would be to compare a team's performance with its contemporaries and not with the teams from other eras. Like, West Indies 1975 team's performance should be compared with what was happening in the same year's WC i.e. WC1975. To achieve that, I extracted the average values (of some of the most important aspects of bowling numbers in cricket) from each CWC. IMO, these aspects are: 1. Bowling Average = Number of runs conceded per wicket 2. Economy / Run Rate = Number of runs conceded per over 3. Bowling Strike Rate = Number of balls bowled per wicket 4. W/M = Number of wickets taken in a match Eligibility: Minimum matches: 5 Minimum overs: 250 Minimum wickets: 40 Best Performing Bowling Units 1975-2019 Best Performing Bowling Units 1975-2023 If someone bothers to analyse all 4 aspects , please share your top 5 in rank order.
  10. Match Day 38, prediction deadline at 10:30AM Saturday, November 11 Australia v Bangladesh Match = 1-0 50s = 3-2 England v Pakistan: 2:00PM Match = 1-0 50s = 2-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Day 39, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Sunday, November 12 India v Netherlands Match = 1-0 50s = 2-0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Match Day 37, prediction deadline at 1:00PM Friday, November 10 Afghanistan v South Africa Match = 0-1 50s = 2-2
  12. Table Update: Matches 38-40 Leaderboard Predictions Fixtures/Results @Sanwal is the only guy to hit an eFs, congrats ------------------------------------------------------------ Match Day 36, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Thursday, November 09 New Zealand v Sri Lanka Match = 1-0 50s = 2-1 You can change your prediction before deadline, and you lost few points here Maxwell and Cummins hit you in the face with 2 of the greatest ODI innings ever played Considering you are right at the bottom and about 100 points behind the guy above you, your prediction's been considered
  13. Table Update: Matches 31-37 Leaderboard Predictions Fixtures/Results @Big Boss @Sanwal and @TAZ have all hit 2 "eFs" each. Congrats! @KnackChap @SchneideR @SarwaanM and I have hit 1 "eFs" each. Well done! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Day 33, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Monday, November 06 Bangladesh v Sri Lanka Match = 0-1 50s = 2-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Day 34, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Tuesday, November 07 Afghanistan v Australia Match = 0-1 50s = 1-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Day 35, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Wednesday, November 08 England v Netherlands Match = 1-0 50s = 3-1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Match Day 31, prediction deadline at 10:30AM Saturday, November 04 New Zealand v Pakistan Match = 1-0 50s = 3-3 Australia v England: 2:00PM Match = 1-0 50s = 3-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Day 32, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Sunday, November 05 India v South Africa Match = 1-0 50s = 3-2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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