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  1. yes, the 11th gen integrated graphics are fairly decent for light gaming here and there though. its a bit of a toss-up, wanting a lightweight efficient laptop vs a machine that can game at this price point. You could get something like the Zephyrus which is both lightweight and has a dedicated card at the 1L price point.
  2. https://www.amazon.in/ASUS-ZenBook-i5-1135G7-Graphics-UX425EA-BM501TS/dp/B08M4SQ83T/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=asus+zenbook+i5&qid=1624342017&sr=8-3
  3. Italy's side seems unbeatable lol, Wales held up but in terms of chances created, nothing to show except Bale's volley flying over the crossbar Hyped for Round of 16, but first: Portugal v France
  4. Had my eye on this, will def watch 12? Nice! Might as well get 2 months then, its pretty cheap too!
  5. credits to you, since you did harp on this show every week till it caught everyone's attention hehehe Any idea how many eps this season? I stopped my Apple TV sub, so I wanna time it in a way that I can watch and cancel after a month.
  6. I bought a copy brand new, and its been on the shelf for so long that I listed it for sale. But after reading this I feel like playing it. Perhaps its good it hasn't gotten sold haha my addiction to apex takes away time for any other games tbh
  7. This year is looking really good for TV shows tbh. Hyped for Witcher S2, Wheel of Time, Sex Ed S3, Ted Lasso S2, The Last Kingdom S5, The Lord of the Rings show possibly.... What a time to be alive
  8. yes, Top Gun on #2. Batman on #3 but I think its been pushed to next year.
  9. Man as long as we get Dune this year I'm happy. Its been a long time since I was this psyched for a movie to come out
  10. oh yeah, and the one where Perrin and some random folk go the market to buy grain and haggle with the shopkeeper for two chapters. this one's famous for being bad, but the LAST 4 BOOKS ARE GONNA BE EPIC
  11. Finished Crossroads of Twilight, Book 10! Definitely the most lacklustre entry of the series, but over and done with! HOME STRETCH NOW
  12. Has anybody used these? I want to get my dad a keyboard for father's day. Leaning towards the Redragon ones since its cheaper and its gonna be used solely for typing, no gaming- Redragon Karura K502 Redragon Karura K512 Corsair K55 RGB
  13. Want to get my dad something for father's day. Any recs? I'm thinking of replacing his keyboard since my dad spends a lot of time typing. Please recommend a solid option. Will not be using for gaming, must be somewhat long-lasting. Preferably backlit, but no RGB needed!
  14. 100%. I use my regular Creative 2.1 desktop speaker by having them plugged into the 3.5mm port of my monitor. The HDMI from the PS4/Laptop plugs straight into the monitor. My problem is that my monitor has 1 HDMI,1 VGA, 1 Display. Because I now use both laptop and PS4 with the monitor, I wish I bought one with 2 HDMI ports. Have to plug in and out every day.
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