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  1. Latest Ted Lasso episode was fine-ish? Like I guess zava is supposed to be Ibra x Haaland but its not quite it somehow. Next episode should be a banger. Shadow and Bone season 2 is definitely not as good as the first one. Will check out Shrinking and Severance on Apple TV+ since I'm already paying for Ted Lasso.
  2. Hey I had a question I was hoping someone might have the answer to? Want to pay off a 3.25L premium on a TATA AIA insurance I have going, and I want to use an Axis Vistara Signature card as that gives best points/expense. Unfortunately the limit on the card is 2.5L and an email to customer service has informed me that the limit cannot be raised until a year has passed since the last time? Is this correct? if so I would have to do it using an HDFC Regalia, and that gives me half the points (I convert to Club Vistara points) as the axis card.
  3. Really enjoying Shadow and Bone on netflix. Its not quite House of the Dragon but it will scratch that itch for a fantasy TV show and its a heck of a lot better than Rings of Power lol
  4. yeah those movies shifted the perspective and made her look like complete eye candy but she's a fairly good actress. this movie is a great example, not easy to make awkward conversations look natural.
  5. If any of you have/get apple tv+ for ted lasso, I recommend also checking out the movie Cha Cha Real Smooth. I watched it this afternoon. Stars Dakota Johnson, Copper Raiff and Leslie Mann, its about a young college grad with an interesting job who comes across a mother and her autistic child at a friend's bar mitzvah. Its not hyper focused on autism, depression but an amalgam of themes surrounding the same, and the complex dynamics of relationships. Its really well shot, has the premium cinematic look of an apple tv exclusive, its thematically rich, the actors do a great job with the realistic awkwardness that movies normally smooth out - and most importantly its a conversation starter. Discussion will only enrich the experience. Happy to have seen it, and of course Dakota Johnson is stunning as always.
  6. Don't get me wrong i liked that too, but the Oscars have a rule that if the movie is just a lot of fun and isn't super deep and layered it cannot make the cut. Top Gun Maverick is the best movie I've seen in a theatre for a long, long while.
  7. Yeah I stopped halfway through to preserve some sense of surprise lol
  8. Haaland alien confirmed
  9. Friends who've read the books tell me it bangs, looking forward to this Gonna be keeping apple tv+ for the next 3 months now
  10. Renewed apple tv+ for ted lasso, will also watch this come April 21
  11. Its wild. Tickets for the next fast and furious movie have been on sale for a month now, and it comes out in may. what the actual f**k lmao I will watch it but this is a new standard theyre setting here
  12. that is correct. 1 hour special. we will get one more in fall. but i've heard there are 6-6.5 chapters left to adapt from the manga, so I'm not sure how they will do it in 1 more hour. maybe we will get more. regardless, that 1 hour episode was absolutely amazing. top tier animation and soundtrack, 0 complaints.
  13. this is either gonna be a straight cringefest or the funniest sh*t ever - and I am ready for it
  14. my transfers out this gw - Salah, Nunez, VVD could not have gone any worse absolute blunder lmao
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