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  1. Free Guy added to Disney+ Hotstar. The Green Knight added to Prime Video. Looking forward to watching both movies this weekend, now that I'm done with exams! great timing
  2. weekly, and then added to netflix later? idk might watch weekly but I'll off here and there and just binge at the end then tbh. I wonder if either Rent a Girlfriend or Kaguya Sama has started yet?
  3. Happened with me with Amazon. Took 4 days to deliver Airpods Pro when I was promised Same Day Delivery. It was at nearby facility but not shifting to 'Out for Delivery'. Once in a lifetime occurence so gave Amazon a pass for this one.
  4. ahhhh Apex Legends so damn addicted to that game that I haven't played anything else in two years now
  5. ahhh mine expires later this month, is the offer still valid? although mine might be lesser there is a student plan.....
  6. I'm finishing exams this week, so probably will go watch something this weekend. Friends are free so might as well. I will be watching Dune the weekend after of course. Most hyped movie for me since Deathly Hallows Part II tbh, so like 11 years. Might even watch it twice if I can, in IMAX. Nothing held back for that one.
  7. I haven't seen No Time To Die yet, but my ranking would be 1. Skyfall 2. Casino Royale 3. Spectre 4. Quantum of Solace Will just download and watch it next weekend I think. Will most likely go to watch Venom II though. Hopefully IMAX.
  8. PS. I did it. Wiped clean, time for a fresh start.
  9. Pretty much impossible, without certain 3rd party applications. Advantage: Transfers all the whatsapp chats Disadvantage: Usually costs a fair amount, I know of one which is 1650/- for a 1 year subscription. Idk why its not one-time. Also, chats will not be searchable. I have also switched from android to iPhone, and haven't transferred whatsapp yet, but shall do so today. Taken some screenshots and thats all I can do.
  10. sounds good, will watch today or tomorrow. edit: kya prank hai, lol Prime does not have it. Or at least I cannot see it. have to wait until 15th for Free Guy to stream on Hotstar I think? Can someone confirm? In other news - The Batman Will Be A Masterpiece, Says Andy Serkis
  11. still haven't seen the first Venom movie, but kinda wanna go watch the second one in theatres. so.... where is it streaming?
  12. Yes. in the description of the app, it only says iPhone to Android, not the other way round. Conclusion: Took screenshots and decided to just f**k it and switch. But apparently I've requested too many OTPs for whatsapp verification with all these apps and such, and now I have to wait TWO DAYS
  13. yeah but no choice. switched over, still have whatsapp on the old phone, taking screenshots and stuff. will probably just bite the bullet tomorrow and install whatsapp on the iPhone.
  14. yes, it will end halfway roughly. I meant the rest of the series. Anyway I'm pretty sure before the release date was 15th October but they've pushed it back a week now
  15. ooof in that case I'm glad I didn't waver - and accepted delivery from FK. I was a bit oomfed when RD has the same price with HDFC discount as I had paid more on FK whats up with the whatsapp chats transfer thing?
  16. they have increased price now. it was 16.9K- on 2nd midnight, and then I used HDFC card to give me 10% off (capped off at 1500) so came to 15.4K. hasn't arrived yet, which is unusual but I have faith in Amazon. not in a hurry to get it as such. sure, count me in. hope this is reliable?
  17. bough 64GB first. cost 45K after Axis discount. did not have ICICI so no discount for the second one. hence 128GB cost me 53K.
  18. Yep, usually Amazon is spot on. First time they've been late for me. No hurry anyway, its fine if they deliver sometime today. Yep, solid deal. I got 15.4K after the HDFC discount. Solid deal. Getting iPhone 12 from FK + Airpods Pro from Amazon with both card discounts is quite a bit cheaper and better than getting the Apple deal for 65K which will only have regular airpods.
  19. Amazon overwhelmed I guess lmao Flipkart delivered today after saying Sunday, but Amazon couldn't deliver today as promised. First time Amazon hasn't made it on the day.
  20. yes. I think a bunch of people must have raised concern that the box was already open, or something wrong with the internals or something along those lines. No idea how legitimate the concerns are, but I do not mind this. This way, both you and the delivery person know its all good. In case you do find a problem later, you can still get it replaced in the return window as usual. Only case where it could be a problem is if phone is a gift or you want it to be opened later. The disclaimer was there when I bought the phones though, so I expected this. I don't order from FK normally, so this was new to me as well. Fairly smooth though, no issues.
  21. Pretty damn fast delivery. ggs on the downside, now I can't tell which is 64 and which is 128 so idk which is mine and which is dad's
  22. Guys - both phones are here. I had to unbox them for Flipkart's video recording done by the delivery guy - and now I'm confused about which is 64GB and which is 128GB. Don't want to f**k up the setup and have to do it again They're both black iPhone 12s
  23. hmmmm idk if that will work, don't think FK will just go with it and refund. Its not their fault as such - I just didn't know RD was also offering same price with card discount. FK had all the buzz with this pricing tbh. Anyway I don't think its going to work that way, probably just take it.
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