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  1. Its more of a future proof thing, thats all. i haven't bought one this far so might as well get the latest and greatest, but I doubt I'd be taking it to its limits.
  2. Gotcha. Idk man, don't know what to do. I don't think there was any difference between the PS4 Slim and the old PS4, is there a difference with the PS5? Idk if i'm to buy, cuz price hasn't changed much since release. hoping I can source it from outside the country somehow, lets see. tempted to blinkit the damn thing some days hehe
  3. Hello folks. A little out of the loop, so someone give me the goss. 1. Are we getting a PS5 pro? 2. if so, when? 3. will it be worth waiting? 4. if not, when and where should I buy the regular PS5? I wanna play games again, my PS4 controllers have stopped connecting to my PS4 and I can't figure out the issue. PS. If I was to sell off my PS4 Pro, whats the going rate?
  4. if you weren't already ahead by a whole GW worth of points, you've f**king done it now. Mateta with a brace to top it all, you're about to have a 100 banger. this is a wrap, congrats on winning brother @Mr.Copyright©
  5. So I'm on the verge of booking tickets for a trip to Thailand with the boys. Now on makemytrip - there is the mmtbiz (or corporate bookings) section. if I use my work email there, it automatically populates company and GST number. Its saving me a 1000 bucks each way on the booking. Will this get me in trouble or can I do this? Pls help if someone knows.
  6. this gives me hope, you didn't mention it had been rejected once before and then got it. i'm not sure if I should try, I do have a shot for a different project at the end of april. I think I give fairly decent interviews, talking is my strong point. She didn't ask for any documents or anything, so I'm thinking I should fold my supporting letter from work into the passport when I hand it over, so she sees that this is work only. I am not trying to immigrate or settle there. I just would like to travel on company money, have some experiences. Been working 6-8 hours a day solely on this project, then I do the rest. Been working like a madman. Required to work entirely in US hours, 10AM - 5PM Eastern from Tuesday - Friday, which is why my company was sending me. Now i have to stay up the whole night and work too, because it did get rejected - but my team mates will still go. Yeah not end of the world, but I this kind of thing tracks. US visa is avenue to lots of other things also. I'm 10% sad that I can't go on this trip, and 90% worried about future implications of this. She was african-american, and yeah between 25-30 years old. Middle window, but they probably switch around. Yes I'm 22, unmarried, 4-5 months into this job. Not ideal, but I genuinely don't have any interest in living in the States. She did ask me those auestions at the end btw @KunjanPSD Her last questions were 1. Since when have you been working here? - I have been working at Sprinklr since September 2023. 2. What were you doing before this? - I was a student, was enrolled in an engineering program for my B. Tech degree. 3. Why are you going now? - I have been involved in this project from the very beginning, I understand the complexitities end-to-end, and the project is at a very critical juncture, for which my office is sending me to discuss these things during the client meetings (previously mentioned in purpose of visit) 4. Have you travelled for work before? - No, but have travelled to Vietnam, Singapore, HK, Macau recently as a tourist. My employer doesn't have a bad history, my friend from work got it approved earlier in the week. similar circumstances, but she's a girl and she's a year and half into this job. timeline was tight yes. interview was on friday, had written intended travel date as tuesday. But yes, feeling quite terrible. Its rare for a kid to get multiple chances. Had the visa gone through, could've been flying on a monthly basis. My dad offered to get a family property registered to my name if that helps, but they don't really bother with documents - and this might be taking it too far. I had rehearsed my answers for all the popular questions. Maybe its just dumb luck. my mother says I'm too fine a specimen and exactly the kind of people who stay and yoink jobs from the americans, so I should dumb it down.
  7. US Visa rejected. Woman asked me a couple of questions, then said its not approved. Don't think anything was particularly wrong with my answers. the other interviewers def looked a little more friendly, even before hand I was hoping for one of the other windows. Regardless, stuck with this now. They don't really offer explanations, just handed me a letter saying I don't seem to possess signficant ties to my home country, and I need to intent to return. Cannot go on office trip. May have a chance again next month to go, but wondering if its too soon to re-apply. They can see data and may just reject again seeing its only been 1 month or so since last interview. I will have a strong possibility of travelling in November or something. Office may bear cost of visa fee again, will have to pay the agent for a date myself though (about 20K). I can try hunting for a date myself but idk if I'll have the same luck, things normally don't fall my way. Note - Was denied under 214B. Common articles on the internet/quora advise to not apply in rapid sucession, sit on my a*s for a couple years. Develop relationship and buy a house and stuff. I'm totally screwed man.
  8. Luck is a*s right now. Had my biometric past friday, was hoping to reschedule my consulate appointment to a little earlier in the week (currently on this friday, 8th March). Got stuck with this technical error - and both the agent as well as customer care is completely useless. Posting the screenshot here in case any of you have a clue, but not very hopeful now. Trip has been 95% approved from work, manager has already reached out asking for visa info so HR can go ahead with bookings. Frankly, I'd be lucky to even have it on Monday morning after Friday's interview.
  9. Yeah exactly, work visas shouldn't be a problem but two folks at my office recently got rejected which got me worried. anyway, I'll just mentally think of answers to potential questions and review my DS160 form. got my biometric done yesterday, hope the interview goes just as quick and smooth.
  10. Yeah got it. I did go through my DS160 multiple times before submitting, will just review it once again. I'm allowed to make another form and resubmit before the biometric if it comes to it, but think it shouldn't come to it. Hope I get it and gets processed quickly, timelines are super tight. I know anything the agents do can be done ourselves, but I didn't want to risk it here since this is work trip and not a holiday. I had to get it in time for my trip. Thanks for the info, but I have just applied for B1/B2 even though this is purely a work trip. Good to know it won't really matter. I do have my ID card + invitation & supporting letters from my workplace. I have been provided the account login but I haven't changed it, so agent can also parallely access. I do have relatives and friends in the US - but nobody I'm meeting so is that something I need to mention? If my flight goes through Boston and I have time I will meet my cousin but i doubt it. Its the qualification question i'm worried about - since this is my first gig and I'm 4 months into it. But I'll get something ready, thank you for the help as always. I work for Sprinklr. Work here involves travel - so a lot of people do get visa for their client location, but I'm a bit nervous because two coworkers who've had interviews earlier this year have gotten rejected. also, I know a couple people here who previously worked at capgemini
  11. Going for a work assigned, but have opted B1/B2 - the option was there and I wanted to avail since US tourist visa also opens up avenues for holidays to other countries and I don't want to spend double time/money on this. Yeah, I have biometric as VFS center in Shivaji Stadium, then interview at embassy couple days later. I got dates in a month because I paid a heavy fee to agents. Didn't want to miss the chance for a work-sponsored trip. People say to carry ITR/bank statements, but 1. This is my first job, haven't filed ITR yet. 2. Bank statements for 3 months will be insane cuz UPI transactions for small items lmao. Hoping it gets approved man, v stressed. 1. Business meetins for work 2. Client in Rhode Island 3. HK/Vietnam/Singapore 4. B/Tech 5. 4 days (will prob get extended once I reach but don't think needs to be mentioned) I am very new to work, but will def try to justify it. Yeah, I have 2 other coworkers going. 1 already has the visa, the other got an appointment for the next day so there won't be a match. DO they tell you instantly its approved? Does it matter who takes your interview? also let me know the turnover time for your passport please, when are you expecting it? This was helpful. thank you.
  12. Any opinions on what to say and what to not say, for my US visa appointment? I've heard its complete luck from coworkers at work who got rejected. i think a fair amount of you have an active visa so please gyaan dedo
  13. There is an urgent work requirement that requires travel to Brazil. I wasn't supposed to go, have been asked to cover for someone. Its just a 1 day meeting on the 26th, anyone knows if there is a way I can obtain before then to travel? I do not have a valid US/Schengen visa at the moment. also, proceeding through an agent for US visa application, currently got dates for 1st and 8th March (for both appointments). He has mentioned he will get the second appointment moved to 4th March , after my biometric on 1st. Timelines are looking tight there as well, any advice?
  14. I do, opened it recently because I wanted the Fi card for zero forex transactions on my international trip. Thats the primary reason I got the account, happy with the service. The card was free to get, and being offered a free CC on the app now as well. My primary account is HDFC as well.
  15. Happy new year folks. I currently possess an HDFC Regalia Gold (got it LTF with work) and an ICICI Sapphiro (got it LTF under the alumni offer). Decent cards, mostly using the HDFC, ICICI is good for 1+1 on BMS movie tickets. I used the Fi debit card on international trips to save on forex. My family primarily uses the Axis Vistara card (upgraded to Infinite from the Signature) - as it adds towards CV points and vouchers usable on domestic flights. I'd like to put my purchases on a card that give me the best possible rewards and convertable to miles on international air carriers. What card should i be getting or is the HDFC Regalia Gold good for now?
  16. Sharing a glimpse from our boys trip to Hong Kong. We had a lot of fun, some crazy adventures - including gambling until 5 in the morning at a casino in Macau, getting flagged at immigration when re-entering HK from Macau and getting questioned in separate rooms, and finally taking a wrong bus 3 hours before our flight that borderline took us out of HK and to the Chinese border near Shenzhen. Will be telling these stories for years to come. But despite the (mis)adventures, an incredible trip nontheless. Skylines, ocean, mountains - Hong Kong's got it all and every element is worth experiencing. Also, this felt like an accomplishment since I could pay for my entire trip as a result of being an employed adult now. To more adventures in 2024, happy new year folks!
  17. Highly recommend the Empire of the Wolf Trilogy - the third and final book is to come out next month. I just read the first two, absolutely smashing and very different from typical fantasy stories. Easy recommend. Has got a mystery element to the first book as well.
  18. hey, any requirements to enter Macau from HK? I fly tonight, have my pre-arrival registration for HK but didn't see anything similar for Macau.
  19. website is a bit funny. what is the exact name of the card? I could find this blog post, but doesn't have an apply/get option. https://fi.money/blog/posts/what-is-the-best-debit-card-for-travel#take-fi-on-your-next-international-holiday
  20. okay, i'll look it up? does it work like the Niyo? I add it to the account in INR - and just spend in HKD at close-to-current conversion rate without any charges? also, ATM withdrawl fees?
  21. I have the ICICI Sapphiro - have had it for a little over a month, got it lifetime free with their alumni offering + didn't have any ICICI in the family. Have prob spent over 1L, but can't see any reward points added in the app. Any help? @AtheKthink you have this right?
  22. whats the card recommendation for international travel? I had the niyo global debit for my trips to Singapore and Vietnam last year - was very happy, but I think that no longer works the same way right? I fly to Hong Kong in 20 days - what card should I get? @KunjanPSD@Bird Bird Bird tagging you guys if you can throw some insight
  23. I think you can try ON's Performance Whey. Cheaper than the Gold label - costs around 2000/1kg box. Good pricing, good taste, no digestive issues, and there isn't even a trace left in my shaker after drinking - unlike some which don't mix well. limited in terms of flavours though.
  24. super f**king hyped to watch Napolean this weekend
  25. sort sort. my friends are really intent on going to Disneyland. I haven't been, I've been to Universal in Singapore though. I'm more of a nature and city person, i'm not huge about amusement parks but f**k it this is a friends trip. Got a sweet deal on a hotel suite for our stay as well!
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