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  1. Planning a trip with college friends early Jan. Did you fly with Vietjet then? Their fares are the lowest by far, but having never flown with them a little skepticism. Can't do 10 days however, we only have like about 8 days or so. We're thinking of flying to Ho Chi Minh, work our way upwards via buses, go through Hoi An and Da Nang and stuff, do the Ha Long Bay excursion and then top it all off with a couple nights in Hanoi. What did you do for internal transport within Vietnam?
  2. Watched Drishyam 2. The movie BANGS. I have very little hope with Hindi movies, even more so with sequels to movies that did well. This did not disappoint, well worth the theatre monies.
  3. Indeed. Earlier this month. Landed at Coimbatore, had a car for the entire duration. Stayed in Ooty, but explored a fair few sits outside Ooty - day trips, and those were fantastic. Where did you stay? For Turtle Beach? and yes, well said. Hence, better to just enjoy the white sand beach but stay at a different property, instead of Zuri.
  4. I see. We stay next door, we have a timeshare membership with Sterling Holidays. Their resort is right next to Zuri, and their pricing is much more pocket friendly even without the membership. There is a Club Mahindra also right next to it, with a private stretch of the beach. I haven't stayed, but I've had a tour a couple years ago and it looked like a piece of heaven. Will be way cheaper, and way better than Zuri.
  5. It better work on firestick today
  6. There's this resort by Sterling Resorts near Varca beach. 3 mins walk to pristine and lovely beach, peace and quiet galore. It should be more pocket friendly as well, compared to most of the other resorts in the area (like Zuri White Sands) Highly recommend staying here, even the walk to the beach is a delight.
  7. I have got sports18 HD channel on Tata Sky/Play. if you have channel, you can stream the same for free on any device, so I'm just streaming it right now on my monitor. Works hell of a lot better than jiocinema. if you still have any TV, just sub to the channel and then stream it on laptop or whatever device using Tata Play app.
  8. I think its on the sports18 channel jiocinema and sports18, what a f**king joke
  9. Hey y'all. Sharing a select few pictures from my trip to Ooty earlier this month. Had a great time, can definitely recommend! https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAg1j1
  10. Hey guys. Going to Ooty for a short 4-5 day trip tomorrow. Flying into Coimatore airport. How do I get a car from there to my hotel in Ooty? Does Uber work there? Or if anyone has been, what should be the cost of dropoff if other car service is there at the airport? I called my hotel, they charge 3500/- to for a pickup from the airport (all taxes included) Appreciate any help, thank you!
  11. I ain't watching the new Black Panther in the movies. After Doctor Strange II and Thor Love and Thunder, my already little faith in Marvel has diminished even further. 4/10 at best. Black Adam is likely to be my next cinema experience.
  12. Yep. Plus fantasy/scifi adaptations, more anime on our netflix catalogue, even shows airing weekly on Netflix and Muse Asia on youtube - to legally watch. Plus now we also have Crunchyroll and Shonen Jump too. What a time to be alive. Now I just need giant bookstores (like B&N in the states or Waterstones in the UK) - filled to the brim with scifi/fantasy books and affordable manga volumes.
  13. Anyone watch Don't Worry Darling at the movies yet?
  14. 11/11 Japanese release for Suzume no Tojimari - the new Makoto Shinkai film. After Weathering with you - and recently Mugen Train/JJK 0 - I'm very confident we'll get to see this at the theatres. Radwimps with the banger music as always.
  15. if this video serves as a trailer for their relationship in the movie, we're in for a wild f**king ride and I'm all in
  16. Waiting for the final episode of Classroom of the Elite to drop. Good second season, but it def has pacing issues - but the story itself has a good hook. I want to jump ahead and blaze through - but its a light novel series not manga and its pretty chunky. I already have so much reading haha
  17. The TV will be delivered today. I got an email with a link to schedule installation, and the earliest date is 3rd October Don't want to wait around for a whole week with a giant box in the house, can I open it up and just get it going myself? I usually let the technician do it, just in case there is any issue with the product.....
  18. flipkart dogshit what else do you expect from people who have a blue and yellow colour scheme
  19. 23rd (tomorrow) is some kind of Cinema Day - all tickets are 75 bucks. At least here in Delhi - excluding IMAX and Gold and stuff. Already watched Where The Crawdads Sing last weekend - excellent film. Highly recommend watching. An overarching thematic narrative about seclusion, companionship, societal injustice, family, and more - with compelling characters and excellent acting from Daisy Edgar Jones. Taking advantage of the pricing, booked the movie again - but taking the folks along this time.
  20. no book spoilers, and no Game of Thrones spoilers either right? since that has its own thread
  21. waiting for someone to do it lets gooo
  22. Yeah thats great, that storage option was introduced recently. I doubt you'll need it unless read like a madman, but no harm being a little future proof.
  23. I did it myself. 3 iPhone 12s - for all myself, mom and dad. This is my greatest achievement in life
  24. Also, the new Kindle Paperwhite is on sale. I don't need one since I have an Oasis, but at 10K (incl. of card discount) - this is a steal. Cannot recommend this enough, my kindle is easily the best purchase I've made in my life. This new one has all the bells and whistles. https://www.amazon.in/All-new-Kindle-Paperwhite-GB-adjustable/dp/B08N3RQZ51/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3MH4EANV81UGL&keywords=kindle&qid=1663787842&smid=A1TJ5W2Q6QYFKA&sprefix=kind%2Caps%2C278&sr=8-2
  25. I'm tempted by the Apple Watch SE, and the base model iPad. I would pull the trigger, but I don't actually need either of these. Needed to get the TV for the spare bedroom, I did that I should probably log off now
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