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  1. Alice


    That sucks. I've seen vids on youtube where people have the mega busted weapon traits unlocked which just makes the game a cakewalk. Don't really feel like grinding if the entire point is that once the guns become that imba you can just sort of casually destroy everything. I think hollowseeker is a good example. The weapon by itself was fine. But once it unlocks portal gun/portal turret traits it shreds. I've seen a fully automatic rocket launcher too [haven't seen the trait for it yet]. Some of the other weapons also seem busted. Can someone who's plat'd the game confirm that basically once you've unlocked the best weapon traits you can sort of just casually destroy everything with any gun?
  2. Alice


    I thought they're pretty much just done with it. Is there any confirmation of an arcade mode or at least a mode to play seamlessly between act 1+2?
  3. Alice


    Finally got time this weekend and just finished game. Agree with the general consensus that Act 2 is easier than Act 1. Weapons are more fun as well. Since I was so lucky in my initial runs, I basically had no weapon traits unlocked. I spent a bit of time unlocking the portal gun + portal turret + serrated edges for the hollowseeker. Once that was done, I finished the game off of an entire run where I found that in the start of biome 4 I've seen some gameplay and I know there are more insane weapons but it's kinda tedious to unlock them using their base version which is basically a*s [to compensate for how broken they become with all their weapon traits]
  4. Alice


    Yeah, I noticed biome 4 was definitely easier than biome 3. Even with just a base pistol. I've visited the house 3 times so far. First time you get the astronaut figure. Second time, I saw an octopus plushie; but I didn't interact with the tiny cube thing in the house. When I got booted out of the house, the artifact was not there. After reaching biome 4, I got into the house again and this time I interacted with the cube and outside I got the spaceship artifact. Does that mean; I've lost the octopus plushie related artifact? Or I have to just unlock it with RNG now?
  5. Alice


    Man, I'm having a blast so far. Reached the boss of biome 1 in the second run. Died in his last phase but then managed to kill him in my second run. Continued in the same run to the boss of biome 2 and died. Played a couple of rounds and then I managed to get the perfect RNG in biome 1. Fully clear it and then just take the shortcut to the boss in biome 2. Kill him in the second attempt. Proceed on the same run to go into biome 3 and get the rocket launcher weapon. It absolutely shreds everything but jesus, the enemies in this round are annoying. Manage to reach the boss and this time instead of going in blind I decide to first google and see what the boss fight is going to look like. Made a huge difference and I basically just got it off in the first try. [Good stuff because screw doing the third biome again, it's so annoying] So here's where I'm kinda pissed I had an excellent run at this point. 300 percent health. Parasites that are giving me cheat death + protection and damage buffs... Then I lose it all immediately when I reach biome 4 for the first time. Wtf? I get that you get better weapons but f**k man; that run was killer. Really solid RNG. Manage to reach hyperion in the same run and then proceed to die in his third phase. I get why they do it thematically but I'm pretty sure he dies if I had my biome 3 loadout. Anyway, the game is still amazing. I love the gameplay loop. Hopefully I'll finish it up by next week since I found biome 4 is kinda easier than 3 for sure [even with just an upgraded pistol].
  6. I believe if you do activate both on the individual accounts, yes they would overlap. Might have changed. I guess you missed my edit in my original post. If you want I can just add you in my family sharing plan and you can watch it till 2022/2023 lol.
  7. I've used the free trial too. Doesn't matter. I got a year of ATV free when I got my 12 pro max. Just logged into the app on the phone and it was ready to claim. Now the PS5 also has an additional 6 months that can be clubbed into it. If you want to use it, sign in with your apple account on your mom's iphone during setup. Claim the offer and then wipe it and do another setup. Then you can club the extra 3 months from your macbook when it arrives. Another option is I believe to just do apple sharing. You can set it up on one account. Add another account for family sharing and you can use ATV via that. EDIT: Just noticed my subscription is valid till 2023. If you want just pm me and I can add you to my ATV account for family sharing.
  8. haan boss. I don't have an sbi card to take advantage of this anyway. If you manage to get this deal hmu I'll gladly take 1-2 from you lol.
  9. good find. Is this still valid? The new PSN sale has some sales I was looking forward to like RDR2 for 1600
  10. There are plenty. Unfortunately Aliexpress doesn't take orders anymore. But a few sellers message you to buy from them on ebay instead. Granted, it's a bit more expensive but at least they deliver. knockoff PS5 replacement plates This seller is someone who I contacted via aliexpress and he asked me to go via the ebay route. Granted, I don't expect the fit or finish to be anywhere close to dark plates, but it is literally 1/4th the cost.
  11. I thought upto 5k worth of items customs is not generally levied? In any case, any pics of the dark plates? Considering just grabbing a chinese knockoff from ebay instead.
  12. Alice

    Death Stranding

    I'd probably wait if I was in your shoes. Unless you plan on doing another run when the DC comes out for PC. I'm in the same boat as you. I have a 3080 was about to start a run. Will just hold off for now and see if they announce anything.
  13. Lucky you. Dibs on it if you plan on selling it later, lol
  14. Bruh where did you snag one for 3100? Lol I'm only seeing a 3900 listing on gameloot
  15. Yeah, worth it for me because the only thing I really wanted was the warm light for reading at night. This is the guide I followed: DIY Kindle Warm Light Instructions After cleaning up the patchy job done Some photos if people are interested: [Hard to capture on camera] Album to my mod. It's not the cleanest but it gets the job done. With the brightness around 40 percent, the orange hue being concentrated on the right isn't really visible.
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