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  1. No,I don't. Getting good pain while doing push ups only mainly,rest can do pain free but avoiding everything other than back and legs. So what to do in the meantime ?
  2. Any point of getting an x-ray done ? My wrist pain isn't going for over a month now. No pain except when twisting or squeezing the area in pain (the round bone on the outer side below the smallest finger) and also while doing push ups, otherwise can do the other stuff.
  3. Finished forgotten sands. The last couple of sections of platforming with the water freezes is so tricky and gives you a good satisfaction when you get it.
  4. Forgotten sands.replaying. Worst pop game bcs of the story. But Still very fun, makes you question why is pop dead. The water mechanics are still so slick and fun.
  5. 1. I already explained that changing phone to basic is what I have always wanted and I have done that before when there was nothing as such in my life, only it has increased a bit. And I would still wait for my existing phone to die. 2.No negative feelings towards the other person. 3. I haven't changed anything about me for her or won't (maybe really should but haven't), I know if she has to fall for me it needs to be the way I already am and I also tell her about my many negatives. 4. Yes, but i believe in love and this 80/90s stuff, old shool love stuff and it happened from my side, I'm not chasing her though in that way. Btw, She's an 80/90s person as well but not for me and she believes in the same stuff but again not for me. 5. I also haven't directly proposed to her, the poem was meant as a friendship poem and I told her it's a friendship poem (it was not) but her reply was pretty clear that she isn't interested. Also, I sent that poem very early, in just like a month of talking. Even then I know there should be no hope and i have stopped that kind of progression. All in all, I m agreeing and trying to stop and will. There's absolutely no point to any of it. The many edits because I'm still under process.
  6. Plenty of 80/90s stuff has happened as well
  7. Nvm, no point when can't do that as of now.
  8. Arre yaha pe bi 10 baatein batata hu to ek baat pe meri class shuru ho jati hai (sahi hai waise wo bi and I accept that in a healthy way) usse aur anxiety badh jati hai.
  9. Not relating but this I feel works, to be cautious.
  10. And yes, I have taken plenty of points from here.
  11. We are talking about different girls Two different girls, different times. This block thing was 9 years ago of a different girl. Also, me asking her to reply or block me is not forcing her to do anything. And she didn't do either,didn't reply neither blocked,so how did I force anything. And accepted it was not right but not the way you are making it to be forceful.
  12. Haven't really got any tiny bit of sexual urge for over a year
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