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  1. Wow, that's a solid deal. Btw, these expensive bikes have a km reading as well ? Why not montra though ? In the starting entry range isn't it the best option ? Giant escape 3 is 30000.
  2. I have submitted a request but new is a priority. It will actually be the first cycle bought for myself, Have been cycling in my brother's 23 year old hero ranger and 12 year old hero hawk. So would prefer new.
  3. Hybrid only. Wanna do 150 plus kms right away, so MTB definitely not. 23 k was the budget but one suggested montra blues won't be worth it for such and also not available. Not sure about used.
  4. Which model of giant is this and cost ? How's escape 3 ?
  5. How is giant escape 3 ? One guy told me not to go for montra blues, not available here and for 130 km plus won't be worth for me ? But 30k is too much for me, even montra was too much but I have been told it's the best entry level cycle.
  6. Watched contagion. Inspite of being fast got boring in the middle. Didn't give much chilly vibes, liked the music a lot.
  7. GunnerY2J


    Ludwig - first try. Laurence - more than 20
  8. Crispy chicken with fried rice. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  9. When did I say I'm less susceptible to the virus ? Edit : I m feeling that the thread is getting spoilt because of me.
  10. If I'm c then others living with are also in the same. I'm definitely very fine by that though. So not a question of not caring for ones I live with.
  11. Ok, I didn't want to give an explanation but this what I do believe. And I knew it won't be taken well as well, nothing about acting smart. I'm a category C or D person maybe who is wrong here within plenty of B s here. And cloth/hanky does protect somewhat to a certain degree (not as good as n-95 but it does)
  12. See, there are plenty of categories of people tackling corona virus and every category believes the one below them are wrong. The uppermost A category don't even go out of the house and think the Bs even with the N-95 mask are wrong. They only eat pulses and rice in these times. Plenty of people find eating chicken and fruits in these times unacceptable. The one below them only order online and sanitize everything. The one below who go to markets to buy vegetables and stuff and are wrong in the eyes of A and B even with the N-95 mask and they don't sanitize stuff. Also come the people who wear N-95 mask but go to gardens, walks, chats or playing or don't wear anything at all and play cricket and football - plenty of people. Also, come people with the normal masks/hanky who might be out going or not. Every category is at its own place and everyone's wrong.
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