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  1. I'm thinking of going as well now reading the reviews here.
  2. Watched Napolean.. Doesn't show much of the journey and character development of Napolean himself or explains any events. The military battles are plenty and overdone. The love story of him with Josephine made it worth it for me, it was passionate and felt real and has its many moments. The actress is so charming and has done her job. Letters voiceover between them was also used very well to show both the love angle and depict the current timeline.
  3. Man City Liverpool draw Spurs lost Arsenal top. Good results.
  4. Baked fish with oats as the crust.
  5. What's the difference between ON performance vs Gold ? Difference I see is added hydrolysed mix as well, other than that, nutritional label is almost same. I mean almost same amount of protein, calories and carbs.
  6. Ordered ON strawberry. A little too sweet when taking full scoop but I like the taste. Ordered amul protein buttermilk as well, 15 grams protein for 25 rs, Would mix the two.
  7. Chicken Parmesan in Homemade Marinara sauce. To make it more healthy, grinded oats for the crust.
  8. Iyer redeemed his place with his performances. Virat kohli played fine and has been playing relatively slower throughout. Only Kl Rahul should have played faster, I do blame him for too many dots. But again, only Sky and jadeja were left and they flopped and was quite expected. Jadeja is now only more of a bowler or final 4-6 overs guy. Sky haven't watched ipl at all, but looks like in the slow pitch, sky technique was useless.
  9. A Little overreaction and fickle mindset as well though.. This is the same team that was outplaying everyone and all the fans were over the roof and over confident. Yes, Australia were better and deserved to win and outplayed india. But would all these stuff would have been said if Australia were not at their best in the final ?? There would have been praises for each and everyone from top to bottom in the squad and staff. So, yes, lost the final but talking as if this same team didn't qualify for the final.
  10. Agree 50-50 format should be scrapped, day night matches also are imbalanced in one days. Test and 20-20. Although, 20-20 doesn't excite me. Tests have become lively with bowling friendly wickets. Ashes and india Australia and India England test series were the best matches watched in 15 plus years across all formats.
  11. 2003 side beat India in group stage as well and even more convincingly. 116 all out something india. 2003 no team had any chance of winning the cup vs Australia.
  12. Maybe it was just head. Marnus has played quite slow. And looks like it, even 270 would have caused them no trouble.
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