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  1. Completed strider. Boss fights were fun, platforming was cool as well.
  2. Completed blasphemous. Great game, boss battles very fair. Completed inside, didn't like it and felt very inferior to limbo.
  3. Watched Taj. Enjoyed it a lot, towards the end got boring but overall a nice watch. Salim felt very cool and charismatic. Last of us, got bored in the second episode itself, pass.
  4. Completed salt and sanctuary. Starting is difficult but gets quite easy till end game. Only last two and first boss gave trouble.
  5. Randomly this pic was taken for many nagpur newspapers in today's version. I'm in the red shirt.
  6. Days gone, got very boring. Not excited by the first 3 hours at all.
  7. Going to watch creed 3. Creed series no where at the level of the Rocky series but still worth a one time watch.
  8. My gym membership expiring in 3 days. And even though, i hated this gym due to many reasons and not renewing here, I do get attached to places. What do people mostly do ? stick to one gym or keep changing everytime. I would take membership for 3 months only now, this way you go every day.
  9. Watched fault in our stars. Found it okayish, a bit boring.
  10. On a similar note, Yesterday, a girl in the gym came up to me and asked if I was in the this particular school. I replied with yes but said I don't remember her. I turned out to be her 3 years senior. When I asked but that was 13 years ago and I looked way different then, how did you recognise me ? she replied by my eyes :0
  11. I have strangely realised that I am exclusively into tall hard working girls in the gym. If I spot a girl between 5.8-5.10 (rare but that's the criteria), I get boosted.
  12. Watched a couple of movies : Ford vs Ferrari - liked it, love Christian bale. Everest - liked it a lot, got boring though when they climb back down.
  13. Started football in the morning, gym afternoon and boxing at night. Been a month now.
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