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  1. Yes, got the information I needed that a third person cannot do this (makes it more sure) and police won't be able to decode status updates either. That's all.
  2. The issue doesn't need the court. They ll settle it themselves if we are sure. Police help was if they can decode the thing.
  3. Yes, if someome did it, he of course just saved the accused name as a contact with any random number and put his dp as well. But the person who we can trust we can trust 100%, there's really no two ways about it. (Not in legal terms) And since you are saying that a third person can't put out a live status.
  4. Screenshot is legit. But concern is that can a third person do this with some hack or trick.
  5. Police can go, with whatever humiliation it brings but will the police be able to confirm, thats the point. I mean it was a whatsapp status and it was deleted early.
  6. The person who saw the status is 100% trusted and didn't take the screenshot. The other person who saw the status and took the screenshot isn't 100% trusted but more than the uploader. Need 100% assurance here : The person who put the status is straight up denying that someone else did it in his name or someone has edited the screenshot. But is the former even possible ? I mean we save a number with a name and that number and name shows as his status (what we saved as) And not that a third person saved his own or uploader's number as the said person's name and uploaded it - is this possible by any hack or something ? Main thing in short : I want to know if there's a chance someone else (3rd person) can do this with the said person's name ?
  7. It's stupid and personal but important. Really can't tell, shameful as well. Can involve the police etc and money can be spent as well. Can we recover a said number's past status updates on a particular date ? The said person (uploader) is denying but if someone saw it live and of course the viewer has the correct number/name saved of the uploader, the said person is lying that he didn't do it, right ? The said person says someone else did it in his name ? Can a third person do this via some hack ? Screenshots can be edited but the one person who saw it live is 100% trusted. But just need confirmation.
  8. Baked and then fried chicken. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  9. Can we check if a given whatsapp status screenshot is fake/edited or real ? (But anyone can save a number with another name and the new name will be displayed as status of edited person for screenshot) Or mainly can police help to see any contact's old whatsapp statuses ? Don't ask what ? really stupid but intense thing.
  10. Butter Chicken. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  11. I ve still seen them go out a few times. Maybe different member who wasn't positive : i dont know who among them is. And wasn't able to see if Zomato was cod or prepaid. Though previously always has been cod.
  12. Two houses away corona positive Their regular vegetable hawkers have now stopped delivering to them 😅 The common hawker was complaining to me that they bought vegetables from him after being declared positive without wearing any mask and now he won't go there.
  13. So a seller reverse-lowballed me. Was about to "lowball" him and offer a certain amount (much lower than his posted amount) but thought to test the water first. And before i could offer, he himself offered half of the amount I was about to offer which in turn was fourth of the original amount he posted which wasn't unfair to begin it. Had to agree.
  14. If asking me, 1. Find tender meat by going to a couple of vendors by selecting pink and soft mutton (this is actually very crucial, doesn't matter for chicken) 2. Marinate in yoghurt, fried onions and grounded spices and herbs. 3. Stir fry in lots of ghee with whole spices. 4. Cook meat 70% in the ghee and taste and season accordingly. 5. Add 75% cooked rice - layering with fried onions, coriander, mint and topping with ghee. (Saffron and Dry fruits as well but don't always have them but worth it for mutton Biryani) 5. Dum for 30 minutes.
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