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  1. Yes, will get back to it. Will need walkthrough at some points for progression it seems. Old games were tough as to what to do and where to go. During the PS2 era, I wasn't able to complete half of the games, then ps3-4 era has been straightforward (the popular big ones at least)
  2. Thanks for looking forward to other small valuable collections @bowser With a bit description as well then as I have already posted in what you bought thread. I have been interested in the playstation set of consoles ever since playing on my brother's borrowed PS1 for a few days and much more notably when my friend took me to play SmackDown pain with him and that could be another whole and longer story on its own which ultimately ended with me getting the PS2 as my first playstation console and regrettably selling it off later, having apparently moved on to the psp, PS3 and then the 4 (thank the god of war, Vita didn't have any exclusive to him) Nearly a decade later, it was this year that I got lucky with not just the silver PS2 (special for me as it was this colour I had) but both the previous generations at a very friendly price. Also, additions to the games series I wish to complete along with prince of Persia and the souls games. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  3. Does anyone have a picture of a boy facing towards the goal post and kicking the ball in or just standing with the ball facing towards the goal post. Sort of black and white, dark and cartoonish.
  4. I played an hour of code Veronica a week earlier,didn't feel like a PS2 game apart from the graphics maybe. Controls are so tanky : like straight out of PS1 and controlling a real robot - like 3d has been introduced for the first time and surely plays like a ps1 game, it adds to the gameplay though, being able to control/correctly move the player in encounters is the main game itself. I then didn't know where to go after coming back to the metal detector.
  5. I don't know what's wrong, if it's the nutrition or weak muscles/bones/shape or lack of strength or because of past injury. I have been told to change my running style (to run more on toes) but that can't be changed. I have good stamina, I hardly ever run out of gas and can keep on running on and on everywhere and has been like this from a long time but I am highly injury prone, can take a few good hits as well (not that kind of injuries), more like injuries that you give yourself.
  6. I don't take any break in eleptical. It's sort of a 50 or 30 minutes (depending on what's next) warm up at level 6 without lowering speed and then an hour exercises.
  7. My knee ligament gave up actually to a point I can't walk without pain. I do agree that activity on machines although more sweaty is definitely easier than the real thing. Yes, eleptical I moved up to level 6 for 50 minutes. @adity there's an absolutely amazing beginner friendly and explanatory video I started with for back pain - it has many different levels for weight loss and core strengthening without back pain. Start with this and switch to other exercises. Because other intense ones will get to the back first which is very critical.
  8. Been exercising a lot as well. Different types of 100 squats, lunges and knee exercises and all the other stuff - an hour leg workout at least which i never did before and was in better condition it seems. I think playing regularly on the hard field is all the difference after a long gap. Weight has reduced though from 65-66 to 62 ( 5.10 ) Eleptical machine is known to build muscles as well as opposed to the treadmill ?
  9. After switching one extension box up and down got tiresome, waited 10 days for the sale to get another. Can start sekiro again. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  10. Doing lengthy cardio sessions and whatever heavy leg/core workout you do is one thing and starting football again (feeling you are ready) is another. You always start from zero or close to it with lots of struggle wrt your body. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  11. For Arsenal and the board : yes. I thought he would be sacked at the end of the season. Performances are really sack worthy : not just the results but he made me lose interest in watching Arsenal play. I d want another manager who can play exciting football again : there are not any direct candidates who could do that.
  12. Not that I was excited or hope under emery in any way but this is still suprising and feels odd.
  13. Last amazing thing about the WWE promos. It was worth watching and waiting for these moments, standing up with your eyes closed, arms raised and taking it all in.
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