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  1. UC2>>>UC4/LL>>UC3/UC1 Yet to play hzd
  2. Progress halted maybe for a 4-5 days it seems. Exercising with cough and cold was not a good idea.
  3. Oh right, I have been reading squats and lunges strengthen your knees and even low back. Would do high reps thing once a week then. Eleptical, I have now got at a high level and a bit bored of it.(although it is very tough everytime and I am unable to beat my previous 575 calories in 50 minutes) But yes, eleptical is an amazing and very tiring workout without stressing anything, Very short distance cycling I do everyday - would add more. Helpful advice here, thanks.
  4. Edge is very good as a heel though, and after 9 nine years he ll probably be a face now. what the *bleep* did MVP come back after so many years ? If it was a one off appearance, would be so nonsensical.
  5. Yes, I read about these two muscles in physical education. Correct me if wrong but I remember their names to be : slow twitch muscles and fast twitch muscles. So, better to avoid lengthy reps and continue the 40 second set variations of the 7 minute leg exercises ? (following YouTube) Weights I want to avoid due to possible back pain from the disc and I have a weak upper body.
  6. This looks pretty intense. Any chance one could build legs without weights ? Like by 500 squats and lunges each ? Did it on Thursday and felt mildly sore for the next two days.
  7. Father said : kitne saalon se dekh Raha hu isko - 15 saal pehle se, Budha ho gaya hai ab.
  8. Predictable result especially after Brock pointed him out. Great rumble just Brock should have been eliminated without the low blow.
  9. Kachra ! Akhir me kachra hi Kar diye
  10. Rusev and lashley out ,two more open ?
  11. This is SmackDown here comes the pain !
  12. I enjoyed it a lot till last year's WrestleMania. 1 year streched extra
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