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  1. Didn't notice on uc4/lost legacy at all,played recently. (Although these are exclusives as well and can't be used to compare) Maybe update has fixed it. @aditya headphones make me nauseated, tried on re7
  2. Pro top off for more dust to accumulate ? And one X plays god of war ? (since this issue is only on god of war,not heard it on other games, thought people were exaggerating before but it is damn loud in this game)
  3. The map still sucks, a pain to follow sidequests and where to go and how.
  4. Yes, got it. I know this an old problem but my pro was new at the time (first game I played on PS4 was god of war) And now I realise how terribly loud it gets while playing god of war. What do people do ? Stop after an hour ? Edit : i meant for the PS4 ? (No problem for the system)
  5. How/from where to switch between realms ? (Playing after a year and lost)
  6. Finished origins today. Yes, if you have played any one of the Assassin's creed/far cry games,it's better to keep it to only one. Liked origin's setting more but the combat, world and skill tree of odyssey is more refined.
  7. Hit 2k trophies while playing origins. A ratio of a platinum with every 100 trophies seems decent for me. Not going for origins platinum after odyssey. The setting might be better than odyssey but it's inferior in most other ways. Felt more grindy and repetitive as there wasn't much to do and the combat and skill tree of odyssey was slightly more fun and effective. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  8. I don't see this offer,will I get it ? Edit : got 35 only
  9. Didn't order it. Steel ones are so expensive. Don't think currently have any steel ones ,either aluminium or non stick.
  10. Can anyone knowledgeable about this stuff tell me if it's a decent buy/brand ? And can't see any cheaper on Amazon. Don't want induction/non stick etc, normal and minimum size. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  11. Completed : Invizimals - The lost kingdom. Not my type of game but it was short and thought just to complete it before selling. The different ability of every form was the only good thing about the game along with the two boss fights. Combat was extremely basic, platforming wasn't smooth, puzzles and level design were decent for the genre.
  12. Not that origins is bad wrt the Assassin's creed standard. (More of the same actually but not being able to get into it) Maybe, after odyssey you can't play any more. Level gating here is even more prominent, I just started and already 3 to 6 levels below the main mission and impossible on easy. Didn't have such problem on odyssey on normal until mid game when I was level 25 or more (as bounty hunters used to give plenty of xp anyway) and was fun actually. I don't know the combat feels the same but don't know why I can't get it, not able to evade/block and something just isn't feeling right.
  13. Why fast ? Just run 5 KMs a day (or less but at a decent speed increasing a km every week) and do planks.(increasing 10 seconds every day or whatever feels satisfying) Nothing better than running and would also make you feel fresh, active and increase efficiency. Or if you have 30 extra minutes you can do a core workout, at 90 kilos you ll have to start at beginner level which is very easy to follow in this video :
  14. ^ This helped immensely (has beginner friendly levels and very easy to start and actually helpful), now start on advance from the start along with some additional stuff and don't take breaks. Currently doing all of these together in a go to keep my back in normal condition. And legs have different videos, Want to add some very light shoulder stuff but anything more than these gets too much and I don't enjoy them even when done separately, weak upper body. (Might look beginner stuff for it without weights)
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