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  1. I don't know. Maybe i strained a bit more once as had to leave early - this mostly. Or have always eat plenty of red meat with no salads. Indian toilets are better, wish had them.
  2. My fissure has healed. No surgery needed. Had been eating non vegetarian as well. But i am going to be abstaining from any kind of squats now, scared.
  3. Why not watching on offline tv ? Sports18. Hoping Giroud would overtake Henry's france record.
  4. Reviews are so positive on every user/reviewer site Even some of my friends loved it, and the audience loved it as well in the theatre. I don't understand. This is a 2/5 movie at best.
  5. Too less ? They couldn't have done anything in more screen time either. The entire plot was empty,last 20 minutes is where the movie starts. naam pe sequel bana diye. I think the original part (didn't need to but) could have 15-20 minutes extra and would have well covered this entire sequel. Part 3, really what's left ??
  6. Drishyam 2 Extremely overrated and a very disappointing sequel. Nothing of interest happens until the last 15-20 minutes. Even then the twist is very filmy. The first had all that build up and even then sensible. Akshay Khanna was portrayed as a mastermind but didn't do anything of note in the movie, only to say punchy dialogues here and there. He was getting irritating and even almost funny, actually the movie was so empty that i think I'd only remember akshay Khanna's role in it. Terrible movie only going over for the hype of the first.
  7. Okayish finale. Season 1 was just like warm up, nothing really exciting apart from daemon and aemonds cool as well. Also, the dragon fights don't excite me, i greatly prefer basic land/human combat over set/action pieces like dragons.
  8. How to get out of safe mode ? Samsung mobile, volume down button is broken.
  9. What was larys doing ? He used to fap to the queen's legs or more action was implied and not shown ?
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