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  1. Nice buy. I don't wear helmet, so can't suggest which one.
  2. Feeling quite low though so thought would post a before after pic. Pics are 14 months apart where I started body weight workouts at home mainly after having terrible low back pain for more than a year due to a football injury. And around total 3 months of gym (interupted 2 months due to lockdown), nothing special but decent progression I guess ? as without any protein powder etc. Meat eating days (3 of 7) I think I manage the protein intake though. 63 to 71.5 kg between the two pics. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  3. Blood Report came negative for dengue. It was the rain then Relieved. So should get better in 4-5 days. Didn't want to get back to 60 kgs or be admitted.
  4. Doctor says symptoms of dengue only. 103 Fever , nothing in throat, nose.
  5. Exercising when it rains on top of the terrace tank to feel better has heavily backfired. Terribly sick : fever, feeling cold, high body ache, headache and feeling a bit like puking. Not doing that again intentionally 😪 I hope it's not dengue again.
  6. Didn't die to any main boss in the dlc except for Laurence.
  7. My rating for difficulty from hardest would be : (as a melee character for all - list could be entirely different as a mage) Demon's souls > Sekiro > Dark souls 2 dlcs > Dark souls > Dark souls 2 >Dark souls 3 dlcs > Bloodborne > Dark souls 3
  8. Good that you have requirements set. Disc brakes are overrated though. Now buy any from only known brands : firefox, suncross is also good. Montra is good but starts from 23. Don't go for Chinese/Sri lankan etc brands.
  9. MTB they are suggesting because of thick tyres and better balance and stability and maybe better shock ups as well. If she is not very overweight and has decent balance on cycle, hybrid way better for long term and longer distance as they are lighter and take comparitively less effort to cycle. Not sure if online would be available of good brands and some brands send the cycle in parts, so you have to assemble it which can cost 500-1000 rs.
  10. The lower priced firefox must not be available with that shop. But hero is worth it at the price. Don't know about other brands.
  11. Have wanted this for quite some time. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  12. Or just save money and buy hero sprint for 8-9k, Thick tyres and has gear option as well. It's bar is lower as well so easier for beginners. Have seen a few beginner, overweight mid age women as well do 50-60 kms on it. Low maintenance as well and easily available. You can upgrade later.
  13. Can't suggest anything specific. Half not available these days and not sure of specific models in this range. Only suggesting brands so check out firefox or btwin brand within 15k range. Montra mtb starts from 16 last I checked, Go for MTB I guess as thick tyres and easier to control for wife (although they are a tad more heavy) MTB = mountain bike for rough terrain and sturdy but not good for long distance but upto 80-90 kms is fine.
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