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  1. I did really like the chemistry between Ross and Rachel and their storyline which made me watch the whole thing. Not worthwhile other than that and not funny. Same repetitive jokes throughout. How i met your mother has very smart writing and narration, and clever jokes and amazing how it was planned out from the start, makes you feel for all the characters. No ending could not have made everyone happy. They have a similar theme.
  2. Also, the bat thing might be just coincidental and more due to the mixing stuff with bat as speculated and bat separately (under normal conditions) would still be perfectly fine. ^^ just speculating as well. People have been eating whatever that moves including bats from a very long time and it might be regulated now but they ll definitely still continue to do so in grey markets (by paying more) or by hunting.
  3. I was just only asking about the desi thing, I thought the broiler chicken are more susceptible to bird flu. It's not about desi vs foreign but artificially produced chicken which ten thousands of which come from the same place vs isolated real ones. I of course have no idea of how birds catch the flu. I agree it wasn't a good decision.
  4. Desi birds with no outside contact catch bird flu ? I am not sure. Also,there was no flu in that time. But, yes it was definitely a bit risky (just because of knowing about it) but I feel this happens regularly when we buy from outside (just we don't know about it) Wasn't my decision btw but i don't mind for my own risk. Adding, I didn't think it would lead to this discussion.
  5. The hens were domesticated by father for consumption only starting with one male and 2-3 females. Like eat once a month and their eggs which continued for a year or so as they multiplied as well. But when a few started dying on their own due to some unknown reason. So, before all of them died, took them to the butcher and ate chicken for all three meals for 5-6 days. (Yes, it would seem risky but it turned out great) Swans (still alive) were domesticated not for consumption, I just felt/feel sometimes, it would be worth a shot eating them, I don't think I'd actually be able to do it. Also, haven been told no for it, did eat few of their eggs, others didn't feel like it.
  6. They are free all day, at night caged. Have a very small pool of water as well. And they are quite intelligent, go to their cages on their own when its gets dark and also come honking when someone they know (or the same vehicle) comes. Last time, a snake ate a couple of hens at night.
  7. A few swans father had domesticated (but not for consumption purpose) along with hens. Hens finished 2-3 years ago, they suddenly had started to die, so we finished all of them in a week before they died. I did want to do the same, maybe just once, Although Swans too friendly and have a lot of character to be killed. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  8. Have been thinking the same from a long time. Just 3 options. Beef can't eat because of religion which I don't really believe in but still. Don't like prawns much. Yes, not up for eating pig in india, they ll probably use the garbage eating ones as well if needed.
  9. Will play this later having hear good things about it but black ops 2 was disappointing. But I really liked world at war a lot, best cod for me since the PS3 till now. I like world war theme a lot more than recent or futuristic stuff.
  10. Giroud just 7 goals away from being the all time top scorer for France.
  11. No, chicken for sure but processed frozen kind, like the big basket chicken. Offer is there for a week from diwali.
  12. Yes, regular price I think was 220. Boneless thigh chicken was also 200/kg as opposed to regular 350, this was more worth it and got 1/2 kg as well. Was suspecting won't be fresh or maybe was about to go bad. It was of a wholesaler who sells fresh and frozen as well, I mean daily a van arrives with already cut chicken which he keeps in ice. All restaurants buy this kind only and it tastes different to fresh, like big basket chicken is the same but at 60rs had to buy.
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